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I'm not sure I've ever heard anyone gripe about "the silly numbers on the sides of their helmets". That's a weird "insult", if you wanna call it that.
Reading comprehension is hard, isn't it? "Jokes aside, it was nice to see that Mizzou again got after it early and often." That in no way sounds like making a point of Mizzou being terrible for crushing a cupcake.
I remember hearing Lewis was a bit banged up and then with the injury to Ray, I'm guessing Saban decided to err on the side of caution. Otherwise, it's hard to understand not applying pressure to a TF playing his first FBS opponent. Then again, I'm not a coach/coordinator, so who am I to question the game plan? It does seem that until the freshmen gain more experience, the defense will have a "bend but don't break" feel to it. I can live with that for the time being the offense being so deadly. I'm sure 86 snaps didn't help any. That's the downside of having an offense that can score at will but can't run the ball effectively. Saban has plenty of coaching to do. I'm sure he likes it that way instead of hearing nothing but rat poison.
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Hilinkski played extremely well for a TF starting only his second game. He'll be one the East needs to look out for in the future. I do wonder how he'll dare against a better pass rush though. Alabama's pass rush was lacking, and that's putting mildly.
"plenty of time for goat to fix" Say it louder for the Bama fans in the back.
*only allowing Pay for the edit feature SDS. Or pay for me to have a proofreader. Just not the ones y'all use.
The OL stinks? That's an overreaction three games into the season. Have you not noticed all the shuffling? Or that the best run blocker is out for the first four games? Or that they're only showing 1 sack per game? Or that they're learning entirely new concepts/schemes? And it's not just the OL but the TEs missing blocks as well. The schedule sets up nicely for them to grow and learn. It's not as if we've got the Miami OL so "stinks" is far too harsh.
I believe the writers on SDS prevent us from editing comments so that their own mistakes seem less by comparison. What they forget is none of us pay proofreaders. That or it costs too much to have an edit feature.
I think it's both. It's smart to take what the defense is giving but I also know Saban hates having his defense on the field for 86 snaps. The best the OL can be, especially in the run game, won't show itself until after Brown returns. That being said, the talent on the line right now should be more efficient in the run game. Imagine all the OL is trying to learn though. There's the RPO game, the progression "pro-style" passing game, and the power running game Saban loves. Add in all the stunts that have been thrown their way by opposing defenses and there's just a ton to learn. The OL will eventually settle and begin to gel and in the meantime all of them are getting valuable reps. Now, a month from now, if we're still struggling in the run game, we've got a problem. I'm doing my best to stay optimistic knowing Saban roams the sideline with far more knowledge than any of us here. You can imagine, if we as fans are seeing issues, he's already seen them, worked on a plan to fix them, and addressing issues we don't even know about. Trust the process, as we always say.
We're three games into the season. That means our freshmen LBs have three games worth of experience. With the exception of the A&M game, the schedule sets up nicely for the freshman to gain plenty of experience before the November gauntlet starts. Since most teams will probably attack the middle of the defense, the LBs are going to see plenty and have plenty of reps. In the meantime, the offense is elite enough to win a shootout if needed in any of the games until LSU. Every year there are flaws on Alabama's teams. Still, every year, Saban gets them to the playoffs. There's work to be done, for sure. I'm not doubting Saban's ability to get it done.
You have the worst case of superiority complex I've ever seen. Outside of Trump's, of course.
I'm sorry you don't like football enough not to watch other games. The Kentucky/Florida games have been very entertaining the past three seasons. And I'd say a majority of people posting on this site are SEC fans second only to their respective teams. Seems strange to bash college football fans for watching college football games.
The run game definitely needs to improve but that wasn't the game plan in this game. Bama is still shuffling the OL around and won't get its best run blocker back until the Ole Miss game. And while you could say what you said about Georgia, Justafan22, LSU's run game has been on par with Bama's. Blitzer13 wasn't trying to be a smarts**. He was trying to provide insight to you, someone outside the program, that doesn't have the same knowledge about Bama as a Bama fan would. Thanks for trying though.
I didn't realize Georgia could clinch the East playing Arkansas State. You know that's not the SEC team, right?
Yes, BlackandGarnet, only p***ies care about life long brain damage. You must've gotten hit a few good times yourself.
*starting to worry SDS, does it cost extra money to add an edit feature?
When you're team can't get it done, blame the refs! And scream about it. I'm honestly starting to work about all the screaming. Are you ok? Do you need help? I just don't understand capitalizing everything and following it up with a hundred exclamation points. Did you learn to write by reading Trump tweets?
Get out here with the "the refs cost us the game crap". Alabama had 11 penalities. The refs didn't do anyone any favors. They missed a possible TD for y'all but also missed one for us as Forristall didn't step out of bounds. Bama was 31 points better than SC (taking out the garbage time TD against our backups). The refs, whatever mistakes you think they made, didn't cost you guys 31 points.
Alabama has 3 Top 20 teams on their schedule right now. 2 of those are in the Top 10. Mississippi State, even with the KS loss, has a chance to be a Top 25 team by November. The Pac-12 looks to have been eliminated. The Big 10 is top heavy with The© OSU, Michigan, and Wisconsin. All could eliminate each other. No one from the ACC besides Clemson is getting in to the playoff. The Big 12 is Oklahoma and Texas, and Oklahoma could eliminate Texas and then Texas return the favor the Big 12 championship. Yes, once again, it would take some variables like in 2017, but to think Bama would be eliminated with one loss when no other contender beyond LSU & Georgia has a better schedule (seriously look at the schedules of the other contenders and find a better one) is foolish.
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Haha. Laughing at poor people is fun. Watching them struggle just to make it one week to the next is just side-splitting hilarity at its finest. If you tell me he pawned his title to help pay his sick child's medical bills, I swear to god, I won't be able to breath from the laughter. What a conceited pillock.
The injuries this year are just unbelievable. Not just for Alabama, but for all of college football.
At least Bama would make it to the NCG by playing the likes of LSU, Auburn, and Georgia. Those are wins to be proud of far more than any win Clemson would have on its path to the NCG. Syracuse would be the best win on Clemson's resume and they got curb stomped last week to a team that lose to Temple this week. Man, the ACC is just tough. Tough like wet toilet paper.
Yeah, the reasoning is flawed but Kentucky and Florida have played close games the past two seasons. In face, the average score of those two games is 27-20.5 in favor of Kentucky. Franks has not performed well against Kentucky. And their OL is one of the more experienced lines in the SEC. So it's not that unreasonable to think Kentucky couldn't cover it.