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The issue is he got arrested. 21st birthday is a big deal for everyone but I doesn't mean you have to act like an idiot.
He's from Utah. He will get in state tuition. And yes, he will play.
He won a national championship at bama. Kid just wants to play. Clearly wasn't gonna happen at Bama.
I agree with your logic but Jordan Leggett from Clemson is a finalist. He also plays in the slot and rarely puts his hand down/blocks.
if Colorado beats Utah, they would need to beat UW in the Pac-12 championship, not WSU.
Yep you're right. Bentley is definitely in that group. Youngest of all them as well.
I don't mind it. It is technically a forward pass. Patterson has some catching up to do to get to Hurt's level. But I think the upside is higher for Patterson. There's a reason he was the top rated QB. Eason has the strongest arm of all three. However, he doesn't have the playmakers around him yet. Will be interesting to see how these freshman QB's develop over the next couple years.
He seemed to have some magic last night in the second half. First start against a top 10 team on the road? How's johnny football doing now?
Lol this guy. It literally makes zero sense to burn the redshirt. We aren't fighting for anything this season. I realize you hope he isn't all that because of playing us in the future.
Karma? You have to feel for a guy that did his best to turn his career around. Go back to your trailer park trash.
We always get up for the Egg bowl. Should be an interesting game regardless, given both teams struggles.
Must be nice to be able to throw shade at Ole Miss after being at State. Didn't have much of an opportunity in previous years.
I don't understand A&M ahead of UW. I get that there reasoning is strength of schedule but UW is a power 5 and still undefeated. They should get the benefit of the doubt until they lose.
I'm starting to think you enjoy watching ole miss more than state. I understand because it must be embarrassing to watch state. Just surprised. But then again, little brother syndrome per usual.
Yea you're probably right. I'm sure the players that haven't been playing as well are just looking for more money.
One of the better articles I've seen on here. However, I don't necessarily see the programs going in different directions. We will know a lot more about LSU when they play Alabama. Aside from the possible NCAA "issues," there is a lot of promise for the Rebs in the future. Offense is only going to get better (Patterson, Cooley, all of the young WR's, Little, etc). And all of these young guys on D having to play as freshman are only going to get better.
You can always count on state fans. Y'all got enough problems with that dumpster fire of a program.
Should we disqualify every TE that isn't a traditional TE? Doesn't seem fair.
They separated the investigations because they haven't found anything. Didn't take long to penalize the other teams. Grasping at straws at this point.
I would say Engram deserves to be on the list but not Kelly. Just made too many mistakes in big games this year. Engram is an obvious choice, he is literally uncoverable.
You have zero to talk. Take your lucky win and shut your mouth. Just hope y'all don't play like trash next weekend.
Only started 4 games but he was a force. Caused that fumble late in the fourth against Bama in 2014.
Wouldn't say we have a huge advantage on offense. They have one of the best backs in the country. Definitely have an advantage at QB and WR. Hopefully the OL is ready.