I'm a proud graduate of MSU.
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Iowa is #76 in total offense. I'll be surprised if they can get to 9 points.
The Outback bowl match up is appealing if you like defense. First one to 14 wins.
Yeah, that Outback projection sounds about right. The best defense Iowa has played this season is currently ranked #31 in total defense. State is currently #3. They should really struggle to move the ball.
Should be a low scoring one, both defenses are top ten in total defense.
Georgia should have been in, but them vs Texas will be fun.
Yeah I'd be pretty surprised if this actually ends up being a problem.
It's not the biggest bowl but I'm hoping for Music City because it's by far the easiest for me to attend.
And since the record was brought up, let's talk about it. Do yourself a favor and go look at when that Ole Miss lead in the all time series is from. If you're too lazy, I'll just tell you. The 40's to the 60's. Things have been essentially neck and neck since. And the trophy was added in the 20's, so there you go. Ole Miss hasn't been truly relevant (without cheating) since back then so it all makes sense.
Yup, Corral's lil punk self is lucky Braxton Hoyett pulled him out of the fire there.
You know it's bad when all they can do is bring up the all time record.
Love it. I was really hoping they'd plant the flag right on that ugly logo.
HAIL STATE! Could not be more happy. I just wish the officials had noticed that dead play before we had three ejections that never should have happened. The Flagship takes home the Egg, and a Bulldog flag got planted at center field. Fitz is the mayor of Oxford. Happy Thanksgiving, y'all.
I'm still 38-16, was too busy to do any picks last week lol. State 41, Rebearsharks 13. Hail State and GTHOM. Mizzou 35, Arky 17. Kentucky 34, Louisville 20. Clemson 41, South Carolina 20. Georgia 38, Georgia Tech 23. Vandy 28, UT 24. Florida 31, FSU 20. LSU 28, Aggies 17. Bama 45, Auburn 16.
Alabama's young defense has settled down and dialed in. Let's not pretend they played the same against Arkansas that they did against LSU and State.
Them and fantasy football crazies are so annoying. They never shut up.