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"Those games you won, like upsetting Bama in 2014, yeah, we're just going to say that didn't officially happen, even though everyone knows it did. Feel our might as we punish every player, regardless if they were embroiled in this scandal or not. Why? Because it's our job to protect student athletes." -Mark Emmert, probably
Their NET ranking is mid-40's. And in case you've been living under a rock, NET rankings have taken over and made the RPI obsolete.
There's some bad coaching on Bama's side tonight. Never thought I'd see it, at least this badly and in this stage.
Lose to Georgia State at home after being up by 20+ and then beat Kentucky. That's the way to explain Alabama basketball to people. Regardless, it was great to see minus the final minute and a half.
I think most Bama fans agree about the 2016 game. Sarkisian was an awful play caller that failed to utilize the weapons at his disposal. Fans of the Falcons now understand this as well. Hopefully, Harris has himself a game and ends his Bama career with a win and a third NC.
Temple had over 700 yards of offense against UCF. If UCF is a better defense, it's not by much, at all.
I get the ACC is very, very down this year. And FSU having a few bad years now has made Clemson's path much easier. But I don't believe the success Dabo has had at Clemson is all because of that. For a couple of years there, the ACC held its own and had some pretty good teams. The work and the attention that goes into maintaining eight double win seasons in a row is tougher than you might think. Getting 18-22 year olds to stay focused and hungry year in and year out for that long takes tremendous coaching. Is Clemson's success level on the same level as Alabama's? No. However, it has been second only to Alabama. If it were that easy to accomplish in a down conference, the Pac 12 would have a program doing what Clemson has done. They don't have that program because they don't have a coach on par with Dabo. My entire point being, I don't see Clemson as a product of a "very bad conference". They're a product of great coaching.
Not relevant to anything. The faux outrage is hilarious, however.
There might actually be something to this. Snoop Dogg is all about USC and well, that hasn't worked out well for them. Or, back in reality, this is click bait bs. Idk.
One QB is not equivalent to nine defensive starters. Especially when some of those defensive players are going to have long, productive careers in the NFL. Last I checked, Milton isn't even one of the top 5 QB in this draft class. If UCF believes it is on par with the upper teir of the SEC, they would've beaten an extremely depleted LSU regardless of who played QB. What was proven is UCF doesn't have the depth or the talent to compete week in and week out with the SEC which translates to not being playoff caliber. Use the QB excuse all you'd like but it only proves, like the majority of UCF fans, you don't understand football, at all.
*their mouths You're embarrassing enough at times. At least try to sound smarter, BamaTime. Sometimes you're dead on accurate but other times you really show your lack of intelligence and feed the stereotype of Alabama fans.
That was not the story I was referencing but at least you understood the point. And atodda, I never said I was a classy person. I'm not "poison a tree" classless but if I've learned anything over the past four years, being classless can get you elected president. So why be classy in a country full of classlessness?
People get so bent out of shape over words. And liberals are supposedly snowflakes.
Well unless he's secretly Harvey Updyke, you failed to make your point. What Harvey did was classless and most Bama fans agree. One classless action by one fan doesn't speak for all fans. I remember hearing about an Auburn fan shooting and killing a Bama fan because of an Iron Bowl. Does that make all Auburn fans murderers?
Exactly like that. I don't think he was arguing to the contrary.
He means the comedian that does the "How Bama fans watched" videos. And last I checked, Bama more than took care of the Big 12's best and that Ewok turned Heisman trophy winner. And Georgia took care of them last season. So many idiotic takes happening after such meaningless games. When it's all in the line, no one performs like the SEC.
I've got a different view on Bama's success. Don't get me wrong, Bama has been the torch bearer for the SEC for years but they didn't get there themselves. Florida, LSU, Auburn, and Georgia (to a certain extent) have all helped shape the SEC is the best argument. Bama has stayed on top for so long because they face the best year in and year out. Ohio State has been fairly consistent under Meyer but have only produced once. Why? The rest of the Big 10 doesn't provide the challenge that the SEC provides Bama. That's not to say that Bama's success is the SEC's but without the pressure from others in the SEC, I'm not sure Bama would consistently rise to the challenge every season.
I'm not sure why you responded. Your take was idiotic and no comment by you now will be seen as anything other than just as idiotic. It's not your fault though. Your team was part of the Big 12 so you don't know any better.
It's not fatigue. It's location. I wouldn't even say it's about how far it is, just that it's Santa Clara. If it were at the Rose Bowl, it'd be a different story. There's history and prestige playing there. Not so much for Levi Stadium and Santa Clara.
So much Lawrence hype. I'll save my judgement for after I see him against an elite team. The ACC was terrible this year and ND is a joke. Lawrence, nor Clemson this season, has seen a team like Bama.
Instead of looking at meaningless bowl games as a measuring stick, look at regular season OOC games. Auburn was the fifth best team in the West but beat the eventual Pac 12 champs. Vandy was just above last place in the East and gave ND, a supposedly playoff caliber team, all it could handle at home. Draw whatever conclusion you'd like from bowl season but when it truly matters, no conference shows up the way the SEC does. And it's not just the play on the field that makes the SEC the best conference, it's the fans. No other conference has fans as passionate as the SEC. Just look at how SEC fans put aside rivalries to root for one another in OOC games. I hate to say it, as it's tired and cliched at this point, but it just means more in the SEC.
I didn't think they mocked Oklahoma. They mocked Notre Dame and rightfully so. If you don't think Georgia would've given Clemson a better game than ND, you don't understand football. As an Arky fan, that's probably the case. I watched Bama play the exact same way after the kick six game and they've more than proven that was an uninspired performance. Georgia will do the same in seasons to come. Texas was the better team last night but I trust Georgia to be more consistent in seasons to come. At least the loss wasn't to a middle of the pack OK State team, and at least they were in a bowl game. An Arky, Mizzou, and Tennessee fan bashing Georgia is the funniest thing I've seen this year. Of course we're only two days into the year, so I'm sure you all will find plenty of more opportunities to embarrass yourselves.
What other conference consistently wins the big games? The Big 12 hasn't sniffed a NC in years, with 2005 being the last year they won one. Ohio State is the only Big 10 school to compete/win a NC in decades but even their best hasn't been good enough the past three years. The ACC is the only other conference to have two teams win the NC in a decade. Meanwhile, the SEC has had four different teams win the NC and five compete for it. That's domination anyway you spin it. Funny how you call bowl games irrelevant in one comment and follow it up with a comment about that excuse being bs. Which is it? Are they irrelevant or not? Get back to us when you figure that one out.
Well that's an idiotic take on a meaningless bowl game. The SEC's track record speaks for itself. I've yet to see two teams from the same conference not only make the playoff but play for the NC apart from the SEC. What other conference placed to two teams in the NC in the BCS days? No other conference is the answer. Alabama and Auburn basically played a semifinal in 2013, as did Alabama and Georgia in 2012. Florida and Bama did the same in 2008 & 2009. You know the whole track record so yeah, an idiotic take.
Bama vs Texas, New Orleans, 2020? Bama's last trip to New Orleans for a matchup with the Big 12 ended up similar to Georgia's tonight. Remember the feeling well.
Honestly, I didn't expect this result but I did root for it. Great season, Wildcats!
Maybe he means that'll be what UCF claims, though I don't like making assumptions.