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Nope. They threatened to mandate it, but Florida agreed to play the girl's school before it passed so it never became law.
I am not sold on Daniels. In the four wins at the end of the season only the bowl game featured a team in the top half of the nation in scoring defense. And he only put up 24 points in that game. Presumably Clemson, Florida, Mizzou, Auburn, and Kentucky will all feature scoring defenses in top 40, so it will be a bit of a different challenge for him.
I got married on the idle Saturday before the Florida-Georgia game. Luckily the Gators have been off that weekend ever since, and it took my wife a decade to figure out why I suggested that date (none of my family would have attended otherwise). Best decision I made.
I am glad White decided not to foul at the end of regulation. That is the worst aspect of basketball and would rather lose than have a game turn into a free-throw contest. Not calling the timeout, though, was horrible.
Stetson was 3-0 with a victory over the same Ga Tech team that beat Kentucky.
1. Coral threw that into triple coverage, just terrible. 2. Not having Pitts would be huge. 3. Hope Florida safeties have been practicing their butts off this week. 4. Have a feeling the Gator RBs will get a workout in this one. Florida 30 Arkansas 20
I have nothing but respect for Franks. He gave it his all when he was a Gator and I do think that will be appreciated.
Sadly, there is a chance he will not be cleared for Saturday.
I remember the Florida - Alabama game (pre-Saban) where the Tide left their best receiver in the game after it was way out of hand and he (Protho?) had a career-ending injury. Extremely sad and unnecessary.
I was waiting for the announcers to bring up Bauta at the end of the game Saturday. Guess that is too subtle for Daniels.
I can't believe I am writing this, but the Arkansas game is probably the toughest game remaining on Florida's schedule.
If #4 happens then #5 will not. Florida should be better against the run with Campbell back, and (hopefully) gets decent third-down stops.
126 punishing yards? That's 3.1 yards per carry. Frankly, I would be fine if he does that again as long as Florida can get some third-down stops. Think the Gator D-line will be significantly better with Campbell returning, allowing Carter to move to end.
Dalvin Cook haunts the dreams of Gator fans? Um, no. I know he played for FSU but I honestly don't remember him doing great against Florida. What haunts Gator fans is hiring the likes of Muschamp and McElwain. Now that we have an AD who cares about football that should not happen again.
Ya, I guess they balance out. The Davis ejection really made the pass defense significantly worse, especially with all the other defensive players out.
Atrocious special teams play? You recovered an onside kick in the only significant play.
Right, the key is both starting safeties were out (after the first series) and true freshman Rashad Torrence had to play the rest of the game. This does not excuse Stiner's immobility or the lack of QB pressure, but it should be considered.
The second half where they did not play a team with a winning record?
Probably, but the offense will not be #1, so I see 3-4 losses if this season gets played. The year after, though, could be interesting.
Dark-horse to win East? Nah. I can see them ahead of Tennessee but it would take a minor miracle (or Covid sick-out) for them to be in the top two.
Am fine with the picks except the Kentucky game. Think they will surprise some teams this year, hope it is not Florida (again).
This is the last year Florida will be ranked last. Starting next year the Gators will play (at least) two P5 non-conference games. Strickland really stepped up in the scheduling department. On they other hand maybe FSU will endure a decade-long slump. :)
The aTm team that barely beat the hapless Hogs? Ha.
When you do 3rd down defense rankings, 77th vs 21st sounds massive. But when you look at 38% vs 32%, that's one more 3rd down stop per 24 or so attempts. Is that really going to decide the game? That said, I still get nervous on 3rd down. Come on, Grantham!
I think LSU does win West. However, FSU, aTm, and UGA are too high. Unsurprisingly, I think Florida not being ranked is a mistake. We shall see soon enough.