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I hope Napier. Lots of big names in front of him though. Should be interesting...
Whining is talking without action. Not LSU's style. TN on the other hand...
I'm calling you out on your veiled opinion. Life isn't fair. Rationalizing doesn't change the outcome. What's sad to see is the ongoing collective temper tantrum.
They're just still upset about O rubbing their faces in it.
I posted a longer version of this in another article...Napier is the simple answer. He's been involved in championship football since he was in high school where his dad was a coach, and then as a QB at Fuhrman. Several All-State/Conference honors through college. It's in his blood. He's coached and recruited under Bowden, Swinney, and Saban. He's done wonders at ULL. He's been recruiting in LA since 2017. No controversy or huge buyout involved. He's relatively young. And his name sounds French.
I remember when twerps like you weren't told what to think say and instead had to come up with their own nonsense but at least it was original. You sound like every other conspiracy theorist nutjob who spends all their time online and listening to whoever it is y'all listen to. Get a life dude.
I haven't seen you use "you're" correctly in the dozens (or hundreds?) of posts you've made about this. You've even been corrected by another poster and yet you still persist. You can't learn about the sportsmanship situation in the game or even basic grammer can you? Not to mention the unintelligible "english" in this last post. Please tell me the State gives you regular wellness checks and that they've just missed the last one.
But he doesn't have 3 losses, he has 1. Y'all have 3 with more on the way. Lane adapts, blocks out the noise, and finds a way to win. Y'all throw temper tantrums. Like your 2 day tantrum here. Cue Santana's "I'm Winning" with Lane's smiling face ;)
gwhite the SEC didn't create anything. TN fans did. Quick lesson. Life Isn't Fair. Winners deal with it in winning ways, and losers deal with whining, deflecting, blaming, etc. I see you've made your choice like some other TN fans.
Ducking JB BOTTLES??? If true, that speaks to the culture there. Sheesh......
Clickbait article. It worked. I don't see how any names are seriously floated out there by the university until the season is over, it would affect other programs too much. But interest is will continue to be gauged through back channels the same as it has been since Auburn or before. I'd love to see Napier get a shot. His life has always been about football and he has championship pedigree all over him. He was TN All State under his coach dad in high school and All Southern Conference QB twice at Furhrman and barely lost the title to Montana his junior year. Coached and recruited at Clemson under Bowden and then OC under Dabo and an analyst and coach under Saban. He's turned ULL into a perennial winner and contender in the Sun Belt since he's been there. He's already been recruiting in LA since 2017. No controversy or SEC incestousness to speak of - which LSU needs. Could be a career for him. And, his name sounds French. We won't know anything until the season is over unless something crazy happens. Which sometimes happens.
You missed the point. Guess that happens when there's no culture where you live.
You are low standards of intelligence are ridiculous.
Can't even take a kid to a game any more. SMDH. What's wrong with people???
No hurt feelings here, I get it I think we all do. O shines at times and sometimes he doesn't. His off-field shenanigans are what did him in. Still love him though. What I don't understand is the public appearance for 3 that a thing??
"I honestly don’t blame some fans for doing what they did. I do not like it AT ALL BUT every other fan base would have done the same thing." You are so so wrong. Just be a man and admit you liked it.
"As part of the agreement, Orgeron will make at least one public appearance per year on behalf of LSU beginning in 2022 through the end of the deal. The appearances will not last more than two hours unless agreed upon by Orgeron and the school. He will make four total. Orgeron can also not become the head coach at another Southeastern Conference school over the next 18 months." (W. Alexander - The Advocate)