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But they do p[lay that cool "Jump Around" song at their home games. Thats got to count for something right???
I think there are several reasons: I really believe our recruiting hit a low the last few years. Not sure if it was the age of Spurrier and commits were backing away or if we just weren't getting it done in GA. Clemson has out recruited us and it has hurt. Whoever went in was going to have to face some tough times. Muschamp better get it together fast. Not sure it was the best hire but Not sure we were going to do better.....
Give this young man the Heisman RIGHT NOW. If for no other reason than he is a good dude. Thanks my man.
Exactly what kind of dumbass statement is that? What the hell does their race have to do with it?
Me too Mike...Me too. That UNC game has me worried to start with. 2 years ago in Cola they gave us all we wanted and we were a much more powerful offense then.
Watched it 40 times in (slow motion) and I cant find anything offensive. Maybe I need to watch it some more but.....
And Gurly should have been flagged for headbutting so I say its even. Move on ya'll....
Hope you're not teaching the high school players how to spell....So you are a HS ref and your brother is a college ref. That proves nothing. Read the rule book.
Probably sounding like a homer BUT....Undefeated at Home is all you need to know. Thats against some pretty good SEC teams. We will miss him in Columbia. God Speed CS
Wait....Nick O'Leary is Jack Nicklaus' grandson? Who knew????
1 out of 7 years isnt bad for the other conferences. I guess they will all really be pissed if the SEC gets all 4 playoff teams next year. Win more than 1 (one) big game ACC then lets talk.
Much as I love my Gamecocks, I cant see them 13.5 favorites over the Badgers like you have it. Also, I cant see them 2.5 dogs either. So I think its somewhere in the middle. Dont let Wisconsin fool you, they are great running the ball. And we are not great stopping the run. It will be a good game.
I agree. Gurley is first team. Connor Shaw being left off is just ignorant. Undefeated at home and MVP for his team. Who the hell makes these stupid lists?
Maybe so...But since their names are assigned to the picks, you would think they would put a little thought into it. If a grad student or assistant decided to be funny, it would look bad on the Coach.