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Considering the transfer portal is an option, I'd say yes, they have confidence in him. Or at least, did. Otherwise they could've gone somewhere else without repercussions. There's also the fact that the players committed to the program knowing that Grantham is the DC.
Too bad. If you really want to see it, stop losing to them
Bennett will not lead Georgia to a NC but it's cute you think so. Also, Cincy impressively beat Indiana? They needed a special teams TD and then added a garbage TD to make the score look better. If you watched that game I'm not sure how you come away impressed by Cincy. Also, if 2 P5 wins are all that are necessary to get a seat at the playoff table, Bama's been doing wrong for years. Clemson, LSU, Ohio State, Oklahoma, etc. All have been doing it wrong! Schedule 2 P5 games: one against a conference bottom dweller and the other against an annual pretender. Then beat up on G5 teams for the other 10 games. If it's good enough for Cincy, it's good enough for actual contenders.
Bama not only already proved him mortal, they actually won.
Not to take up for Tennessee fans but why should they all have to apologize for the actions of a few? Or why shouldn't they be allowed to say anything other than sorry? I'll never forgive you for making me come to the defense of these orange buffoons.
The stuff about Bama and Saban is interesting considering all the calls opponents get or get away with when playing Bama. They literally overturned a caught pass without indisputable evidence last night. There's also a stat that shows opponents are flagged less against Bama than normal. But keep buying into this "Bama bias" bs. It's just an excuse for your team repeatedly coming up short against Bama.
Those league clowns have helped Auburn win quite a few games they otherwise would've lost.
This sounds as plausible as any other right wing conspiracy theory.
Robbed? C'mon man. Georgia has Bama in a 2nd & 26 and couldn't get the job done. Blame the refs if you want but when your team had the chance to win the game, it choked. And it'll happen again this season. Y'all are riding high with your "otherworldly" defense yet fail to see that Arkansas is the best offense you've faced. Once y'all face an offense capable of testing that sketchy secondary, you'll give up 35+ points just like every Kirby-coached defense has done at Georgia. Enjoy #1 while it last cause you won't be there when it matters.
Quit acting as if LSU is a blue blood or something. You guys had 3 winning seasons in the 90s and weren't much of anything before that. Sure, you've gotten lucky with the right mix of coaching and talent but LSU has done nothing to prove it's a program capable of consistency. Volatility, yes.
This was about more than just win-loss record. LSU has shown a general decline with the product placed on the field. Beating a poorly coached Florida team wasn't going to change all the issues that have plagued LSU. From Title 9 problems, to the Derrius Guice cover-ups, to players quitting and other locker room problems, to an uninspiring and underperforming football team, it was time for LSU to move on. That might be difficult for a fan of Mizzou to understand but in the SEC, it just means more.
Kiffen isn't going to be the HC at Bama. I'm not sure why that narrative continues.
When? You mean a 5 point win against a beat up Bama team that proved to be one of Saban's least successful teams? I guess when you're dehydrated, even the tiniest drop of water feels like a waterfall. "Beat that a**"? That's funny. And inaccurate.
Well it's being reported by Pete Thamel that he lost the team so that might be where people are getting it.
How is a 7 point win "beating the snot" out of someone?
He was gone no matter the outcome of this game. It was enjoyable seeing LSU fans both celebratory and anxious all at the same time though.
Close games that break the opponent's hearts are exactly what make a rivalry good. That's such a beta thing to say.
Oh, so you rank based on record regardless that all schedules aren't created equal? That's cool. It's wrong. But, cool. I will guarantee you that Bama's loss will look far better at the end of the season. At least far better than losing to Oregon, at home. Anyway, this belief Wake Forest is better because they don't have a loss on a laughable schedule is absurd. Switch their schedule and Bama's and you'd have an undefeated Bama and at the very least, a 2-loss Wake Forest. Your ridiculous rant shows how little football knowledge you actually possess. According to you, a team like Coastal Carolina should be in the top 5 because they're undefeated. But no one with even the very basic understanding of football would actually believe that. But, it'll sort itself out and the odds are strong that Bama will be right there in the top 4 come championship weekend. And then once they win the SEC, they'll be right back at #1 where they'll stay to end the season.
I'm still trying to find the "bold" predictions. Arky winning isn't bold. Ole Miss is only a 5 point favorite. At home. Florida might play backups against Vandy? Who could ever see that coming?! Inconsistent Tennessee might struggle with another SEC team? Mind blown. Auburn might play Georgia close for a half? You mean like almost every Auburn/Georgia game for the past few years? Don't fall from that huge limb you went out on. An SEC team (Mizzou) uses it's superior athletes to beat overmatched G5 opponent? I've never heard of such absurdity! Finally, Bama will do Bama things? Is that even possible?! Bold- (of a person, action, or idea) showing an ability to take risks; confident and courageous. I see no risks here.
Texas A&M lost a 4 year starter at QB and 4 starters off a very underrated OL. A&M has recruited well during Jimbo's tenure. But they aren't at the same level of Bama, or to a lesser degree, Ohio State and Georgia. They've got talent but it's not just plug and replace. (It's not exactly like that for Alabama either. But this isn't about that.) Not only that, experience matters. Especially upfront in a line of scrimmage league like the SEC. With 4 new starters on the OL, it was always going to be a struggle. Now add in a lack of live game reps last season for the backups (aka. this year's starters) and the expectations were always unrealistic. If I were an Aggie fan, I'd be less upset about not reaching some unrealistic expectations and more upset about Jimbo's insistence on running HIS offense. Stop trying to fit a square into a round hole. Calzada was recruited for certain attributes, I'm sure. So find how to best maximize those attributes in order to capitalize on the strength of the offense: the skill positions. Jimbo has a mismatch nightmare at TE in Wydermeyer, an NFL, pass-catching RB in Spiller, and a Swiss Army Knife in Smith. That's not even to mention Achane and the WRs. But focus on the big 3. Get them the ball in space. If it means adapting the offense, do so. Forcing the offense to be something it's not is more to blame than anything else.
Georgia will beat Auburn though. 27-11. This Auburn team is bad. Winning against Georgia State and LSU did nothing but give their fans a false sense of hope. I'll keep banging this drum until people hear it, but Auburn's line play is not SEC-caliber. Teams with good to great line play will destroy Auburn. Poor Tank. He deserves so much better.
I'll believe that Georgia's defense is one of the best of all-time once I see it go against offense capable of stressing it. There's nothing impressive about dominating their opponents, so far. None of them have been able to stretch Georgia vertically. And as I've said before, every time we've seen a Kirby coached defense play an offense that can stretch the field, it's given up 35+ points and lost. Might this defense be able to cut that down by a score, sure? But then Georgia will have to score more than 28 against elite competition, another thing they've proven incapable of doing. People get so caught up in what Georgia has done so far but refuse to look at the level of competition. Elite offenses stress elite defenses. That's not an opinion. That's just a fact of today's game. It doesn't mean the defense isn't elite but there is just too much to defend when playing an offense that can be multiple in many different ways. It just puts too many stress points on a defense that the defense eventually breaks. The only way Georgia can get over the hump is joining the modern age of offense. Unfortunately, they do not have a QB capable of doing that for them this season. Please keep feeding them the rat poison but understand that Georgia's defense will break at some point and it will be up to the offense to win a game. And there's just not enough there to think they can cause the same kind of stress on an elite defense.
Yeah, I'm not understanding this site's problem with Young. Is it Bama fatigue? I'd bet anything if Oklahoma has a 1st year starter doing the same as Bryce, he's be labeled a superstar, must see TV, impressive, run away Heisman front runner. For whatever reason, it being Bama makes it less impressive? Young is just ho-hum? Efficient but not remarkable? He plays like a 4 year vet and makes NFL-caliber throws (as a RS-Freshman!) all over the field but he does it at Bama so it's boring and uninspiring? Maybe it's more outta fear knowing he's only going to get better? Idk. I just know they're really working hard to push that narrative considering this is the 4th article I've read with some backhanded slight towards Bryce in the past two days.
Tua does have a higher ceiling but how important is that if he never reaches it? And, as it was pointed out, you can clearly see that Tua played in more games, which is why his TDs are higher. But Mac did more with less and against 11 straight SEC opponents and 2 of the top 4 teams in the country. Mac's ability to dissect a defense and move in the pocket is why he'd #1 for me.
And has since gone on to win 100 straight against unranked opponents. I'm certain LSU cannot say the same. So I don't understand your point.
How's that different from last week? The rumor this is a make-or-break season for Ed O didn't start after the Auburn loss. It's been speculated enough to the point there's no way players went into this season not hearing the rumors. Yet they still lost to UCLA and Auburn. I just don't see a reason to be so absolute in your assertion. Kentucky can absolutely win this game. At the very least, they'll make LSU work like hell for the win.
Maybe this is the year a defensive player takes home the award (Will Anderson works for me). But I very much disagree with your assertion of Young. He's been nothing short of impressive. He's started of all 5 games and has looked like a veteran in each. There's some inconsistency with his deep ball. And while he'll have a 1st year starter moment, it's rare and he's yet to put his team in trouble with those moments. What he did in the Swamp has been underrated since it happened. Look around the country and find me the QB that you think could've done the same. I'll wait.
PFF's college stuff is terrible. I still don't understand why this site has such a hard on for them.
Bryce Young being as poised and efficient as he is in his 1st year starting is plenty of "wow." If you need some throws to go wow over, see his TD throw to Metchie as he was falling forward, off-balance, without seeing his feet. It was a 25 yard dart to the back of the end zone in a tight window. There's NFL QBs that couldn't do that. There was another throw, I think it was an out route to the far side of the field. He put it right in the receivers hands. It was a throw NFL scouts are probably still drooling over. So what does Bryce need to do to wow you? The poise doesn't. The elite arm talent doesn't. The pocket presence doesn't. The ability to pick any defense apart doesn't. I guess if he YOLO'd every pass like Nix, he'd have more "wow" moments. But I prefer my QB to be an actual QB. Keep your YOLO passes. I'll be over here continuing to be wowed by the best QB in the country.