You're looking here because I hurt your feelings lmao cope

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Gonna bet a dollar on Vandy, just in case. It won't happen but hey, it's just a dollar lol.
Lmao yeah that explains why most red states are at the bottom of every statistical category in the country.
Man, that's a shame. I really wanted him to come to State instead of Leach.
You're not wrong, Unclenutz. Big game Mullen was definitely a thing.
I don't see much reason to expect much different from last year. I'll be sure to have rum on hand.
Lmao nah I was wrong, your comment sums it up better than the above does.
"Walker won despite a lack of political experience, as well as past accusations of domestic violence and other charges of questionable business successes." That sums this country's politics up right there.
Lmao if this is experienced, I would hate to see what you think an inexperienced player is.
L comment. We shouldn't support a world where people can't be themselves openly.
Agreed, there was no reason to involve them and put people in danger over this.
They've put out a few albums and sell out stadiums but I've never actually met anyone that likes them lmao. Crazy stuff.
You're the most ridiculous person on this site and that is truly saying something
Remember when SDS was suggesting there was a controversy and that Abraham could end up being the starter?
None of them can take a joke at all. It's ridiculous lol and all of them on this site are like that.
Lmao it was a joke Karen, calm down. Why are Bama fans like this
Good thing I've developed enough scar tissue from all the heart break to not feel this lmao
Hope he's okay. It'd be an absolute tragedy for that dude to lay it out like that for his team then get hurt in return. He plays for the wrong team but the dude is a baller, nothing but respect from me for him.
Strong season, Kentucky. Good to see you guys still doing well.
Boring is correct. Obviously if you don't want a team in the championship game, beat them, etc etc yadda yadda. That doesn't mean it's entertaining and doesn't make for a fun game every time, though. Really hard to care about the CFP this year if you aren't a Jawja or Bammer fan. We all knew Michigan and the Bearcats were gonna get boat raced. Just isn't good tv.
Sure, and they obviously deserve to be there, but it just isn't an entertaining match up anymore. Don't care who wins, won't be watching.
Looks like he's probably going to Oregon State. I don't think Leach will last at State past another year or two though so I'm not super concerned with this regardless.
Lmao I'm a dude and I was drumline, homie. Don't be mad just because you never learned how to do anything people actually like. Do you have a crush on me? Sorry, I'm not interested.