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Nah... Georgia is more of a regional school. UF doesn’t have any rivalries with other national brands. They are the only national brand on their schedule.
It’s at least worth pointing out that Winston is a criminal sociopath while Franks is by all accounts a stellar citizen.
There must be some mistake. I’ve been repeatedly told by some very knowledgeable fans that Mullen cannot recruit.
What happens to them is they outperform their recruiting rankings: 2018 Team talent composite: 14 Final AP poll: 7 2019 Talent: 9 Current rank: 6 How about UGA? 2018: Talent: 1 Final AP poll: 7 2019: Talent: 2 Current rank: 5 Kirby Richt!
Fun to watch who comes out of the woodwork to run recruiting interference for our rivals.
Not racist. Just strongly prefers an inferior white quarterback to a vastly superior black quarterback who transferred out due to... wait for it... ...racism.
Fun fact: Georgia Tech has won a championship more recently than Georgia.
We’ve been there before; we’ll be there again. What scares you is that it took you so long to get out from under our boot and you have nothing to show for it. And now, here come the Gators again. It’s a shame I won’t know any of you in twenty years when we’ve won a few more championships, and you guys are 21,000 days and counting...
Yep. We’ve had one year in our history without any five stars on our roster. This year. Enjoy it, I guess. Whatever alleviates the sting of humiliating failure...
Not really. Michigan has won many championships in their great history. Georgia won one championship that is recognized by anyone but Georgia.
I see you’ve found something to focus on other than your last forty years unrealized expectations. Here’s to your next 14,000 days without a championship. I bet UF wins another championship before UGAly does. It’s glorious watching you fail.
It’s true. I went from loving them to hating them with the hurricane stuff a few years back, but no doubt coach O is perfect there and doing a great job.
I’ll never forget the red half of that stadium going almost empty. It was beautiful.
Sanctimonious snowflake football reporting... seems like a good idea...
LSU doesn’t even score in the first half without blatantly holding three times on their first scoring drive. Burrow couldn’t handle the pressure at all. LSU + refs + home crowd is why you lost. But the league office got what they wanted: a #1 versus #2 matchup. I bet the refs throw those flags for holding next week.
Funny, nearly half the Big 12 fits right into the American Athletic Conference talent wise. UCF, Houston, Memphis, Cincinnati, have as much or more talent than the bottom four teams in that league. Only reason Iowa State is power five is because Texas and Oklahoma need teams to beat up on.
It’s true. The Gators get screwed by the refs all the time and no says anything about it. But let us get away with one or two and it’s hands across America for the other team. Even if we’re up 18 when they score a meaningless touchdown on prevent D with two minutes to go, they act like the call decided the game. Sheesh.
Maybe you guys can go hire Jim McElwain. Cockadoodledoo pollitos!
Nothing new here. This is the same fan base that wants hands across America when they get a hurricane but then calls our players cowards when our admin has to cancel a game, the same fan base that got Tebow’s phone number. Bunch of lowlife losers at Louisiana State Community College.
Now where are those half dozen dawgie trolls who live on this site and post incessantly on every single article? Kirby Sharts again!!!! Ha ha ha Richt 2.0
Typical corn dog intellect and attention to detail. Have they fixed their library yet or do students just study at the bar?
That’s an impressive amount of scoring! What kind of defenses have they been playing? Texas ranked #63 scoring D. in total D Utah State #43 Vandy #123 Georgia Southern #115 ...And an 0-4 FCS team that gave up 48 points to the Houston Baptist Huskies. Florida has the #5 scoring defense. It’s easy to put up points on chumps. It’s a whole other ball game when the big boys come to town. Joe Burrow is a clumsy overrated weakling who will get his face smashed in. I smell corn dogs...
We literally had a player ejected a few week ago for touching a player’s chest with his helmet, but this? No foul!! The running back’s head was low, people! What’s the linebacker supposed to do— NOT lower his head even further in order to hit Pierce in the temple with the crown of the helmet? Everyone knows defenders are never responsible to keep their helmet up. Sheesh.
He said it wasn’t dirty. He said he didn’t think it was intentional. He said he doesn’t think he was coached that way. That’s a complete retraction. But some of the geniuses around here need a full I’m sorry I’ll never do it again please forgive me. My god people. Get a life.
Lol, you know he was behind Haskins, right? BTW, have you seen Jalen Hurts play for Oklahoma?
When the Gators beat Auburn, we do the Gator Chomp; and when Auburn beats the Gators, they do the Gator Chomp. Good to know who had the better tradition. It’s not like Gators run around picking their butts and flapping their hands like a dumb eagle or whatever they do up there extrachomosomeberg.
It’s funny to me how proud the corndogs are to be known as a bunch of loud sloppy drunks. No wonder Baton Rouge is such a disgusting hole in the ground.
When Joel Klatt speaks, it is an insult to average intelligence. How do hacks like this get jobs anywhere but selling vacuums door to door is beyond me.