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Looking forward to JM's imitation of Kelly...imitating a southern accent.
From what Gilbert has shown throughout his "career" so far, I'd be surprised if he can take the heat at UGA. If he doesn't start, he's likely to transfer (if he still can?). That he was 50lbs overweight when he joined Smart's team tells me that he's still an entitled prima donna. Maybe Kirby can help him. Honestly, I'd like to see it - Gilbert's an incredible talent.
What I've been reading is that Kelly is more about building team culture than going after wins right now. Surely this is the conversation he had with Woodward going in, giving Kelly a few years to turn things around from the base and not just on the surface. Case in point - he called Boutte out for not participating in team activities while he convalesces. I remember having coaches like that, it didn't matter how good you were, you were still just a part of the bigger team and you better show up or get out. I for one am drinking the kool-aid...
Right? And I thought we had good smoke out here in CO...
I hope you're right Humpy. I have faith in Kelly and our overall talent, but can it gel quickly? Stay tuned to find out......
8-4 total 0-2 opening SEC 4-4 SEC Lost to weakest LSU team in years That's some good Kool-Aid they're serving in College Station!
Doesn't everyone hate Florida State, except Florida State?
I'd like to remind everyone who Brian Kelley is: "In 31 years as a head coach, Kelly has amassed a record of 284-97-2, which ranks him first among all active FBS coaches in career victories, ahead of Alabama’s Nick Saban (272 wins) and North Carolina’s Mack Brown (265 wins). Kelly has only had two teams finish below .500 during his 31-year collegiate career."
Kelly publicly states that team culture is his #1 goal, not wins. Get the culture straight and the rest will follow. Not that we're the most talented team in the SEC, but with what we already have and will keep getting, I agree. Woodward knows this and has said he is going to give Kelly time to build that culture. Of course only time will tell, but to steal from the Saints - I BELIEVE!
Usual off-the-cuff post from Lefty. He doesn't understand that ND's recruiting ranking is due to Kelly, and that Kelly has already almost outdone himself with LSU's class in a very short amount of time.
Not to take too much away from Calzada, but I'm with you Dhenry - his receivers were getting great separation, the O line was giving him plenty of time, and those were easy throws for the most part (at least in the posted video). Maybe I'm just being a homer and rooting for Finley?
What fan base did Napier coach that hates LSU? Definitely not ULL, Lafayette is about 45 minutes from Tiger Stadium and the Heart of Cajun Country LOVES the Tigers. How do I know? I graduated from Ooo La La. Or, just ask Jack Bech.
I wish I could start a betting board on how old BT is. I'm going with 13-14.....
Negan...since you're never embarassed by your own comments, this one doesn't really hold water.
MattyJ you're right about the chemistry between Chase and Burrow. Cincy made the right move choosing Chase over Penei Sewell. The more I watch Joe B in the NFL, the more I understand LSU's 2019 season. If the other team puts up 187 points, he's gonna make sure his team puts up 188.
Do you mean 8-4 #25 aTm? That we beat in a terrible down year for us last season? THe one that almost lost to Colorado? That aTm? Please, saveus maximus from more terrible comments!
Dawglb...the 2 losses were both in triple-overtime - at that point the game goes either way. LSU earned it! We also won the SEC, and several awards including the Grantland Rice Award, MacArthur Trophy, AP Trophy and AFCA National Championship Trophy. You're on the wrong side of history. Congrats on the well-deserved title this year!
He was the main reason I watched, other than trying to figure out what talent we had left on the field. Enjoyable at times but Kelly's about to have to earn that $100M and Tiger Nation isn't giving him nearly ten years to do it. Godspeed Kelly...