I'm a senior at MSU and I march with the FMB drumline.
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I appreciate that, rarereasonable. Same to you. I honestly don't know where the comeback in 2016 came from, everything in that game said we should have lost by a lot more than we did. To me it seemed kind of like the ending of the 2014 game when State let LSU bring it close again when it really hadn't been for the rest of the game.
Fitz is improved, the defense should be better, the offense as a whole should be improved (provided that the receivers still don't constantly drop passes), the game is in Starkville, etc etc. I'll have to see the first two games of State's season before I'm truthfully able to make any kind of prediction obviously but right now I don't see why it'd be unreasonable to think State could take it.
This is a move similar to Ole Miss naming every game a bowl game. If it helps, it helps, but I don't think it will.
That makes more sense to me. The win against the Cards was much bigger than the bowl appearance could be.
I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Bama dropped the opener. FSU should be legit. It's gonna be a fun one I think.
It should be another tight one against LSU regardless of how it goes and I don't think any State fan is particularly scared of Georgia (not saying State will win, just that it should be a good game). State and Auburn games tend to be weird so I'm not gonna try calling that one.
Hold on to this commit for dear life. The kicking game has been hurting us for way too long.
The running game and the defense looked strong but like others have said, there's no point in trusting a spring game. The only point of these things is a little fun and for the players to get to play in the stadium in a somewhat game day like environment. I'm not worried about Fitz struggling. If the defense and run game continue to look strong like that I'll be happy.
I would move Arkansas to under Tennessee but other than that, yeah I think you're about spot on for now.
Improved play from the receivers would be huge. Fitz's passing stats would have been a decent amount better had so many catchable passes not been dropped. There's quite a few decent passes I remember being dropped for absolutely no good reason.
Glad to see it. I was one of the MSU faithful that got a little shaken this past season but overall doing anything but giving Mullen an extension is a mistake.
Well, he literally can't be worse than Sirmon.
Yeah they were. I miss the gold on the helmets for the Eggbowl.
Let's see how things go first but it would certainly be nice to have somebody stick around for a little while.
All we need is some defense and there's no way it could be worse this season. The offense should be just fine. The bowl game was sloppy but I'm not worried about it. Even being a "below average" team this past season (and I agree with that) the team was two plays from a 7-5 season. State will be just fine.
Oh man, oh geez. What a burn. We'll never recover.
Looks like we're upgrading the defense staff yet again. A good hire.
I agree that Trump voters are dense but I fail to see what it has to do with football.
Agreed, he's no longer an SEC coach. No reason to hear about him anymore.
Not a flashy class by any means but definitely one we needed. Lots of potential here. Overall a pretty good NSD for State.
Pretty funny, I think. Let the kids have fun with it.
Great pick up. We're having a pretty good day overall.
That had to smart and is gonna fade pretty quickly but it's definitely clever.
I get what you're saying but it probably had more to do with play style.
Here's to a fantastic rookie season for Dak. Time to build on it and go even further next year. Hail State and Let's go Cowboys!
Damn shame that they didn't get the win but Dak played his heart out. 3 TD passes and ran in a two point conversion.