I'm a proud graduate of MSU.

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4-6 is fair (a Leach time without a Leach roster doesn't spell for greatness lol) but let's not act like anyone has any idea what will happen this season. I'm essentially writing it off regardless just due to all the outside factors. I'll start really digging into things again in the 2021 season.
I have no idea what to expect, but it definitely won't be boring. When I first started seeing Leach's name pop up I didn't like it all, but since then I've read up on him and I have some cautious optimism.
Just a lot of good happening in Mississippi lately. Don't get to say that much.
Good pick up, we definitely need the bodies at the receiver position.
I don't trust his politics at all but the man can coach a team. As long as he doesn't preach any politics on behalf of State, I can ignore it.
I feel dirty rooting for him, but let's go Renegades!
Haven't been this excited for a spring game in quite some time. I might even try to make the trip to Starkville.
He's one hell of a player. I wish we could clone him and have him at State again.
I am a huge fan of this coaching staff. I hope it translates to wins. It'd be awesome if the pirate retired in Starkvegas.
He followed through, said he might get a jersey too lol.
Stevens isn't garbage, he just isn't a starting QB in a P5 conference. He was a fine backup QB. Just didn't need to be starting.
Lol right? It's amazing how many folks on here think they know something the dude making 5 mil doesn't.
Free speech just means the government can't lock you up for saying it. You can still get fired or suspended.
Agreed, it's not a great sign that Hitler was his first thought, regardless of the argument behind it.
Well said. Freedom of speech is not freedom of repercussions. A lot of folks misunderstand that.
I've been looking at his Kennesaw State defenses and honestly, they were surprisingly good. Especially in 2018, then he turned Navy's defense around (they weren't perfect, but they were absolutely better than they were without him). I realize the talent difference is severe but he at least has potential. It's not a splash hire but I don't think it'd be a disaster either.
I wouldn't be upset at keeping Shoop, he's a good coach, but I never thought we were going to anyway. When Leach got hired I figured he'd want to pick someone.
Uhh. He is not a key staff member. He was probably getting replaced anyway.
There's gonna be some growing pains, but after looking into him more I'm honestly not sure a more qualified candidate was available. Dude can coach.
Truly excited to see how this team is gonna change under Leach. I never imagined State would be going air raid, but here we are.
I was against this hire at first, but he has really won me over. That and I actually did some research into his previous teams. This was an incredibly solid hire and I'm excited about football again. Hail State!