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Most athletic departments work in the red, schools like Clems on takes money from the university USC is entirely self contained. It is not a good look when state employees in particular university employees get sent home but screw everyone else. Those raises easily could have prevented furlows.
Completely out of touch other programs were taking layouts to help their university UF gives raises for football while parts of the state suffers.
BMAC is begone. Thank God that bum is gone WRs have not been developed. God awful OC.
2020 Women's Basketball National Champions South Carolina Gamecocks. Raise a banner
Why is Another Crappy Conference even a power 5, Vandy could win 10 games with that schedule. The ACC is worse than the American and Mountain West, at least MAC has MACtion going for it.
Hurts will be a great heir apparent to Cam Newton. Jalen Hurts is everything that makes college football great.
If the Buckeyes loses Herbie cries, Clemson loses Herbies cries. The two most obnoxious fanbases here in the South Carolina its enough being overrun by the rednecks of Pickens County but the infestation of of Suckeyes that come to our great state and not leave. By the way almost a week later after yet another Tater Tech beatdown not an ounce of orange anywhere in the state not a single flag, shirt, or hat to be seen. They have done what they do best crawl back under a rock after getting smacked down.
So Clemson ends an embarrassing record and all of sudden they are a basketball school what kind of nonsense is that? 1-59 at Chapel Hill that's enough reason to ever use that the phrase to describe Tater Tech.
No way Dumbo leaves Tater Tech for Bama. He is not gonna continue to be in another great coach's shadow like he was when the HBC was kicking him around a yearly basis. Unless there is a church in Tuscaloosa that funnels money to players he loses that recruiting edge. In Clemson that football program is protected all costs on level of Ped State and Free Shoes U.
Clemson had no business on that field last night. Dumbo deserved that spanking he better keep has loud mouth inbred mouth shut and not cry.
Name one player that Swinney actually developed not his assistants but him. The answer is ZERO. The only reason why Swinney manages to bring quality players is New Spring Church launders money to recruits. He has coordinators that refuse to interview for HC jobs why because they have no ambition. They just lost Jeff Scott OC in a lateral move. The other just refused a chance to interview as HC for the Carolina Panthers. Veneables has zero ambition of ever being a HC. They are the brains of operation not some inbred hick from Alabama who is mentally incapable being an offensive coordinator.
Tell me again what he coaches he sure isn't an Xs and Os guy, never been coordinator. The average college football fan could be the HC and win the ACC with Clemson's players.
All he does is cry, cry, cry, cry no matter what. God I hope the rest of the country is paying attention to the AOC of college football.
Its a support position so I don't think it will be a high chance of turnover if Muschamp gets the boot. Ray Tanner will not allow Shaw to get fired.
Antonio All American Allen was left off the list too....
Did you forget that Shaw came off the bench after not starting because of the flu and beat #5 Mizzou? 8 wins against the biggest opponents on the schedule UF, UGA, UT, and Clemson. Get a clue dude, if Clowney put forth the effort that Shaw did he would have won a Heisman but he didn't because he was lazy.
Hopefully Bobo is finally gonna listen to what I've been screaming for the past year, the kid is Syvelle Newton 2.0 use him as such, Ulrich too should get more looks at the WR position as well.
Clowney redirected his head to make sure of the helmet to helmet contact, should have been tossed for it.
If that happened to Lawrence he would be KOed, the kid can't take a hit. That was targeting in the purest form.
He's coming back. Unfortunately will continue the ins and out of the injury tent. He is going to set some unbreakable records in his final year, but anyone who takes him as a top 5 pick would be absolutely insane.
MSU is nothing more than a step stone job at best or end of the line job at worst. USC is in the same boat and tends to lean to the end of the line job. Who knows who will land this job. Plus who wants to listen to the god forsaken cowbells for 4 hours.
Third and long Charlie Strong? I wouldn't hire him as HC and he was the DC at USC, There wasn't a third down that Strong wouldn't allow.
Muschamp if he has another garbage season and be the first coach since Sparky Woods to get fired at USC at least there will be talent stocked for a real head coach can develop.
This is a new decade so they are the most expensive this decade. 2010-2019 this is 2020.
Does everyone somehow forget that the 2018 Clemson team had massive steriod use and allegedly the best defense in CFB history? Not to mention USC took Clemson's vaunted NFL defense to woodshed with 600 yards of offense that's with roided up players. Still no vacating of wins or championships yet, the NCAA needs to begin the stripping of Clemson's stolen championship for the past 5 years.