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Want make any difference if he plays or not!!!! Ga. lines cant deal with Auburn's. No pass rush, no run stop, cant stop Auburn's D, we have 3 more running backs that no one has seen much of. Unless Ga. hires more players.
Have never been embarrassed to be an Auburn fan but tonight I am!!!! Gus is nothing but a HS coach.
this is what has bee worrying me all summer is all this hype and he's not going to be up to SEC caliber play.
Good luck in the future, thanks for your work at Auburn!!!!!
Welcome to Auburn, WDE and good luck for years of success!!!!!!
Praise the lord there is hope for 2017!!!!!!! Good bye Rhett wish you the best!!!!
Carl thanks for your help and support to Auburn thru your time there. Good luck in the NFL
Thanks for staying we will need all the help we can get!!!!!!
While I personally know a couple of the D back field, and no disrespect to them, I hope they can recruit 4 to 8 more so they can rest like the D line. Cause if Auburn keeps this same O plan they will be on the field alot again.
ekinggill88 dont worry Auburn runs it 80 plays a game so he will only throw 10 to 20 times. As I have said its a same to waste such good talent that we will have.
Its a shame that such talent, is being squandered at the hands of Gus and Rhett. If i could ask Gus one question it would be, Why don't you put 2 running backs in the back field so someone might get confused about who's going to get the ball?
I love Auburn but I am not surprised by this and I truly expect many more to follow. I hope I'm wrong, but even a blind man could see this coming.
The Gus Bus has died, like i heard back at the 1st of the season, they looked up how to defend us on google!!!! I have said this many times this year, if Auburn cant throw the ball DOWN the field (25 yards or more) then we are screwed!!!!
Wish him good luck and good bye!!!!!
Why in the world would this kid want to come into this mess? Its like a monkey screwing a football down there with this QB mess and the football is winning.
Well i thought we would have learned from this Qb shuffle (ie, Clemson), but it seems Rett is just as big of a DA as Gus.
You might as well transfer cause Gus is gonna keep running this High School offense until hes retired from High School coaching.
I heard Stan White talking about the Iron Bowl and as he stated" in this game you play even if you are hurt!" Well someone needs to explain to Gus and Rett and Sean that if you loose the Iron Bowl you have a loosing season, no matter what else you have done. WDE!!!
If the Auburn game was played today it would be a different story.
no he lives in Auburn but hes an LSU fan, i think they ought to have him planting pine trees everyday for about 6 months!!!!!
Offense looked great, the defense only gave up real yards when the 2nd and 3rd string was in.
I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with this young man several time when I worked at his dorm, I can honestly say I never in a millions years would have expected this from him.
God please dont bring Paul Rhoads back!!!!!
How about all of the offensive holding from the Bama line!!!!!!
we believe in Gus and his team!!!!!!
Well it helps when the refs dont call holding for a full game, no wonder Henry has had so many yards this year.
how in the hell does A&M get a better bowl than Auburn who just spanked that Aggie ass and set them back to their dorms crying????
I say send them packing, they are getting a 1st class education and want to act like this.