I'm a proud graduate of MSU.
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I feel like we'll learn how good of a decision this was this season. But just as a person, I'm a fan of Moorhead.
Before State got Moorhead I was hoping they'd go for Brown.
I'd say 8 is fair with what we know is coming back. Passing game should be better. Can't be worse.
I'm standing by Moorhead for now. Anyone saying he should be fired is just being silly or going on and on about what Mullen would have done with this roster, yadda yadda. He isn't here anymore, it's a pointless thing to say. I'm optimistic for the future and I think you should be too. Defense will still be good. I think the offense will improve (I know, breaking in a new starter, but essentially everyone on the roster has more passing experience than Fitz did when he became starter)
Yeah, there was no excuse for that drop. State should have won that game by at least 2 scores.
That's not a certainty. We're losing some stars but there's plenty of talent coming back and maybe Moorhead will have a QB that fits his system better.
Tough loss. Couldn't get out of our own way against an inferior team. This looked like the team that played LSU, not the one that blew out Ole Piss and Arky. Oh well. On to the next one. Love my team. Hail State!
I agree, I think KT is in the lead currently thanks to his experience.
So State will get to choose from one of three 4 star QBs for next season: Thompson, Mayden, and Schrader. All have tons of potential. I'm excited for this upcoming QB battle.
Lol yup. And looks like we're just fine without him. But hey, maybe you guys will win 4 games next season. Keep your head up.
That was a dumb comment from Robz, but I do feel compelled to say 52-6.
He would be a fantastic fit for State. I doubt it'll happen, but man that'd be awesome.
You guys are slow. He already turned this down.
I'm so sick of hearing about this team. They might as well be an SEC team with how often y'all write about them.
Iowa is #76 in total offense. I'll be surprised if they can get to 9 points.
The Outback bowl match up is appealing if you like defense. First one to 14 wins.
Yeah, that Outback projection sounds about right. The best defense Iowa has played this season is currently ranked #31 in total defense. State is currently #3. They should really struggle to move the ball.
Should be a low scoring one, both defenses are top ten in total defense.
Georgia should have been in, but them vs Texas will be fun.
Yeah I'd be pretty surprised if this actually ends up being a problem.