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The writer can't grasp the idea that without more money for a 9th sec game there is no benefit to add another game.
Meyer is not going to Texas especially with the move the sec. You talk about even higher expectations for Texas, that school is gonna be firing coaches like the UT.
Geez 2 people are dead this year from uga, then Bennett gets busted for dui now this. Smart needs to crack down on the sauce use down there.
Lmfao, it's not like the geriatric occupant of the white house would even remember who the leg humpers are. I guess they saw how he stumbled through the air force commander in chief cup went.
Move to rivalry week like every other rivalry game. Them having their own weekend is a "tradition" that won't affect cfb.
Facts are stubborn things. A simple Google search proves that.
If usc wins 11 regular season games we'd be a lock for the playoffs after having the hardest schedule in the country.
The addict Texas and enabler Oklahoma called the sec. When 2 brands like that come calling you don't say no. If the sec turned them away they would've gone to the b1g. I don't want those cancers in but I understand the business decision.
If I'm the sec I'm not doing anything with the B1G. Screw them they made an alliance with the other conferences, all the while working behind the scenes and poached 2 of the biggest brands out of the pac12. The b1g is a viper they will screw you over the first chance they get.
Wtf are rambling about? You've got to be a tater troll spouting this canine fecal matter.
She make more from nil in college compared to nba welfare dump that is the wnba.
Beating calhoun college at Tillman tech in their backyard. The tide is turning back to Spurrier days.
The writers on here don't care enough about their craft to do research. They care more about the incoming drug addict and enabler than established schools in the sec. We come to sites like this for news so we don't have to give the world wide leader in woke any clicks.
I guess Bama shot themselves in foot? Had their shot blown away? Chose the wrong time to shoot blanks?
Unless he blows the doors off the nba he'll be just like Ronaldo Balkman utterly forgotten. Devan Downey, Sinderius Thornwell, John Roche, Alex English all those are remembered in gamecock lore.
Knew this already this site is late on news. As for him fvckity bye too much drama not enough production.
Young should be the Panthers pick, he may have even more upside than cam Newton did at his absolute peak.
Only bowls that mattered are the semi finals in which is a legit final 4 not this picking and choosing nonsense. Let's not forget who destroyed UT on level never before seen to viles not uga bama or the other big names but usc.
Oh for fvcks sake. I guess rising tide is gonna retire in the next couple of years with the wording of the contract.
Tillman tech kept out of the dance. Usc is solely responsible for keeping them out of the playoff and march madness.
Colorado at 20 is just plain laughable and assine, same team with 1 win last season. So he thinks cu is gonna have a turn around like usc had from 99 to 2000? Go from 0 wins to 8 wins?
Not sure as to why Saban even brought up their potential 3 annual opponents. I mean they've played lsu, auburn and UT every year since the sec was created, possibly even since the creation of the original southern conference. Nothing is even changing for them, and it's not like Bama wins these 3 games more often than not. I am a huge Saban fan and thought he had a bad take on this.
These easily offended snowflakes need to grow up. Useless this generation of $hitfvcks.