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(nodding) I hear that. Successful Bengals and Tide teams bring glory to the West. I like to watch Alabama prove that the SEC Champ IS the National Champ as they often due. LSU is the definition of talent. That's a fact. Glad to be able to play against the best every season. As for as those Black Bears, we'll deal with those clowns come Thanksgiving.
I don't get it. Someone help me to understand, what does Johnson (QB coach) bring to the table? I get it, when you are talking to a young recruit it helps when they see a similar face on the other side of table. Is this it? If it is, that's fine, I'm good. Let's build the strongest pack of Dawgs we can, but that doesn't explain the way Johnson is hyped. It's not like Johnson helps Mullens with Tebow or could have possibly even had that big of an influence on Dak.
Good point DDawg about random people watching the game who otherwise wouldn't because of it being played on Thanksgiving Day. Up until you said it, I hadn't thought about it.
Brian Johnson is an absolute clown. Help me to understand this, somehow he was a contributor to Dak's success, but what has he done through camps and this fall? Would we really be here, QB wise, if Johnson were the stand out you suggest? The reality is that Johnson is a joke and standing in a spot an actual coach could fill.
Lame. New Jersey is bad enough already. Don't make it worse. PS: Go Lobos.
Garish. Loud. White leather shoes, argyle socks, and bad print polyester pants. Some people think these are character flaws . . . Here at LSU, we call them values. Ideals to aspire to.
Ha ha! Sending you some high fives via the interwebs. Auburn. Just sad.
I hurt your feelings. Did not intend to. Your Gold reference had nothing to do with the Egg Bowl. Good rebound though coming up with that. Yea, so given how often State wears grey, what was your point? . . . Oh, the Rebels thing. Like Civil War grey? 5 bucks says you're a carpet bagger who's come to attend himself a Southern school all the while missing the realities of the state, the region, and its people. How we doing?
I like em too. Looking forward to seeing em in person.
I liked it. You wanna talk 9 year olds? Did you see those LSU uniforms?! How old was the idiot that put that hideous ensemble together?! Tacky, garish, and lacking . . . wait. I take it back. They were perfect for LSU.
First off, you have the best name on this site. Second, . . . that name.
Did you read the article? It mentions similarities betweens the helments we will wear and those of the professional team that plays there . . . the New England Patriots. Is gold a color that the New England Patriots wear? Is silver? Try to keep up Black Bear. And we just wore grey pants last year.
Honoring Joe Pa Pedo is not okay. It will never be okay. Alabama wins and we can all be proud of them because they do it with class. Joe Pa Pedo was willing to do anything and sacrifice anything to win what? Clown ass conferences games? Guy was a class A scumbag. He should never be honored. Call him Joe Pa Pedo.
That's true and a good point Matt. I think Temple has more going on that Cosby though. All Penn State has is raping kids, glorifying those who rape kids, and winning football games against clowns from overrated conferences.