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Competition is good for everyone, and the rising tide lifts all ships. That being said, healthcare in this country is a JOKE. Where I've seen "socialized" medicine in place the access is much better, it's orders of magnitude cheaper, and it's not that the quality is better, but the doctors care more. I find most doctors today are "lifestylers" and don't care as much about their profession as what it will get for them.
The saddest thing for the internet warrior is that he has to go through life without being able to speak his truth out loud in public.
Love me some facts 9mmD, like your last 2 sentences. Your first 2 sentences, well, Bammer opinion. Here's another fact...the Tide was never in the position to take the lead during the entire game. "If's" don't count.
It's not a "definite aberration" as you and so many Tide fans want it to be, LSU always expects to be in the running and usually is. Convenient to stop your record counting just after 13-1 (2011) and 11-2 (2010) seasons.
Well...I guess I meant "executed opportunity." Not sure that makes it better.
I thought being 'fired" was breaking the contract and the coach got his buyout?
Y'all never had an opportunity to get ahead. I trust Burrow more than anyone here on how he felt about the game. Nicky and the Tide secondary were the only ones "sweating bullets" that game.
Burrow tells the truth in his postgame comments.
Burrow had all the intangibles last year and had to put it on display to successfully navigate the season. Mac never really had to do that as much.
It's true ... it seems the self-worth of some Bama fans is directly tied to the university football team, and they can't stand to share the limelight in any way. It's a personal affront to them if someone else has success. Kind of narcissistic in a weird way.
Dude y'all are just...just... reaching. Y'all lost TWO - count'em, TWO - games last year and came out ranked 8th. You know what they say about The Nile river in Egypt...
I have honestly been asked this question by a 4th grader. My answer was "are they in the water or on land?"
I wouldn't say La Tech hasn't been "relevant," just not on a big stage. But yeah makes you wonder what's going on with Mason?
That's certainly a valid take darthSaban. But my argument is that because Mac wasn't as battle-tested as Burrow we can't be sure he would have been able to hold up as well. I'll repeat what many posters are fairly pointing out, that LSU faced full-strength teams in 2019 where Bama played less-than-full-strength teams, often without their best players, and that is the main difference between the seasons.
I agree with Les about Burrow and have posted it before - Burrow wasn't going to be beaten last year. Mac showed the same effect, but was only truly tested in maybe 2 games, where Burrow had to continually prove it. Advantage - Burrow and LSU.
You're right he's said several times that Brennan would be the starter once he returns, but I can't say I've heard him say it lately. I suspect he's backed off a little to give Peetz some room to make his own decisions. Brennan was actually killing it before he got hurt, I hope he's healthy and starts. Unfortunately we'll probably lose someone out of our QB room.
Interesting....just read on Fansided that Coach O won't say he's committed to Brennan for 2021.
Ok good to hear, it's a hard injury to heal. To your comment below, I wonder if Peetz has a different idea?
"The only reason they won the Bama game is because Tua was injured, threw a pick 6 and lost an unforced fumble inside the Corndog 10." So, the only reason Bama lost the game, is because LSU played better. Nice grasp of the obvious.
Keep justifying your loser attitude it's just awesome to watch.
SDS always does this, it's terrible "journalism." My 5th grade English teacher wouldn't have accepted this. Glad I'm not the only one who has to look up player's positions!
BamaTime you know it's a really bad look wanting harm to come to others even your rivals.
Lol BamaTime sometimes has trouble with the obvious.
True BamaTime. There might have been a few easier SEC games along the way this year, but true. In any case those games did nothing but let Burrow continue his tune up - y'all didn't have as much of that this year. It was hard to persevere this season with everything going on and leave it to Bama to be the ones to do it. As for who would win the hypothetical game I don't see us agreeing...