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We were fine playing with a backup last season, and that backup wasn’t a former 5 star prospect. Should be a good game, but I think we have the talent edge.
Not saying you’re wrong, but Michigan is the more experienced team. The army game was ugly, but it was only Gattis’s second game as a play caller, so I expect the offense to put it together. Army took Oklahoma to the wire last year and they still made the playoffs, so don’t write Michigan off yet
All that means is I make more when I bet us on the money line lol
We were a missed replay review away from going into the half only down one score and getting the ball to start the second half, the score doesn’t reflect how competitive of a game we played. Those young linebackers on bama need to grow up real fast.
We have one, should get one over you next week, and we’ll be favorited over UK, UT, Vandy, and App state. And unlike Mizzou, we have a blue chip freshman at QB who should b best in the east going into next season.
I see one coming up Saturday, even w/ a freshman QB. We have more talent across the board, and if Wyoming could do it, well...
Way to set the standard, UT told the world that athletes who go around domestically assaulting people better be ready to face the consequence of missing 2 non-conference games. What an embarrassment to the university, hope the justice system disciplines him because it’s clear that Tennessee won’t
Hilinski should b top 3 this time next season, our starting RB (a Clemsux transfer) compared him to Trevor Lawrence. Alabama on Saturday should b rough, but the future is bright if our true freshman QB gets us bowl eligible facing the nations toughest schedule.
We also had a 5 star behind him, not sure if UT has any real alternatives to Guarantano
Ben Hicks put up huge numbers for SMU and hasn't been impressive at all for Arkansas. I'm not saying Smith won't work out, but the odds aren't in his favor. Terry Wilson was supposed to be the alpha on this offense, those r some big shoes to fill
LSU is right there with bama and UGA, gonna b interesting to see how the playoff race shapes out
Washington, Stanford, Oregon have losses, Southern Cal has a true freshman QB, I honestly think Utah is the PAC 12s best shot at the playoffs (the entire conference is probably eliminated already)
“He said/did something that hurt my feelings so I’m gonna give him irreversible brain damage.” Hits to the head aren’t a football play, they should add a game suspension for that.
Jake Bentley was a model student at USC and accomplished so much for us. He was key in leading us out of the mess Spurrier left us in, and we’ll be forever grateful. This is Hillinski’s team now, but I wish him luck with the rest of his career. Hope he has a big bounce back as a grad transfer and gets a shot at the NFL.
Bentley has done some wonderful things for our program, but there’s no way he comes back as QB1. He’s a senior, the obvious route is for him to take a redshirt year to get healthy and then be immediately eligible somewhere else as a grad transfer. I wish him the best, but I suspect we’ve seen Bentley in garnet and black for the last time
Bentley did so much for a program that was in complete shambles when he arrived, and we’ll always appreciate him for that. However, his time here is over, hope he has a full recovery and makes it to the nfl after playing as a grad transfer somewhere in 2020. As for us, what looked like a lost season yesterday could be the start of something great if Ryan can come close to playing like Bo did for Auburn
Our loss was inexcusable, but it’s hypocritical to call us the second biggest embarrassment when all offseason Mizzou has been projected ahead of us, and they just suffered a much worse loss to Wyoming, not even a P5
I’d put Bentley at the top of that list. I really believed he could take the next step, but he needs to b benched and transfer like Kelly Bryant. We’ll always appreciate him for leading us out of the dark abyss Spurrier left us in, but he clearly isn’t taking us where we want to go at this point in his career. Hillinski was the second best SEC qb recruit behind Nix, and after watching his first game I’m excited to see our freshman in action.
Thompson would have to sit out anywhere he transfers, and then win over a new locker room with no starting job guaranteed. The smart move would be sitting behind Stevens this year, and taking the reigns from him in 2020.
Even funnier is that I see UGA fans in Alabama boards talking smack all the time, you should try calling them out or stop being a hypocrite. We're returning way more talent and should win comfortably, but a loss should put Muschamp on the hot seat
Academics, even if he arrived in the fall he was a projcted academic redshirt
Not saying we’re gonna win, but USC is in a perfect position for a trap game. If we can run the ball at all against those two freshman, I think we have a chance. It would take Bentley playing the game of his life, but everyone said we had no chance back in 2010, so never say never.
I don’t think an LSU loss to Texas would put coach O on the hot seat, he’s been surprisingly successful so far. Also, I love Jefferson’s upside, but Jeudy and Bryan Edwards have the first team all SEC receiver spots locked up. Expect Jefferson to be second or third team tho.
I was really looking forward to seeing Moses break out this year, I think he had Devin White upside. Praying for a speedy recovery.