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I'm not sure of the intention, but I didn't see it as a jab. Just the truth.
They beat Purdue because Gus called the plays but don't show up when he doesn't call plays? Seems, it shouldn't matter but whatever you gotta tell yourself to make you feel better about Auburn's face planting in bowl games. Btw, Gus called the plays in the Outback Bowl.
You missed his point, anOSU fan. It's not about that game being relevant now. It's about that game being a reminder of how things can be so learn to appreciate what you have now. You can't truly enjoy success if you've never experienced failure to contrast it with.
They can't change what makes the schedule weak. It's weak because of their conference and they can't change their conference. I mean, they could, but that's a huge headache.
I get the no defense argument about the Big 12 but in case you haven't noticed, the Pac 12's best teams this year were defensively driven. The Pac 12 is moving towards the SEC type football of the early 2010's. Oregon, Utah, and Washington are building solid defenses and offenses that lean towards running the ball with big OLs. Watch how Oregon played Auburn and Wisconsin this past season and it'll give you flashbacks to before the SEC become uptempo and spread friendly. Are they doing it as well as the SEC did? No. But that's what is winning games in their conference. It's a strange thing to witness since they were one of the first to embrace the HUNH/spread offenses.
Notre Dame isn't a Power 5 team. Ok. Gotta go.
It won't happen unless they find a way to win some on the road. The losses have not been horrible: double overtime loss at Florida, two point loss at Penn State, and a close but failed comeback at Kentucky. I don't know what happened at Rhode Island but, hey, Duke lost at home to Stephen F Austin (Alabama beat them) and Kentucky did the same against Evansville so even the elite teams have bad losses this season. Going 1-2 in the Bahamas didn't help, though I suspect the metrics will respect the loss to a healthy North Carolina team as opposed to what they are now. Bama needed to beat Iowa State but the defense, like it's done a few times this season, failed to show up. Despite all of that, the improvements are noticable. Turnovers have decreased. They averaged 18 in November, 15 in December, and 10 so far in January. They rebound the ball well, minus the NC game, and have a +8 advantage on the entire season. The offense is lethal if they can overcome press defenses. If the defense can improve, and a few bench players become more consistent, they'll be a tough out for every team on the schedule, including Auburn. I'm excited by what Oats is doing in Tuscaloosa. This season might not end in the Big Dance but with experience coming back next season, and the addition of a couple players who were forced to sit out this season, next year's team should end up as one of the SEC's top teams and go dancing in March. Roll Tide!
Only issue I have with Ty is the time it takes for him to get the point off. (And, of course, the debacle in the LSU game.) I'm not sure why he didn't play in the bowl game. If it wasn't an injury, and he played in six games so a redshirt wasn't an option, my guess is Saban was concerned about Michigan coming after him because of that slow get off. Beriner had a great bowl game though. A 42.3 average with 4 downed inside the 20 and two inside the 5.
I'm inclined to agree. I expect they'll all receive plenty of playing time, at least earlier in the season while McMillon and Moses are getting reacclimated to the game. Rust will be a factor after an entire season off the field. Whatever happens, it's nice to see experienced depth at a position that's been thoroughly void of depth for a couple of seasons now.
Right. Cause Georgia's recent string of 5* commitments has been entirely based on their on field success. Alabama, with its storied tradition of national championships and unparalleled winning percentage this past decade, has to pay its players but Georgia's rich history of falling short on the big stage is enough to attract big-time commits. Sure. Let's go with that "flawless" logic.
Tua** not That. As many times I have had to change it, you'd think my phone would understand I never mean That.
It's been a game time decision every time he has been asked. I wonder what'll be tomorrow's answer? I bet he tells us That is 100% and playing. That fits the pattern.
I'm not sure how this writer inferred what he did from the quote in that link. No mention of Gus. No mention of a situation being mishandled.
"...walked through a game with the energy of an intern getting another round of coffees." Leave Butch alone!
Couldn't Florida have stopped Georgia from scoring after that terrible call? It wasn't a TD so regardless of the call, Florida could've stopped them and didn't. That's not on the refs.
What success did he have at SMU? His best season ended with a 7-5 record and .500 in conference play. He ended with a record of 14-22 and 8-16 in the conference. Yes, he increased the win total those three seasons but that's it. That was his head coaching career before Arky scooped him up. Three seasons increasing win totals by 3 and 2 wins in a Group of 5 conference should not have been enough to prove he could win with consistency in the SEC. He was the wrong choice then and continues to be the wrong choice. If it looked like Arky was improving, even with the same W-L record, I could understand justifying the hire. But there isn't improvement from last year. Arky is still being blown out by SEC teams and losing to G5 teams with far less talent. Arky might not ever be a top their SEC team but y'all shouldn't be worse than Vandy either. So why would you want one more year when he's not proven that he can improve the team from one season to the next? Do you really want another 9 or 10 loss season?
Your comment about Bama's SOS is clouded by rankings. Georgia's average offensive opponent is 69th in total offense. Bama's is 60th. Georgia's average defensive opponent is 79th in total defense. Bama's is 73rd. Those schedules are fairly even when you look at the things that actually matter and not some arbitrary rankings. Against those averages of opponents, Bama is #2 in scoring offense with 49 ppg. Georgia is #24 with 36 ppg. Georgia is #5 is scoring defense with 10 ppg. Bama is #10 with 15 ppg. What those numbers tell me is that Bama's offense is far above Georgia's offense while playing better defenses. And Bama's defense is on par with Georgia's while playing better offenses. I do think they matchup pretty well but Georgia's defense isn't any better than Bama's but Bama's offense is more productive than Georgia's. But mostly, the schedules are fairly even so knocking Bama's is the same as knocking Georgia's.
SC didn't lose to Vandy.
This year's defense is far better than last year's. Terrell Lewis is finally healthy. As is Trevon Diggs. Mack Wilson and Savion Smith's apathy are gone. People are too focused on the yardage given up in the earlier season games. And the scores given up during garbage time. Despite all of that, they're 3rd in the SEC in total defense and 10th in the country in scoring defense. Both are above Auburn and their consistently praised defense. And all while starting more TF than any other team in the country. Lastly, this defense is causing havoc unlike any other team in the SEC. When your offense rarely turns the ball over and your defense is averaging nearly two turnovers per game, leading all of FBS with a TO margin of +13, I'd say their doing something right.
That depends on if he believes the bowl to be meaningless. It used to be going to the Sugar, Rose, Orange, etc. bowls meant something. It seems the playoffs have lessened those bowls, and that's a terrible thing for this sport. And also something Saban has voiced concerns about numerous times. I don't think Tua would find getting one last W with the guys he has played football with the past three years, meaningless. If that decision were made, it would involve his parents and Saban, and both have put more emphasis on the team party of football compared to the individuals themselves.
It's like watching Rice vs UMass. Someone has to win but no one really does.
I don't think the defense is as spotty as last year's. There were problems (Savion Smith comes to mind) last year that Tua helped to mask with the offensive output. This year's defense has been a work in progress that has improved each game and clamped down when needed. Earlier in the season the defense played without much pressure and the freshmen were thrown into the proverbial fire. And they gave up yards and points but not when it mattered. But it helped. They got more reps. I think in a three game swing, they played 76, 88, & 70 snaps on defense. That's a ton of reps and exactly what they needed. Saban made a point of saying the only way for them to get better is real game reps, not practice reps. I wouldn't be surprised a bit if that was the game plan all along against those teams. Now we're looking at a defense that's Top 10 in scoring, Top 20 (and 3rd in the SEC) in total defense, and #2 among Power 5 teams in turnovers gained. For all the criticism and yards gained by opposing teams, those are the elite #s we've become accustomed to with a Saban coached defense. LSU will be a challenge but this defense seems more prepared than last year's to create havoc for opposing offenses. Clean up the penalties, and it might be Saban's best coaching job of his career, on the defensive side at least.
Well the last time someone promised to "drain the swamp", they quickly filled it with even more vile creatures than were already populating said swamp, so maybe not the best reference. But there does seem to be an excitement among Bama hoops fans for this season. I expect it'll only increase if Quinerly wins his appeal, which Oats seems to have full confidence he will. All I know is, I'm not "buckling up" for anything.
I didn't understand that either. Bama has, in the past, faced six teams coming off a bye in one season. They've faced four teams a couple of seasons. But, for the most part, have taken a bye the last weekend in October ("conveniently" the week before LSU) during the Saban era. So I'm not sure why he put it the way he did.
Except Bama proved that's not true in 2017. And people can get all up in arms about them getting in that year but they did the same thing Georgia did that season and lost to Auburn. Georgia simply got a mulligan for being in a different, and far less competitive, division.
LSU would probably fall to five with a loss but they'd move up once Penn State and OSU play one another, and I believe they'd stay in the Top 4. LSU has a better shot to get in the playoff with one loss and no SEC championship than Bama does with that same scenario. And that's because of the resume. If Bama wins, then goes on to win the SECCG, and LSU wins out, they're both in. I don't think it would be the same if LSU beats Bama.
They finally put the correct team #1. Now let the rat poison commence.