I'm a senior at MSU and I march with the FMB drumline.
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He's better than Sirmon, the only reason (along with clock mismanagement) that State lost to UK last season.
"Feels like a good time for him to jump ship."You've said that every year I've been on this site.
Ha, yeah, I didn't do too well last week.Mizzou 45, ID 28. Mizzou is a glass cannon.Bama 45, UT 10. Bama is too good.State 35, Kentucky 20. I don't think Kentucky has what it takes, especially at Davis Wade. It might be close early but I think State puts it away late.LSU 38, Ole Miss 17. LSU's defense has a return to form and shuts down Patterson.Auburn 45, Arky 13. Arky gets man handled again.
Yeah they haven't played well since maybe 2015.
Agreed, they're scrappy. If UT doesn't show up again USM could take it.
Agreed. I think if State can go up a couple scores early the game should be ours.
They are in some ways but in other ways I'm not sure, but I've felt that same way about State a few times this season.
I still see 8-4 as pretty likely for State with losses to Bama and the Aggies left on the schedule. The A&M game is winnable though so potentially 9-3.
I think it's fair, I see State winning by around ten. If we played Kentucky right off of getting beat down by Georgia and Auburn I would be worried but we got a bye week and a tune up and it's at home.
A decent game, but Fitz shouldn't be throwing picks against BYU and he absolutely shouldn't throw 2. His passing game really hasn't improved and we won't compete against better teams until it does.
Good insight. I still believe that favors Vanderbilt as they have Ralph Webb, even though he's been much less impressive this season.
I think that was just a down game by Bama tbh. And I do think that overall A&M is very likely the better team, this just feels like one of those weird ones that Florida shouldn't win but will.
Florida already scored 38 in a game this season, though.
Florida has already scored 38 once this season, but yeah I would honestly bring the score down some. I'm still picking Florida to win though.
State 41, BYU 10. BYU is a very bad team, State is coming off a bye. 'Nough said.South Carolina 31, UT 27. This one could go either way but right now I like South Carolina to win it.Auburn 38, LSU 13. LSU beat Florida but Florida might just be bad.Vanderbilt 28, Ole Miss 27. I feel like this one could be close if Vandy musters some defense. If not, Ole Miss will win by at least 10.Florida 38, Texas A&M 31. I agree that this is gonna be a weird one that Florida somehow wins even though I think the Aggies might be the better team.Alabama 52, Arky 10. This has blow out written all over it.Georgia 45, Mizzou 6. That Georgia defense is nasty and Mizzou is weak.
Pretty much exactly how I feel about State's season so far. I think 8-4 is very likely but I wouldn't be surprised by 7-5 or even 5-7 with how inconsistent my Dogs have been.Congrats on the huge win over Arky, I didn't see that coming.
Georgia 41, Vandy 7. The East dogs get yet another easy win.Auburn 45, Ole Miss 10. Ole Miss takes another gut punch and should be over matched all game long.Florida 24, LSU 17. Didn't think I'd predict that but here we are.Arkansas 31, South Carolina 20. Both teams are disappointments but the Hogs are better.Bama 48, Texas A&M 13. I'm still low on the Aggies.Kentucky 27, Mizzou 20. Mizzou might can keep it close but Kentucky is the better team.
Agreed. A lot of the time the play is there but some small mistake shuts it down and leads to a punt (not to take away from what Auburn did, that defense is nasty).I think this break week came at the perfect time and the next four games are definitely winnable, unlike the last two.
Yeah I still see 8-4 for State. Things get a lot more favorable for the Dogs after this rough patch and I think it'll pick up.
Yeah, I thought this might happen. This team just can't compete with elite defenses and the defense wears down too easy. This loss still works with my 8-4 prediction though so I'm not worried.
The old logo is way stronger. The new one looks like something for a high school.
Ha, yep. Maybe we should start getting paid to do this.
Fighting for nothing is my favorite so far
Man that was funny as hell. Good on whoever made it.
Whoops, I skipped Ole Miss and BamaBama 62, Ole Miss 21. That reb defense is not as good as the Dores that Bama ran all over last week. This one should be ugly quick but the reb QB will get his yards and at least three TDs.
Arky 31, NMSU 20 Not sold on Arky's ability to put NMSU away early.Kentucky 28, East Michigan 13. Kentucky comes out slow but puts it away late.LSU 27, Troy 13. Troy is much better than they used to be but LSU has too much talent.Florida 20, Vanderbilt 19. Another heart breaker for the Dores.Texas A&M 35, South Carolina 27. This isn't a compliment to the Aggies, I'm low on both of these teams now.Georgia 42, UT 17. The Vols can't stop the run and that Georgia defense should have another strong outing.State 20, Auburn 17. This one is really difficult. It's damn near impossible to tell where both these teams are now (State blew out LSU but they look awful, Auburn blew out Mizzou but they are awful, etc). It's obvious that Auburn has another great defense but I doubt State comes out looking that unprepared twice in a row. Plus Auburn is an easier place to play than Athens, but you could say that about most places. I think State could have a return to form and squeak out a win here but honestly I don't know what's gonna happen (State could get blown out again, let me go ahead and acknowledge that) so I'm just picking my Dogs and hoping for the best.