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Yeah and sometimes it's hard to figure out how NeGaN really feels...use your WORDS King, use your words.
"Orgeron did not shop for a transfer quarterback this off-season." I agree, that says it all. There were/are? some qbs to be had in the portal. Total confidence in Brennan.
Quit with your logic nonsense, just quit already. Please don't discourage Fantasy some of his comments are really entertaining!
I could be wrong but I would think LSU/AL is more of a prime time draw than UGA/AL. Defending National Champs vs...well, Alabama. Georgia's good and all, but who matches up with the Tide better? If AL and LSU are both undefeated going into the November game, how can it not be on prime time?
Lol we're all wishing our offense is as good as last year's, it would be better being champs for 2 years because we earned it rather than because the season is cancelled. Our schedule is pretty much the same this year as last year except for some of the lesser games, otherwise we have the same big games - Texas, Florida, Auburn, Alabama, and aTm. Only difference is game location, we travel to FLA and AUB this year and host the Tide in BR. Not sure which way is better? But I definitely look forward to the night game in Death Valley against Master Nick come November.
We had some execution problems on D in the first part of the season last year...tackling was horrible. Obviously it finally came around. We've got loads of talent on D this year so much so that top talent is transferring because of depth and competition for playing time. Stingley's going to be a force.
Reasonable take Booches. Besides hearing his name on and off through the years, I only know what I've read since LSU hired him. Appreciate the honest analysis.
Admittedly I'm not an NFL guy, but the press seems to give Linehan credit for a lot of QB success in the NFL in a short amount of time. I also saw some of the passing schemes he's already setting up for the Tigers, seems to be more of the same as last year. Of course all of us from down in the bayou are hoping he'll be a adequate replacement for Brady and will mesh with Ensminger. We'll see....
Spot on Nobleman! And I don't think we have to worry about Brennan's toughness. Anyway look where "toughness" got Tua last year...get rid of the ball when you have to! If Brennan stays cool calm and collected half as good as Burrow did then we're fine. I think you hit on a good point, that Brennan is likely to hold his own against other SEC qbs. Looking forward to seeing the O come together again this year.
Not sure where you're getting this from Booches? Linehan's no slouch. Read this article: How Scott Linehan has created one of the NFL’s most lethal offenses in Dallas
I agree BamaFan, no doubt they'll drop off offensively - what team wouldn't? If Brennan produces and a running back can step up (or the 3 running backs are successful as a "committee") then we're in the mix for CFP.
No reason the defense should struggle, they're starting to lose top quality transfers because of depth.
Hopefully this will be nearly as fun to watch as it was last year!
How do you not mention graduate transfer Liam Shanahan on the O line? And the only reason to automatically assume the offense "figures to stall more frequently than last year’s" is if you compare the 2 squads, which doesn't work (for any team) and I'm sure that's not what LSU is doing - they're taking what they have this year and figuring out how to make it shine. I don't think "stall" is in Orgeron's vocab...replace with "keep your foot on the gas!"
I'm with TigerMarine, Burrow owns some completion % records and didn't throw any rainbows that I remember...take the two passes above for example, they couldn't have been thrown any better especially the one against Georgia. Not saying Brennan isn't accurate as well, but he's not more accurate than Burrow (actually, no one is!). O'Gara's take that it's going to take toughness to match Burrow's performance has merit, but the real factors are preparation, repetition, and intelligence on the field. I will say Brennan seems to have a quick release but I'm definitely no qb expert. Hoping Brennan surprises everyone who's not familiar with his talent, especially trying to fill the shoes he has to fill.
Surely Buford's got more game than trolling for typos - c'mon man time to step it up...
Too bad for LSU on both counts, but definitely wish these guys success wherever they end up. I especially look forward to watching Brooks play this season.
Guys - maybe go read what was said, and the history behind each person who said it. There's free speech, and there's yelling "FIRE" in a crowded theater. Not trying to start an argument, but I'm having a hard time believing many people (including y'all) would find what they said acceptable. I'm not sure what to do about it - definitely not a fan of censorship - but where is the line drawn?
I don't mean to argue that the BCS was any better than the polls, I'm saying that because the situation then was that the BCS determined the champion - I'm going with their pick, LSU. That, plus I'm being a little bit of a homer. But seriously, LSU has the better resume and deserves it more than USC. I've never understood why they can't just plug every team's schedule/record into a computer and determine everyone's strength of schedule and ranking based on that. Otherwise, we get OK, ND, OSU, (fill in your favorite overrated team) as top 10 regardless of who they play.
The BCS awarded the title to LSU so that's what I'm going with. I couldn't care less who wins the "Award of Popularity" poll.
Hate losing both these guys, but Brooks leaving is super disappointing as we could use the depth at LB and he is a phenomenal athlete. Best to both these guys. Coach O handles it with class.