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Besides Bryant's opening drive, most of the QB play was subpar. I understand they're not going to show the whole offense, but from what I saw of Robinson and Scott Jr., theres potential. If I understand it correctly, Robinson was practicing for a few weeks before the spring game so the lack of coordination there is understandable. I'll have to rewatch it, but I came away from the spring game with a sense that QB1 will be very effective, and the back ups will be somewhat dubious. I hope to be proven wrong though.
Tennessee and Arkansas are still rebuilding. Tennessee I cant say for sure, but Arkansas will definitely be better than last year. That being said, I dont see either of these games being losses. I'd give us a 70-75% to win. They'll be good, but I'm not sure how good.
We avoided the Bama effect last year. I'm sure yall'll be fine. Lost to Bama and came out to the shellacking of Memphis. Not the same level I know, but dont buy into it too much.
Neither did James Franklin, and look what happened in '13.
He's demonstrated the fact that he's "fixing that". I agreed with the hire, and still do. Pinkel was a special coach. But Odom had 1)Big shoes to fill, and 2) Started in the midst of a crisis on campus. Coming back from that ain't easy.
1. I don't think any of our tight ends have the talent right now to match Albert O, but that's not the end of the world. He's very good, but the remaining depth we have at tight end, barring any further injury, should be more than enough to keep us competitive. 2. David Gibbs was brought in explicitly for this reason. I'm not sure on the numbers, but he was hired for his ability to produce turnover machines. Something I really hope he succeeds at. 3. As of now Rountree is healthy. If he stays that way, fantastic, but we have depth at RB as well. Badie has proven himself to be reliable, and Bakare, what we've seen of him, has been exciting as well. 4. Concerned there as well, though we have a healthy Floyd, who was a decent return man. We'll see. 5. The SEC is putting a major emphasis on proper officiating this season. Don't know why this wasn't a thing before, but hey. Progress. One can hope, but I'll not hold my breath.
The only thing I can disagree with here is the possibility of multiple QB play. Bryant was a godsend because the coaches had no faith in anyone other than QB1. Powell, Wilson, nor Scott Jr. had impressed anyone. Obviously the depth at QB now is favorable, with the addition of Bazelak and Robinson, but Robinson not getting the waiver certainly worries me about Bazelaks eligibility.