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Missed a week so figuring out my total was confusing BUT I'm currently 38-11 on the year, not counting week 8. Florida 45, Kentucky 17. Vandy 28, Mizzou 21. That's right, I'm getting spicy and picking the Vandy upset here. No, I don't have a good reason. Bama 42, Auburn 21. Aggies 35, LSU 21. Georgia 38, South Carolina 16. Aaaaand State 900, Ole Piss -3. GTHOM.
Didn't notice they were at the same time, that's horrible scheduling. Both should be very entertaining.
It's getting to the point where we might have to get a water boy to suit up
Absolutely this was the best game of the year. If they play like this the rest of the year (if the team has enough players to finish out) then State can definitely win the remaining games.
State only had like 49 players available so yeah, they probably didn't.
Very proud the effort from State tonight. Best game of the season.
Got busy and forgot to do picks last week so my record is the same. State can barely field a team so this game won't exactly be competitive. Other Bulldogs a lot, State very little. Mizz 35, Cocks 28. Arky 31, LSU 21. Bama 38, Kentucky 10. Florida 42, Vandy 17. Auburn 28, Tennessee 21.
Seems like you just want to be racist. Especially since the post didn't mention race at all. In other words, shut up you old racist snowflake.
It's for family health reasons. I don't blame him at all and wish him the best.
I don't get why folks are upset with what Leach is saying here. If you check his record anywhere he's been you see it takes time for him to get pieces in place. Honestly, I think State was going to suck this year regardless of who we hired after all the problems Jomo left. Leach is right, be patient. Better times ahead.
I didn't want Leach but he's a good coach. This season will be rough but expect to see improvement next season.
He's correct. I appreciate that he isn't afraid to hurt some feelings. This team should be very improved next season.
A win is a win is a win. I'll take it. The defense was gassed and patchwork and still put in some work generating all those turnovers. Vandy played a better game, sad to say. They looked like the better team. Gonna be a looooong year from here on out. Oh well. Hail State all day every day.
Last week I went 4-2 bringing my record to 27-10. State 28, Vandy 3. Yeah State has been putrid on offense, but Vandy is horrible on offense AND defense. I think the Dores will be exactly what the doc ordered. If State loses this game, my predictions for State for the rest of the year will be losses. Aggies 28, South Carolina 17. Arky 35, Tennessee 31. Something stupid like that probably. Tough one here buuuuuuut Florida 31, Georgia 28. Dan the Man takes it in a classic.
I think State has the end since the defense is actually pretty good but the offense is bad. Vandy is terrible all around.
I think we'll do okay against Vandy. A win will be great for morale. We'll probably see KJ start again but I think it should be Rogers.
That's all we need right now. Just keep eyes forward and focus on improving. It'll get there.
Maybe we can get one like that State-Auburn game from forever ago that ended 3-2.
State will win 4-3. Yep, two safeties.
Yeah, that was about what I expected. Honestly could have been much worse, I'm still impressed with this defense. Offense is still stalling but there was a little overall improvement I think. The amount of red zone INTs has been crazy, it really has shifted games. Gotta get that fixed. We're headed to better days, but the road will be rough. Just gotta get through it. Hail State!