Jon Cooper

A regular SEC Football expert who writes about the 14 teams, all the while preparing for an eventual QB challenge with any and all 3rd-string QBs in the SEC.

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I'm sorry, but no chance the officials were able to determine they had viewed any replay angle in a matter of seconds before the QB sneak. Yes, the call may have still stood, but you have to review that play.
So great
Nick Saban is the ultimate control freak. No chance Lane Kiffin made the call. He may have suggested, but Saban made the final call. No doubt about it.
Understand the reasoning, but no chance he knew Jalen Hurts was going to be game-ready that fast. Sure, he knew he was talented, but when the lights come on, some players show up and others don't. Hurts showed up and was the better player.
Chad Morris would be a huge hire for Ole Miss, but I'm just not sure how good of a coach the Rebels can actually hire at this point. Once the NCAA stuff plays out this year, it will be clearer. Nonetheless, Morris would be a great hire. lol at Derek Dooley.
Haha. It's odd that Malzahn is the only coach on the cover.
Wonder why Mizzou just didn't participate? The school makes some cool media stuff on social.
More cowbell or more football?
I tend to agree on this one. The future is a big IF right now for Ole Miss, and I'm not sure how attractive that job is at this current moment with the cloud hanging overhead. All in all, it's a nice program, but considering the now vs. history of the program, it probably should be lower.
I do believe they would (and do). Every job has to be approved by the school's compliance department to avoid this exact reason.
Dupre played in a run-based offense in high school, and he's had QB play at LSU that couldn't get him the football. He could be a hidden gem for sure, but he's going to need to be developed.
I disagree. Etling was a serviceable QB, at least. Harris didn't prove he was even that in three seasons. I'm not saying it won't be an open competition. LSU will have a very good defense and running game, and a decent pocket passer who doesn't turn it over is all the offense may need. Right now, Etling has to be presumed the starter, although Harris will be a factor. How big remains to be seen.
Greg Byrne is arguably the best AD in the country. Big news for Bama to get Byrne.
Texas A&M would have to completely collapse in order for that scenario to take place. At this point, I just don't see that happening. It would take prolonged injuries to Trevor Knight and some defensive stars like Myles Garrett to happen, and even then, Kevin Sumlin would likely get a pass.
Good question. Here they are: 94: Florida, 95: Florida, 07: LSU, 08: Florida, 14: Alabama
No doubt the negative PR was much worse for Tennessee than the settlement number.
"Intricate system" - It sounds like it's bitcoin or something. In all seriousness, it doesn't look like new information at all in this report. Perhaps there's more detail into what he told the NCAA allegedly happened, but that's basically it.
No. You're right. I meant it to mean it will ratchet up. No doubt they will pitch a fit.