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Good luck to LF I hope he makes the all time rushing record for LSU. But I hope we can stiffle him whwn we come to Tiger Stadium. He is a beast
He should be suspended for 2 or 3 games for that cheap shot
You will be eating those words Pharoah
Way to go DAK!!! Take the reins and run with it! We are happy and proud of you! !
That's true they didn't. Good catch!! No pun intended
Consider me a dummy on betting but how does the betting lines work on the second half of getting to the playoffs?
Above average or average? Ole Miss and Arkansas both will show you what kind of team we are. I guess you consider Auburn an elite team, really. Time will tell!!
My condolences to his family and friends in this time ofpain and sorrow! Prayers to them!
Really tackman?? We shall see at the end of the year!
The law states when you take possesion of a vehicle and are in control of it you are responsible for anything in that vehicle. Ignorance is no excuse. In real life if any other than a college kid playing for any school that is a high profile player, were caught they would have been held responsible for the contents inside the vehicle. Period. It is an absurd call by the DA
I don't blame him if he wants more playing time. Good luck to him wherever he goes!
Let them all think this. That way they will be expecting a walk in the park come game time.
That's what I like about this conference that any team can really have a great chance of doing great in any year and when they predict one team to be dominant over all the others and they flunk it's no big surprise.
Yeah sure! Whatever dude get a life. Move on!
How many of you haters will be around when we go 4-0? Works both ways
I would like to see a championship game matchup between Chad Kelly and Dobbs. Then we can compare the two.
My slip up i forgot about Bo then Chad. I thought Bo was good too amd he did set some school records
I hope he does turn out to be a great one. It has been a long long time since we have had back to back great quarterbacks. I am an avid Ole Miss fan amd I live to see a great year. Hopefully very soon.
Get a life!! I normally don't respond to posts but yours got to me for some reason.
What some Jackasses in here!!!!
Let's get it boys. If it gets worse we will accept it and agree with all that we got busted! After saying that, I don't believe it's all around going on at the school.