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Steelers fan here, I really hope we keep Snell bc he runs hard on every play
Kevin Harris is criminally underrated, easily the best RB in the SEC and arguably in the nation
The fact that a beloved black republican is gonna struggle to win in the Deep South says a ton ab the current state of the GOP, too many trumptards on this site
“Someone disagrees with me, must be brainwashed by the msm.” Imagine being so dumb that you think a law against discrimination magically makes it disappear, or that a few individuals in power solves centuries or inequality. Most black grandparents literally grew up during the civil rights movement, maybe try reading a book or something.
Hershel Walker literally claimed that black Americans don’t face oppression. He made up fake news about how BLM is funded by China. Trump must have a great bag man to get Hershel Walker to do some of the messed up stuff he does. Really not sure why need politics on a sports website. If Bruce Jenner ran for an SEC school I hope y’all wouldn’t be covering the Kardashians rn.
Locked in an elite LT prospect to go with our elite QB prospect, let’s go!
I know y’all hate giving USC props for anything, but leaving Kingsley Engabare off this list is criminal
You really left off the one school that literally hired his offensive line coach lmao
Would love to see an article comparing this UCLA final four run with the one USC went on in 2016. We may not have forced ot against Gonzaga, but our game against them was just as close.
U clearly didn’t watch enough film on Jaycee Horn, best CB in the draft
Neither rb on this list played nearly as well as Kevin Harris did last year...
The optics of having to negotiate a buyout with someone you claim is at fault would b such a bad look for the program, vols fans better hope their administration has a good case
We should all agree that Cincy would have put up a closer fight against Bama than Notre Dame did, group of 5 teams deserve better.
U gotta stop injecting so much bleach if u actually think Biden is a socialist.
I get that this was focused on 2021 recruits, but if you’re gonna list out all the 5 star QBs to come through the SEC you should probably mention the 5 star stud committed to USC in the class of 2022. (Even with the coaching change we expect to keep him)
Gamecocks have been running some very impressive power sweeps, it’s fun to watch
Newman opted out. I don’t think there’s much of a competition here, this is Daniel’s job to lose
Real football fans know that there’s more to life than a game, people who wanna see players risk their lives and those of their families for entertainment purposes obviously don’t care ab the players they cheer for
RIP Kentucky high school football players grandparents
I’m from the DC area, knew very little about the area before applying there, but I fell in love with the school when I visited. Really has a great mix between the history embedded throughout the campus and the modern luxuries available throughout the city. Add in the environment around it (great fishing, hiking, golf, etc) and the big time football atmosphere and it’s a hard school not to love. I saw the school at its best during the final 4 run, hopefully the football team finds some real success in the near future too because these fans deserve it.
USC just landed a 5 Star QB in the 22 class, recruiting happens faster and faster these days
The cops should have been sent in to rough up those law breaking thugs
What does my ‘attitude’ have to do with biased journalism. Get a hobby other than spamming gamecock articles, must b a closeted clemsux fan