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Just some thoughts: 1) It actually is offsides because at the moment the ref blows the whistle and hands the kicker the ball, there are two players outside of the vertical hash painted on the 30 yard line. This rule sucks in this situation because obviously the flag should've been thrown earlier and nobody actually knew this was a rule, but it is in place so that the kicker can't just put the ball on the tee and quick kick it without giving the receiving team time to line up. It also prevents hidden players along the sideline to jump into the play on kickoffs. While we're complaining about missed calls... 2) Watch #24 for Clemson as he tries to recover the ball. Notice anything? Oh yeah, a blatant targeting that was missed. Now I'm tired of hearing all about how UNC would've won if the refs didn't "miss" the onside call, but it still would've been a rekick if the refs didn't miss that call as well. Sure the reason for throwing the flag in the first place kinda sucks, but we need to step up and give Clemson some credit for being the number 1 team all season and not least so far. That being said, the ACC refs are still about as good at reffing as Tennessee is at butt chugging. Go Dores
Kentucky has looked so...Kentucky this year. I look for them to keep it up this weekend against an underrated Vanderbilt defense. Go Dores
I gotta be honest, I'm not even gonna watch this game, this matchup is the butthole of the SEC. Go Dores
1) The point is why do we care what Clemson calls their stadium. 2) Bama will have played 3 ranked teams by season's end (Wisconsin, LSU, and UF in the champ). So will Clemson (Notre Dame, FSU, and UNC in the champ). Clemson also has a higher strength of record and metrics favor them more highly. Additionally, one could argue the ACC has better bad and mediocre teams than the SEC but I won't go there because Clemson and Alabama would both beat them all anyway. 3) Clemson recruits around the geographic location of their school, so hating them for that is just silly. 4) who cares... 5) I feel like USC fans are the only ones that ever bring up this point in SEC discussions. Before you associate the rest of the SEC with your USC-biased opinions, please educate yourself. You're making us look bad. Go Dores