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Seems like a running QB like Franks would be a poor fit for Leach’s air raid system. He’d definitely be breaking their current QB mold, I doubt this amounts to anything. Then again, seeing him battle Jake Bentley on the west coast could be fun #goutes
UGA has other talented backs, risking their team chemistry for this kid could be a program defining mistake. Wouldn’t risk it.
Yes, a walk on transfer is clearly the sign of a program ready to collapse. Poor take.
He spent years working with Brees and helped run one of the best passing attacks in the NFL, completely unknown is a stretch.
I expect this to end up being a quad 2 win, Memphis’s rating hasn’t gone down to account for the loss of James Wiseman yet. They aren’t bad, but definitely aren’t elite without him.
Pretty ironic that he would complain about that after releasing a documentary with Bill Belichick...
Thought he would be an underrated nfl back in this class, great news for Razorback fans
Correct me if I’m wrong Gator fans, but he’s currently a Kansas lean, right?
Beating UGA, Clemsux, Alabama, and LSU for Jordan Burch is more than enough of a holiday gift
With the rising number of transferring players, I have to imagine that these fake outs will come back to bite some of these players. Can’t imagine Florida would ever consider offering him if he decided to make a change.
Jimbo is also better than any coach they had the last decade...
The lack of consistency is ridiculous. Our starting TE Nick Muse was a transfer from a FCS program, and he still missed game action because the NCAA dragged their feet on his eligibility waiver.
As of rn, that moment is probably beating Alabama in a shootout, but it obviously becomes their playoff performance if they win the natty, so I think leaving it as LSU’s breakthrough is appropriate. And yes, the history and drama behind LSU’s title means they deserve that #3 spot
Gamecocks beating Alabama in 2010 deserves a spot on here
He likely breaks the ncaa sack record if he played against Rutgers and UMD, I imagine he gets a couple on each. Idk ab 16, but he’d easily be the top pass rusher in the SEC,it’s not like he was playing acc teams lol
As crazy as it sounds, I can’t imagine he wouldn’t still be a top ten pick
I can promise you that’s not true, Mike Bobo certainly isn’t winning any popularity contests here
Certainly makes Alabama-Ole Miss next year a can’t-miss game
Pickens made the all SEC freshman team, true freshman d lineman just don’t become instant stars in this conference. Also, you wouldn’t consider 5 star prospects like Jordan Burch, Marshawn Lloyd, or Luke Doty (who would be a 5 star had he committed to Clemson, we all kno now recruiting biases work) to be impact players? Might as well change ur logo to an orange tiger paw, ur not fooling anyone lol
He also broke a ton of records at CSU before his 2018 health scare. If you didn’t see Michael Gallup’s college highlights, it’s pretty impressive, he was a boy among men
It makes all the sense in the world for Bobo, if he fails he has the built in “muschamp ruined my offense” excuse, but if it works he’s a hero at a school looking to establish itself as a leader in the east. I’m not sold on Muschamp, but it sounds like he needed someone with experience that he trusts, and this hire seems like it could work. UGA fans wanting him back makes it all the better
It’s low enough that we can move on if we have another 4-8 season, but a bowl game should buy him another season.
He’s an elite coordinator, if he has HC aspirations he should wait a year and throw his name in the hat for some lower power 5 jobs (Aranda would definitely b an upgrade over half the coaches in the ACC)
Brady didn’t even consider the Texas OC job and has spoken nothing but praise of Ensminger. Something tells me he’s likely retiring at the end of this season, and handing the reigns to Joe(hopefully with a ring on his finger, LSU deserves it)
Indiana is just as good if not better than OSU and UVA, I wouldn’t get your hopes up.
Doesn’t mean we can’t reach the heights we hit under Spurrier if everything breaks our way (which it clearly hasn’t so far under Muschamp, but crazier things have happened in this sport)