University of Florida 2010 Denver, Colorado
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Because Bentley threw 14 picks as a 3rd year starter. Franks is more of a threat to win it than Bentley.
Fromm is no Aaron Murray. If he has to throw 30 times a game Gators will take the East.
Jake Fromm is a poor man's Aaron Murray and a future undrafted free agent.
I doubt Mack Wilson will go round 1, but SEC has a few who could take his place. Chauncey Gardner, Vosean Joseph, Deebo Samuel, AJ Brown, Deionte Thompson.
I know we are all homers here but use logic. No way Houston takes a WR, sorry Deebo. And Dk gets taken before either Deebo or Brown because Dk is 6'4" and NFL is prototype crazy.
This article is basically only considering the top team from each conference. The SEC is by far and away the best league and here is why. Who is the 5th best SEC team? Auburn? Florida? Miss State? I would take any one of those teams any time any place against the 5th best team in the pac or big 12 or acc. Who would it be? Vt / Syracuse or Arizona or texas tech or Purdue? give me a break. Florida was probably 4 or 5 in the sec this year and stomped Michigan.
No. Cam was paid, so was his dad. They are both trash and so are you if you deny it. The university of Florida kicked cam out when we regularly keep murders and thieves and wife beaters on the roster/payroll. He was worse than that and the fact the NCAA didn't find anything says more about your boosters bankroll than any supposed lack of evidence.
Maybe Nike lobbied to have Michigan and Florida play each again in order to half the exposure for Jordan brand.
Maybe he was brought in for his extensive, intense, and extremely recent experience with an NCAA investigation regarding XYZ. Perhaps Alabama is trying to prepare for some possible future exposure. I know it seems far fetched, but how else could he possible help Saban?
Endowments. University funding is based on endowments and OSU has triple Florida's endowments at 4.5 billion to 1.5 billion. Money talks.
Good. Texas tried to cheat everyone with the Longhorn network and now they are surprised no one wants to play with them? They should have to beg on bended knee in order to have an annual rivalry like that ever again.
No need to worry. You guys got two turnovers within the 10 yard line plus a 25 yard field from a pick and still needed the fourth quarter to win against an embarrassment of a Florida team on a neutral field. The only place y'all are beating Bama is in your dreams.
Oklahoma is a joke. Literally eeked out wins against Tech, Iowa, and Army plus lost to a rebuilding Texas team on a neutral site where there defense couldn't hold water with a bucket. Notre Dame is the same deal. Scraping out wins against Vandy and Pittsburg at home... what a joke.
This is his last year on contract so it sounds like a pretty high price to get him for just 9 games.
Right? No one seems to care that Texas lost to Maryland so maybe we could be high enough to get notre dame for a bowl game. Man I hate them.
Obviously, because why would you spend 3 more years of your life in Mississippi if you had the option to go literally anywhere else?
Kentucky is a good team but they aren't better than Georgia. Neither is Florida but we at least create the potential for an upset with turnovers / pass rush where as Benny the Bandit will need to eclipse 200 for the cats to win.
Did anyone even watch the Florida game? We had over 22 missed tackles on defense giving benny the bandit 6.5 ypc. Florida could barely run against CSU but put up 4.5 ypc against kentucky. Gators also had an INT and lost fumble. The cats won by 11. This is not the game people are hyping it up to be and there is reason state is -9.5 favorite. They will cover with ease.
Predicting Mizzou bottoms out is less bold than predicting that the Gators win the East. Any team can suddenly self destruct, but the Gators are not going from frog to prince overnight.
Georgia hasn't scored 50 points at the cocktail party since 1968, while Florida has upset a higher ranked Georgia team 4 times in the past 20 years. I think you are riding your own hype train a bit too hard.
Or the NCAA could just allow the regulated payment of college athletes and 99% of this would sort itself out overnight.
You're way off base on your assessment of Tagert. Still right about Mullen I fear.
You are right. We definitely need to join the modern era and start recruiting outside of Florida. You're off base about the playing part though. We are the same if not better than most. Michigan to open the season in 2017, Miami to open it in 2019. Y'all play Notre Dame in both of those slots. I'd say that's in the same ballpark.
Hey Mizzou, don't be so pissy. You can pick apart out wins all you want but the fact is that your only SEC wins came at the end of the season against 4 teams who had given up. Meanwhile, you lost to Kentucky and South Carolina, and five teams put up 40+ points on you. What a joke.
Only a moron thinks going to church and being a good person are correlated in any way. Did you actually get a degree from Ole Miss? Or are you just regular old Mississippi trash?
I also love Guice and think teams will regret passing on him. However, The Redskins are perennial losers (went 7-9 last year against historically bad Giants/Cowboys teams) and because of it they throw the ball over 60% of the time EVERY year. They were dead last in rushing attempts per game in 2016 and last year bumped up just 9 spots but also had at least on game with only 16 carries total between all backs. If Washington runs it the same amount of times as 2017 then Guice would need to average 2.5 YPC and get every single carry all year in order to hit 1k yards.
No. Texas is as much if not more football obsessed and has an equally rich talent pool. They even televise high school games via the longhorn network.
Gators are noticeably absent. Considering we have failed to produce a first rounder just once in the past 10 years, I'd say that's a glaring omission. Martez Ivey, Cece Jefferson, Chauncey Gardener, Jordan Scarlett, etc. One should at least be an honorable mention candidate.
Percy Harvin, ODell Beckham, Santana Moss, Brandon Cooks - are the only receivers under 6' to be drafted round 1 since year 2000. The first two were generational talents, Cooks ran a 4.33 and Moss ran a 4.31. Kirk is 5'11" and last clocked at a 4.47 (Similar to Edelman) Antonio Brown, Steve Smith, Wes Welker, Julian Edelman, Randal Cobb. Highest draft order of the bunch was Cobb in late second round. Kirk will do similarly.