University of Florida 2010 Denver, Colorado

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He's also 35 pounds lighter, 1 inch shorter, and only 3 years younger. Pretty accurate comparison by any objective measure. I would say your response is based more on personal resentment than actual fact.
Just checking back in. Zipperer played twice all year, against Towson and UTM, to the tune of 3 catches.
Come on bud, you're among friends. We Gators know that even signing players doesn't make them officially your players. They need to actually be accepted and enroll at your university.
Punting could be an issue as well. It doesn't show from a glance at the stats but Georgia's punter has shanked it out of bounds 3 times this year already. 25 adn 27 yards against ND, plus an 18 yard duck against Tennessee. Florida(Townsend) has only had one that didnt travel 35 and it was intentional trying and succeeding to pin Auburn inside their own 10. Could be an issue in a close game.
That play wasn't dirty. But I understand the frustration considering Trasks ankle twisting, the uncalled targeting on Pierce, and then this hit - all uncalled. Seems we would have gotten 1 of 3?
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Yeah but what about when someone in your recruiting office does something slow and deliberate (like sending that video) when their job is literally to know not to do that... Seems like an accountant getting fired for accounting errors.
Why Blankenship? In 2018: 3rd in Accuracy T-4th in Long FG T-5th in FG Made Also doesn't seem to be getting better year to year. Missed 2 from inside 40 yards in 2018... There are 7 SEC players who did better than that. Is there something I'm missing?
Can't help but think KT must be mentally unsound or chemically imbalanced. Criminal how few touches he has gotten and historically Dan is not one to sit talent for moral reasons.
UGA's class has just 5 kids from Georgia. The rest are FL, TX, LA.... I hope Smart is keeping his head on a swivel with Fisher, Herman, and Mullen swimming those waters.
Great picks! But to be fair, if you're including Shyheim Carter then Chauncey Gardener-Johnson should have been included as the 6th SEC CB taken in first 3 rounds of NFL draft - they both play STAR, so it is technically proper to include both or neither.
Great article. Might want an asterisk next to the kid who went to Stanford though. Not really leaving SEC for any reason to do with football.
That would only make sense if laws existed to help educate the perpetrator. Laws exist to keep good citizens safe, thus the ban from normal people hours. Plus if he can't get in trouble again how will he get back into the system and pay more $$.
I disagree. My cousin died in Tower 2. I was not offended by Dabo's joke in the slightest. You and ESPN can both go kick rocks.
Truth. We lost our #1, #8 and #14. Honestly don't think the QB would have ever played anyhow but Steele and Black were huge losses. #5 CB and #9 ILB in the nation on 247. Couple that with bringing in zero five star talent and we clearly need recruiting help.
I think that an inept offensive effort to start the season could cause Muschamp to panic and bench Bentley. In part due to similar failures at Florida. Is that the case with Mullen and Franks? Granted I'm a homer but I just don't know if it is.
Even when Georgia has winning seasons, all they can do is talk about us.
You are one hard sneeze away from needing a helmet and a lifetime supply of applesauce.
Can confirm. But there is a recruiting benefit to winning games you shouldn't win, and having team swagger (deserved or not), and the STAR position etc. We have 10 years before our facilities catch up but there is no reason we can't recruit well enough to be knocking on the door every few years in the mean time.
Palabra! Should be our biggest recruiting weekend of the season so it's a big shot to spoil it for the ugly orange. Florida will win this year but you're bringing in 5 star linemen and we aren't so 2020 is a coin toss! GLMF
That was a big loss but not quite so deflating. First of all, y'all played lights out on D. Pretty sure you had 6 or 7 passes defended on top of that INT. Break out plays were our bread and butter but we could not get one from you. Great game. Second, our team returning was stacked and had five star future new Tebow in John Brantley coming up as a junior. No one new the Bama dominance and Florida irrelevance that was to come. The 2009 champ loss only seems so bad in retrospect.
Sorry brother I was just trying to be funny. I didn't think we could count your athletes and aside from Ryan Seacrest (who cares) I didn't know a single other person on that list before I googled them.
I don't think Jimbo will let the dogs beat them by two TDs. That and the Bama / LSU spread seem to be the two most extreme.
Weird flex since the most famous person to go to UGA was Newman from Seinfeld. I was at Florida Fall '06 to Spring '10. The Ole Miss loss is the only truly down moment I can recall.
What a joke, you're way off bud. LSU and Florida are national brands. Say Auburn to someone north of the MDL and they'll say was that the team with the kick-6?
You mean after we added our third, and least known or liked, "Tigers"? Actually I was just so disappointed in the content of this article I got angry in my response and forgot about TN for whom you picked a coach.
Maybe the true freshman TE they just added. You picked our 4th stringer freshman TE, why not theirs? LOL
You're using the vernacular of a valley girl but sure thing; Eguakun, Tarquin, Harrod, and White will each see more playing time, and make more of a contribution than the true freshman 4th string TE. Stop trying to defend this bogus article. You had 6 teams to write about, with Mizzou and Vandy being obvious. Of the 4 remaining you picked 2 back up QBs and a 4th string TE (none of whom will be major players). Maybe the True frosh from UGA but you didnt actually write any info on him, just talked about the departed ones from last year. It's a fluff piece. Boo.
The TE position is full buddy. Should have picked backup QB for us too I guess.