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Does the Bama coach need some Tiger insurance - double policy with a rider? LMAO
Back before Les' luck ran out. He should have bought a lottery ticket after the game.
Thanks Nobleman (I think), I was waiting for someone to point out one of the MANY Les miles bumbles in the last 2 minutes of the game. It wasn't the fact that Les lost games, it was HOW he lost those games. If Miles would have had someone standing next to him to advise him on clock management during the last half of the 4th quarter he would have won at least one more NC and would still be in BR. I always felt he was running on luck and he had beat the house too many time for it to continue. Loved the guy in ways, but am still getting over feelings of PTSD during the last minutes of the 4th quarter!
How bout playing an abbreviated schedule with only conference games? Could still determine conference champs and have playoffs/NC game. Only if things have subsided of course.
Someone suggested playing last year's season again on tv just like it was this year's season. Being a LSU fan I have no problem with that! If any season deserves to be highlighted a second time around it was 2019 (at least from a LSU and SEC perspective). The comment section would take on a whole new flavor.
Agreed. And all respect to Tua and others, but you don't get considered for this based on projections if you get hurt.
Well, why shouldn't he be our ambassador? If a political figure like the governor is used, half the people are going to put off by the message. Coach O is so well-loved he speaks to everyone, and it's not like he's a jerky guy like some coaches out there ;)
I hate even responding to this sh!t it's so ignorant. You've never even paid attention to Alabama football before Saban or you'd know better. Respond and I'll give you some stats....... All I have to say for now is this: 46-41 - in Tuscaloosa lol #1 (National Champion + GOAT) #13 (4th SEC + Miserable coach) Suckit Gump
Right, O's gonna abandon what worked. Makes sense.
Why isn't it in your mind? You think Ensminger is going to revert?
So you do understand that LSU *OWNS* that playbook now right? Not like Brady took it - and the rights- with him? And it's not like Ensminger didn't pick up on what was going on or is too dumb to follow up and expand. I seriously don't understand why people don't understand this? There's some Bammers on another thread saying the same thing. That's ok, I just wish all the other coaching staffs thought the same thing about LSU's offense going into this year (which they definitely DON'T!).
Coach O is telling his troops that they're just as good as every other team out there, just like he did last year.
He asked Coach O to be moved from safety to WR last year probably to be part of the Burrow phenomena and showcase his skills there. Coach O: “When we watched the state championship, Devonta Lee was the best player on defense on that field." He's a defensive-minded player, and is a lot heavier than when he showed up at LSU. Will be fun watching him at OLB.
Yeah I've seen'em before with the all caps "yelling" and just passed, but curiosity got the best of me - that, and I had an extra 20 minutes to kill. Understandable about sour grapes when staff leaves to join an opponent, and I've seen both styles of comments from the Bammers - "Good luck" and also "It doesn't matter." Personally I think Smart and Cochran kill many birds with one stone: Kirby gets a good hire (I think it's silly to think Cochran won't be a good coach), Cochran gets out from under Saban to pursue his dream, good friends are reunited (bet they're having a ball!), and as an added bonus it takes away from Saban's program. This was a chess move.
First time I read all the way through Kings comments (they're just tooooo long). Have to admit I thought it was kinda funny. Not necessarily true, but I enjoy the delivery. And he makes an interesting point about Saban getting all the credit for LSU's Natty while Cochran and Smart were also there. Things that make you go "Hmmmmm?"