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You are not very smart. ANd why does this article say that 'Nebraska Fan' took to twitter and then show tweets from ESPN, St Louis, Tennessee and the like? This article is stupid, and so are you. GBR!
Don't believe the BS. There were a couple of idiots that called into a radio show after the game and now Husker Nation wants to fire Frost. You people are funny. CORN will dominate college football soon enough. Frost can have all the time he wants. I went to the CU game last week and actually had hope for the first time in 20 years...and nothing has changed. GBR!
This article is stupid. Frost is fine. Team is fine. Husker fan is fine. Young team. Brand new system. An atrocious workethic/culture from 2017. Walk-on fr QB. 7 turnovers and 21 penalties in (2) games. Giving up like 10 3rd and longs...a couple of calls that could have gone either way. And Corn STILL could easily be 2-0. Anybody who actually watched these (2) games knows what this team has. If Martinez comes back healthy next I expect CORN to win out. 2018 B1G Championship is still very likely.