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Maybe you guys can go hire Jim McElwain. Cockadoodledoo pollitos!
Nothing new here. This is the same fan base that wants hands across America when they get a hurricane but then calls our players cowards when our admin has to cancel a game, the same fan base that got Tebow’s phone number. Bunch of lowlife losers at Louisiana State Community College.
Now where are those half dozen dawgie trolls who live on this site and post incessantly on every single article? Kirby Sharts again!!!! Ha ha ha Richt 2.0
Typical corn dog intellect and attention to detail. Have they fixed their library yet or do students just study at the bar?
That’s an impressive amount of scoring! What kind of defenses have they been playing? Texas ranked #63 scoring D. in total D Utah State #43 Vandy #123 Georgia Southern #115 ...And an 0-4 FCS team that gave up 48 points to the Houston Baptist Huskies. Florida has the #5 scoring defense. It’s easy to put up points on chumps. It’s a whole other ball game when the big boys come to town. Joe Burrow is a clumsy overrated weakling who will get his face smashed in. I smell corn dogs...
We literally had a player ejected a few week ago for touching a player’s chest with his helmet, but this? No foul!! The running back’s head was low, people! What’s the linebacker supposed to do— NOT lower his head even further in order to hit Pierce in the temple with the crown of the helmet? Everyone knows defenders are never responsible to keep their helmet up. Sheesh.
He said it wasn’t dirty. He said he didn’t think it was intentional. He said he doesn’t think he was coached that way. That’s a complete retraction. But some of the geniuses around here need a full I’m sorry I’ll never do it again please forgive me. My god people. Get a life.
Lol, you know he was behind Haskins, right? BTW, have you seen Jalen Hurts play for Oklahoma?
When the Gators beat Auburn, we do the Gator Chomp; and when Auburn beats the Gators, they do the Gator Chomp. Good to know who had the better tradition. It’s not like Gators run around picking their butts and flapping their hands like a dumb eagle or whatever they do up there extrachomosomeberg.
It’s funny to me how proud the corndogs are to be known as a bunch of loud sloppy drunks. No wonder Baton Rouge is such a disgusting hole in the ground.
When Joel Klatt speaks, it is an insult to average intelligence. How do hacks like this get jobs anywhere but selling vacuums door to door is beyond me.
Yeah...classy. This is the fan base that is known for spitting on men, women, and children who wear rival jerseys.
Bwahahahaaa! I feel your pain. I stuck up for that dude for three years. Finally threw my shoe at the tv and cursed myself out for being such a dupe. Don’t hire Zook or McElwain. Just take our word for it.
I don’t miss his indignant press conferences: We’re not changing anything. Next question. Look we’ll get it fixed but we don’t have to fix the things you think we have to fix. It’s on me. I won’t make excuses. I don’t do that. It’s hard to win with all these injuries but it is what it is. That’s on me. We just have to play harder. Play calling is NOT the problem. Do you even know what a midline is? But at least he hasn’t constantly humiliated your program with public temper tantrums.
I agree. I love Mike Leach. No worries— FSU only hires slime balls who teach kids to cheat, play dirty, and get away with felonies.
Always looks like he’s going to cry. That third trimester is tough!
His boobs are swollen and his double chin is getting more pronounced. I wonder when he’s expecting.
It’s “you’re.” I’m demoting you to the eighth grade. Speaking of butt hurt, I think Kirby is a pillow biter. He has an estrogen glow to him, like a pregnant lady.
You mean like LSU? Oops! I guess you won’t have to get curb stomped by them again this year. They’re not on your schedule. Maybe you’ll get another chance at the Big12 runner up after Kirby blows it again this year.
Kirby sharted again! Couldn’t close it out. More boneheaded decisions in the clutch and has to hope Notre Dame would just blow, which they did. Florida will play much better than ND. UF owns the leg humpers. 21 of the last 29. Enjoy your two game win streak, moral victories over Bama, and offseason championships. Three more years of this and you’ll be begging them to fire Richt 2.0.
If a UF player did this the headline would read “Gator Takes Cowardly Cheap Shot at Defenseless Player, then Lies About It.” Two hours later, SDS would have another article titled “Florida Coach Dan Mullen Okay with Cheap Shots, Refuses to Suspend Player.” Etc.
I know it’s hard to hear your mom getting banged by a different dude every day while getting no guidance in your life, but you’ll be fifteen soon, Dawgs, and you need to get your act together before you drop out of high school next year. There’s just no money in being a full time troll.
Seminole nation deserves an asterisk— the real Seminole nation is a tribe based in Oklahoma. The college football minstrel show is a bunch of Florida casino owners, a clown school with a football team and their trashy lowlife fan base. I was talking about the latter.
He just wants the FSU job and needs to show the Seminole nation that he is as trashy and unscrupulous as Bobby Bowden and Mickey Andrews. Seriously, no decent person would ever enable that kind of behavior.
Exactly. You’d think they beat us more than once in a generation the way they talk. Garbage program, dishonorable garbage coach, trashy stupid fans, too bad they’re not competitive enough to be considered a rival.
Kash Daniels purposely twisted Trask’s ankle and then lied about it and has been exposed by a new camera angle. Stoops is protecting this trash human being and poor sportsman. Also, he’s accused of worse things than Zach Smith was and by multiple women. There’s no reason Daniels and Stoops shouldn’t get the same scrutiny as Urban Meyer and Zach Smith. Kentucky will always be a national sewer.
“Raises doubts”? “Alleged”?? Did the author watch the video or his he just clumsy with word choice? Or is he being purposely misleading with the headline?