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wolfman ... credit to the MO defense. What a goal line stand! nutz ... the fog alone made that game epic! Florida deserved their fate after choking on the game-tying fg.
Limpy we played in the same fog, with the goal posts just as far away, with the same number of players...all things equal. Y'all just choked. HARD. Own it. If you want to talk about coulda' woulda' shoulda' let's look at all the players LSU was missing. Sounds like you would take that win away from LSU on a technicality and just give it to Florida if you could.
How does that make you feel being in the same company as Negan?
Limp Majesty ... barely lost = LOST. But you seem special, so we'll give you extra credit for those games. You look really bad talking smack considering Florida's record vs LSU the last few years.
Limpy...You do know that Ed Orgeron engineered the Greatest Transfer Portal Move ever in CFB, right? That ended in a National Championship and arguably the best college football team ever, right? Remember Joe Burrow??
DawgPound if we lose it won't be because our coaching staff quality plunged, quite the opposite in fact. I don't see Pelini coaching anywhere and I bet it stays that way after the debacle last year.
"All teams use their idiocy as bulletin board material." You should just stop there LimpMajesty that just put you too far behind in this fight to catch back up. And I think it's spelled "trolly" btw. wrashall called it...I can definitely think of another team that takes up more space in Florida's head than LSU.
That may be a good point you make on TJ, but seeing how he already lost the battle to Johnson in BR he might have a better shot against Bo on the plains especially with new coaches there that don't have some loyalty to Nix. Maybe his plan is to wait Bo out and then take over, which he wouldn't have been able to do with Johnson.
LSUSMC you're not really wrong, but for what it's worth I'd still rather have Vanderbilt in the league than Texas just on principle. I'm already tired of hearing Texas trash talk and they don't even have a start date yet.
Max getting all the starting reps is definitely good for LSU, and we've seen him pull off unexpected wins so that feels good. I suppose we're going to see Nussmeier on the field in a clean-up role at least in the early ooc games?
I read that it was a "freak accident" while training, which probably means it was weird and bad. I can't see him getting on the field again in any significant capacity this year, at least not in Baton Rouge. I don't know the ins-and-outs of the transfer portal enough but it seems he'd need to transfer soon to have a chance of playing somewhere else this season. He's a talented, patient, hard-working guy with a good attitude. If there's a path for him to return from this, he'll find it.
Humpy, that comment made me wonder too. Sounds like it was a gruesome injury, I'm betting he was in a lot of pain and probably had a good amount of painkillers in his system by the time O called and just wasn't in shape to talk to anyone.
I read it was a "freak accident" while training but haven't seen any other information. Sounds like it was a bad break...I can't see him being ready again before November, but getting the job back from Johnson will (hopefully) be hard. I hope he finds a way to play somewhere, but I think he's seen his last significant playing time as a Tiger.
"I feel like I got punched in the gut. I feel incredibly bad for Myles Brennan." Couldn't have said it better. I felt better with Brennan starting, but this settles it. At least Johnson is not necessarily a step down. Nussmeier on deck.
Aubie you may be right, but Brennan's numbers in his first three games last year are ridiculuous off the charts. I felt the same way after Johnson pulled out victories against FL and OM at the end of last year, and it made me wonder if Brennan has the swagger to do the same especially after failing to punch it in after 1st and goal vs Missouri. Then I remembered he had already been playing for almost 3 quarters with that abdomen injury by then, and that made me just respect him more. I think Brennan's the go-to-guy, until he isn't.
This is his 2nd visit to A&M since June. The Aggies have strong tradition I can see a young person being influenced by that. Hate to lose the #2 Safety in the nation ... Ed O better stay on it.
Saw Weezer and the Pixies a few years ago, but what really made me feel old was buying tickets to Hall and Oates the year before. I agree with Count Basie.
"Bored with success" More like bored of *limited* success
Seen any Hollywood movies in the last, say, 30+ years?? Talk about thuggery and debauchery! Rappers definitely don't have the corner on that market.
ND has already said they're remianing independent. They'll just continue to count on their preseason over-ranking to secure their chair when the music stops.
Ironic it's the same initials and colors. I'll take Rocky Top myself....
57939names and darthA.....a better word for HoustonHorn might be "obtuse."
HoustonHorn you had me thinking you were reasonable until this..."The University of Texas Healthcare System is the finest in the world." Have you ever been out of the USA, or Texas for that matter?