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You bring up history several times in your comment, yet neglect the fact that Georgia's only win in Columbia in the last decade came when the game was moved to a Sunday. Even then, they struggled to put a much lesser SC team away. If our home-field advantage is such a stretch of the imagination, what's been eating y'all?
Melvin Ingram, Connor Shaw, and Dylan Thompson were 3-star recruits. Ask them how playing Georgia's loaded rosters turned out.
You think because you scored 45 on Austin Peay at home you can run up the same score in Williams-Brice? I think you've ignored that all of our big playmakers are upperclassmen with multiple big-game starts. We're not relying on transfers or last year's second string to win the game for us. This game should be a battle from start to finish.
UK's standing will depend on how they fare against MS State. They've also got to play at Georgia and face a desperate Tennessee squad with nothing left to lose. SC's only remaining road game is at Georgia and the only home game they aren't favored in at this point is the rivalry game against Clemson.
Lmao @ y'all and "this year". How about the previous years? The ones where Moe played? The ones where Dobbs put up one TD in three outings? Did those slip your minds?
vehemon, I really hope you're right. Otherwise, Tennessee has been rebuilding for so long that their fans didn't notice when the BCS ended...
You talking about the cock coach that kept his team bowl eligible for 10 straight seasons, led them to a division title, and helped them finish in the top 10 three seasons in a row? Yeah, I'd rather take that & let him leave than have some snake oil salesman fake his way through the season.
Honest. I like the sudden wave of hype that's fallen over this team, but the reality is that our only conference win is against Vanderbilt, and even then, we squandered at least 6 different chances to put that game away. Spurrier never had a losing season with us; these guys were so (a)pathetic he jumped ship. It'll take a lot to convince me these guys have a chance against any of our remaining FBS opponents.
First of four seasons under Spurrier where we fell one game short of a division title. At least he brought us from mediocre to decent, right?
Jason, Clowney's hit was in the 2013 OUTBACK Bowl, not Capital One...
Miz being projected to finish 4th still isn't that much of a stretch looking back. It's because preseason expectations don't account for what teams will choke or when. In a world where UGA doesn't drop seemingly cakewalk games against UF & SC, SC doesn't blow significant 4Q leads against Miz UK & UT, and Florida doesn't spot Miz 28 non-offensive points, the Tigers are lucky to finish third, assuming a decreased morale toward the end of the season doesn't cause them to drop either of what turned out to be close games against TAMU UT or Ark.
I think you're giving us too much credit on both accounts. Considering the record breaking humiliation our defense put up all season, the loss to TAMU had lost nearly all its shock value by the time we played UK. Also, none of the talking heads gave SC a chance going into the UGA game. Based on the performances turned in week one, most expected SC to get dismantled in that game. By all accounts that was a fluke win, but one we REALLY needed...
You forgot to bold Bama's win over Texas...
They'd have probably added some photos of fans at the PAC-12 title game, if there were any...
These matchups by & large make more sense than this article. Apparently the guys at SDS are unaware of Vandy's trend of playing WF near year's end (this is only the 3rd time in the past 10 seasons that they won't meet). The only potential change I would make to your list would be to get Tenn playing Duke or UNC.
I'm gonna take a page out of our fellow division members' books and remind these Mizzou fans beating their chests of just how down the division is this year. A team that blanked you without their star player had two fluke losses, a team that won 11 games the last 3 straight seasons has choked their way back to mediocrity, a former contender is on the verge of its 4th straight 5-7 season, and another just fired its head coach. Not exactly a gauntlet. SC finishing 5-3 in conference in 2010 looked more impressive & look how far that got em in Atlanta...
The trophy for the Belk Bowl is a Waterford football-shaped crystal. What cruel and unusual irony for a team that was projected to contend for a playoff spot in the preseason.
Am I missing something on that division champ tweet? Didn't uga just go back to back in 11 & 12?
Now this is hilarious. Garcia has as many division titles as the entire Tennessee program in the last 10 years. If he "were’t any good" as you claim, what does that say about your parade of pitiful passers?
This is more Tennessee being a common and easy trolling target for the HBC than a rival to SC. UT honestly jinxed themselves when they ran a coaching legend out of town after one bad season, then replaced him with Daniel Tosh's evil twin...
Oh, Carolina, you never disappoint... Side note, the redhead in the K A Theta pic, someone find her!
This ass-clown from Mizzou has obviously never been to an SC game. Carolina girls, best in the world.
The Brawl was epic, but it was near the end of a game we lost 29-7.
I feel like this is a last-ditch motivator for the defense, bringing back the Black Magic jerseys. I mean we've tried everything else, right?
This is the exact thing I've been warning SEC haters about ever since the playoffs were first proposed. Look at the final BCS standings from each year. Two teams is inevitable, three is not impossible.
Oh, Williams-Brice.... How can something so simple be so beautiful?
Compared to the first four, the last three designs kinda feel phoned in. As for the USC one, I was never a fan of the diamonds, but at least its more creative than this...
Long as these girls are willing to offer moar for us I'm cool with it.