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Recent Comments
These offenses might be similar when playing Tennessee but how well will the Mizzou offense play when against Bama's defense? How well will Bama play against Mizzou's defense? Thats the question.
dont disagree with pollack, seems to have a reasonable argument
it sucks to see anybody get injured and out for the rest of the season. anybody know who will replace them?
well shit... sucks to see 2 key offensive players get hurt for the rest of the season. especially not even half way into the season
Who cares you rebels? Alabama was the better team. He didn't do anything wrong. Quit whining and just accept defeat.
hahahaha its kinda funny how texas fans are this delusional
dont understand herbstreits comment. Is he saying the SEC must surrender to Oregon? Because Tennessee lost to Oregon on the road. Thats like saying if Alabama beats Utah in Tuscaloosa then the Pac-12 must admit defeat to the SEC. C'mon herbie
dont feel to accomplished beating a bottom tier SEC school at home, no offense tennessee
This website is about the SEC and all the schools in it. Whether your team is good or bad. If you are tired of reading about the lack of skill from Mississippi State don't read an article titled "SEC Power Rankings"
does anybody have the original picture that is next to the article title on the right side of the website? the picture is a sign that reads, "Go back to the circus Clowney"
If UGA can play a similar game to the USC game then we should have no trouble beating them. I've never been impressed by Mettenburger, he wasnt good enough to start at UGA. Murray is obviously better. Just depends on how our defense can hold up. Oh and hey william ;)
I think it is safe to say that so far Clowney has not lived up to the hype. But who can? when ESPN and the media talk about you 24/7. that one hit literally sparked a bandwagon of clowney fans. I'm not saying clowney is bad, he is a great college football player- yes. Is he a heisman? No
Remember though, they were going up against one of the best QB's in the country and the best back in college football (said so by herbstreit)
loved this game, especially cause my dawgs won! Hoping gameday will be in Athens week 4 when we play LSU
this is so stupid. tired of the clowney hype, did anybody see him play last week? oh well to be fair he was out like half the game cause he was tired.
I'm appreciate the love Georgia is receiving. Usually UGA is behind the shadow of Alabama or Texas A&M. If UGA starts 4-0 we should definitely be ranked number 1. Although given that Alabama is preseason number 1 and the likelihood of them starting 4-0 is very possible, they would remain number 1. Partly because... well the media loves them and given that they were ranked ahead of us preseason. But Hey, lets just get through week one and i'll be happy. Go Dawgs!
really a half? either dont suspend him or suspend him for at least a game. im just glad its over now
There is no penalizing, it's like trying to rank the best shooters in basketball and taking their defensive skills and stats into account. Like, that was not the category, therefore the stat should not be able to boost you in the standings at that certain category (Wide Receiver). It says best WR's not best WR/RB's.
The article title is top 10 WIDE RECIEVERS of the BCS era. Therefore Harvin's rushing/returning stats should not be taken into account. Yes Harvin was a good wide receiver, but better than AJ Green? No. Green, had about 700 more yards than Harvin and 10 more touchdowns. AJ should be number 1 on this list.He made incredible play after play. He would catch any ball that was within a 20 feet radius.of him Also surprised to not see Alshon Jeffery on this list.
UGA owns the all time record vs Florida, you could very well say the Dawgs own Florida. We Florida. We choke every year? We've won the past 2 years. We lost to an incredibly talented talented Alabama football team by 4 in the final seconds. I would say Clemson is one of our toughest game, just because its away in death valley week 1.
I'm hoping every SEC team will be rooting for the dawgs week 1. Anyway, as a dawg fan I would be content with a season like this, just because a 1 loss season is pretty damn good. A lot of our SEC championship hopes lie in the hands of other teams such as USC and Florida
nevermind i read it wrong, but this list still doesn't seem right to me
how is UGA a 1 in wins over football rivals? we own the all time record in all of our rivals. This list doesn't make any sense