I'm a proud graduate of MSU.

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Seems like it would definitely be a better fit for him. I really wanted it to work and I've been a big defender of his, but after the Tennessee loss I think it's time for us to part ways. I still want Bill Clark or Rod Carey as the new coach.
I went 5-2 last week bringing my overall total to 43-12. Florida 28, Cocks 20. Auburn 42, Arky 21. LSU 59, State 31. I don't think State can keep it close with that tissue paper we call a defense, even if the offense plays better. Mizzou 38, Vandy 17. Georgia 31, UK 14. Aggies 34, Rebearsharks 20. Bama 45, Moorhead Slayers 21.
Depending on how much free time the man has, who knows lol. What a weird way to try and insult me. I love talking about my time on the drumline at State.
I think all the State trolls on here are funny (hey Jomo) so no biggie. None of them are particularly good at trolling. I miss the days when people knew how to do it correctly.
I'm happy to see that Shrader is in the starting spot but it's too little too late. The team no longer seems to have any real sort of identity or discipline.
Hopefully manageable so this can end sooner rather than later.
LSU is only favored by 18? Well that's gonna go up.
I'd definitely be down with KT getting some reps at this point. It's not like it can hurt anything. I'm not sure he's still actually on the team, though. I think he may just be on the roster to practice with the team and come in if both Stevens and Shrader get hurt and he'll transfer at the end of the year.
I'm not biased against KT at all. I wouldn't mind seeing him in. I just don't think the result would be all that different. He never showed the greatness in the passing game people keep claiming he did. In 2017, KT completed 48.5% of his passes. In 2018 he completed 46.2% of his passes. In his big claim to fame game against the football giant Stephen F. Austin he had a few TDs, but only completed 41.9% of his passes. So. He doesn't fit your criteria there, bud. Not everything is race related so please don't try and play that card. It's completely irrelevant.
I don't care about history. This Tennessee team is terrible. State should have won easily. We need a successful young coach from a smaller school because we need someone who has proven they can win with 2-3 star players. "Something to prove" isn't a quality you should rely on.
Yeah, Fitz actually ran it better with his limited time. Interesting to see.
Why do you have so much love for KT? It's just weird at this point.
KT can't pass. We'd still have all the same losses with him in at QB. Don't be delusional.
That'd be an interesting one. My number one pick is Bill Clark.
Ahh, I missed your rants. Doesn't feel like gameday without em.
Hey bud, nice you see you back. Been a bit. Do you think your rebels can knock off Mizz?
Inexcusable. State should have stomped Tennessee, yet the team looked completely unprepared as they have time and time again under Moorhead. I don't care that we've only had a season and a half, it's time to move on. My suggestions are Bill Clark from UAB or Rod Carey from Temple. Both are proven head coaches that can win with 2-3 star talent.