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I'm a senior at MSU and I march with the FMB drumline.
Recent Comments
State has done better in every statistical category and not just by a little. Let's hope that translates to the field.
Actually, ya'know what, let's up that Auburn score to 28. I like that more.
Good predictions as always, Noble.UT 38, Umass 7.SCAR 28, LA Tech 20. LA Tech is a good team and SCAR just lost a bad one.I agree with your LSU-Syracuse pick.Auburn 21, Mizzou 13. Mizzou's defense is a dumpster fire but so is Auburn's offense lately. I expect an ugly game that nobody feels good about afterward.Bama 27, Dores 13. I wish Vandy could win this but they just don't have the offense to do so.Arky 35, Texas A&M 30. Both of these teams have been disappointing but the Aggies lose this one and Sumlin's seat gets even hotter.UF 20, UK 10. I'm still not sold on the Cats, I think last week will turn out to be a fluke and Florida SOMEHOW finds a way to score and win.State 30, Georgia 23. If State shows up and stays hot, this game goes the way of the West Bulldogs. State cannot have a slow start here as the East Bulldogs are too talented for that and will likely capitalize. Right now I feel like State has by far the most momentum coming into this game and will win in a close one.
God I hate articles like this. Let's just go one game at a time.
I think if Vandy can muster anything on offense, this one might be a little closer than Bama fans will be comfortable with.I see Vandy keeping it tight early but Bama eventually pulling away thanks to Vandy's defense having to be on the field all night, but we'll see.
Right? This site does nothing but heap unwarranted praise in the off season then is the first to say "well that was silly" when the teams get demolished in the regular season.
Simmons is a monster. I'm expecting him to make things complicated for Georgia's freshmen QB.
Agreed, I don't think State's d-line will have that much trouble with Georgia's o-line. State's o-line looked a lil shaky in the first game but since then has looked pretty damn solid, especially against LSU.
You misunderstand me, it wasn't all on Hurts last season or this one. Bama doesn't live or die with Hurts like State did with Fitz last season (although that doesn't seem to be the case for State this season).That and Bama is dripping with five star players while Fitz is throwing and handing the ball of to 2 and 3 star players. Very well developed 2 and 3 star players, but still.
Ehh, it's been a while since I've seen anything impressive from Notre Dame and Wimbush is no Fitz. That being said, I'm expecting one hell of a game. Georgia is obviously loaded with talent but State seems to be better than anyone expected, including myself.
I'm fine with those odds on the State-Georgia game. State blew the doors off LSU but Georgia is also very talented. I'm really looking forward to it.
Hurts does less with more, Fitz does more with less to sum it up.
He's had more yards and more TDs. Since late October, no one has scored more TDs than Fitz in all college football.
Man, these are awesome. I'm gonna be cheering for the Hogs come saturday just because of these.
Hopefully we'll shut them down too. Guice is better than any of their runningbacks.
Etling looks improved against nobody teams. This will be his first real test this year.And this State team looks so much stronger than last year's. This ain't UT Chattanooga.
Absolutely, a lot of fun ones today.
Obviously picking LSU to win is not bold, but by three scores? That's pretty damn bold. The games between the Dogs and the Tigers have all been super close lately and with State's seemingly improved defense and LSU's young o-line I think that trend should continue regardless of the outcome.
They always take stuff out of context on here to get clicks. Nobody should be thinking that about State right now, my Bulldogs have too much left to prove.
55-20.I know for sure it's a fun rivalry. I can't wait for this year's Eggbowl.
Let's pump the brakes and take things one game at a time. We've gotta go 3-0 before any talk like that should start. Hail State!
You framed this like they came out shaken but honestly it just sounds like they had fun.