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We all know how many stars a player has is all that matters. That's why Georgia has won the past few SEC championships and National Championships. The development of a player is unimportant. That's why 3* players like Eddie Jackson and Josh Jacobs could never make it in the NFL. If only they could trade in all their development for two more stars.
Auburn or Texas A&M? Y'all got that good smoke up in SC, huh?
Might be a dogfight for spots 2-4, but LSU and Auburn aren't on Bama's level this year. Lightening rarely strikes the same place twice.
Florida, unable to beat Georgia for the past three seasons, not only gets over that hump but also beats Alabama in a championship game? Ok, Michael. Kyle Trask might be a good QB but he isn't the type of QB that can take down an Alabama team. Bama's weakness last year, the front 7 on defense, is no longer a weakness. They've got more depth there than they've had since 2016. And because of last year's injuries, that depth has more experience. The secondary might take time to gel but it'll have that time because of the front 7. Will Anderson, Jordan Battles, and Brian Branch are all names to keep an eye on in 2020. Finally, the offense won't skip a beat. Far too many explosive skill players for any team to try and take one away. You take Smitty away, Waddle, Metchie, and Baker will make a team pay. Take away the passing game altogether, Najee, B Rob, and Trey Sanders will take over. Mullen just doesn't have the offense to keep up or the defense to stop all the offensive weapons. This is Bama's deepest, most experienced, and most talented team since 2016. I truly think Clemson and Ohio State are the only teams capable of a W against a fully healthy Bama this year. East 1. Florida 2. Kentucky 3. Georgia 4. South Carolina 5. Tennessee 6. Mizzou 7. Vandy West 1. Alabama 2. Auburn 3. LSU 4. Texas A&M 5. Ole Miss 6. Miss State 7. Arky
Being as perfect as I am, I expect everyone to also be perfect and never make mistakes. If a person does make a mistake, they should be called out, ridiculed, and ostracized. No one should be allowed to make a mistake, admit to that mistake, apologize for that mistake, and have everyone else move on. I'll grab the torches if someone else can get the pitchforks!
If it were at Kentucky, I would have Kentucky winning 24-20. Even though fans will be few, Jordan-Hare just has this voodoo, made a deal with the devil, black magic to it that will inevitably lead to some stupidly dumb luck play favoring Auburn. Auburn 21-20. Still rooting for the Wildcats, though.
Didn't the Big10 cancel it's season prematurely in order to have people believe they were morally superior? Isn't that as "look at me, everybody look at me" as it gets? At that time of that cancellation, the South was the hardest hit area of the country. Now, the Midwest is the hardest hit and that's when they decide to uncancel their season? If any conference is desperate for the attention, it's them and not the SEC. People complaining about a lame matchup being chosen for GameDay isn't in the same league as the Big10's attention seeking blunders of the past few months.
So? They've also had footage from other 7th round picks. It seems your only problem is your homophobia. Sad!
If facts are facts and fake news is fake news, then you should know that neither CNN or Washington Post have blamed Trump for global warming. Blaming his administration's environmental policies for helping to further global warming instead of helping to fix it, is not the same as blaming Trump. And last I checked, sending unmarked federal agents into cities to antogonize peaceful protesters is on Trump. Rioters can be handled locally and by that state's National Guard. It's funny those screaming fake news get their news from conservative leaning media and believe it's truth. You're no different than those who get their news from liberal leaning media and believe it's true. Facts do not come from cable news programs. Learn to read, think, analyze, research and please stop regurgitating those with political agendas.
Well it won't be hard for that to happen seeing as the teams that aren't playing won't be included after the initial poll. So once action starts, 9 unranked teams would automatically move up.
I'm not really too bothered by LSU's new additions. Bama has to play UGA,Auburn,A&M,& LSU. You guys have to play FL,Auburn,A&M,& Bama. Then both have the three remaining West opponents. That leaves TN,KY,& Mizzou for Bama and Vandy,SC,& Mizzou for LSU. Kentucky and Tennessee are a step ahead of Vandy and SC but it's not a Grand Canyon type step. One team in each division was always going to get screwed by playing the top 2 from the other division. There really wasn't a way around that. The SEC just hedged its bets like the ACC and Big 10 did and decided that team to get screwed wouldn't be any of its contenders. Both Mizzou and Arky are rebuilding and playing those schedules can only help them improve in the end. And let's not forget, the winner of each division will then have to face each other giving both an even tougher schedule, followed by the playoff schedule. But this Auburn fan whining about Bama's tougher schedule when the schedules are almost identical only proves how much Bama lives in his head.
East Opponents: Alabama- UGA,TN,KY,& Mizzou Auburn- UGA,TN,KY,& SC Alabama and Auburn have the same opponets except one. 9/10 opponents in common. I guess Auburn also figured out a way as well.
I'm not sure of the intention, but I didn't see it as a jab. Just the truth.
They beat Purdue because Gus called the plays but don't show up when he doesn't call plays? Seems, it shouldn't matter but whatever you gotta tell yourself to make you feel better about Auburn's face planting in bowl games. Btw, Gus called the plays in the Outback Bowl.
You missed his point, anOSU fan. It's not about that game being relevant now. It's about that game being a reminder of how things can be so learn to appreciate what you have now. You can't truly enjoy success if you've never experienced failure to contrast it with.
They can't change what makes the schedule weak. It's weak because of their conference and they can't change their conference. I mean, they could, but that's a huge headache.
I get the no defense argument about the Big 12 but in case you haven't noticed, the Pac 12's best teams this year were defensively driven. The Pac 12 is moving towards the SEC type football of the early 2010's. Oregon, Utah, and Washington are building solid defenses and offenses that lean towards running the ball with big OLs. Watch how Oregon played Auburn and Wisconsin this past season and it'll give you flashbacks to before the SEC become uptempo and spread friendly. Are they doing it as well as the SEC did? No. But that's what is winning games in their conference. It's a strange thing to witness since they were one of the first to embrace the HUNH/spread offenses.
Notre Dame isn't a Power 5 team. Ok. Gotta go.
It won't happen unless they find a way to win some on the road. The losses have not been horrible: double overtime loss at Florida, two point loss at Penn State, and a close but failed comeback at Kentucky. I don't know what happened at Rhode Island but, hey, Duke lost at home to Stephen F Austin (Alabama beat them) and Kentucky did the same against Evansville so even the elite teams have bad losses this season. Going 1-2 in the Bahamas didn't help, though I suspect the metrics will respect the loss to a healthy North Carolina team as opposed to what they are now. Bama needed to beat Iowa State but the defense, like it's done a few times this season, failed to show up. Despite all of that, the improvements are noticable. Turnovers have decreased. They averaged 18 in November, 15 in December, and 10 so far in January. They rebound the ball well, minus the NC game, and have a +8 advantage on the entire season. The offense is lethal if they can overcome press defenses. If the defense can improve, and a few bench players become more consistent, they'll be a tough out for every team on the schedule, including Auburn. I'm excited by what Oats is doing in Tuscaloosa. This season might not end in the Big Dance but with experience coming back next season, and the addition of a couple players who were forced to sit out this season, next year's team should end up as one of the SEC's top teams and go dancing in March. Roll Tide!
Only issue I have with Ty is the time it takes for him to get the point off. (And, of course, the debacle in the LSU game.) I'm not sure why he didn't play in the bowl game. If it wasn't an injury, and he played in six games so a redshirt wasn't an option, my guess is Saban was concerned about Michigan coming after him because of that slow get off. Beriner had a great bowl game though. A 42.3 average with 4 downed inside the 20 and two inside the 5.
I'm inclined to agree. I expect they'll all receive plenty of playing time, at least earlier in the season while McMillon and Moses are getting reacclimated to the game. Rust will be a factor after an entire season off the field. Whatever happens, it's nice to see experienced depth at a position that's been thoroughly void of depth for a couple of seasons now.
Right. Cause Georgia's recent string of 5* commitments has been entirely based on their on field success. Alabama, with its storied tradition of national championships and unparalleled winning percentage this past decade, has to pay its players but Georgia's rich history of falling short on the big stage is enough to attract big-time commits. Sure. Let's go with that "flawless" logic.
Tua** not That. As many times I have had to change it, you'd think my phone would understand I never mean That.
It's been a game time decision every time he has been asked. I wonder what'll be tomorrow's answer? I bet he tells us That is 100% and playing. That fits the pattern.
I'm not sure how this writer inferred what he did from the quote in that link. No mention of Gus. No mention of a situation being mishandled.
"...walked through a game with the energy of an intern getting another round of coffees." Leave Butch alone!
Couldn't Florida have stopped Georgia from scoring after that terrible call? It wasn't a TD so regardless of the call, Florida could've stopped them and didn't. That's not on the refs.