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My mistake. I remember him hurting his ankle in the Syracuse game. I just remembered the season incorrectly. My point still remains. He was banged up last season and should be much more formidable know that he's fully healthy. And I'm in the minority on this, probably, but I prefer a formidable LSU. It was once my favorite and most nerve-racking game of the regular season. It's time to put that shine back on what was once a fierce rivalry. LSU doesn't need to win for that to happen and obviously I hope y'all don't, of course. But victory is always sweeter after a heart stopping, down to the wire, all out battle than after a 29-0 affair. And Bama tends to wake up if LSU pushes them to the brink. Good luck on y'all's season and I look forward to the battle for the West on November 9th.
That's is not the premise of these articles. Is reading comprehension hard for you? The question being asked is if Team A's offense/defense will be better than Team A's offense/defense from the previous season. It's not a comparison to other teams. I suspect you know that and are just trolling. Which in turn means I'm feeding the troll. Dang it. It's too late. I'm pressing the button to publish. Resist. Resistance is futile. F**k.
I didn't read where he said Lawrence missed games. Only that he suffered an injury, had surgery, and will be better. If I'm not mistaken, he was injured in the Fiesta Bowl and had an ankle injury suffered in the Syracuse game. I don't believe the point was that he missed games just that the injuries effected his play. I concede that I know less about LSU players than LSU fans. That being said, my takeaway about Lawrence from this article was not the same as yours.
Must be scary as a Georgia fan to hear Bama might insert a backup QB.
That's the problem with religion: Everyone thinks their religion is the right religion and all others are false. I'm sure whatever religion you're calling "not a real religion" says the same thing with your religion. If all you religious people would understand that America is country founded on the principle of freedom of religion, we'd all be better off. Worship how you choose, don't worry about how others choose to worship, and stop trying to base laws on your religious beliefs. Otherwise, we're no better than countries with Sharia law.
Why does LSUSMC have to provide proof that you're lying when you've provided no proof that you're telling the truth?
Bandwagon fans always expose themselves with their lack of sportsmanship. Michigan was mighty impressive in the postseason. That being said, congrats Vandy!
Why do Tennessee and Mizzou have to be "substantially better" to beat you guys this year? It's not as if y'all throttled either team. Five points combined was the total margin of victory. Doesn't seem to me that a substantial improvement is needed to close such a relatively small gap. Trying to use the past to determine the future seems futile. A Saban coached Alabama team had never lost by four touchdowns but that changed on a cold, dark night in January. So there's no reason Tennessee can't beat a Muschamp coached team. That's an argument void of logic. That's not too say I believe that will happen but both of those games are more "toss up" than "should wins".
Huh? Bama has played in the past 4 NCG (winning two), appeared in all five playoffs, and have won 50% of the past eight national championships. That's "time running out"?
So all these other SEC schools have been doing it for decades, though for a few you've listed there's no evidence it's occurring presently, but Georgia never did? Or just didn't get caught? And if it is occurring with these other schools presently, how has Georgia enjoyed so much success on the recruiting trail recently? And what does it say about society that we're willing to say cheating to win is acceptable because the other guy is cheating too? Are we content with that corrosion of our morals and values?
Wasn't Franks also in a new system with a new coach and OC, Bill? So a jump for Franks from 113.3 to 143.4 under practically the same situation, minus a new HC for Franks, is far more impressive than Bentley going from 130.7 to 146.3.
@imissSECcountry You missed that the above comment was not agreeing about those games being a toss up. Heads they win, tails you lose means you lose no matter which way the coin is flipped. It's basic reading comprehension.
Actually, according to a study done by I think USA Today (though I could be wrong about that, just not the report) Alabama fans travel better than any other team. They've sold out more neutral site games and their allotment of tickets for away games than any other team over the past decade.
That game plan, dink and dunk/quick play offense, led Mississippi State to almost defeat Bama in 2017. It was a depleted linebacker unit they were going against, of course. But it was still an excellent game plan and even better play calling, on the offensive side at least. Mullen can scheme with the best of them.
Child rapist? Have I missed something?
After nine years, Saban will have the team ready for South Carolina.... this time. Revenge is a dish best served cold.
She was in the dugout with her team so that's a good sign. Read everyone at Rhoad's stood up to cheer when they saw her.
**his head Edit button. It's not that hard.
Kid Rock is alive? I thought he got he's head stuck up Trump's a**? I guess Lindsey Graham didn't leave much room in there.
But Republicans are the ones who lie and misconstrue facts. I'm sorry you're too uneducated to understand facts.
Those rankings aren't about what spot a team is picked to finish. It's a subjective ranking on coaching jobs. Reading comprehension isn't hard. That's why you begin to learn it in elementary school.
Winter is coming to an end but I see snowflakes are still everywhere.
"Those games you won, like upsetting Bama in 2014, yeah, we're just going to say that didn't officially happen, even though everyone knows it did. Feel our might as we punish every player, regardless if they were embroiled in this scandal or not. Why? Because it's our job to protect student athletes." -Mark Emmert, probably
Their NET ranking is mid-40's. And in case you've been living under a rock, NET rankings have taken over and made the RPI obsolete.