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I’d guess patriots, jags, dolphins, or chargers. He’ll obviously start somewhere tho
I think Patriots are the most likely, but Chargers all but announced they want to draft a qb, I expect them to land Herbert or Tua. I’d say the Jags are the next most likely, although I think they’re more likely to go after Winston
Multiple elite 8 teams ahead of the 2016 USC team, what a joke. We were a play away from going to the finals, that team was straight up legendary and would go toe to to with at least everyone in the 6-10 range.
Yeah, but he’s converted to playing wide receiver full time. Should crack our two deep, he’s an explosive athlete.
Did muschamp sleep w/ ur wife or something, bc ur kinda obsessed
The only strange thing here is your insistence that all gamecock fans share your negative attitude, how is it a dream for us to upset a team like UGA when we literally beat them this year...make it make sense. Plus we’ve had RBs by committee the last couple years, so a feature back likely would have already hit the 1,000 yard mark. Something tells me ur a Clemson fan who didn’t get into Clemson lol.
How can you possibly take a comment section this seriously
Seems like he commit to them and then backed off, not a good look for the kid
I wouldn’t call it out of the blue, he had visited us multiple times before, and we were heavily involved with multiple elite rb prospects who knew they could make an immediate impact (5 Star Tank Bigsby was a silent commit here, only backed off after Lloyd’s commit was announced)
If ESPN liked us as much as the B10 UGA would be in the tourney rn
I mean the playoff committee cared enough to leave you out bc u took a fat L to us on ur home field
It would be nice if the author had taken the extra step and listed what they’re getting their masters in
No shade, but these kids won’t sign for over a year, I wonder how many of these early commits will hold up (not talking about UF specifically, but they do have a large class very early on)
Clowney the goat, so glad we have Burch aka Clowney 2.0 ready to carry the torch
We’ve only offered like 3 in state players, it’s a very weak 2021 class in SC
Don’t think u can call a team Jr when you lose to them at home lmao
A healthy Bryan Edwards for sure makes this list
Derrick Brown is gonna b great in the NFL, but putting him ahead of Clowney is an absolute joke.
You’d think Clemson fans would have something better to do w/ their lives smh
I saw the headline and thought bob was leaving the xfl 2 games in lol
It doesn’t matter where he commits, I’d put the over under for # of times he hits the transfer portal at 2.5
Our defense was dominant, but when a backup freshman qb comes off the bench bc your starters injured against the #3 team in the country and gets you in scoring territory multiple times without turning it over, you can say you wouldn’t have won without him