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Im not a big Kiffin fan, but the more I read this article the more I was disgusted....with the author. What an extremely negative and unnecessary column. I don't see anything wrong with giving the younger Briles a chance. As for Johnson, Kiffin simply honored the leg work (no pun intended) that the admin and prior staff had done. Kiffin may or may not have matured, but you might want to look in the mirror first. Not a good article.
And to think none of them have played a down yet...who cares.
Regardless of special teams, no college team can beat any of the pro teams...period. Ridiculous conversation.
I actually think you are right...kiffin going to Lsu and trying to get the qb to go there too.
I was thinking the same thing actually.....and I'm a Tenn grad.
What does "picked to win the east" have to do with anything?? The fact is, if Tenn finishes as the highest ranked SEC team behind Bama, they could very well be selected. The Vols haven't been there since 90 season, so they would travel well. Makes sense to me.
Actually, as of last week Tenn strength of schedule was top 3 in country. It just so happens the meat of it was during first half of year. Minus the terrible loss to SC, and it is terrible, they have done exactly what people expected. I agree the back end helps with the stats. I would expect huge numbers against tenn tech, ky and mizzou.
Agree, but UT defense is pencil thin due to injuries (see stats vs ky).
Mizzou winning at Tenn is more likely than all of these. I wouldnt put them in the 'cupcake' category though.
Makes sense. Both OSU and Mich are playoff contenders. Elimination game.
I hope Lane and Sark stay together. A great 1-2 punch on AND off the field.
SC has yet to win a conference title since they joined the SEC in early 90's. I honestly don't see it happening. Im not trying to be critical either, just realistic.
You really believe you will be in the hunt for a conference championship starting next year? Long way to go in my opinion.
Chandler looks like a good back. Then again, most tapes look impressive. Same goes for Akers, we'll see. I bet on OSU or Fsu.
I agree, its not Dobbs. He has made some big plays, but too inconsistent and didnt show up in some instances. Im not knocking the kid, I just dont see him in the same light as some of the other choices.
Pretty funny. If you need to 'upset' Mizzou you have no business in Atl.
Im more interested to see how Kirby does at Uga in the next year or two. I think Fla wins tomorrow, but they should win. If I were a Uga fan I would be cautiously optimistic. Who knows if Kirby will be successful or not. Do you honestly think he will be more successful than Richt and for as long a period of time? Be careful what you wish for....winning 9 per year with Richt seems pretty good if Kirby falters. Ask Tennessee.
Lots of comments about stuff that doesn't matter. Who cares.
The right fit? I love it when kids think transferring will make things right. Perhaps UT is a good fit, and Williams is the problem.
Nope. Flip the score. I like Fla 31-13.