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I'm a proud graduate of MSU.
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I think they'll steal one from South Carolina, Tennessee or Mizzou. Other than that I agree.
I'd say anywhere from 8-4 to 10-2 is fair. Don't really see 11-1 but you never know.
It's been fun watching you talk big then see your team lose to State the last two years in a row. Plenty of reason to think it extends to three years in a row, but you never know.
Pretty much agreed. If that doesn't happen, it'll be something close to it.
Give me the same record but switch Kansas State and Auburn.
I think the State-Auburn game won't be a blowout this year but I don't feel comfortable making any sort of prediction right now.
Agreed with the folks talking about how awesome it was when State and Ole Miss were both at the top. I hope it's like that again soon. Fun times.
Agreed. Wouldn't be surprised to see it be something like 28-14 State, or 35-14.
Don't get too tired from patting yourself on the back, Dan. Sure, this game will be big, but it won't be the biggest of the year. It won't even be the second biggest. It matters but I see a few on the schedule that matter more.
Stategrad is right, ruff. This is far from the only time they've neglected to cover State events. I suggest State fans just go to For Whom the Cowbell Tolls for write ups on all things MSU.
Yet here I am, not giving them ad revenue. I do like to read about the other SEC teams as well.
You've written more about UCF than you have State's spring game. I remember why I use an ad blocker on this site now.
I love that he's being real and not just throwing praise around. I always hated the way Mullen did it as well, he was just vague all the time. Gave no real detail and would just shrug and make weird noises with his mouth. It's nice to have a coach that actually sounds intelligent.
You were 100% certain. I mean, that's why Dan left when he did, right? Hahaha.
Hey Buster, been a minute since I've seen you on here. Since State's bowl game victory, I believe.
I figured he would be busy golfing since that's about all he does.
Wait I thought State was gonna get destroyed? Hahaha. Great game.
Absolutely. That's three 4 star WRs coming in now I believe.
What obdog said. Really seems like Shoop is a good DC that was in a dumpster fire situation.
Not exciting but I think it's a decent hire. He did well everywhere except UT and there were other factors in play there.
He was reported as the #4 recruiter somewhere. There, mystery solved. That was quick.
Haha, so you're dependent on your rival school to have bowl game entertainment, provided State does lose. I don't think I need to comment on that.
Another solid hire. Really liking what Moorhead is putting together so far.
Good man. Moorhead can do great things with 3 star players.