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Sam Darnold has talent, they arent as terrible as everyone says
Idk about QB talent but its gonna b hard to recruit someone with a cooler name than Jagger LaRoe.
This is bad enough that you might as well have gone with the "SEC players as GOT characters" article. Still would have been a waste of time but probably woulda gotten y'all more clicks.
Taking this a step further, Nick Saban showed a real lack of grit when he ran from adversity at Toledo, he should have stuck it out and worked to win a natty there.
Kirby took the easy way out when he left for the UGA job, he should have stuck it out at Bama and worked to beat out Nick Saban for the head coach job. He clearly lacks grit and runs at the first sign of adversity. (If you can't tell this is sarcastic, it is. Stop criticizing unpaid amateur athletes for making decisions that are beneficial for their future careers and personal well being.)
Tennessee hasn't been relevant since Peyton left, I think it's safe to put USC over them as a main rival.
Mullen might support him, but Steele’s former teammates clearly don’t
You aren't wrong about our strength of schedule, I doubt Tennessee would make it back to 3-9 if they played who we play (favored over Charleston Southern, app state and vandy toss ups.) You can disagree all you want, but we likely would have beat UF if we weren't banged up and starting walk ons on D, UK lost everyone important, and we beat mizzou with our backup qb last season. I expect to win 7-9 regular season games next season if we don't lead the SEC in season ending injuries again.
Lipscomb could decline w/o Shurmer next year, but he was excellent last season, the guy can straight up ball.
Way to avoid mentioning that you play Murray State and Arkansas state this year, not sure how either is significantly tougher than Akron. We play Clemson every year and have the toughest schedule in the country this season, might wanna think before you type next time bud.
Ryan Hillinski will 100% be the best QB in the division come 2020. We all know that last year's upset hype was premature, but he could be the best chance for anyone in the east to truly take control of the division away from UGA.
I was talking about your 2019 class, thought you were too. Not the end of the world, but we're in the slow season for football news, so the "UF is burning to the ground" headline could linger, which can't help recruiting.
It's summer break, some of us actually go to these schools. And your career as a Walmart greeter isn't much better than welfare.
That class isn't quite as impressive when you take out 3 for stars in Black, Steele, and Jones. Definitely drops UF out of the top 10, possibly top 15
Kentucky has more roster turnover than anyone in the SEC, and Wilson still hasn't figured out how to throw a forward pass. I have that game squarely in the win column.
Confirmed- Pruitt hates summer vacation, likely hates beaches and ice cream.
Ranked higher than everyone here other than Smith and Stingley, and should play significant minutes as a true freshman. They'll regret leaving him off.
We played terrible down the stretch against them last year, but our defense was nothing but walk ons and freshman, assuming we stay healthy I see no reason why we shouldn’t b favored over UF
Playing behind Flacco for a year could be a blessing in disguise, as he gets to learn for at least a year without too much fan/media pressure to start him ASAP. I see Lock having a long NFL career
UF fans should be embarrassed, and recruits WILL notice. UF players should b upset with Jalon Jones and their own administration for leaving Steele in a situation that could have easily been resolved. The kid has NFL aspirations, anyone should understand why he was so upset about his name showing up in a police report.