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Muttchump is a huge reason with his asinine buyout.
Staley isn't leaving for the NBA she has a lot more here she wants to accomplish.
Saban is going to destroy the record books with this extension. Hes the god of college football NO ONE is even close from the past present or future.
6309 Kingston (4 years): 111-80, 41-49 SEC 2 Tournaments, 1 host (2-seed), 1 Super Holbrook (5 years): 199-105, 81-67 SEC 3 Tournaments, 2 host, 2 Supers This is not acceptable for a top 10 program. 2 hitting coaches in 4 years reeks of muschump.
Mens sports is beyond unwatchable had muttchump not been fired this past season football has going the same route of apathy basketball and baseball now have. Beamer has me excited about football again at least. Martin and Kingston are god awful.
The Kingston experiment has failed its time to move on. This program should be in Omaha at least 2 out every 5 years as a minimum. We haven't been to Omaha since 2012 completely unacceptable. Rising Tide Tanner needs to go.
Never thought my alma mater of usc upstate would be on SDS but geez this is a horrible thing for USC, he didn't do well against the Atlantic Sun or Big South but gonna try and compete even as a walk on to a P5 team? More nepotism and some wonder why we suck so much lately.
Go through the NCAA and CWS record book it says South Carolina and Ray Tanner. 22 straight tournament wins.
Even as a braves fan can't argue with that. Georgia is the cesspool of the south.
Nothing new to see here about usc getting knocked out of hoover early.. Even when we rewriting college baseball record books we lost early at hoover. Just beat the viles.
Caslen is gone. Dr Pastides is back. He was great glad I received my diploma from him back in 2009.
At least the locker room cancers are gone. Possible growing pains on defense but ar least these players have bought into the new culture without the muttchump cult.
Next season expect an empty arena. Our BOT are complete and utter morons full of columbia and clemson swamp rats.
You better worry about not being the ped state of the south and the sec. That rape cover up may work in the B1G not down here.
Is that a good idea given the culture that created rapist DeShawn Watson? Sexual assault was condone and encouraged by swinney and company go look at the videos from that year that tater tech stole the 1st championship by shoving their fingers in usc and Ohio states rectums. Rape was green lighted.
Just because she is the largest donor doesn't make her any more important than the other donors. So she can give 75 million but the young alumni who donates $75 because that's all they have to give is just as important. The rich need get over themselves the world doesn't revolve you. She sure ain't whining or carrying on about the tax write off she got for it. She thought she could stop general president Caslen becoming president of usc. She just needs to go play a few rounds of augusta national and she'll feel better.
I didn't know she died it wasn't splattered all over the state newspaper or wis, wolo, or wach. I'm willing the bet the farm that the taters in the upstate were waiting around for something to happen just so they can say they were first like vultures.
This ladies and gentlemen is the problem at usc. Too many swamp rats trying to screw with the operations of the university and donors who think they should have absolute attention and decision making.
AIDS to the ears, a product of having an aunt mom and uncle dad.
They would have a hard time in the military or even just real world. Companies and ceos don't care about their feelings you go to work do your job and go home. These children are set for failure in life.
Only a bunch of vapid narasistic ignoramuses would try and compare being a d1 athlete to being slaves. That's the comparison they are thinly making. I'm at the point to shut down college athletics entirely. I'm tired of children trying to preach and lecture adults as to what they think they are entitled to. Shut up go to class and dribble no speaking is required. If NIL passed the fans, alumni, and taxpayers need to stop spending money, buying tickets, and donating to send a message. We the taxpayers are the boss not a bunch of children in adult bodies.
Pass NIL then tax the living day lights out of it. Just wait until they discover every little perk is taxable. If they are employees then tuition, books, room, board, tutoring, etc all become taxable income. Most of these football and basketball players can't even go to class or make passing grades but they are smart enough to understand the tax code. Most if not the vast majority would be stuck in the failed communities they were raised in but have the opportunity and privilege to get an education and break that cycle of living in poverty. They are a bunch of spoiled and entitled brats living the celebrity/diva/king/queen lifestyle in their tiny little i significant minds like they have accomplished something in their lives.
I'm not mad about the buyout he got a raise for the final four