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With Stingley's daddy moving on to the Eagles, he might have a chance. But Will Anderson is severely underrated on this list.
Please stop using PFF. Their ratings system is dubious at best.
You've never met the Arkansas basketball coach, have you?
True. It wasn't a single player's injury. It was multiple injuries. But, it is true that no one knows what would've happened without all the injuries on that Bama team.
poptiger Idc about the Kirby argument but it wasn't just one girl at LSU. And thousands of rapes go unreported all the time. It doesn't mean they never happened.
The allegations range from Orgeron knowing of the violations to a system being set up to avoid the violations being reported. He absolutely is responsible if those allegations prove true.
Lol. "Will quickly surpass Bama"? No they won't. Oats did more with less in his 2nd season. And now the talent he's bringing in is only getting better. I can see Bama and Arky as 1a and 1b but there won't be any surpassing.
And I can only think of one on LSU's. Can't remember his name but Smitty is his daddy. Also, it's not really a big deal that a fan of Sexual Assault U doesn't know any Bama players. Mostly because your lack of football IQ is evident in every post you make. But, we've got plenty of starters and experience returning from the best defense in the SEC last season. It doesn't really matter how many players return for y'all considering just how historically bad that defense was last season.
Classic "tell me you know nothing about football without telling me" post.
You can go to Tuscaloosa where they win championships or go to Baton Rouge where they sexually harass grandmas then cover it up. Tough choice.
I actually bet that Georgia will build an eight-ton, 20ft bulldog statue on the southeast side of Sanford Stadium. Honestly, bravo on your post. I laughed.
You'll need to be more specific. The majority of the country is anti-Trump.
The rules passed up the defensive side of the ball. It's not that offensive coaches got smarter. They just had more rules changes that allowed them to take advantage. I enjoy the offenses of today but I wouldn't mind seeing a bit more balance in the rules.
I agree defenses will eventually catch up to a point. You're still not going to keep an elite offense from scoring though. And it will take a completely different approach to defensive scheme and personnel to even get to that point. Defenses will have to begin shifting to faster, shiftier guys with more athleticism to match the same on offenses.
Did I misread? I never saw him claim there was a Power 6 in football. But there is a Power 6 in basketball, which is what he stated in the article. Seems someone has a personal crusade to make an a** of oneself. And did it with aplomb.
And the Tigers? They should have won the SEC title. Seriously. Three-foot lay-up with the clock running out that gets clanked. That’s the only reason we’re not talking about the SEC champion Tigers. Right... Bama's elite defense had nothing to do with that. Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. Bama will be hanging that banner because they actually won. Also, Bama's due for a cold streak (though they've gone through one to end the season) but no other team is due for one? What other team has a defense capable of keeping them in a game despite cold shooting? I'll wait.
And yet it was the right wing's fools that attacked the Capital hoping for an insurrection.
Facts? Bama 55 LSU 17, Bama 105 LSU 75, Bama 78 LSU 60, Bama 80 LSU 79....Those are facts. Seems Bama was tougher than the LSU Kittens. GTFOH!
When 4 seniors representing their home state university have stuck around for all four years through turmoil and coaching changes, putting everything they had into becoming better players and leaders in order to change the entire culture of the basketball program, finally achieve their goal, by 50 points or by 1 point, they and those that helped can say whatever they please. It's not as if Bama was favored by double digits. They were favored by 4. It was a championship game. GTFOH! But also, good luck as well.
That's not an implausible theory but without actual evidence other than what one might think, it's still just a theory.
That's a good question. They split the series with Bama winning in January by 31 with even FTs and Arky winning in February by 15 with 35 extra FTs. Bama never lost a game after that loss capturing the SEC Conference Title, SEC Coach of the Year, SEC Player of the Year, SEC Defensive Player of the Year, 2 First Team All-SEC players, SEC Tournament Title, 2 All-Tournament players, and Tournament MVP. What's there to be mad about? A loss in February? Ok.
I'm inclined to agree. Colgate has played 5 total teams and I believe their toughest competition was Army, ranked 189th in KenPom.
What I'm seeing is you really think this Bama team can go far. I'll take it.
Herbert Jones had something to say about your little Moody vs Thomas scenario for SEC POTY. Only one of those guys lead his team to a conference title.
If playing time and not development for the NFL was his main concern, he'd have gone to Tennessee. I mean at this point my 5 year old niece could probably earn a starting spot there seeing how many players abandoned that sinking ship. Also he did an interview in which he stated he knows he won't start for at least two years and he's fine with that considering how well it's worked out for Mac Jones. At some point rival fans are just going to have to deal with the fact that players with a championship drive and NFL aspirations would rather spend two years riding the bench and developing at Bama under Saban than getting all the playing time they could want at far, far, far lesser programs like Tennessee.
Neither Mac Jones or Joe Burrow started as freshmen and they had two of the best seasons for any college QB in history. Your comments have always been dumb but "00 wait now you’re saying he might not play as a freshman, Well if that’s true how good can he be" simply proves you know nothing about football.
And yet he has stated himself that he isn't going anywhere even if it means just one season as the starter like Mac Jones. Maybe you should learn to read more before offering your ignorant thoughts.
With Trump as president, America was attacked by a bunch of ignorant rednecks.