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Enough is enough! This continues to be the same thing year after year with Malzahan. Morris is going to be another fall guy for Malzahan. As everyone saw definitely that Malzahan has been calling the plays all along. It's a shame that a SEC school like Auburn has high school coaching calling the shots. Maybe they need to apply for the 7A classification with the AHSAA so that way they can compete better for championships.
Sorry but the good Lord above doesn't care about football. If he comes back it is because he hasn't got the accolades he thinks he should have. It gives him one more season at the Heisman which he would be favorite for next year, any qb awards, another possible SEC championship (?), and another possible shot at the national championship which I doubt would happen because for the most part the receivers he had this year will be gone to the NFL. I also believe he thrives off good attention and if he jumps to the NFL and doesn't perform well I don't think he can handle that type of attention.