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Mizzou and UK are must wins for bowling. No questioning that.
USC held Bama to 76 rushing yards averaging 500 yards per game average against top rated Bama and Clemson.
The score didn't reflect the course of the game. Muschamp gambled and as per usual the miraculous penalty or no call on any momentum shifting play was called back. The announcers were even calling out the refs on their lack of calls and not reviewing plays.
In the last two matchups against #1 and #2 teams in the country USC has managed 1059 total yards of offense against the absolute best defenses in the country. When the offense is clicking this team can beat anybody. Hilinski is the real deal and regardless that this was 2nd start as a freshman against the juggernaut of Bama the kid didn't show an ounce of fear he stepped up in the pocket, and handled most defensive pressure by getting the ball away. Future is bright and I haven't been this optimistic in a very long time.
Watching Parker White out sprint a safety made the day.
Carolina milked every ounce of joy out of that day 9 years ago? What Carolina fan has been doing that no one that I know. But until someone from the East steps and beat Bama USC still gets to hold that distinction not Florida not Georgia not Tennessee but little old mediocre South Carolina.
It was a good game Bama showed us how far we've come but got a long way to go to compete week in and week out. I respect Saban and company so good luck the rest of the season.
Herbert Owens is the worst ref in the conference time after time his incompetence shows through. The fact that it wasn't looked at is the problem. Tired of the home grown conference refereeing. It happens against Clemson and now against Bama. End conference referees its getting to the point that conferences themselves are protecting their playoff contenders rather than let the games sort themselves out.
Half assed play calling did you even watch the same game? Muschamp didn't play not to lose he played to win the gambles didn't work out but he went all in for All Gas No Brakes. This game makes me feel better going forward with the season, there will be an upset coming this year.
Well USC did blow up Vegas 25.5 dogs at least beat that. Future is bright the rest of the East better take note we have a real QB for the first time since Connor Shaw.
There is nothing rivalry about UK and UF. These writers need to stop making click bait article titles.
He better get his head back together as a Panther fan I'm pretty much done for the year after this debacle. 4 straight games without a TD pass ties the modern NFL record. He needs to drop the vegan diet, stop the Fashion Week clothes, and win some football games. Panthers lost 9 of the last the 10. Hate to say it Cam is done can't run and can't throw looks just like Jake Delhomme after Tommy John surgery. Time to clean house Cam, Rivera, and Hurney are tied together and will be booted out together.
Played well since his best game was against Clemson and the rest is about as forgettable. Bentley has been consistently inconsistent. 1 win against ranked opponents against very overrated Volunteer squad. He is 0-5 against BASKETBALL schools 3 losses to UK 1 to Virginia and 1 to Not Carolina. Tell us again oh savant of the sidelines how can you actually talk about his good play over 3 years.
A $45k+ a year education from UCLA, Southern Cal, Stanford, and Cal isn't what I would call nothing. Go ahead pay college players they can't afford the taxes on it. They would be employees of the university and every perk that they get would get taxed room & board, tutoring, the education itself would be receiving would all be taxable. So let the them live like kings and tax them like kings too.
First off that isn't maroon that's GARNET. GARNET ON GAMEDAY
The last time USC was outmatched was against Clemson and we saw what this offense is capable of against an alleged NFL loaded defense. 2010 everybody underestimated USC they poked the cock they got the spur in the Brice. We very well may lose this game but in true gamecock fashion go down swinging. I won't be disappointed in a loss but this can be a measuring stick game to see where we are as a team.
You might have beaten us 5 in a row but this year that streak ends as shameful as it type that. We have a real QB again yours is done for the year and we with a stable of studs in the running game. I remember when UK broke Deebo's leg and your entire fans in attendance cheered at Williams Brice really classy.
If Florida losses to Kentucky again Dan Mullen's seat will be absolutely red magma hot. Losing to Kentucky and Vandy is just plain unacceptable for even mid tier SEC teams.
I hope the Bama gets the entire wrath of heat at 3:30 in South Carolina it is 93 with a heat index of a 100 right now. Similar to what the temps are going to be Saturday. You better ICE up son.
Mizzou is about as Southeastern as Notre Dame is Atlantic Coastal. Oh I forgot last year in Columbia Mizzou were falling over left and right from the noon heat, then you ran under the stands when the monsoon came. You and your fanbase don't have a dog in this hunt.
What else is new? Until Muschamp starts beating ranked team I just prepare for any ranked opponent to be a loss. No need to get your hopes up until this team starts winning like it supposed to be.
Boohoo snowflake, Alabama isn't the place that's god awful hot its just as hot if not hotter in South Carolina at noon. The USC home noon opener last year was absolutely brutal. I was drinking water the day before and took the largest water bottle I could inside the Brice and continued to refill through out the day I didn't get heat exhaustion though plenty of people around the stadium getting carted out. There was mother with her 11 year old son and she had a ton of cocky towels and was checking on people around us and giving them wet rags and most people were fine. But get over yourselves don't like the heat dome your stadium.
I don't expect to see Bentley in the transfer portal until after the season. But its best for USC and Bentley that he graduates a Gamecock but grad transfer next year.
Belk is so full crap, he was lazy, fat, and unmotivated going into fall camp last year. Not to mention he went to a Clemson game while USC had a game on at the same time, as far as I was concerned then he should have been booted off the team. But good riddance.
The playoffs are pretty much going to be SEC LSU, UGA,and Bama B1G Ohio State possibly Michigan or left out ACC Klempson absolutely no one else Big XII Texas and OU or left out Pac 12 pretty much left out Where's the parody all blue bloods with the exception of Klempson.
So all schedules are created equal? Clemson CANNOT week in and week out compete against teams with pulses. USC embarrassed that defense last year even in defeat. Let Clemson play 4 SEC teams every year in the regular season then we can talk until then no. Clemson managed to steal 2 national titles in 3 years. ACC refs conspired all year and screwed every team Clemson played. Last year they were caught with steriods and screwed aTm out of a win by ACC refs. Not to mention the self reported violations a couple of weeks ago which I promise there is fire with that smoke.
A major point that is over looked is the god awful grind of a full SEC schedule. Injuries pile up when you play phyiscal teams week in and week out. Clemson gets two a couple of teams with a pulse and the rest are cupcakes. Playing Duke, Syracuse, Pitt, BC, and obviously ruined programs of VT, BC, Miami, Louisville and overrated Notre Dame don't compare to playing Georgia, Florida, LSU, aTm, Bama week in and week out. To summarize Boise State could beat quality teams when they have weeks or an entire offseason to prepare and then play nobody. The ACC overall is the equivalent of the Mountain West, its literally Clemson and no one else.
What has ruined CFB is the playoff it has saturated literally to a handful of teams Bama, Clemson, Ohio State and Oklahoma. Until it expands to allow more parody this going to be fate boring and predictable. Eliminate the selection committee, bring back the BCS, and expand to 8 or 10 teams.
This guy is still the property of the HBC. Swinney couldn't beat USC when both programs were equal which is par for the course in the Battle of the Palmetto State. When Clemson is better they win but when the programs are equal not even close USC owns them. Now Clemson gets a whole schedule of cupcakes until walking into the Brice at the end of the regular season.