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What I don’t understand (I like Mel Tucker by the way!) is that he didn’t quite succeed at Colorado (I guess 5-7 is good for them) but Michigan State? The Big Ten, especially the division he is in, is a whole lot tougher than the PAC-16! Recruiting against Michigan, Ohio state and now Illinois is actually showing promise. Don’t forget Nebraska and Iowa. Good luck. That to me is like taking the Arkansas job in the SEC.
In recruiting they shouldn’t be, but transfers they should be excited.
Texas A&M is the team to watch this year. I believe Alabama and LSU will have a down year and the rest are in rebuilding mode. Don’t believe much in Auburn, but they will get there 9 wins.
That’s great for the uga program. Surprised they kept both of them after the Pittman hire. That’s at least 3 yrs of solidifying the ol for uga. Just what smart said, start with the trenches. Offensive line and defensive line.