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You sound like you're hopeful that's what happens. While it's possible, I don't see Bama losing anywhere near enough players to postpone this game. Not so I see any major players testing positive and being out. The players have done a great job of following the guidelines because they're playing for something this season. They are determined and aren't going to risk missing this game by going against what's been asked of them.
So, Redfox@88, I take it that the Ole Miss game is the only Bama game you watched? Otherwise, you'd have seen an improved Bama defense that leads the SEC in scoring defense. If you truly think Bama is going to play as badly in defense as they did in the 3rd game of the season, you're going to be thoroughly disappointed. This is no different than people devaluing Ohio State for not looking great against Indiana. Elite teams improve over the course of the season. And Bama has done just that. People take snapshots of a team when it struggles early and then use that snapshot to justify their reasoning for why that team will lose or isn't championship caliber. In doing so, though, you allow that snapshot to cloud your judgement enough that you don't see the improvements. But, by all means, keep underestimating this Bama team. It might just turn out that Ole Miss was the closest team to actually beating Bama when all is said and done.
Leave the 10RC fan alone! He/she (idk) always shows his/her Bama hate in almost every post that concerns Bama. I think it's a jealously thing. Maybe Diesel believes 10RC should have success like Bama's. It has to be tough watching a bitter rival win year after year after year after year. Diesel should realize that 10RC hasn't been relevant in decades and isn't changing anytime soon.
If Shackelford can improve his defense, he'll rise on this list fairly quick. According to some practice reports, Herb has improved on the offensive end. If so, watch out! Having Herb return was, for me, bigger than Petty's return. He's the hardest working player and soul of this team.
I'm kinda shocked that Smitty has to share the honor considering he set school and SEC records. Guess it doesn't hurt to throw the Dawgs a bone. It's always tough when preseason hype meets reality.
How was Bama's a tough call unless you know nothing about them? And since you said Alex Tchikou will play, you obviously don't. I mean, he was injured and reported out for the season with a turn Achilles. Also, word has it that he was going to need a season of conditioning and development as he's extremely raw. So yeah, shouldn't have been a tough choice.
"higher on the Crimson Tide than most" The majority of stuff I've seen out there has also been pretty high on the Tide. If the defense can improve, they are going to be a tough out for every team in the SEC. The depth Oats had this year is better than any Bama basketball team in recent memory. It should be a fun season, especially now that Auburn's season is meaningless. Always fun to watch a rival suffer.
I find some of these Mizzou fans on here intolerable but every fan base has those types. And wolfman has always been the worst. But the players aren't complaining. And now Mizzou could be looking at 6 wins this season. Considering the schedule they were given and a new coaching staff coming in during this surreal off-season, it'd be pretty impressive to see Mizzou achieve that.
Agreeing with an Auburn fan this week just feels wrong but you're right. But I expected this. I expected the media and Georgia fans to overreact to this game. State is decimated. They had less than 50 scholarship players (Leach has bigger-how can I say this, onions-than Ed O) in that game. Does Daniels have a higher ceiling than the other two QBs? Yes. Would they have beat Bama and Florida? Doubtful. Let's remember that Daniels came from USC, the most talented team in the PAC 12. He still only threw 14 TDs to 10 INTs at 7.4ypp with a 59.5 completion percentage. Again, that's against PAC 12 defenses while playing on a team with more talent than its opponents. So let's pump the brakes and see how he does against a legit, fully healthy & available SEC team (which I don't see happening this season with what's left on their schedule). Or, Georgia fans can once again buy into all the hype, be preseason NCs, and crown Daniels the Heisman frontrunner only to have their hearts broken like every other season. It doesn't matter how many times Lucy pulls the football away, does it Dawgs?
Did you say TAMU has arguably the best OL in the SEC just to get Bama fans to come disagree with you? Also, Coach of the Year means looking at them entire body of work. Deciding Pittman, and I'm not saying he isn't deserving, is already CotY before the year is over undermines the entire point of the reward. If Mizzou beats Arky, wouldn't Eli have done a better job? Might as well vote for the awards in September if you're just going to ignore actual results.
Alabama's average MOV this season is 30 points. So I can understand where the 25 is coming from. But I do think the line will come down some this week. It's a rivalry game after all. The only thing that might keep it high is Tank's unknown status. Either way, it feels like a score similar to the TAMU game, 52-24, though with it being a rivalry, I'll give Auburn another TD, 52-31. So I would take Auburn to cover, not win, at this line right now. If it falls under three TDs, I'd take Bama. Other likely takes: Florida (-23) State (+12) TAMU (-12)
"wins against teams with winning record" They do understand that in a shortened, conference only schedule, teams with winning records will be less than previous years, right? There were only 70 wins up for grabs before postponements and possible cancellations. If Bama goes 10-0, TAMU goes 9-1, Florida goes 9-1, and Georgia goes 8-2, that's 36 wins. That leaves 34 wins for 10 teams so most teams are going to end the season with losing records.
You do realize that Tennessee isn't that much different than Alabama in regards to those categories, right? Actually, most red states rate poorly in education, health, teen pregnancy, and wealth. Maybe there's a connection there...
Lol. Getting your talking points from the communist conservative media I see. Next time you cash that Social Security check, ask yourself if taking that money makes you a socialist or just a hypocrite.
I knew there'd be overreactions to Daniels play yesterday but "Georgia is going to have the most explosive passing game in the SEC"? Sorry. I don't see it. Let's see how he and his underdeveloped WRs do against a team with more than 50 scholarship players. Considering how poorly the defense played (no one gave Bama a pass when they were missing players all over the defense last season) and has played, they might need to be that explosive. All those 5* almost got beat by a team fielding guys with no experience and with little depth at any position. Congrats?
You can't even fix your grammar. Sit down, Boomer.
Kirby is a star chaser and not a developer. And it's finally beginning to show. Even with a capable QB, there's not a WR on the team that's been developed well enough to scare any opposing defenses. Until Kirby changes, Georgia will always underachieve relative to the talent at hand.
If you're going to compare opponents between Alabama and Florida, using an average isn't the way to do it. Of those common opponents, Alabama whipped TAMU 52-24, Florida lost 38-41. Alabama played a fully healthy Georgia and won by 17, Florida played a Georgia team missing multiple players on defense win by 14. Now, the Mizzou and Ole Miss games have fairly common stats, though Bama did give up 2 more points to Mizzou and 13 more to Ole Miss (while scoring 12 more). Now, looking at stats for the conference as a whole, Alabama is 3rd in scoring defense at 22ppg while Florida is 7th at 30ppg. In total defense, Alabama is 5th at 389.2ypg while Florida is 9th at 411.3ypg. Remove the Ole Miss he from both, Alabama sits at 337ypg and 16.8ypg while Florida sits at 371ypg and 29ppg. The yardage total isn't a huge difference but the scoring average is. Florida's scoring total not going down much shows that the defense is consistent in the scoring it allows while Bama's show that the Ole Miss game is not normal for their defense. So with a deeper dive, that slight edge should be far bigger in Bama's favor. It is always more enjoyable when a team's fan base thinks they actually have a chance only for Saban and company to squash their little hearts. Well, it's Florida, so enlarged hearts.
Yeah! Screw the elderly, the vunerable, and the frontline healthcare workers! We want to watch games!
Again, the article was about the lack of investigations. Yes. Everyone deserves the right to be innocent until proven guilty. But that couldn't happen with the university not even reporting the accusations.
Maybe Trump will wish Epstein's accomplice, Maxwell, good luck again. He's gotta look out for her if he ever wants another underage girl again.
Stole the election? By voting? And, last I checked, only one of the candidates is in a court battle over alleged rape while also being caught on tape bragging about sexual assault. And it's not the guy who LEGALLY won, Joe Biden.
The investigations never happened. That is the problem. Your fragile masculine who is showing, snowflake.
It's not something he likes. He's taken a page from the leader of his cult. When the news is true and hurtful, cry that it's fake. Dealing with reality would expose the fragility of the real snowflakes.
Red states are the poorest, most illiterate, and most unhealthy states in the country. I'd rather be given a participation trophy than I would be a poor, obese, uneducated fool unable to see how often Republicans screw over their constituents in favor of big corporations. But by all means, continue voting against your own self-interest all because Republicans have you convinced that they are the party of guns, god, and America. I actually give them credit for seeing a gullible and ignorant sect of the population and realizing just how easily they could use the 2nd amendment and religion to round up their flock and keep the sheep from jumping over the fence. It was a brilliant move by them back in the 70s to hookup with evangelicals over abortion (an issue Republicans rarely cared about until that unholy union). In doing so, the Republicans became the "religious" right: imposing their own beliefs into others by declaring themselves the moral, god-fearing leaders of America. And then painted Democrats as the godless heathens of the world out to destroy your very way of life, despite the fact that over 70% of Democrats are Christians. It was a smart move. Evil and corrupt. But smart. I really thought Trump (who is as godless of a man as the devil himself) would help expose the hypocrisy but the sheep are still gullible and the Republicans still control them. Sad!
Well, hbobodraw, let's just not play the games then. Let's just use a bunch of hypotheticals instead of actual game results. It doesn't matter that some people think Florida would beat A&M now. They didn't when they could've. Either that matters or we're wasting our time with actual games.