Corchs Mommy

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Now Corch, if I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times, lay off the fans form Tennessee and Florida. After all, one of them is probably your daddy.
Son, you know I love the Dawgs! Besides, you shouldn’t call someone else a troll when all you do is camp on other teams sites. I thought I taught you better. I mean, I love you Son, but you sure are ignorant.
Now Corch, you know I’ve tried to teach you not to lie. When your not filling up the ketchup and mustard dispensers at McDonald’s you are on this website. If you would spend less time here and concentrate on your job you might move up to the fry basket.
How dare you call your mother a troll. Just wait till your Diddy gets home.
Corch, mind your own business, go to your room and do your homework.
Corch, I thought I told you to quit acting like an A$$ Hole and take the trash out.