I'm a proud graduate of MSU.

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I've been looking at his Kennesaw State defenses and honestly, they were surprisingly good. Especially in 2018, then he turned Navy's defense around (they weren't perfect, but they were absolutely better than they were without him). I realize the talent difference is severe but he at least has potential. It's not a splash hire but I don't think it'd be a disaster either.
I wouldn't be upset at keeping Shoop, he's a good coach, but I never thought we were going to anyway. When Leach got hired I figured he'd want to pick someone.
Uhh. He is not a key staff member. He was probably getting replaced anyway.
There's gonna be some growing pains, but after looking into him more I'm honestly not sure a more qualified candidate was available. Dude can coach.
Truly excited to see how this team is gonna change under Leach. I never imagined State would be going air raid, but here we are.
I was against this hire at first, but he has really won me over. That and I actually did some research into his previous teams. This was an incredibly solid hire and I'm excited about football again. Hail State!
I was thinking it was gonna be Grantham, but Sark is a good choice as well. Welcome to Sarkville?
I would like this hire. If he brings a strong staff with him, this could be great. He's always been around winners, you can't tell me he hasn't learned anything in that time.
Depending on the staff he brings, Coach Judge could be a great choice.
I like this hire a lot. Good for you, Mizz.
Oh boy lol you know we're gonna get some A+ memes from this.
Yeah I'd absolutely love to be wrong about him, but signs but to us being correct. A strong 2020 season would be amazing though.
Oh I know, he's an obvious ole miss troll. I just want to rub it in one good time.
My only response to you tonight: Enjoy that loss, rebel. Really chew on it.
I always suspected he'd be returning for at least another year. Here's to hoping he proves us all wrong.
Nothing like rebel tears to polish off a great Thanksgiving.
HAIL STATE! And go to hell Ole Piss. Nothing like a rivalry win and bowl eligibility to make you feel better about things. Let's beat up on some poor group of 5 team in the Liberty Bowl for funsies.