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I thought the State got moRon Morris out of Columbia, that type of question is something he would ask.
UCF is just this decade's Boise State. Don't accomplish anything and aren't begging a major conference to let them in. They would rather cry how unfair the system is rather than actually doing something about it. You must have forgotten that USC came down to your house and beat you there in 2013 and prevented your "perfect" season.
Preserve Bama/UT and Georgia/Auburn Arky/Mizzou the rest don't mean anything. I honestly don't care about aTm as a "rival" but after before even playing them the hate level towards aTm reached Clemson levels when the aTm decided that OUR state house steps was the appropriate place for yell practice, and then have the audacity and say we do it in Austin and no one cares, you're in Texas not South Carolina and even before kickoff you managed to reach the pure hate we have a Clemson is quite an accomplishment.
Before the Garnet/Black game I would put it at 6 wins. Once we get an idea as to how healthy the defense is I would adjust but right now I'm not feeling very optimistic about this season. Year 2 I felt comfortable with predicting 9 wins.
Mizzou brings in St Louis and Kansas City markets, the next round of expanison will probably either bring in NC State and VT, App State football would thrive in the SEC if they were to get in, they have a strong football tradition their real knock is they aren't the flagship University of North Carolina. West Virginia would also be a nice fit in the next round of expansion. I would have taken WV in the East entirely due to geography instead of Mizzou.
SoCal busted for cheating again, who would have thought that. Those nutjobs in Hollywood think they can do whatever they want and not have consequences. Where I have I see this exact thing before, oh yes Jerry Richardson did the same exact thing in Spartanburg SC back in Clemson's first reign of exposed cheating back in the 80s. Richardson was giving money handshakes and using Spartan Foods to where they would take place, in exchange his son who had ZERO D-1 scholarships prior to these dealings and Clemson then offered a full ride for the kid who wasn't worth a lick. The same Richardson who holds a high position at Clemson now. College athletics needs to be cleaned up big time there is too much law breaking, cheating, back door dealings, and everything else that has been exposed in the last decade.
Turning all the film study into results on the field would be nice. Bentley does the film work and has the football IQ but translating what he sees on film to the field is going to be crucial to keeping his job and taking the next step into the NFL. Right now Bentley isn't even in the top 5 QBs in USC history as mediocre as our history is,Petty, Garcia, Shaw, Suggs, Tanneyhill, and Ellis.
The Belk Bowl that worthless meaningless exhibition game it was obvious the players and fans didn't care about it. A program even more lackluster and mediocre than South Carolina? That was UVA's Super Bowl that should tell you the state of worst power 5 A-She-She, the cared that got a chance to beat an SEC team. If your not in the NY Day or Playoff games bowl games mean nothing anymore. USC wins 7-8 games this year with the most brutual schedule in the country playing at the minimum the Top 3 teams in Country in Bama, UGA, and Clemson, than throw in a ranked aTm, UF, UK, possible Mizzou , more than likely App State could be ranked with is projected to be one of the teams in the programs history. The schedule is brutual who knows what miracle USC can pull don't forget the last time Bama came bouncing through the Brice, #1 Bama got beatdown on National tv.
You forgot USC unlike Bama actually put almost 600 yards on that "NFL level defense" Clemson defense and that was in Dead Valley. 11 defensive players out and still gave Clemson a huge scare. Bentley out balled Tua.
It won't be long before the HBC syndrome hits the GOAT of college football. As soon as he mutters the phrase 2-3 years its over. I mourn the day Saban retires just as when the HBC retired, something just isn't right without Saban on the sidelines.
You are gonna have to beat UGA, UF, USC, UT, and UK first you yankee. Can we boot this disgrace of a university out of the SEC please.
So the death of football begins, fundamentals are going to get worse then they are now in a lot of positions. These snowflakes wouldn't make it in the South Carolina heat and humidity in black helmets and jerseys like we did. It's like our coaches said when the cross country team ran by our practices you can be play a real sport or just go run. These millenials and Xers are going to kill our sport.
I get that injuries can end careers but to give up on the entire game, I'm not for that, be there for your teammates. Many players who have their time shortened still remain a part of the program, this doesn't seem like the case.
Quitters gonna quit. He rubbed a lot of USC people the wrong way when he was on the Clemson sideline while USC was on the road. I was hoping he was gonna a force on the DL but looks like all we have is a habitual quitter.
Big talk from the Viles that CWM isn't a good coach when he has beaten you every year he has been here. You still got that Champions of Life going on.
Of course this clown doesn't "know" where it came from, your cheating program got busted. I will bet the farm that there are more players on the team who would have failed if they were all tested. Its time that Clem$on get investigated they systemically cheat and because they aren't Bama, everyone looks the other way. This is the same person who conned Taj Boyd to come back for another season when he was a lock top 5 pick, played Deshaun Watson with a torn ACL against USC to prevent a 6 straight streak and losing his job. This guy is black eye on college football and the state of South Carolina.
I like the blue collar mentality on this, you earn everything by commitment only.
The way this stops is if USC can manage to get the upset which darn near happened this year. Had it not been for 11 players on defense being out that game goes to USC. It does not help that the ACC will openly screw teams over to protect Clem$on so they don't get the B1G, XII, and PAC treatment by getting left out of the playoffs.
Hopefully Sanders is like his dad not like the history of USC signing the kids of Johnny Unitas, Stephen Davis, Joe Horn just to name a couple off the top of my head. Cal Ripken's son did not do well at USC baseball either.
The rebuild is coming along got 5 blue chips in the trenches which is the biggest area of need to get more depth with a defensive line that was brutalized by injuries last year as well as injuries that have occured and the lack of depth thanks to Shawn Elliot's idea that ECU sized OL would work in the SEC. Recruiting numbers have gotten better every year under CWM. The time of nonSEC players at USC is over now that the remainder of HBC players are gone, there is 1 or 2 6th year players left on the team. I've sat through the dark days of Fat Brad, you have to keep the faith that the program is moving in the right direction. We've seen what that offense is capable of against a roided up National Championship team, we will be back making those orange clad cheaters an afterthough very soon.
How is this even possible, how bad of a recruiter can you be that you can't even land a QB at a traditional power school? F$U should have never hired this dumpster fire, he's very lucky he wasn't given the boot this year. I'm all for F$U for paying the karma price for their Winston sins, how the mighty have fallen. If Taggart doesn't make a decent bowl game next year he will be in the unemployment line.
I'm still trying to figure it out. There is nothing southern about the state of Missouri. Kansas City and St Louis market is probably the only reason why.
aTm and USC are probably tied with SOS both having to play 1,2,3
In Arkansas you guys wouldn't understand when for almost 60 years the state government used USC as a political football from 1890s to 1950s because almost the majority of politicians went out of there to screw over USC in favor in Clemson they pulled state funds and shipped them north. Clemson screwed us over in the 70s and they still attempt to meddle in USC affairs. I have no use for a school whose 2 major founders were big time racists in Clemson and Tillman.
It does help look at last year's Super Bowl they talked up the Alshon Jeffery and Stephon Gilmore matchup big time.
Don't buy into his facade that is all he is, he doesn't give 2 rips about his players he will play them hurt and talk them to coming back when they are guaranteed first rounders.
In 2016 New Spring Church the pastor was FIRED over pay to play with Clemson players, when Deshaun Watson was recruited he among other players had pictures circulating with wads of $100 bills but he came from a "disadvantaged" family. In 2012 Swinney got a cop FIRED for giving him a ticket. That's not including when a Clemson player killed a track coach with a jetski which was owned by a booster while intoxicated, nothing happened to player. Multiple cases of domestic violence towards women including women getting attempted to be smothered then thrown down stairs remained on team, another player beat a girl on the track team with a towel rod stayed on the team. You had visual evidence of Clemson players sexually assaulting opposing players on national television sticking their behinds this included against USC and Ohio State, nothing was done. You think the media in North Korea is locked down it doesn't have anything on media like Clem$on has in the upstate of South Carolina. In Columbia i remember when Blake Mitchell got arrested for popping a bouncer in the mouth it was plastered over every Columbia news outlet. I can go on and on about just how bad of a black eye that Cowtech is on the State of South Carolina I'll leave the rest for another day.