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Now, if only he could get some consistency with his teams. They blow a 22 point lead and lose to Georgia State and then turn around and beat Arizona. What is that?!
Just ask for the boot buyout money already! Geez. Or take your evidence of cheating to the NCAA.
Like KirbySmart said, that was in 7OT. The score is obviously going to be high after 7OT. Can you not imagine how tired both defenses were? Also, A&M went from terrible against the run to #1 in the SEC. That's pretty miraculous in this conference.
Those who can, do. Those who can't, throw out cheating accusations.
This money thing again? I've already told you if y'all need money for the buyout, just ask!
What?! Really?! You should go to the NCAA with the evidence!
I honestly expected Kyler Murray at #1 the way SDS has been promoting him all week. (And yes, I know he doesn't play defense. That's the effin point.)
That's a ridiculous statement. They won every game, except for the SEC championship, by 22 or more points. What other team in the country did that? Not being scored on or scoring on every possession is not the criteria for being selected an All-American.
That was meant as a reply to David's post.
Idk. Some reports say it's the exact same procedure others have said it's similar. I really think it depends on the full extent of Tua's injury. It could just be his injury, while similar, wasn't as bad as Jalen's. I doubt Saban is going to tip his hand as to what's what. It keeps OU from knowing which QB to game plan against.
Have any Big 12 sites written as much about Kyler Murray as SDS has this week?
Congrats to him. Well deserved and it was nice to see the SEC do really well tonight.
Well Jalen will be gone. But then there's Tua's little brother and Bear Bryant's great-grandson. Maybe Kirby will prepare for all three. Oh, but then there's Mac Jones as well. We'll just send a new one out each quarter. Seems like the obvious next step.
One bad game after being injured on the first drive is not Tua being exposed. How did Fromm do against LSU? Did he get exposed? No. He had a bad game. Wasn't injured but just had a bad game. It's foolish to believe one game, after an entire season of great games, changes how good Tua has been. And it wasn't just Tua. His wife receivers dropped a few passes that were on the mark. He still threw for 16.4 yards per completion and didn't cost Alabama the game. I know it's hard being a Georgia fan knowing the football gods hate Georgia but no reason for such an imbecilic take.
Lucky bounce? 2nd and 26 & 4 and 11 aren't "lucky bounces". It's poor coaching. Alabama fans would be more inclined to believe your narrative if Georgia could just win once. Or, keep a double digit lead.
**hype not hope. I guess it works either way for Mizzou.
I don't get the hope surrounding Bryant. Clemson wasn't nearly as dynamic or dominating in 2017 with him as QB. They got blown out by Alabama in the playoff after scraping by an easy ACC schedule. And then he got benched this year for a true freshman. Maybe he's gotten better in the passing game but I can't see him lighting up SEC defenses when he wasn't exactly lighting up ACC defenses.
Should have stopped Tua or Jalen or AJ or Cooper, I guess.
Yes. Starting. As in the East had a good season this year. One good season doesn't erase the bad ones from the years before. Thus, starting.
Do you not realize the high threshold of evidence needed to charge someone with rape? Do you not realize how many cases of rape aren't reported in a timely enough manner to collect that evidence? This kind of victim blaming is the exact reason rape either goes unreported or isn't reported right away. The belief that men are under attack by women with false allegations is absurd. False allegations make up a very small percentage of alleged rape or sexual violence. You can look at the facts on it or continue spewing out false information you heard from conservative fake news. Let's just hope you don't have daughters, or nieces, or sisters.
I'm pathetic. You're here trying to argue that all these Mizzou players are so great and deserve spots over better players on better teams. Alabama's OL went against better defenses this season and allowed 13 sacks in 13 games. Mizzou allowed 13 sacks in 12 games. That's the same, no matter how you try to spin it. In 12 games, they allowed 11. And again that was against the DLs of LSU, Mississippi State, Auburn, and A&M. Mizzou didn't face any of those DLs, which were all in the top of the SEC. Tua was sacked twice in the SEC game and the first one caused a high ankle sprain made worse when his foot was stepped on and bent back later in the game. The OL wasn't the cause of his sacks, he was by holding the ball far too long. But where was your great QB and his great OL Saturday? On the bright side though, I'm sure they'll look great against a mediocre team in whatever meaningless bowl game they play. Thankfully it's not Texas again. Ok, cool. Hook 'em.
Split time? What? Jalen played in garbage time minus the Georgia game. Tua was on the field whenever the game was still a game. And those 13 sacks allowed by Alabama were total, no matter what QB was on the field. Nice spin story though.
And Drew Lock didn't play LSU's, Mississippi State's, A&M's, or Auburn's defenses either. But Tua did.
He had 8 total against the teams with a pulse last year. The rest came against Missouri State, Idaho, Connecticut, Arky, Vandy, and the worst Tennessee and Florida teams in decades. Tua's had 37 while not once playing an entire game. So, bravo, I guess.
Alabama allowed 13 sacks in 13 games. Tua had the cleanest jersey and played all the top defenses in the conference. Nice spin story though.