You're looking here because I hurt your feelings lmao cope

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I think Lanning is more likely but I wouldn't be shocked. If they want Kiffin, they'll get him. Honestly Kiffin to Oregan and Lanning to Bama makes more sense to me.
Grab Mullen and make the interlocking MSU uniforms the main uniform. We'll be fine again in no time.
After thinking about it for a while, I do. I think Mullen is the best available for State right now. He should have never left and I'm sure he's well aware of that now lol Given he did say of all his coaching jobs, be wants to be associated with Mississippi State. I think he comes back if offered.
I hate that I would like this hire. Also hi, been too busy to be on here recently but wow gonna say it now, incredible how wrong I was about Arnett lmao. Never listen to anything I say ever again.
I get what he's saying, but right across from him is Arnett, who is Hispanic lol.
Early reports are saying Will put on some size over the break and that his arm looks even stronger.
Ehh, they're better than bowties at football games bought with daddy's money.
CMU averaged 445.4 yards a game and 30.5 points per game, good for #35 in the country in total offense in 2021. State was #60. Appalachian State averaged 455.3 yards a game and 34.92 points a game, good for #23 in the country in total offense for 2022. State was #43.
I'm excited to see the new offense. Barbay's teams have been at very least competitive against Power 5 competition with incredibly inferior talent to what he'll have at State, including a 34-24 loss to Miz, scoring 21 on LSU (State only scored 25 against them the same year), a 24-21 win over Wazzu, scoring 61 on the Tarheels, a 17-14 win over Texas A&M that was almost a 24-14 win, etc.
The day I worry about what the media has to say about State is the day you can throw the dirt on me. They're always wrong anyway.
Oh man, I hope Vandy pulls it off lol
Lol yeah, that's what I expected from y'all. One of the most experienced teams in the country bringing back over 80% of production on offense and with a ton of depth on defense being expected to finish last. Hey, it makes coming back here later to laugh at you more fun. Hail State!
Lmao maybe he’ll win a title at tweeting, but I don’t see him being in the running for anything else.
It won't let me reply directly because this site never works properly but this is a reply to Irenaus: There's been people begging for the interlocked MSU to be on the helmets the whole time I've been a State fan (starting in 2013 when I first enrolled lol). And then after we had the script helmets the first time, people started begging for that too. It's been all over places like twitter.
I do believe he likes Starkville. We had all kinds of offers of folks trying to poach him the past three years and yet, here he is, our head coach.
So far, I agree. He was my pick to be next coach regardless, although I was hoping it would be after a happy and healthy retirement for Leach started up.
Happy with everything we've seen from Arnett so far.
It won't let me reply directly but Swedencove, take that conspiracy nonsense and shove it in your manure hole. You're legit a bad person for bringing that garbage here.
Finally. We've been asking for something other than the banner on the helmets for quite a while now. They look great. Now let's get that tiny banner logo off of the jersey and we'll be cooking.
Huge pick up, literally. Arnett is recruiting like crazy right now. We might pick up another four star soon as well.
State just pulled in another four star recruit, Jimothy Lewis.