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Actually, I’m seeing a positive outcome to Auburn’s loss to Florida. It allowed Bo to get over it in a hostile environment. I think it makes Death Valley next weekend doable for us WDEs. Of course LSU’s Joe has to have some Henry and Coe up in his face. But if our D-line pressures Joe, I think we’re competitive.
Fascinating. As an Auburn fan I don’t get how Alabama’s chances of winning are slimmest against us. But happy about it.
Hard to Argue against his thoughts. I’d go further. The day when Pow5 conferences CFP final rankings are just that, Power5 all undefeated, then the subjectivity boil occurs at 4. Seed #4 by having 4 & 5 play one extra game the week before Christmas. Everyone is so bored by the long lapse and everyone would love it, no excepts. Finally, take 25% of all Pow5 and college playoff and image likeness proceeds and put into a fund to be distributed equally to all 425 playoff athlete players. Would be around 75,000 to $100,000. Enough to bleed off the pressure for the California law and inequitable distribution which would kill our beloved game. Two problems solved. A 5th spot for power 5 and a decent reward for the 425 student athletes who make it.
Tua is a winner. Though it’s between Joe and Jalen. Both hungry. I bet on Jalen. Cause he’s starvin.
I think an expanded playoff to include P5’s is logical. Makes Conf titles even more magical. Whether it needs to be 6 as Finebaum thinks or 8, I’d just like to see some CFP the week before Christmas. Maybe even Christmas weekend also. December is such a long boring pent up wait. And who said Bowls all have to be NY day? Move up a couple into December because Jan 1 is simply too crowded.
You're a good man David. I’m an Auburn fan and I have much respect for Jalen, Saban and their program. Bama will be in the playoffs and I see a rematch coming: You and I are true college fans. Appreciate u for the kindness.
Auburn fan but not a Bama hater. Kerryon played with 101% of his body and his heart. I still get goosebumps when I think about the level of play every player gave. They simply spooked ‘Bama by an aura of inevitability. That never happens to ‘Bama. But it did. Next week will be no different. The telling play was when Stidham ran for a TD. You could see him think for a moment about the wisdom of a hook slide. Then he said, “NO, not now.” And he put it all out for a diving TD for which he got popped hard. Much respect to Bama and Jalen. Still, I knew Auburn would win as they will again next week with Ga. will they go deeep in the playoffs? It comes down to Stidham. He hasn’t peaked even yet. He can fly even higher. And if he does, it’s his to loose.