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Forgot one little thing .... Max Johnson has the greatest name in all of college football.
Outrageous highlight reel. Great get. He's got plenty of room to add plenty of pounds and no doubt he will. Hold that Tiger! This tells me the LSU locker room is right or Jake wouldn't be following his brother - all the way from Georgia. Brennan must be feeling a little nervous. Arik who??
His numbers say otherwise. But Tiger Nation has had the same feeling as you do about Brennan, especially after the goal line stand Missou made against us. I'd have to rewatch his games to try and tell if he's a geniune letdown, or if it's just an emotional one. But those numbers...
He can't resist making the same comment on almost every LSU article. Hopefully your name reminds him of that foggy night in the Swamp.
Well said boxster. BTW, why "boxster"? Drive a porsche?
Thanks for that from me too Classof98. I've been letting it get to me lately. I'll geaux to GEAUX Report to get the real "news"..........
I get what you're saying glad2b, and you're right that we're just all going to have to be ducks down in the bayou for a while until this plays out. It's a big ole mess. The pushback I've given and generally seen from other LSU fans is when false narratives are put forth, or when posters here make light of the sexual assault situation. It's no laughing matter.
Eddie Haskell, the creepy neighbor from "Leave it to Beaver" (geez I hate to type that here lol)....
Ditto on the above comments, except for those from the LSU-obsessed Florida fan. In all seriousness, my 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Sanders, would have called me out on this article. "Coloradeaux, who is Stewart?, and which side were they on? Are they a boy or a girl? You should always introduce the characters in your story to your readers before you tell what happened." It's telling that no one would sign their name to this. As usual as of late when I pull up SDS......SMH SMH SMH SMH ad infinitum
He already knows this, but apparently has been reminded up close and personal after his 20+ year absence.
Well spoken WDE0012. And quite measured too, considering. Unfortunately I have to agree with your statement. Nice Cousin Eddie reference! Although Eddie Haskell seems more appropriate regarding the LSU administration about now.
"And stuff" said leeland, paraphrasing (you just have to do that with Leach lol)
Nice article. Captures Leach's personality well. Best quote: “I mean, the biggest thing is it’s a shorter road trip, shorter recruiting trips.” To paraphrase, it just means more.
It's a shame when you have to read the comments to get the actual information. If I gave SDS the benefit of the doubt I'd say it's just their way of getting more clicks, but I doubt they're that clever. Wish my job was this easy. On 2nd thought, in the interest of dignity, self-respect, and I don't.
Thanks for the update LSUSMC. You obviously know more about it than Spencer.
Negan We've been getting a few comparisons as of late....feel like I'm becoming part of The Heenan Family!!!!!!!
I have to agree with you Win Some. But it's the image that came to my mind. Maybe have Tuska wear the Houndstooth.
From the lack of in-depth SEC knowledge I've seen consistently on display here at SDS, I'm truly beginning to think that the staff is just really transplanted from "The" Saturday Tradition. Since I couldn't care less about B1G football - except for watching perenially overrated Ohio State get demolished by an SEC in some postseason game - I don't know how the writing/knowledge is there. But I do know it can't be any worse than it is here and still be viable.
How about listing the running backs dweeb? Nice EOD deadline drivel.
FIrst sentence, haven't even finished the article...."after a lackluster finish to the 2020 season." Really?? I thought it was just the opposite. Please please please please please please please hire an editor SDS, one who's on top of SEC football - and the office. Now back to torturing myself with the rest of this...
O-line is definitely priority #1. But how cool would it be to have Burrow, Moss, Chase, AND Marshall Jr on the same team again?!? Possible?
Kidding, kidding....even if it was, that would be pretty cold-hearted to have her sign it at the wedding in front of everyone. Doesn't seem like Trevor's style in any case.
That's really cool boxster355 not many people know what that is outside of 8 year olds and their parents lol. It's definitely a mouthful. If he/she's into dinosaurs he probably knows more big words than all of us here combined :)