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The entire league ran out of money, who tf paid for these
Get ready to add Feaster to that list, I expect he’ll b better than anyone on this list outside of Swift and Harris
Cam Smith is a talented 4 star who should b our third corner, probably deserved a spot on this list. Also, Pickens is the 4th best prospect on this list, but you expect 12 freshman to make a bigger impact? The depth excuse didn’t seem to keep Nolan Smith outside the top 10...
Nebraska...over Notre Dame? Washington? Wisconsin? UF/A&M fans should feel disrespected
I have way too much free time at my internship, so here goes nothing... 2- anyone who watched QB1 knows Martell has been a cocky f**k 4- Kinda crazy that they’re all better than every SEC QB outside of Tua/Fromm 5- Agreed, Eason slept on 6- idk ab top 25, but I’m taking over 5.5 7- I wanna see another successful year after all that turnover before saying Stoops has the same floor that Mullen had at MSU 9- Won’t lose his job with a true freshman qb, but prolly enters 2020 on the hot seat 12-i think he has a huge rebound year w/ Mertz taking their offense to another level, should contend for heisman 13/14- not looking forward to playing either duo 17- this is a reach, not saying it’s not possible, but I think Tua/Harris/Jeudy have the same if not a better shot at that. 18- not talked ab enough, If it’s a success, could b a big factor in getting Notre Dame to join the ACC full time. 19- Looks impressive on paper, but sec haters would b quick to tie this back to only playing 8 conference games 20/21- I think gatewood starts, but gets benched after losing to Oregon/TAMU, Malazan could b in trouble 22- s/o Hilinski. Also gonna say that if you haven’t seen it, google Hilinski’s hope, kids doing a lot of good at a young age. 23- Jake’s had so much negative press ab him that I’ll take what I can get, a bad bowl game makes for a rough offseason 24- agreed, but all it’ll take is a win over UF/TAMU to flip that narrative and turn us back into the east’s sleeper, ppl forget that years 1 and 2 under Muschamp were a huge success. 29- I think Michigan takes Ohio states spot, and the other three join em. The other teams I see cracking that list would b Texas, UGA, Washington, and Oregon. 30- Auburn loses to Oregon but beats UGA and bama? Still would prolly take all of them having 2 or more losses. 33- i think Emory will accept sitting another year, but after the Jalon Jones situation, they can’t afford a transfer. 34- Stingley looks like a real baller 40- I don’t think he wins, but those odds keep me interested, he certainly has a shot at the Heisman 41- Odds r that Ben Hicks wins and keeps the job, he could b great in 2020 tho 42- comes down to Burrow and Bryant for me, and i agree with picking Burrow there 45- I think we beat Mizzou, and Minnesota should lose to Nebraska 49- The bottom half of the east is weak, if Riley Neal plays well, they could sneak up on UK, UT, and maybe even mizzou
Keep things in perspective, last year was a down year, but we still won 7 games, and it was only such a disappointment bc expectations were sky high after pulling off a 9 win season his second year. It’s unrealistic to expect consistent top 10 classes already, which is what it would take to catch the programs u named. If there’s one thing we learned from Clemson’s rise, it’s that building a program takes time.
Keep an eye on Shi Smith, could b at the top of this list this time next year
If kinlaw stays healthy, he should be a first round draft pick. Jaycee Horn also prolly deserved an honorable mention, underrated CB who should be along the leagues best this year.
David Reese is another solid player like Zunga who could win it, but something tells me CJ is ready to have a special season, this award is his to lose.
Utah could win the south, but Oregon and Washington are the teams to beat in the PAC 12, I expect at least one of them will finish top 10
Surprised he didn’t mention Cager, I see him having a huge year
We’re still a thinner than I’d like us to be in the secondary, but there’s a lot to b excited about if we can stay healthy. Without the pressure of being the dark horse in the east, I think we can surprise some people this fall.
I expect Tommy Stevens will win their job, but whoever they play should be on the list. They should have been listed the way the Auburn qb’s were. I’d put Bryant 4 and bump Burrow, who I see as more of a threat with his arm.
Horn started at the nickel as a freshman, is expected to be our top outside corner, and can play safety in a pinch. He also had a better pff rating than dantzler, and did so on a defense that led the SEC in season ending injuries, so I see no reason why he didn’t deserve the versatility slot. As for gouga’s ignorant comment, try googling Joe Horn and come back to this site with some football knowledge next time.
I think this could actually help USC a lot, considering our run D is easily the best in the east outside Uga. If we can contain swift, we should play Georgia much closer than we did last season.
This would b a very different uga team if they had Holloman and someone like Ridley returning, they are gonna see 7-8 man boxes all day long and their season is gonna come down to if their young receivers can win 1v1 coverage consistently. It could happen, but it’s a lot easier to win the sec/ make the playoffs when your passing game can keep defenses honest
Jaycee horn is the best cb in the sec, had better numbers than Henderson , Thompson, Carter, and Dantzler. This article is a joke
Auburn shoulda been Whitlow or Seth Williams
USC would have made this list if it wasn't for our post- Spurrier collapse, Muschamp is hopefully gonna have us back on it soon.
As a wizards fan, we are actively looking to trade back and gain second round picks, so we’re looking at him there. As for ur impossible complaint, it’s technically not impossible for Zion to go undrafted, but it won’t happen, the same way Bone going at 9 won’t happen.
All signs pointed towards him ending up at unc, big win for Gus.
Seeing a lot of Bentley hate on here, and I get why I'm in the minority in believing that he can rebound from a rough season last year and finish his career strong. However, claiming he'll lead us to a losing season is absurd, bc if he really struggles, we can always throw in one of the highest rated QB prospects in the country (Hillinski). Either way, expect improvements on offense.
Also, y'all left out some important names at WR. Ortre Smith is fully cleared after putting up solid numbers starting as a freshman, and Josh Vann is a blue chip prospect who should take a step forward and contribute consistently this fall.
We should be heavy favorites over UT, VU, and App State, and there's no reason we shouldn't be able to handle UK and Mizzou (no one calls them UM.) I see 7-5 as our probable floor, with UF and TAMU looking like important toss up games. Tough schedule, but as long as we avoid leading the SEC in season ending injuries again, I think a 10 win season (including bowl win) is well within reach.
If we land Tavien Feaster our run game could be one of the best in the SEC, our offense would be downright dangerous.
Love how many ppl are dropping their own lists like someone actually cares ab their opinion.
Muschamp is gonna b on the hot seat if he doesn’t, on paper we’re much better than either of them.
Everyone remember that the SDS writers said that the losses of Benny Snell and 4/5 of Florida’s O-line doesn’t really matter when in a few days from now they claim that the loss of Deebo Samuel will completely cripple USC’s offense.