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Their body their choice right? Get your hands off our football!
Shame USC has had such a fall from the top, Kingston has another season like this year he needs to go along with Ray Tanner. There is absolutely no excuse for what has happened to this traditional powerhouse program. I stopped investing in USC baseball until the program gets on the right path, the only way to bring change is stop going and watching. Hopefully an SEC team can win the Natty don't care who does.
They should have received the death penalty then and now they are back to their cheating ways on steriods (pun intended). Hopefully it just a matter of time before Swinney name gets Urban Meyered.
Good news for that cheating school, now follow up with the FBI and go end them once and for all. Start at New Spring Church and follow the loafs of bread.
They did it 2014, 2016, 2018 too every time they come to this state. They managed to reach Clem$on level hate for that. Rider I don't think you yourself meant it as disrespect but had you did Finlay Park we wouldn't have cared.
Hopefully Tepper can get the NFL to come to Charlotte for a Super Bowl and the draft. Charlotte is probably near the top of the nicest NFL cities.
I hate thinking about that day. Were you one of those Aggies who thought it was appropriate to disrespect our State House with your "traditions" shenanigans?
It would depend honestly on what kind of budget they have since D-III does not do scholarships for athletics.
I would enjoy watching Tater Tech getting destroyed by the Jags. The delusion with those orange clad is insane.
The only culture there is the same as it was in the 1980s a culture of corruption and cheating. How is it that everyone who follows college football in South Carolina knows that New Springs Church is the center for the money laundering. No school out in the middle of a literal cow pasture goes 7-6 and brings in 5* like Bama the next year it does not happen. Swinney is a hypocritical scumbag of the Urban Meyer variety.
Seriously for pete's sake. He is where is he because his coordinators have no ambition to be head coaches. If you listen to Muschamp and Swinney try to break down upcoming opponents, it is night and day. Swinney does not have football intellegence pure and simple. He has never been a coordinator and there is a reason for it he can't scheme an offense or a defense.
He's coming to USC, he would be an every down back. Why would he transfer to Bama to sit on the bench they are loaded at the RB position.
I still think that the schools should be able to not have permanent rival, the only ones that matter are Bama/UT UGA/Auburn. Arky and Mizzou make sense to keep but the rest should just rotate that other game out.
aTm the first time they came to Columbia really ticked off a vast majority of South Carolinians with their yell practice on OUR state house steps. Having it wasn't the issue it was the blatant disrespect shown our State they choose our state house, that one thing pushed them to the same level on how we feel about Clem$on. Their argument, was well we do it in Austin, expect that's in Texas not South Carolina.
Tanner needs to start worrying about the state of men's athletics at USC. Only 2 years removed from a Final 4 and didnt't even make the NIT this year. Baseball hasn't won an SEC series this season, 2 years after the end of the failed Holbrook Era. Tanner needs to face facts he is baseball coach and not an AD. People gripped about Eric Hyman about the YES program, but Tanner has become a total failure at the helm. He hasn't done a single thing or made an improvement that was not already on the master plan.
Derek Mason is an outstanding defensive head coach, I would like to see to what he can do at a different power 5 school.
That's our QB. The media will obviously ignore this and continue their false narrative against Cam.
Its not bigotry its prejudical at best and racist at worst.
Oh for heaven's sake Meyer quits for reasons when the inmates have taken over the asylum, he left Florida in shambles for CWM. He left OSU in shambles, he is a cancer in college football, the sport is better without him.
This is a great opportunity to get the big spenders to spend more money. The Brice needs a lot of upgrades to inside the stadium upgrade the restrooms and enclose the interior of the stadium. Its time to Brick the Brice, even if as brick veneer and glass windows would really help modernize the stadium. I don't think an aTm type exterior renovation really would be too costly granted I would like the Brice to have that type of look. The common fan too needs to be looked out for too, with attendance not like it was across college football I would suggest removing the aluminum bleachers and move to regular stadium seating that would decrease capacity but at least the fans would be more comfortable and would look better aesthetically. If they wanted to keep current capacity with stadium seating the Beast Board end zone could have an upper deck added to help keep the sound inside the stadium or could build more box seats.
No one at USC is surprised Tater Tech has been cheating and getting away it the entire time Swinney has been there. They went from being USC's whipping boy including a 7-6 finish and started landing 5 stars like Alabama, now how did happen I wonder.
Good news that means Ray Tanner doesn't get to screw up another big program hire, cough cough Holbrook Kingston.....
Great news for Small Frye. Well deserved.
Coaches like the HBC and Saban will always tell/told their players if you are getting a 1st or 2nd round draft go pro. I've seen it with a ton of USC players over the years forgoing their senior year and go pro and get drafted in 3rd all to way to undrafted free agent. These agents get in the players and families ear and tells them a whole lot of sweet nothings and screw the players. There are selfish coaches out there like Swinney who have openly screwed players like Tajh Boyd who were lock top 5 picks to come back, not to mention play legitimately injured players to save his job. I want the player to do what's best for himself and his family but the predatory agents are doing great harm to player.
Looking at the schedule you already play 1, 2, and 3 Bama, Tater Tech, and Georgia. Florida and Tennessee are toss ups, until we beat aTm that remains a leans loss, 5 years we haven't beaten Kentucky, stinking Kentucky one of the only programs we actually own, and lets not forget the trap App State game. Until we beat ranked teams they automatically go to leans to likely loss. It is possible that only guaranteed wins are UnotCarolina, Charleston Southern, Mizzou, Vandy there's 4. I have very low expectations for this season, I had high expectations last season of 9-10 wins and that didn't happen.
Sorry USC should be #1 on this the fact that year was the first the time I witnessed a Tourney win in my lifetime I'm 33 now is the most unlikely then March to the final 4 for the first time in school history. That included when the ACC was screwing USC in basketball in the 60s.
Bentley isn't even close to being one of the best QBs at USC as mediocre as that sounds. He isn't better than Tommy Suggs, Todd Ellis, Connor Shaw, Phil Petty, or Steve Tanneyhill, Stephen Garcia and Blake Mitchell have accomplishment more. Bentley is just a plain average mediocre QB that is what he is, he isn't getting any better and if his father wasn't a coach at USC he probably would have been passed over for Scar, Joyner or Ulrich. He may be a good film study but applying film study to the field is an entirely different issue.