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Congrats to the Gumps for a a great win. Not gonna blame injuries. Not going to blame horrific officiating. Because I'm not a Gump. Just going to tell y'all to go out there and win the whole d a m n thing. Oh, but I will blame Mike Bobo. Who sucks. Who should be fired and replaced by Buster Faulkner.
The ball it the ground and moved, so, by definition, it was not a catch. But go on, if it makes you feel better.
Congrats to Bama on a great win. Amazing. 29 in a row. It had to end some time. I wish it wasn't today, but unlike Gumps and Bucknuts I'm not blaming injuries or refs. I will however blame Mike Bobo.
Congrats on the amazing win, Gumps. Y'all deserved it. We did not. I'm blaming injuries. I'm not blaming the refs. Y'all won. See how that wasn't difficult at all? You guys should try it sometime. For real. AND FIRE MIKE BOBO!!!
Congrats on an amazing win, Gumps. Now go win the whole d a m n thing and get Saban his 8th national title. AND FIRE MIKE BOBO.
Haha. That's what a buncha of your fellow fans have called him this season and I thought it was hilarious in how true (Fat) and not true (Kirby) it is.
Wait, so you’re telling me that Floriduh is keeping Sunbelt Billy, “Fat Kirby,” AND Graham Mertz for 2024??? Did C h r i s t mas come early and no one tell me??? Hahahahahaha!
You'd lose that bet. Not that I'd ever be found anywhere near your trailer park, Fuzzy.
I predated that idiot and I'm still here while he's gone. So no. But nice try, 'turd.
You're a literal piece of s h i t, Chris Wright. You're lying, and you know you're lying, and you don't care. Oh, Georgia could just find a P5 team to replace OU??? You mean the same kind of P5 team that has its schedules planned out A DECADE IN ADVANCE LIKE GEORGIA DOES??? Oh, Georgia could just CHOOSE to keep the OU game on the schedule? When it was the SEC who TOLD THEM TO REMOVE IT??? You lying literal piece of human excrement 'turd f--kboy Matt Vile Libel Hayes wannabe!!!
Ladd McConkey will play in the NFL. MRJS has a good chance to play in the NFL. As does Delp, Lovett, and Thomas. WTF are you smoking?
You just gotta know Ron. Last year I woulda taken offense, but if Ron ain't calling you some truly inappropriate names, then you're not part of the regular crew here.
You gotta admit, Ron. It's hilarious. I mean, Yella Fella can handle it, but it's hilarious.
Takeaway One: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Takeaway Two: The Barn paid out $44M combined in various buyouts to lose to New Mexico State under Huge Sleaze. Takeaway Three: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
There goes that Coach Bobby Hillpel, playing 4D Chess when everyone else is playing checkers. You see, by getting blown out at home by Georgia, again, Tennessee is setting up a recruiting pitch to all the best players to flip to the Vols. "There's only one direction to go at Tennessee: UP! Come play on Rocky Flop, I mean Top!" Always thinking, that Coach Bobby Hillpel. Lose to Georgia today to better position yourself for tomorrow. It's The Hillbilly Way!
Come play for Georgia if you're not a drama queen, and you will excel, you will be well-coached, you will play in important games in contention for conference and national titles, and if you have the talent and internal drive you will be made ready for the NFL. Best recruiting pitch in all of CFB.
So we're not enjoying our historic run because we t r a s h talk rival fans who spend all year running their mouths at us? Make that backwards stupid s h i t make sense for me, someone. Please. LOL. Cope harder, hillbilly!
You'd think a guy with a head that big would have a brain to match.
Yes, Floriduh fans. Please be patient with Sunbelt Billy. Please sign him to a 10-year contract with a guaranteed $75M buyout. Please. Do it.
The hillbillies put their tickets up on the secondary market IN FORCE on Sunday. I expect no less than 35% Georgia fans at Knee-Land. It could even get upwards of 40%. Bobby Hillpel's crew is so down bad that they begged Dolly Parton to show up to keep the hillbillies from selling their remaining tickets to Georgia fans. Not that it matters. Kirby has never lost at Knee-Land, and has been practiced at emptying that stadium of hillbillies by the 4th quarter.
And if his father wasn't missing a pinky finger his mother wouldn't be left unsatisfied, amiright? Hey, before anyone jumps on me, that was literally part of their bogus lawsuit. So it's fair game. And always will be. Forever.
No, they're doing it because Hillbillies have already flooded the secondary market with their tickets for the game. They're bringing in Dolly to get them to pull those tickets back, because Georgia folks have been gobbling them up like Thanksgiving come early!