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ESPN "Experts"...……..loose fitting term, indeed! UK in "any" bowl game....NOT! UGA back to Sugar Bowl, again, to play TX, again...…..not in 100 years your ESPN Suits would never go for that; nor Sugar Bowl Reps.
60% Passing plays b/c you have no running game. Hogs gave A&M all they wanted; ain't looking good.....L'ville has to be licking their chops!!
"....that in 8 of the SEC quarters they have played; they were the better team in 5 of them." And THAT Mr. O'Gara is the white elephant on Kroger Field (R I P Commonwealth Stadium). Witnessed it 2 years ago in LEX when they had a sorry UF team on the ropes, saw the very same collapse by the coaching staff this year against UF (had nothing to do with #12QB, he has game) and saw it at MSST last week. The entire staff, Stoops down does not have the ability to adjust a game plan at half; much less in the 4th quarter protecting a lead. You'd think Mark Stoops could glean something, anything on protecting a lead from his brother; one of the BEST at it. Stoops will get a "pass" this year because of the Terry Wilson injury. Which is a lame excuse; but the Bluegrass faithful will drink the Koolaide and take in every "word" from the puppet master Matt Jones to get through the forthcoming Saturday to the next Saturday collapse of the 2019 football season. All the while knowing SALVATION is right around the corner.....Big Blue Madness...…..!!!