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Last I checked USC was the last east team to beat Bama. Not Uga not UF and certainly not UT.
Kirby Dumb is Mark Richt 2.0 just losing at a bigger stage every single time when it matters most. All those 5*s getting the same result blowing it. Now no one should ever bet against the GOAT, all this Saban is done nonsense he comes back and is a category 5 hurricane in response. What Saban has done hasn't been before and will never be duplicated ever.
Georgia was supposed to whip Bama thats all I heard from the talking heads all week. Bama kicked Georgia in the mouth from start to finish. Georgia didn't show choked whatever you wanna call it but typical Georgia football. But muttchump was there to coach the coaches guess what he's still a c@ncer.
Death taxes and Georgia choking in championship games.
Given that a whole bunch of active duty marines sailors and soldiers are about to get kicked out boycott this game.
Figured it would have had a pride flag or surrender flag on it.
What an embarrassing "performance" last night. First and last time I go to the usc/clempson game. Sick of apologies do what needs to done.
Bama in blowout. Its gonna get ugly real fast.
Word is Beamer had a heart to heart with satt and hes out either after clemson or end of the season. Satterfield claims he's an nfl guy even though he was just an assistant ol coach.
USC-Clemson most hated in all of sports. It goes beyond sports since the foundation of clemson. It was stopped for a few years because clemson invaded the usc horseshoe with bayonets fixed.
I'm a Saban guy but he's wrong on this. Your expectation has been perfection and fans expect players to live to these expectations. Yes they're spoiled when you win national titles it seems like every other year it becomes the standard. Players aren't getting paid yet all the while your starting qb is a millionaire.
With Cincinnati joining the big xii in the next few years is an easy path to playoffs when it expands.
Outside of clemson fans the suckeye fans here in SC are intolerable. Thats one bad thing about our state is we are overrun with carpetbagging Ohioans.
No way we go to Charlotte again were sick of playing there. Played 2 games in a season there a couple of years ago. Rather go Birmingham or decline invite.
Putting thisbl so the idiot who wrote about the muffed punt. IT WAS CALLED IT TOUCHED THE RETURNER. This is the 2nd article that made the same mistake. I get it if SDS doesn't care about USC then say so but stop with the consistent mistakes in analysis.
I used to tolerate his takes but last year with the sarah fuller he had his head so far up her lady bits he could have been her OB GYN. Now its completely God awful.
Did the author watch the game it was ruled on the field as a touching the player. For the record it did. After review the call stood as touching.
Shane Train steaming on. What a game now onto next week for my 1st carolina clemson game.
Dodo strikes again. When he took bigsby out on that 4th down game was over. Glad you guys took that bum off our hands.
Losing to Mizzou, UK, and USC in the same year for Florida should be fireable. Thank god for Vandy right swamp creatures?
More evidence Mizzou isn't southern. In the south men actually use tools unlike this soy boy who has never picked up anything heavier than a pencil.
I wish USC had this commitment to football. We've made all sports venues tops in America all built in the last 5 to years. Losing Hyman to aTm was worst thing to usc.
When you see UTSA and SDSU in the top 25 thats something.
Dumbo again let his alligator mouth write checks his hummingbird brain couldn't cash.
This game is gonna get personal after what Dodo did by going behind Beamer's back with accepting the OC job at Auburn.
If Beamer doesn't fore Adkins Satterfield and the RB coach don't even worry about next year because well have a losing record again.