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As a Dawg all the day long, I hate Floriduh and 'turd Nation the most, that is true. I'm speaking generally, however. The Hillbillies have been effing insufferable all season, and then when they got blown out by Georgia, they just whined about neutral fields and only 14 points when anyone with a brain saw the Dawgs offense move at will on the Hillbilly defense until Kirby took the ball out of the air when the torrential downpour started, and that final Hillbilly TD was the very definition of garbage time. Then they got blown out by Sakerlina and disappeared, refusing to take their medicine. At least own your smack talk and admit your mistakes.
Man, the Hillbillies have been some mouthy b's this year, and have quickly moved up ahead of just about everyone in the SEC for most-hated fanbase.
Bryce Young leaves Bama having not won a National Title. Something no one thought would be possible two years ago.
So because Georgia is awesome this season and the Gumps aren't, Connor is just gonna dawggrade the entire season of college football? If that's not Bama-Bias, I don't know what is.
Suckeyes fans should stick to their Saturday Traditions or whatever and wait for their non-Playoff Rose Bowl Invite.
Why don't Bowers's rushing yards and TDs count? They should. That kid from Notre Dame can't do what Bowers can do.
As good as Anderson is, Jordan Davis was better and won the award for good reason. Anderson is more easily removed from the game, as we saw in the Natty and then this year, than Jordan Davis is. Also, Jordan Davis makes the entire defense better through his presence and play. He stops the inside runs at the point of the attack, he gobbles up blockers to free LBs, and he pushes the pocket up into the QBs face to help the edge rushers and give the secondary players more time in coverage. Jordan Davis was "The Eraser" and better in every way than Will Anderson other than the deceptive stats page. After listening to gwhite's insane and inane rambling about THE STATS!!! you'd think some of y'all here would realize that stats aren't the be-all, end-all in football.
Extremely good column. I rag on SDS for the c r a p, but I'll always acknowledge the good, too. Well written and well said!
Hey, remember when gwhite kept saying that Heupel didn't want to beat Georgia because going 11-1 and not winning the division somehow made his Hillbillies a Playoff lock while going 12-0 and losing in Atlanta would not? Remember that? Good times!
Yep, this is exactly the kind of response I would expect from a Barner. Anything goes in the name of trying to win football games, right Barner?
So now we know you never served. I'm not a Vietman vet. The "Vietnam Era GI Bill" is the version of the GI Bill that went unchanged from the Vietnam Era until the War or Terror when Congress finally updated it to ensure it could begin covering total costs of attending college. If you were able to comprehend basic writing, you'd see where I said I was unlucky to join before 9/11, the basic intention there to say I was within spitting distance of the newer version, but did not get to enjoy that version, even though 9/11 occurred when I served.
Used my Vietnam-Era GI Bill (didn't get the newer versions that cover everything because I was unlucky enough to join before 9/11) to help partially fund my degree from the University of Georgia. Now go say another stupid thing. ;-)
Is his contract void if he harasses and tries to intimidate s e x u a l a s s a u l t v i c t i m s on twitter for months, or is The Auburn Home for Wayward Boys (and Coaches) and Felons okay with that just like Liberty was?
Obviously not, because they did not once reach out to the young woman he harassed in Twitter DMs for months trying to intimidate her into dropping her lawsuit against LU and his buddy the AD. Just Auburn Being Auburn, folks.
The DMs to that girl show me (and anyone with half a brain) that Hugh Freeze didn't learn s--t, and is still the garbage human being I've taken him for a long time.
In those two years he beat Bama, he still found a way to completely biff their seasons, and in one of them get obliterated in the bowl. He's not as good as you think he is. Also, the reason why he was able to get those kids to Ole Miss was because of the insane money his bagmen were dropping. Now that NIL is legal, what is he going to do to get those kids to come play for him when everyone else can do it, too?
Welp, there's goes the less than one day of respect I had for The Barners. When it looked like your Admin was putting the breaks on hiring such a garbage human being, it made me look on the Auburn Home for Wayward Boys and Felons with the barest bit of respect. But you Barners very quickly moved to reinforce your awful nature. Just Auburn Being Auburn.
The question SHOULD BE, "How threatening is Georgia when this young team when an opponent has their full attention?" The answer is, "Extremely. Or, if you don't believe us, ask Oregon, Sakerlina, and Tennessee."
It's absolutely hilarious that y'all aren't firing your awful defensive coordinator. DawgNation thanks you for the automatic "w" in Jacksonville next season!
Well, I have to give The Barn credit here, because given their propensity for being the Home for Wayward Boys and Felons when it comes to players, it's actually kinda refreshing to see pushback on hiring a piece of human garbage like Hugh Freeze. I wonder if Greg Sankey is behind this, though, and not Auburn? He is the one who refused to let Saban hire Freeze as his OC.
You're wrong about LSU. If LSU wins in Atlanta, they go to the Sugar Bowl. The SEC Champion goes to the Sugar Bowl if they're not in the Playoff, period.
Wow. The absolute bitterness from Hillbilly Nation is second only to their constant s--t talk – turned whining and crying about “neutral field!” and “only 14 points!” as far as a look that looks good on no one in that fanbase. Y’all are seriously trending close to Suckeyes fans for the worst fanbase in all of sports.
Hah! Now you’re just speaking in non sequiturs, stupid hillbilly. What point are you trying to make? More whining and crying about how we whipped your a– after all you dummies talked s--t for weeks? I hate that I have to share the Braves with idiots like you.
Our Basketball Arena was modeled after your football stadium? Doesn't seem likely, stupid hillbilly.
I thought all you Vols whined incessantly about "neutral field!" after we beat your a-- in Athens. Well, you didn't beat down Bama. You BARELY won at home. Bama is a better team on a neutral field away from that erector set stadium full of hillbillies. Can't have it both ways, hillbilly.
Bama is a better team than Tennessee, who got Kirb-stomped away from home by Georgia and Sakerlina. Dare I say that Bama would be favored over Tennessee on a... NEUTRAL FIELD!!! Hah! Loser hillbillies.
Is this last year? You said the exact same thing last year. How did that work out for you, you know-nothing idiot?