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Absolutely heartbreaking video of what this young man has been going through. Absolutely fantastic what these football players, and so many others, are doing for him. Man oh man why do children have to go through this? Stay strong young Keaton. You are loved and there are so many people on your side.
Man, not even the government rewards incompetence to that degree.
Good game Butch. Your defense is terrible and you're probably gonna get rolled in your bowl game. Hey Bill Belichick....I'll have some of what you're having. Good night.
That was impressive. Now SC go beat Clemson and all SEC teams win their bowl games.
Dumb thing for Butch to say and Jared's a big ol' ten sandwich eatin' mutha.
It was only 63. Hopefully the Hog's will put up 67+
Yes. You are a troll. How in the world are you not sure of that?
Congratulations on your signature win and bowl eligibility. It took long enough.
Just like they always do. Glad they're in the east.
Tier 2 locked up that beat down. What tier does that make KY?
Despite emoji boy, way to go Dawgs! I guess it wasn't locked up after all.
That just happened! Best game of the day as far as I'm concerned.
How long before the team threatens to protest another game? Seems like where I live all those car flags, door magnets, tiger tails hanging from trunks etc. have been put back into storage. Bandwagon all the way.
HOLY CRAP! Hey Ugafan27/Blkdog4life or whatever your new name is gonna be! How bout the state of Tennessee?! Enjoying suffering those two losses for the next year!
I'm glad he's out of pain. The hardest part of having a pet, or in this case a mascot, is the day you have to let go.