I'm a proud graduate of MSU.

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Yeah I'd absolutely love to be wrong about him, but signs but to us being correct. A strong 2020 season would be amazing though.
Oh I know, he's an obvious ole miss troll. I just want to rub it in one good time.
My only response to you tonight: Enjoy that loss, rebel. Really chew on it.
I always suspected he'd be returning for at least another year. Here's to hoping he proves us all wrong.
Nothing like rebel tears to polish off a great Thanksgiving.
HAIL STATE! And go to hell Ole Piss. Nothing like a rivalry win and bowl eligibility to make you feel better about things. Let's beat up on some poor group of 5 team in the Liberty Bowl for funsies.
Kind of a weirdly unpleasant game at times but it's hard to be mad at a 45-7 win, even though it should have been by more. Now let's beat Ole Piss and go bowling.
Really need to hire some editors, guys.
You sure seem upset there fella. Maybe they aren't the snowflakes.
There's a lot of stupid people in the world, unfortunately. There's a bright side though, once global warming tanks the planet none of em will be around to say all this dumb stuff anymore.
I went 6-0 last week to bring my total up to 61-19. Georgia 28, Aggies 20. LSU 59, Arky 13. Tennessee 24, Mizzou 17.
He says the same stuff every time. No point in listening anymore.
I went 4-3 last week to bring my total up to 55-19 (I missed week 10) Cats 20, Vandy 16. Florida 31, Mizzou 17. Bama 41, State 17. I think Bama gets off to a slow start but rolls late and dashes all my hopes and dreams. LSU 42, Ole Piss 20. Aggies 31, Cocks 17. Georgia 24, Auburn 20.
It makes the most sense and the Liberty loves us. We can pretty much bet on it if we go bowling.
No idea. I've seen no critics quieted and I shouldn't see any. Beating an awful team like Arkansas is not a job saving achievement.
I went 2-3 on week 9 bringing my total to 51-16. Got busy and forgot to do predictions for week 10, whoops. Arky 30, WKU 24. Ole Piss 42, New Mexico State 13. South Carolina 28, Appy State 17. Florida 35, Vandy 13. Georgia 42, Mizzou 20. Vols 21, Cats 17. Bama 35, LSU 28.
Good game from Ole Piss, that was much closer than I expected it to be.
I don't like Moorhead anymore, but I'd pick him over Morris any day. No idea why Arkansas hired him. Great win. Let's beat Ole Piss and make a bowl.