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Dumbo admitted the day of the South Beach Beatdown he slept with his mom while in college.
You defending the biggest scumbag in CFB.
Dumbo is your from your state. Only in Alabama is a grown man in college think its okay to sleep in the same bed as his mama.
Love shack seriously wtf? His clown is on the creepy sniffy Joe Biden scale. What grown man much less a coach talk like that? Something ain't right in them hills.
It seems that all these recruiting directors are all attractive women.
Lebum isn't welcome here. He can keep his CCP slavery concentration camp loving self in anus of America commiefornia.
Frank Martin the man is loved here in columbia but as a coach he's not recruiting anyone worth anything. We wasted our Final Four appearance. CFM has alopecia which causes spot baldness, he shaved off the rest of his hair. I think he should retire and be an ambassador for USC.
Bama is in a league of its own especially with GOAT Saban at the helm. Throw in the playoffs which only 3-4 schools are involved with Bama, OSU, Clemson, and Oklahoma who are already getting the lions share of the top talent and to include this generations view of taking the easy route in life by choosinf to go to these 4 schools. You get the mess CFB is in now, no parity and playoff ratings getting lower.
At this point it will be next season unless Martin resigns or retires for health issues. Show clause doesn't mean a thing plenty of coaches have that are coaching so that clown gets off. Given USCs history of always making punishment worse than the crime the NCAA still goes over the top on us. We don't cheat and don't have problems of LSU UNotCarolina or Clemson who gets away with it. At the end of the day I couldn't care less about our G5 mens basketball team or the kneeling women's team. B Baseball is still in apathy football these past seasons was not fun to watch, it was reaching the point I was looking for a reason to turn the game off.
I know in these educationally devalued times especially in these indoctrination centers of the educational industrial complex that the athletes deserve all if not a supermajority of money from sales. If EA was smart to get around NIL if that ever comes is to not use exact roster numbers, color, height, weight unless a player on the actual roster is #7 225lbs 6'4 black CB but the in game roster #7 is 185 6'1 white RB than no image or likeness is used. This whole thing is stupid especially when it is taxable income, well how smart and mature these kids are when April 15th comes around.
After this past week Georgia just joined Michigan state and ped state in that disgusting club.
2019 at Georgia Muk Island was a no fly zone remember that one. Tear down that hedge.
It goes to show just how ignorant alleged cfb savants are USC has produced a ton of nfl starting dbs from dunta Robinson to Stephen Gilmore. Throw in Darian Stewart, Captain Munnerlyn, Antonio Allen, Chris Cullvier, Ko Simpson. Majority were 3 stars that we built up. Gilmore being the best of group and he was a 4 or 5 star.
UCF should petition to get into the Big XII that is their only sure way into the playoff.
Any state employee in SC making over 50k a year is public information. You can search their database.
The transfer portal is the least if the viles problems. You better hope the your football program doesn't face a future that the death penalty for a year or two would be preferable.
Supposedly they are high quality transfers they were studs from where they came from so we will see.
At least 5 of the transfer we got were dbs not sure how they will turn out.
Shane Train continues to go outside the box, i like that he is trying different things rather than same old garbage we've done for years. #ChooChooMF
Thank God this was fake news I thought here we go again.
If certain black lives matter protests weren't violent why was 30 major cities burning all the through the summer, what about the 30 blacks murdered by blm including retired police officer david down. The fake news media said the protests were peaceful in front of the burning buildings, how many black businesses were razed to the ground the blm. The capital riots was the democrats version of the burning of the reichstag, were there Trump zealots who went into the capital yes but there was what 170 people inside congress. It has been since used as a means to use national guardsmen as props to protect the very people who hate the military.
I hate to say it but usc women's basketball team has been kneeling in submission with the woke dyspotians. Its disgraceful when you have 3 military bases within 30 minutes of the university.
A good portion of Muslims in the middle east still talk about the crusades like they happened yesterday.
I don't think you know what ad hominem attacks is at no point did i attack you. If I said you are a wannabe martyr than that is ad homineum. Its people like me who served this country that allow you to be a pacifist.
What the Golden calf of sjws isn't coming back for the dores? Thank God that disgrace won't continue next year. #BootTheDores
That belief leads to the worst atrocities in human history pacifism means living on your knees than die on your feet. Or better red than dead. Not saying it applies to you but many atrocities happen because good men did nothing.
Maybe if they brought a cinder block with them and threw it through a window of a nike store and stole some air Jordan's it would be a peaceful protest. Or burn down a Wendy's they would be exercising their 1st amendment rights. Get lost.
Its never gonna be enough for the cancel gestapo everything needs to be canceled. But they are in the pioneer conference that has undertones of racisms and white supremacy right social justice weirdos. This is what happens when you have diversity hires with gender studies degrees.
First year in Panthers history that I didn't watch a game been a fan since the beginning since 95 when I was 10. I've watched every game no matter how bad. But this year with the constant sjw stupidity it hasn't been on in my house. Probably will continue for the foreseeable future.
Thats rich given Kirby Dumb just hired Muttchump for 300k to coach the coaches.