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Hopefully Saban learned the lessons of the HBC when he finally got old. I think once Saban loses the pursuit of perfection streak he will retire until then he's like the Queen of the UK keeps right on ticking into the 90s.
BMac needs to be BGone. Throw a bunch of money at Chad Morris for OC.
Its time to shut down the entertainment part of the operations building and start running them until they pass out and vomiting then run them some more for weakness. They want to live like kings but work like welfare drawers.
That's rich coming from a guy who had a chance to play for the Chargers but returned home after only a couple of days of rookie training camp because he couldn't be away from his girlfriend here in Columbia. Gave up an opprunity because he was 22 with home sickness.
Swinney is known for his childish millennial post game antics. Just like he invited himself into the Syracuse locker room after losing the Orange. Swinney is Urban Meyer scum.
Fire or demote McClendon, and hire Chad Morris for OC.
As long as Tanner is the AD I do not want making any more major sport hires. He destroyed both baseball hires we haven't been to Omaha since 2012 completely unacceptable. He botched the football hire and the contract along with it. Tanner said Muschamp has his full support well guess what your fate is now tied to this guy. No more extensions until we get to Atlanta, beat aTm, beat Clem$on. Next year is do or die no Atlanta you're gone.
This. Pretty much the same things I've said all year. But to be honest if people didn't mark the App State game as a toss up or possible loss they are deluding themselves, as soon as I saw it on the schedule 3-4 years ago that was the biggest WTF are you doing, that Tanner should be let for doing that alone. Who is actually stupid enough to App State on the schedule then I remembered who was the AD.
We are stuck with him at least one more year our Board of Trustees will not write a buyout check for 22 million. Now with General President Caslen, Ray Tanner may be lined up for the firing squad for the whole mess surronding the football program. The fans want some heads to roll hopefully at least Tanner and McClendon at the minimum. The former for letting the program to get to it's current state and the latter because he is incompetent and not qualified. We caught lighting in a bottle when we won 9 games in year 2 and still had unjustifiable losses to UK and aTm both games we should have won but that's gamecock football. Things won't change. To summarize the life a Gamecock the final 3 minutes sums everything up. About to say screw it and give up then they give you hope and it builds and builds and then they break your heart. It never fails.
That unadulterated blackeye on the Palmetto State, steriod using, cult Clem$on.
Good news we may get Tater Tech at noon and get that game over quick.
Same old broken record for 4 years nothing new here.
Morons like Ray Tanner make stupid contracts like this and schedule games with App State. How much did we pay for this game? Tanner should be paying money back the stinking thief.
This is game 8 he should be playing at a sophomore level at this point in the season. I don't see Trevor Lawrence, Jalen Hurts, Tua making those excuses when they were Freshmen they were playing and winning Nattys as a Freshmen. Most high schools now run college level offenses and defenses. Keep making excuses for this dumpster fire.
Yeah only over throwing, making bad throws did you even watch the same game. This is Werner, McClendon, and whoever the sorry QB is because between Bentley, Joyner, and Hilinski they together couldn't create a top SEC QB.
We've been fooled again. Bentley was a supposed prodigy he was trash. Hilinski the same thing garbage and alleged prodigy. Not worthy of my time or money on this product.
Hilinski lost us another game. Unfortunately we got the garbage brother.
Last year it was defensive injuries this year it was offensive. The defense did it's job the offense and special teams screwed the pooch.
Having flashbacks are we? You warned us. I predicted a 5-7 season with 3-9 as worst case looks like i get the average.
Ray Tanner needs to be packing right now for scheduling this trap game. McClendon needs to be fired for the complete vanilla and poor play calling has no business being an OC completely out of his league. Werner needs to go too absolutely no progress in the QB position from any of them Bentley has regressed since the hire, Joyner can't even be trusted to throw, Hilinski has 11 TDs in 8 games horrendous. Muschamp needs to watch film before he can determine what happened he needs to go. We deserve better than this dumpster fire $hitshow.
Talk about counting your chickens before they hatch. Don't lay an egg now.
Not really a flop since it was obvious it was a shove just exaggerated.
Social media needs to stop feeding this constant attention seeking addiction.
I think our idea of sad is different. That is the look of being POed
At least it wouldn't cost anything to leave since no university would actually be stupid enough to leave. At least you've been to Atlanta a few times we've only been once. Misery knows company. It figured Arky goes downhill after we are no longer permanent rivals. Hope you guys get it turned around quickly.