Has Deceptive Speed

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I wish we didn't have to react to every clown caller to the Finebaum show as if it reflects an entire fan base. I'm a Bama fan and SEC fan and I think the SEC is the best conference. This doesn't mean I think one of the best players in the country would be a 4th stringer for Bama or the 11th best QB in our league. I think Tua should have won, too, but I'm not outraged that Murray did. He's a great player and it's reasonable to award him the Heisman. His numbers are off the charts and he's a great leader. I tell you what, I'm glad he's not at Auburn.
It's always said that it's unfair to winning team to have a rematch. I don't buy this. How is it unfair to Alabama to have to play a team it already knows how to beat? I realize that there are exceptions (Bama-LSU 15-0 game--I'm too lazy to look up the year and UGA-Aub SECCG last year), but I wonder how many times rematches end with the same team winning. If I'm a Bama fan, the prospect of playing UGA twice doesn't scare me.
Yeah. Could've been a dispute over what caused the A&M meltdown at Auburn.
I'm a fan of Kellen Mond, Kendrick Rogers, Cam Buckley, Davis, Jones, etc.. They're good players. But just because it's not "always" about talent, that doesn't mean it isn't sometimes. Trevor Lawrence and Tee Higgins and Justyn Ross are flat out better players. They're 5 stars or high four stars. And their coaches have been there long enough to build a culture. So leaders like Renfro and even Kelly Bryant can help the young guys along.
What do you mean two programs heading in different directions? This stuff changes week-to-week, but Ole Miss's season is better than Arky's. So Arkansas scored 31 on Bama and hung in with A&M. They still lost. And they lost to N Texas. As for the future, is Morris better than Luke? We don't know that yet. The two teams are ranked 13 and 14 in 2019 rivals recruiting rankings (though, admittedly, Ole Miss has approximately 70 recruits in its class).
This dude is not lacking confidence. He also said to a player, "You know your ring size? You better find out!" Gotta love that attitude.
My, my. How quick Bama fan turns on GMac! He helped win the Tide's first natty under Saban! He isn't even being critical of Alabama here, just expressing an opinion. Don't have such thin skin, Bama fan.