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I'm a proud graduate of MSU.
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No. I do miss having a QB that can pass though.
Dak isn't the problem, horrible coaching and a lack of decent receivers is.
For #9, who is this Fitzpatrick guy? It's almost like this site doesn't proofread.
I'm 25-11 currently. Two rough weeks in a rough thanks to all that craziness in week 7. Kentucky 31, Vandy 17. Bama 49, UT 17. Arky 35, Tulsa 13. Arkansas somewhat looks like an SEC team this week. Somewhat. Kinda. Very tempted to call an upset here, but I won't. Mizzou 35, Memphis 31. Auburn 38, Ole Miss 30. Auburn stops the bleeding but not in an impressive fashion. Game of the week is State and LSU. I like State's chances but LSU looked pretty great last week. Here's hoping State plays power football and doesn't even try to beat that skilled secondary. Unsure of what will happen here, so i'll go with what I want. State 20, LSU 13.
Hopefully State will go with the power running game here. Definitely SHOULD be able to run the ball on the tigers and I doubt Fitz will have any success throwing the ball.
Whoops, I'll fix that in a moment
I'm 22-8 predicting winners. Had my worst week last week going 4-3. Oh well. Florida 28, Vandy 6. Auburn 28, Vols 13. Georgia 31, LSU 20. Bama 56, Mizzou 20. Arky 45, Ole Miss 41. I'm gonna go out on a limb and predict that the wackiness in this series continues and the hogs break the rebearshark's hearts once again.
Never said you weren't correct, State could be a damn good team if they had a passing game to go with the strong run game.
Really wish you could edit comments to fix typos on here...
Man, you just keep repeating that haha. Fitz has thrown some beautiful passes, his problem is he isn't consistent at all. He'll throw a laser then overthrow rhe receiver by 20 yard on the next play. Crazy stuff. Our defense will keep us in every game except against Bama so we've definitely got a shot against LSU, who hasn't exactly been killing it on offense themselves.
Hail State! A very solid win. Let's keep it going, we can beat LSU.
You too, good luck the rest of the way
Hail damn State! Great game. Always love a big win over Auburn.
... Why do you keep mentioning Bama but ignoring the Arkansas game? Lol.
Well, they only scored 24 on Arkansas.
I'm 18-5 overall so far. LSU 24, Florida 16. Mizzou 34, Scar 20. Bama 45, Arky 9. Kentucky 28, Aggies 20. Game of the week for sure. Give me the cats. Georgia 44, Vandy 13. Two teams with great defense and terrible offense. I honestly have no idea what'll happen here. Could be another 3-2 game. I'll just go with what I want to happen since I'm clueless here. State 17, Auburn 14. Ole Miss 45, UL Monroe 31. I think the Warhawks can keep this close for a while.
The defense is legit, just have to fix the offense. It's amazing how quick it dropped off but all the doom and gloom is a little silly, along with calling for Moorhead's job. Give the man at least a season before starting that mess. Hail State!
Nah, that was pretty inappropriate. The University did the right thing.
At least it was their truck instead of their offense.
Welp, this isn't gonna be a fun year. This isn't a top 25 team. Right now, it's not even a good team. Fitz can't beat anyone with his arm. We have to fix the o-line and get a QB that can run Moorhead's system. I don't blame him, this is on the team. Still love my team though. Hail damn State until I die.