I'm a proud graduate of MSU.

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Strange, you'd think it would be added automatically for any Ole Miss folks.
I didn't come up with it but I'll definitely be using it for the next few years lol.
We need to hold on to Arnett for as long as we possibly can.
Is it time for the season to start yet? I'm very ready to see year 2 of Jolly Rogers in Leach's system.
I think Arkansas should be above Ole Miss (but pump the breaks on both of them, I don't see a special season coming for either one). LSU should be higher. I would put State at like, 25 at the highest right now. Definitely has a ton of potential but hype never seems to work out for us very well so I'm not crazy about this.
Says the Arkansas fan. Although I agree this is way too high, I could see State hanging around the 20s this season.
EXACTLY, like geez lol. It's ridiculous how badly they want to be oppressed.
Unless Dak can play defense too, you're incorrect.
Lol poor dude. And again, the world overreacts to something that's harmless.
Solid hire and great move for Gus. He should do well there.
Lol well someone is mad. Sorry to hear you care that much about some randos comments on a football site bud.
It's always the right stomping their lil feet and crying when things don't go their way. Who was it that stormed the capital when their loser lost again? I don't like democrats or liberals either so swing and a miss on that, kiddo. I really hope you're aware there's more to politics than democrats and republicans.
we wuz crusaders!!! Lol such idiots. Christian soldier basically translates to domestic terrorist nowadays.
Lol, you can just say "I have no idea what actually happened last summer" instead of typing all that garbage, cola_cock.
Man, I wish christians were out of favor. That'd be nice for a change.
It's good for a laugh since it'll make the christians mad but I seriously doubt anyone was actually offended by the name. This is a manufactured move to make them look good against calls for a change that weren't actually there.
They had Qanon signs, and no, the FBI does not think that. Some crazy FB groups do.