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To many chips and dip. Its heartburn. Seriously,don't hurt. Come on! Pick your chin up off the ground vol fan! They didn't exactly walk all over you guys. It was one point and like I always say about one point games,it could have went either way. Some bad coaching calls but hey,it happens.
Couldn't have said it better. Now...I've lived in this football coach hating k-town for 23 years and yes I am a big gamecocks fan,born and raised. With that being said,Knoxville doesn't have a clue what they have in a team and coach. The old saying is,you never know what you got until it's gone and they will see that once again. The vol fans don't have a clue what it's like having to endure many many many crap seasons as a gamecocks fan. That's why you stick by your team and be tried and true to them no matter what.Through wins or losses. That's just the nature of this beast of a game we call college ball. Vol fans,deal with the greatness that you have and grow stronger and tougher together as a fan base. Don't get ready to take heads off just because of two losses. Geeez! With that being said,I don't blame you over the lame kiffin leaving town in the middle of the night cause he didn't want to show face. Much respect coming from a Carolina boy!