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Ik we don’t stand a chance against Clemson (the same way we didn’t against UGA), but it doesn’t matter how Dabo tries to spin it, if we (or someone else) beats Clemson, at 11-1 they have zero shot at the playoffs, and might miss the NY6 bowls entirely. They’d have zero ranked wins and an unranked loss, which puts them behind Penn State (assuming they lose to OSU), Oregon, Oklahoma, and possibly Minnesota or Baylor. They can complain, but there’s no talking your way around a piss pour schedule, USC would definitely be second best in the ACC if we played teams outside the top 50 every week.
I’d agree with this, UGA plays a tougher schedule but Oregon probably deserved to start at 6, ahead of them. The part of the ranking I love is clemson at 5, bc if we (or someone else) beats them, they’ll be 11-1 with zero ranked wins and an I ranked loss, which means they’ll have no shot at the playoffs. I’m confident that Oregon and Oklahoma would both get in over a one loss Clemson.
Score from the red zone? The refs ignored a blatant offsides that gave you a free 75 yard td run. They gifted you a second td as well, so I’d call winning by 11 with 14 free red points a generous gift. Sucks when shoe is on the other foot doesn’t it?
I love seeing random Leach rants pop up in my SEC news, never stop sharing these
Guess bad officiating matters now that ur on the other side of it...
Bath salts r a hell of a drug
Personally, I have no problem with them being arrested, set an example that behavior like this is unacceptable, regardless of how terrible the refs are. (PS, this happens everywhere, not just USC)
I’m sure the guy making 50k a year won’t have the money to draw this out in court for years, he probably accepts a reduced settlement. I like that Arkansas is setting precedent for this, purposefully taking a low salary to stay eligible for buyout checks is pretty BS
Florida fans woulda been throwing glass bottles and burning sh*t if calls that bad went against them
There’s a lot of places on the internet for taking about politics. This here is not one of them. F*ck off.
To be fair it’s pretty safe to count us beating Georgia as an SEC elite being upset
Alabama editing team better make a crazy good hype video for when they put this kid on scholarship, big props Mr. Perine
Is A&M still really a “likely loss” after knocking off UGA and nearly UF? I expect us to be 6-4 and at least a 2 point favorite going into that game
The only thing USC fans is anger towards Sankey, so much for transparency and accountability lol. Shoulda known he was just giving the playoff committee lip service.
If it all evened out, it wouldn’t be the same fan bases always complaining. The UF-USC refs made the Rams-Saints officials look hall of fame worthy. We got screwed and everyone knows it, so it would be nice if the commissioner who promised transparency and accountability would at least address it.
Record anyone you see harassing or assaulting band members, and let’s get those idiots arrested. No place for that
When the zebras gift a team 14 free points and the other loses by 11, they did more than maybe affect the game, they gifted it on a silver platter. Not the first time I’ve seen it happen (Alabama v Tennessee was also pretty bad), but this was a different level of incompetence. Any unbiased viewer would admit there were major issues with the way the game was officiated, and the SECs statement confirms that they don’t plan to hold themselves accountable anytime soon (wouldn’t have been nearly as upset if it was NCAA refs making these calls, bc obviously SEC employees r gonna look out for the SEC’s interest, aka make the conference look as good on paper nationallyas possible.”
I’ll go ahead and say it for him, South Carolina deserved the win
There’s no reason for the NCAA to not take control of officiating, other than the conference presidents who will complain about losing power/influence
Already happening, I saw a gator fan get knocked out in 5 points this weekend lol.
There was a pretty blatant false start on their RT on that play as well, just FYI.
I think we can all agree that they would have been better off keeping their mouths shut. All 14 ADs should be concerned about the severity of the officiating mishaps, you never know when it’s gonna be “good for the conference” to screw your team over. (assuming Nick Saban is actually human and will eventually retire, that is).
Look at the stats again and explain how you concluded that our defense has been “very pedestrian” all year. You’re a professional, do better research.
Ryan didn’t practice all week going into that game bc he had tendinitis in his elbow. He’s still banged up but practiced all week, and i doubt he’ll have to do too much to win this one.
Our Dline has been better under John Scott anyways, but interesting that Clemson can screw us by convincing a recruit to report a violation, but faces no sanctions for “accidentally” dosing players with steroids. They’ve been paying players since Sammy Watkins and Taj Boyd arrived, anyone with a pulse can tell.
Not to be that guy, but technically shouldn’t we be ahead of A&M here, I’d actually love for someone to explain the scenario in which we win the SEC and the natty
I promise y'all normal USC fans don't go around saying “Yum Yum Eatem Up”
I wanna hear some feedback on this, predict every SEC teams record against Clemsons schedule. I’d give UGA, Alabama, UF, LSU, Auburn, USC, Mizzou and A&M at least a 50% chance of going undefeated against their schedule (50% is probably generous to Clemson), who agrees
I’d go as far as saying that as many as 8 SEC teams could go undefeated if they played clemson’s schedule. That would be a fun article, predict every SEC team’s final record against their schedule. Even Vandy could win 7-8 games, they’re still better than an average ACC team