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I, and the FBI, are pretty certain it's the right wing fascists that caused an insurrection. It's also the right wing where you find the Nazis and white supremacists. In other words, fascists. The finger pointing is hilarious though. "Look at the other side! We're doing what we accuse them off doing but our people are just too stupid and ignorant to realize it. Now, what rights can we take away from them today while blaming the left for it?" You're an idiot, UsmcDAWG.
You can't blame players for wanting to actually develop during college. Kirby's sales pitch falls short when the collection of talent he's gathered continuously comes up short. I mean Ed freaking O won a NC.
You would think if there were something to find it would be found by now. Bama has 5* players that transfer out for various reasons. Why haven't one of them spoken up about being paid? Losers complain and look for conspiracy theories to justify their losing. Winners just win.
I knew this year's team had a chance to be good. I didn't expect them to be the best team in the conference though. And now, with 3 wins in the final 5 games, this team can claim an SEC regular season title. I'm not sure anyone saw that coming. It's been quite awhile since we Bama basketball fans have felt this good in mid-February. I'm actually looking forward to not worrying about needing an SECT run to make the Big Dance. It'll be fun to just relax and watch some good games. Knowing Auburn has to just sit home and watch is just icing on the cake.
Auburn will not be in the SECT because of the self-imposed postseason ban.
The 78 points were too many but it was still SC's 3rd lowest game in points per possession. Bama has held quite a few teams to their lowest or close to lowest outing in that category this season. That kind of improvement from last season really is CotY worthy.
Seriously? Take a look at the injuries. It has nothing to do with not handling prosperity. They have the top defensive efficiency in the country and as long as they keep that up, they'll be fine until Herb, Gary, and Bruner can get healed. But it's not a coincidence that the offense dropped off a bit after Bruner went down and Herb got injured.
They're slop? Mizzou had a 22 point lead and if not for a blown call, would've lost to Bama and it's slop. Bama hasn't been blown out once since the calendar turned to 2021. They have 2 losses on the road against Top 15 teams by a combined 8 points. It's not like their slop is leading to blow outs against teams like Ole Miss. Now there was plenty of Mizzou slop in that game. Also, Bama doesn't need to knock down 3's at a high clip to continue winning. Not when they have the #1 defensive efficiency in the country.
I'm surprised you guys weren't claiming to be preseason champs. Or that (insert Georgia basketball player here) would win the Naismith Player of the Year award. Isn't that what Georgia fans do?
It'd be a big win for y'all's tournament resume. Oh, wait.
SEC Wars: Revenge of the Tide I'm all seriousness, this past month has been something else. But now that they're through the "tough" part of the schedule, I'm curious to see if this team stays motivated and beats the teams it should beat. If so, that regular season SEC title is all but locked up. I also think the rematches with Kentucky, LSU, and Auburn will be very telling. For now, in just enjoying the ride! #Ball&Oats
You think this is the best Bama is going to play? With starters in and out of the lineup with injury? Bama hasn't had every starter available for a game during this stretch. I guess we'll see when Bama and Tennessee face off again in the conference tournament championship.
And yet more Americans voted for the woke side. I just can't believe you know the majority of Americans. How'd do you keep that many names straight? When you live in a bubble and surround yourself with only like minded people, your perception of what "everyone is thinking" is completely skewed. But sure, keep thinking you know what the majority of Americans think. Btw, the numbers aren't down because of woke ESPN. They're down because of streaming services. Not all streaming services report their live or DVR viewership numbers.
So Bama beat the team ahead of them in these rankings and are undefeated in conference play yet aren't #1 this week? C'mon man!
I'd feel the same if it were Tenne--lol, I can't even finish that. Tennessee playing in any meaningful bowl game is hard enough to envision. Trying to envision them in the playoff just doesn't compute. Let me know when Tennessee is even close to mediocre again.
Bama got the #1 ranked player in Texas at the flowing positions: QB RB WR OT OC ILB And with tomorrow's expected commitment of Jaeden Roberts, they'll also have the #3 OG out of Texas. Hooked em.
Top off? We're not done. We should be getting a commitment from Jaeden Roberts Christmas Day at 3. And we're still heavily involved with Terrion Arnold and JTT. From the recruiting sources, OSU and Bama are neck and neck for JTT. I know someone will say something about the numbers but Saban will find a way to take care of that as all three of those guys are takes.
Jase isn't transferring and I'm not sure why you would think that. The injury Sanders sustained in the car wreck was pretty bad, and while rehab is going well, it might take time for him to really get back into the swing of things. There's no guarantee BRob is coming back. Saban informed the players of their draft grades before the Christmas break and BRob's was 3rd or 4th round. If he believes he can move up, he'll return. Otherwise, he's gone. But Jase will be a HUGE part of the offense next year regardless. I'd lean more towards K Robinson transferring than anyone else.
Yes, it is. If Bama wins, they will go in the record books as having won the Rose Bowl. The location isn't the same but the bowl affiliation is. Nice try though.
The 2017 team over the 2011 & 2012 teams? What?! It might have been the best and most exciting NC win but the 2017 team was not better than those two teams. And this really should've waited until after the season. If Bama wins it this year, it'll be probably go down as the greatest team of the Saban era*. *so far (Saban isn't slowing down and just followed a loaded, elite #1 recruiting class with an even more loaded, elite #1 recruiting class on the edge of being the highest rated class ever)
OSU has a top 4 roster but that's very different than a top 4 team. Also, OSU will get exposed. So many people think only playing 6 games gives them an advantage of being fresher with less injuries. That might be true. However, it's a team that hasn't had the time, and consistent enough schedule, to gel and work out all the kinks. It's shown up time and again in their games. Fields is talented but the passing game is off for them this season. And that's due to lack of game reps with his receivers. The same goes for a very green secondary that would have to stop both Clemson and Bama to win the whole thing. So if your passing game is off and your secondary can't stop an elite passing attack, the odds of matching Clemson then Bama score for score are low. Thus the reason they will be exposed.
Yes, people would absolutely watch. It'll never get the ratings of the big boy playoffs but the G5 has a huge, and devoted, fan base. And it's absolutely what they should do. Sidenote (general statement that's not part of my reply): Cinderellas don't exist in college football like they do college basketball. One elite player in basketball can carry a team. One elite player in football won't make a difference against a team full of elite players.
Play a tougher schedule. I understand they couldn't help the schedule this year, and I don't believe OSU warned their spot. However, neither did a team that only played one P5 team (which happened to be the worse P5 team outside of Nashville, Kansas) and didn't play a conference championship game. You wanna be considered elite, play elite teams during the regular season and prove you belong.