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Another freaking night game normally I'd love to have them this year not so much.
I'll second that one. I hate seeing Mason getting the boot, he was hamstrung by a university and an athletic department who refuses to invest in their football program
Mason might just be a DC nothing wrong with that not ever one can be an HC. He is a very astute defensive mind I can see an SEc school snatching him up as their dc.
I've always respected mason as a coach and defended him regularly on here. Saban is getting muschump and mason as qc analysts.
The left uses it as a symbol of pride Americans use it as an insult.
If they did this at 67 yards you be darned straight they would record it. These tail end millenials and older zoomers record every banal detail of their banal meaningless lives.
Of course Rapinoe is her role model, bunch of woketard attention seekers. It's time to boot Vandy from the SEc.
An SEC championship in soccer. When you can't defend your own argument you resort to that type of response.
She actively participated in this charade. Did it for attention look at the Tennessean article it gives her height but the location where her weight goes its left blank, she's an sjw herself wearing CertainBLM Shirts. She is a collaborator end of story. Runs off the field as soon as she kicked it she has no business playing on a man's sports team just as a man should not be on a woman's team.
Does this guy even follow the storylines usc had 10 starting defensive players out and starts comparing to other losses. We had some 20 odd players OUT.
Down some 20 odd players from quitting, illness, injuries god knows what else, these men did not quit played their tails off. Defense played as well or better even without the quitting cbs and our defense was entirely 2nd string. This game again shows our talent gap from just the top of the east. Smart showed respect by not scoring one more time. Only one more game before this nightmare is over.
Just as this girl isn't the first one to suit up in football. You don't even see your own irony...
When people think of the color barrier they think of these two gentlemen. So are you down playing their contributions of tearing down walls?
Since she is a scholarshiped soccer player wouldn't the scholarship be moved to football under the "Bear Bryant Rule". That's what happened when Bruce Ellington played both basketball and football.
Willing to bet the talking heads are gonna compare her to Jackie Robinson or Roberto Clemente.
He's trying to get those woke virtue signaling points.
Oh boo hoo there are people who aren't afraid to say the truth. I'm sick of this nonsense that wahmens can't be criticized but soy white knights feel the need to rush to so called empowered wahmens.
I've had stuff waiting for moderation since it dares questions the woke editors on this site.
Play as a LB or RB next week, if not stop with this virtue signaling PC nonsense. So stunning and brave.
She's beautiful inside? How do you know? Desmond Howard is making a football observation, not making sexist comments. We live in a world that makes women and POCs untouchable in crisis that is real seismic and racism.
If a 5 win team is in the playoffs it's time to blow the whole thing up. That means every 5 win team in the country would be in the playoffs. At this point conference championships only no bowls or playoffs.This
With the exception of Kirby Smart that entire 2015 coaching carousel has been a massive bust. Every one of them is on the hot seat.
Please for the love of God make our game a nooner.
If they trotted her out as a LB or RB the would be history, but as a kicker no. More proof that kickers aren't football players. Stupid publicity stunt, so stunning and brave. LULZ
Dodo needs to go especially after trotting Hill out last week, that completely dqs him from a job here.
Got to purge any semblance of mushump that remains. The quitters exposed themselves after the thief was fired, now get the quitter recruits out too.