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Get a life, or at least a hobby other than spamming comment sections
Only thing I remember ab Athens when I went in the fall was gamecock fans taking over all the downtown bars after beating y’all on the road
He already decommited from us after “shutting his recruitment down,” so don’t think this means his spot at uga is finalized
See my above comment, I hope you care about saving black lives around the clock and not only when doing so conveniently allows you to take away from movements like BLM
We don’t sentence people to death for these crimes in the USA
Still a dumb way to put out fires, same way it’s a dumb way to oppose a human rights campaign.
If you are consistently advocating to lessen black on black crime, no one will care that you bring it up. If you only conveniently bring your solutions and suggestions up when other valid issues like racially motivated police brutality are being discussed, they are only meant to oppose reform and misdirect the current national conversation, and real activists are right to point that out. Racists are destroying their careers and personal lives all on their own.
I’m part of the problem because my post didn’t address an unrelated issue that you decided to bring up?
Also the first amendment protects the right to not be arrested for free speech, doesn’t mean you can’t get fired for saying something dumb.
Might have more natural athleticism, but plenty of height weight speed prospects have failed to match the production or skill of Diggs. Unfair to compare a rookie to a pro bowler who’s one of the leagues best at running routes and creating big plays.
All lives matter is the equivalent of complaining that the fire department spends more resources on houses on fire than they spend on houses that aren’t on fire. Educate yourself before further embarrassing yourself.
Kids worth the money, arguably better than anyone in the 2020 draft class
I’ve seen very few mock drafts without Israel Mukuamu or Jaycee Horn in the first round, strange
He’s at best the second defensive back in Kentucky, behind OSU commit Jantzen Dunn.
Shi Smith is gonna make whoever wrote this list look pretty dumb come the fall, kids an elite playmaker and our clear cut #1 receiver.
Honestly is it worth letting people in the stands at that point, when a single stadiums outbreak could threaten the rest of the season?
U wanna talk about an underrated team that needs a spot on this list...
Jaycee Horn absolutely deserves to be on this list, arguably the best corner in the SEC going into the season (Mukuamu likely plays more safety next year). Not a ton of other gamecocks that could make a first round push, but Shi Smith could sneak into the first round if he puts up Deebo level numbers in his first season as WR1
If they aren’t in the same galaxy how come Kirby lost to Muschamp at home last season?