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Fisher was acting like the beta male he is, he got cucked by his wife at FSU, not living up to his insanely ridiculous contract no sec championship appearances, living in the shadow of the goat. Recruit history at aTm for fisher 2018 0 5* 2019 2 5* 2020 2 5* 2021 1 5* 2022 NIL era 7 5*
Fisher don't need to casting stones kept a r@pist on his team to win a natty. He fits right in with the cult of aggieland.
Now get app state the he!! off the schedule. Hate that RTR put that massive trap game off on the schedule. Tanner should've been fired for putting that game on the schedule and should've been fired when dumpchump lost that game.
With SDS its just lazy journalism the state is an active rag in trying to destroy USC.
If it wasn't for nil aka pay to play you wouldn't have had #1 recruit go to an hbc.
Sankey is always 10 steps ahead of the game. Emmert is still in charge until next year that is when Sankey will make the move and lead the SEC to break away from the NCAA it will be the best time to do it.
Tillman Tech President a possible President of the ncaa good grief. Put someone in charge of athletics oversight and his school is one the biggest cheaters. Might as well let Hunter Biden be in charge of crackdown on crack houses.
Ncaa had a chance to do something and in ncaa style they did nothing. They could have placed limits on this NIL now we got the legal version of 80s wild west of college football.
In all seriousness glad it isn't serious my wife has heart issues so hope he gets better.
Thought it was going to be overactive tear ducts with acute case of diarrhea of the mouth and incurable case of beta male.
P5 breaks away may snag a few g5 schools who aren't entirely mediocre. The remaining g5 schools need to be absorbed into the fcs where they have a better chance to at least play for a national title.
I get your sentiment unfortunately the instagram type pictures aren't going away. Its not as awful as the Brian Kelly twerking videos though.
Bill it as the world's biggest outdoor cockfight.
Mistake is rolling a stop sign doing a 100 in a 60 is intentional thinking he is above the law. Its time that these man children are given a wake up call make an example of these clowns by throwing the book at them.
The way the leg humper fans and the orange clad inbreds in the upstate keep talking tr@sh about rattler makes me wonder are they afraid of us.
UF already has a brand uniform that is sharp and had an immediate recognizable. I prefer standard uniform combos and special ones on rare occasion. Take it from a school who makes major changes to their uniforms every year. Pick your standards and keep it.
When dawn took over wbb the program was about as god awful as it could good get. When gino and summit were at the top womens basketball wasn't even an after thought no parity no nothing they could run over everyone because uconn and ut cared about web. Now more schools are putting an emphasis on improving women's sports.
What keeps getting lost in all of this is Staleys 3rd natty. Say all you want about the corona 1984 not allowing the tournament we were uniamousily #1 in all polls at the end of the season beat uconn and both regular season and sec tournament champions. Football used the same format for decades. Staley handed geno his first championship
Any even half way decent transfer player is gonna get interest from usc. We don't have anything well that was already the case since this year's merry band of losers couldn't make the NIT.
Not a word from the crowd that is allowing men to compete against women.
No kidding. Its up to at least 6 leaving possibly 7th.
Image the only more inept or corrupt organization than the ncaa is the federal government. Same corrupt entity telling you to stop being corrupt and inept. Too many other real problems stemming from former vice president brandon.
When you can't even get to the nit with these starters whats the point?
Losing players who couldn't even make the Not In Tournament Tournament.
This was a panic hire because tanner couldn't get out of his own way and screwed getting Miller. Word around town was tanner wanted to assign a compliance officer to check every single thing Miller did. Supposedly the BoT weren't going to do this but tanner went rogue.