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14,000 days since UGA's last ship. Mullen taught the fan base how to count. Good distraction from 2 consecutive lopsided loses in Jax and only 1 recruit from state of FL top 10. No 5 stars but they sure can count!
Tulane and Georgia Tech have more SEC championships than USC Jr does(they have 0).
UTk hasn't had a 10 win season in 10 years. Keep trying though!
^retweet. SDS has turned into nothing more than a comments troll-off and crappy click bait articles.
They are building something fierce in Knoxville......brick by brick.
At least you got some halftime dome from your sister as part of halftime adjustments right?
Dynasty. Over. Have fun drying up your tears with your sister's c.u.m. rag
Tough to throw stones in a glasshouse isn't it bamatard
Had that excuse drafted up before the game didn't you bamatard
Cut blocks will be abundant for UGA-GT game. Hopefully no injuires
BamaTime follows his sister's ex boyfriend's trajectory by boning his sister.
Everyone means the someone you included as well. Use your brain Cody!
Red sox and bama? Let me guess you also like Golden State and UConn Women's basketball.' Now run along and google what an ellipses is and report back..........
Everyone knows about the Bama bump. How else do you think they have "won" their trophies. Saban has everyone on payroll.
Would love to see Danny Kanell's stupid face if this happened.
What do you know Bama with another easy schedule while everyone else has landmines everywhere(especially South Carolina and A&M)