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He did! That guy is scary. LSU definitely didn't live up to their billing, but watch out for Miss St they will only get better as they go! Definitely one of the best looking offenses in the SEC yesterday.
When is SDS going to ban bayou clown boy? At least give us another screen name please...
Well, its' definitely NOT going to stop now lol
Of course yellowhammers of all stripes are going to pile on, they've been listening to Coach O's gravelly insult on constant loop in their head coming up on a year now. Not sure what srg and auphin and rolltide have been reading, but I never saw those articles and nothing showed up in the search maybe it was just paranoia in Alabama.
I'm with MC on this one, Brennan just doesn't seem to have what it takes overall. If he doesn't absolutely roll with it at Vandy start rotating the back-ups through in the 2nd half.
I do think Stingley would have made a difference that might have given the Tigers a win yesterday, but it doesn't matter - we're not ready overall.
This is the second article I've seen this same comment on LOL apparently that moment and the loss has been living in your head for a while now. No problem taking some ribbing but if you're here to troll at least own it. "I love her to death, but...."
It cost Ole Miss a lot. "Illegal tackling"?!?? C'mon man
Holy cow Pitts is an Animal! Hope you're taking notes Arik G...
So does Jay Ward #5 start? He's next on the depth chart...
Yeah I see Leach's first year installment of the Air Raid complete with a new QB having a hard time getting off the ground first thing in the SEC, especially this year. Granted I'd rather play Miss St now than later in the season, but Spencer's comments would be more appropriate next year - but only if Leach's air raid "takes" in Starkville. LSU covers the spread easy...
Jingle bells, crawfish shells, Coach O's back in town Everyone thinks the NFL and Covid's got us down But Brennan's here, Gilbert's near, the O line will come through When we win it all the opt outs are going to cry boo-hoo Sorry had to do it after Aubie lol
Ha! I just texted a buddy the same thing "Feels like Christmas morning!" Let the games begin! GEAUX TIGAHS!!
Always respected Arkansas and remember having them as the last game of our regular season for a while, it was nerve-wracking at best and disappointing with a loss at worse. Don't worry about it Smash it's too easy for the writers to just pile on and take the popular line instead of them doing a deep dive and then presenting an informed educated opinion. From our end (LSU) it's gotten old listening to the talking heads discount us this year in short shrift.
You bring up an interesting point KirbySmart, what attitudes are coaches going to take about putting in backups? I could see it going the other way, get the starters all the time they possibly can in preparation for later in the season and the postseason. Might be hard to get as much rotation with the all SEC schedule? But I agree it's crucial to get some playing time for the backups especially this year... Brennan's the only LSU QB who's taken a snap.
Yeah it's a reach...maybe if things weren't going well later in the year, but not at this early point in the season with LSU already knowing their offense and Miss St completely starting over - and with far less talent than LSU. Not buying it either.
Most other posters know this LoLo, it's the writers that keep reaching for the low-hanging fruit and more or less discounting us. At this point it's just the lazy take...but folks in the know, know.
Nash that's the hope. Brennan's only green on the field and I think you're right he'll get up to his own speed fast. Judging by his HS performance he has it in him to be a star, question is can he do it at this level? It obviously would have been easier for him without all the opt-outs but that's the deal this year and no looking back. There's still enough of a supporting cast to put on a show - as long as the O line shows up. We lost a lot there but we have a lot coming back and I think the big Ivy League transfer Shanahan will emerge as a capable leader... otherwise Deculus returns as a starter and the other guys all have plenty of playing time including some starts. Except Gilbert, but I've got a feeling he's going to be his own story.