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So you think 72,500 fans are gonna make the trip to Athens? I'll predict this.... If we have 72,500 fans in YOUR stadium, we will win by a score of 100-0
I've been to more Gamecock football games, both home and away and I'll bet I haven't seen a half dozen fights in my life. They are counting ALL ejections and most of those will be for smuggling alcohol into the games. Add into that, the number of students that get thrown out for a variety of stupid stuff and it adds up but 496? I doubt it.
I was very disappointed in Jake's early play. He looked horrible. Luckily, he got it together and finished well. He's still young and will continue to improve. He had a great game against NCSU last week, so we know he's capable for sure. His ceiling is very high.
Commonly known as as RA. Usually an upper classman, they too are a student who lives on the floor of the dorm and are responsible for sort of being the "baby sitter" for the floor.
It's the Spurrier Curse.... Always gonna be a couple of guys suspended the first couple of games.
I can't wait to see Tom Herman's press conference when UT fires him.... he'll blame everybody in Texas because we all know TOM HERMAN LOVES HIM SOME TOM HERMAN
That was a clean hit, but anybody with any damn sense can see dirtbags taking cheap shots at him this year. If Cam didn't have a ligit complaint, why is the NFL passing out fines during the week?
That's just cool as hell to be doing that in unison in your rival's stadium.
The train cars at WIlliams-Brice Stadium in Columbia are caboose's not locomotives, thus the name "Cockaboose."
I'm just amazed that talking about Gamecock football didn't make the guy go ahead and jump. I've been a Gamecock for 50 years and there were plenty of times I've been talked down from the ledge.
Lighten up Francis.. .the poster didn't put him on the rail.
She gives BJ's for a living and she's critical of somebody else? Unless there is more, I see nothing here and I'm a fan of neither of them.
Snoop's a good friend of mine and when I saw him post this, I called and gave him USC and 45 points for $1,000..... Ha
Clemson has the ability to outbid other schools now that they've made the playoffs.
You fooking idiot. When did North Carolina join the SEC. This alone proves you have no idea what you're talking about. Move alone Francis.
Anybody else see something pissy in this story? He got arrested, got booted from the team. Went to trial and was found Not Guilty. His whole football career was put in jeopardy for no reason. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?
Marcus puts on football camps. That gives him access to potential recruits even during down, or "off" periods. That's the reason the NCAA says he can't be a member of the USC staff. If he discontinues the football camps, he would be allowed to go on staff at Carolina. It's not brain surgery. It's not because he is a former player.
I didn't know Mike and Mike were still on the air.
He caught 8 passes. ... oh, how are we EVER gonna replace that production? ...and Shaq Roland needs to go ahead and fill out a handful of applications at all the grocery stores and get a job.
Peyton Manning is a POS for doing what he did and should pay the price good it. ....
This is hilarious. Anybody that has ANY inside information knows that the basis of the USA Today story is bull****. Just look at two words..... "anonymous source" Rich Rod NEVER had an offer and if Herman didn't think all the other losses were any big deal, then he's an idiot. Losing is the reason we were looking for a new coach you moron.
You guys might want to catch up a little... Gary is going to Climpsun and you don;t even have them listed.
I fully agree with you... and now six football programs are going to have to hold a scholarship open on the mere chance that this guy might choose them. That means there are probably five guys somewhere who won't get offers to the school they want because that school is waiting on this idiot to have his three minutes on Sports Center.
"Hardman Jr.’s current top seven includes Ohio State, Florida, Clemson, Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia. The 247Sports Crystal Ball projects a 78 percent chance that he lands at home-state UGA, with the Tide and Vols trying to make up ground." SDS.... ever heard of this little thing called "proof-reading" an article before publication? 1. OSU 2. UF 3. CU 4. BAMA 5. UT 6. UGA 7.....?.....
Let's play the "What if" game... What if Louisville could kick a field goal? What if Notre Dame could convert either of two 2-point conversions? What if South Carolina didn't have a first down overturned by review on a 4th and 19 late in the fourth quarter? What if ACC refs wouldn't have called a phantom offsides kick in the ACCCG? Yep... Clemson would have been in a bowl game instead of the play offs on any of these but "what ifs" are part of football.
You're also not allowed to re-create the game day experience yet Clemson lets potential recruits "run down the hill" all the time and nobody calls them out.
HA... and so did the Women's Gamecock Basketball program
It's clearly an attempt at Photoshop. Open the picture in any photo editor, zoom in, and you can see the remnants of the removed "E". It's just an idiot climpsun fan showing his arse.