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Lmao have fun trying it without Corral. Couldn't blow us out with him, certainly won't without him.
Should be a big win for State. Tech is already pretty severely outclassed here, but then there's the old beef with Leach. Makes you wonder if maybe that's why this match up happened.
Getting to six wins in the SEC is an accomplishment and bowl games are always meaningful. It still means plenty.
We have a 12 year long bowl streak. This makes it sound like Leach has us to the first bowl in a while or some nonsense like that.
I'd give a B- overall, mostly because State was picked to go like 4-8 by a lot of folks. State did exceed expectations but still dropped some dumb ones.
Solid hire. He was one of my suggestions for State.
Why are Bama fans such crybabies? Are you all like this? I mean, of course all of you on SDS are for certain.
Uhhh tf, that is NOT the comment I replied to. Ignore this etcjoe, I wasn't trying to reply to you, I was replying to those jokers higher up on the thread and this jank website put it here instead.
Lmao no dog in the fight here, I just think it's hilarious how soft Bama fans are. They get SO MAD so quickly and easily. They'll start crying and bring up the 49-9 score or whatever now, but honestly you see it all over this site. Softer than toilet paper lmaooo
Great game, and another SEC team bowl eligible. Always good to see.
Lmao y'all sure get worked up easily. Stop crying.
I'm surprised he even noticed, figured he'd be busy over there smirking while his players constantly fake injuries.
Exactly. Like, you never know what to expect with this team. Using the Eggbowl as an example, I went into it knowing full well that any outcome was possible, including blowing out the rebs OR them completely stomping State. This team has to find consistency and I feel that's a coaching issue.
We got hosed by the refs at Memphis, the team beat themselves against Arkansas (lost by 3 with 2 missed FGs), then beat themselves again in the Eggbowl (go count the amount of dropped TDs then come back and try to tell me I'm wrong) My big problem with Leach right now is how inconsistent the team has been. They start the season very poorly and seem to dip back to that every now and then. This absolutely could have been a 10 win season, but it wasn't, and it was largely due to the Bulldogs themselves rather than anything opponents did. With how much talent the team has returning next season, we could be in for one hell of a year, but the team has to find some consistency first or we'll just repeat this season again but with the frustrated doubled. Here's hoping for a solid bowl game win. Hail State!
He's proven what he needed to, I'm sure he's already in talks with a blueblood somewhere. Staying another year at OM doesn't really benefit him if he's looking to jump ship like he usually does, especially since he won't have Corall next year.
Absolutely. The receivers didn't uphold their end of the bargain tonight and it ended in a loss. Pretty disappointing.
Lol, good one. We'll think up a good response for next year. Hail State!
Disappointing, especially with all the dropped TDs in the first half lmao but hey, hell of a game rebs. Congrats on your first 10 win season. Let's both win our bowl games and make the state look good. Hail State!
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone but Ole Miss fans! (Kidding, even you guys are included)
Fact? Nah. Just your opinion. And it's fine that you have that opinion, but that's all it is. I've been to games at South Carolina, Alabama, Auburn, etc and I'd still say the best games I've ever been to, with the best environment, were the 2013 Eggbowl and the 2014 Mississippi State vs Auburn game. See? It's subjective.
I don't think a competitor like Corral has lost any legitimacy with anyone.
Agreed, right now I'm thinking State will win to the tune of something like 31-28, but really anything is possible here. I wouldn't be surprised by a blow out in either direction.
Home team usually wins, weather conditions will favor State, and the rebs are banged up. But, the Eggbowl is weird lmao. I think State wins but it's crazy hard to predict this game.
If State closes out the season strong with an Eggbowl win and a bowl win, he should absolutely be a heisman candidate next year.