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I am still waiting for someone to explain to me what Swinney coaches, he isn't an Xs an Os guy that's for sure. He sits at the top because he has beta men who have no interest in becoming HCs, and an inept NCAA not investigation the culture of corruption and cheating in the backwoods of South Carolina.
Its also the oldest continuous FBS in-state rivalry game. Palmetto Bowl continues to be the most underrated rivalry in all of sports.
Driving under the influence of any drug or alcohol is one the most selfish things a person can do it puts yourself and others at risk. Operating a motor vehicle during the influence is already premeditation throw the book at these people and maybe people will learn unfortunately people don't.
I still don't get how the NCAA has not looked into Clemson's open cheating. They should never have or should be getting 5 stars the way they do.
We've seen what he is capable of in the utter destruction of Clemson's elite NFL defense. Now if he can stop with the INTs this offense should be able to go.
Still both schools will only be alotted tickets for half of the stadium so it will still be 50-50 if in Atlanta or Jacksonville. The addition of neutral site in Atlanta is that both schools will have the chance to play in their own house and play on NFL stadiums. That right there would be one heck of recruiting advantage to both Florida and Georgia, it will still be unique to this series that sets them apart from other SEC rivalries.
The Iron Bowl doesn't dominate Rivalry Week? Where have you been they have been on CBS as the marquee SEC game for years now its almost a guarantee that game is shown Nationwide every year and how many times has Gameday highlighted that game I've lost count over the years. Even when Clemson and USC were on equal footing both winning double digit seasons the Iron Bowl was selected for Gameday over the Palmetto Bowl which is the second longest active streak rivalry in the country behind Wisconsin and Minnesota, and the longest active streak instate rivalry in the country. USC and Clemson played on what was known as Big Thursday during the State Fair in Columbia at Williams Brice for years until it became a home and home series this lasted from 1896-1959. If you knew the history of this rivalry it is the most underrated rivalry in all of sports to include deeper hate than than Red Sox and Yankees, Michigan Ohio State. Clemson since its time of creation in 1896 has had a lot of political power in South Carolina government headed by Governor Pitchfork Ben Tillman who wanted to eradicate USC's very existence. For heavens sake Clemson's ROTC marched from Clemson to Columbia with rifles afixed with bayonets to the Horseshoe. No moving venues does not affect the bitterness of rivlaries.
It didn't affect the USC-Clemson rivalry when it moved from Big Thursday during the State Fair to home and home.
With all the problems that state of California has got going this is what's more important? Athletes getting high quality of education from Stanford, Cal, SoCal, etc that the average student couldn't dream to afford. How about clean up your homeless problem in San Francisco, or your massive debt problem, the high speed train that doesn't work, the illegal problem, the drug problem, the sexual assault problem in Hollywood, or the other countless real problems. Politicians have such messed up priorities.
Can you image all the hotties from LA meeting the toothless hicks of Clemson. Honestly the whole Notre Dame to ACC was stupid but this is AOC level of stupid.
Here's a concept Year 1 Jacksonville Year 2 Atlanta Year 3 Gainesville Year 4 Athens
You mean the same cheating roided defensive players that lowly USC managed to put 600 yards of offense on? Bentley outplayed Tua against an "elite NFL defense". USC gave Bama the gameplan to beat the orange cheaters.
Will corruption of New Spring Church be featured if not a huge piece of cheating puzzle that will be missing.
What do both Bowden brothers have in common get fired after losing to USC.
I think Derek Mason continues to be the most underrated head football coach in college.
If a millennial woman were a man Swinney would be the result, he acts a Instagram attention seeking narcissistic millennial woman.
Jake Bentley gets listed get out of here with that nonsense, he needs to beat ranked teams first. Bryan Edwards should be listed long before Bentley.
Maybe the rest of America can start to see what kind of garbage human being he truly is. This coming from the coach who ADMITTED to still be sleeping with his mother in the same bed while in college.
Keep this show moving the recruiting is light years ahead of 4 years ago and all doing it the RIGHT way.
I don't think the writer really understands the history of North and South Carolina. Most if not all the older USC fans don't want to have anything to do with playing North Carolina because of what transpired in the ACC back in the 60s when USC was on the way out. I'd recommend it as good history to look into if you aren't really aware of just how corrupt and petty the ACC was and still is.
Now this is HOG MOLLIE, now get us an entire line of these monsters and the running game will take off.
Umps and refs continue to influence outcome of games for their own personal egos to make it about them.
Yeah because USC didn't destroy that elite defense last year and in Dead Valley of all places with 600 yards of offense Bama didn't even come close, and lets not forget they had defensive players fail with performance enhancing drugs.
This should help with revenue, finally throwing a bone to the plebes in the stands since a lot of the suites have alcohol already. I'm fine with this even though I don't drink. However I would not have alcohol sales for the USC/Clemson game the last thing that game needs is even more drunk fans in a hated rivalry, especially for a night game when they are already drunker than they should be and throw alcohol access at the game. Clemson fans are already the most obnoxious people when sober add alcohol they are beyond intolerable. Drunks aren't singled to one fan bases all them but they by far the worst drunkards.
I don't blame you, we get walk on transfers from non Power 5 teams shouldn't it be the other way around?
The only good thing about the lesser opponents is that Dad and I can go to more games when I can go to 2 games for the price of 1 ill take the 2 games any day. My constant complaint is scheduling I'm sorry but scheduling games for noon in South Carolina in August and September is insanity. I've been fried a lot the last two seasons because someone at the 4 letter network thinks that 12 noon game is a great idea. Also stop with the 10 minute commercial breaks it sucks for the fans in the stands in the sweltering humid south heat. Touchdown, tv time out, kickoff, tv time out.
USC has been scheduling UNC and NCSU for a while granted I'm tired of beating them up. Granted scheduling App State and UCF is better than scheduling Duke...
How you forget in the 2010-2011 school year USC also beat the #1 ranked teams in football (Bama), basketball (Kentucky), and baseball (Florida)in one year.
As long as USC isn't stuck on the sec network for 95% of the season I don't care. I hate the constant commercials on the network its awful and its even worse at the stadium having to wait for 2.5 minutes for tv time outs.
Keep bringing in the skilled players and definitely focus on those hog mollies. Got to get bigger in the trenches especially for our non existent run game.