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I think it was clear from the video that Simmons was trying to break up a fight and protect his sister who was being attacked. ipso facto ... 1 game
Simmons case was entirely different , she was NOT his girlfriend
"""Mullen also said the number correspond more to where their locker is located and is open to being changed at this point.""" Not exactly an honor to #36
I dont see any weaknesses on our team.. we will easily win 10 games
what should really be the question is about the NCAA... how could they allow Johnny Football to sell his autograph and only sit out 1/2 of a cupcake game.
Actually, I am impressed with Ole Miss handling of this. Their cooperation was deemed "exemplary" and I think they self reported most of the infractions. The Tunsil stuff will likely be fairly open and shut because it is a specific event and NCAA access to Tunsil is limited. All in all , I say kudos to Ole Miss for how they handled. Case closed. Now, lets play some football.
I dont know what Dan Wolken has against OleMiss. He seems to really get foamy in the mouth when it comes to that school. Personally, I am ready for this issue to get resolved one way or the other so my fan base can concentrate on whats important. Its bad business to be focused on something like this for so long.
I think enough is enough. NCAA has spent 4 yrs investigating. Lets see Ole Miss response in a day or two ,,, let NCAA make its ruling and lets move on and play some football.
Bulldawgs #20 in rankings for 2017 waaay ahead of OleMissus at #51 Just let that sink in a moment...... #51 - I 'd say thats an indication that the NCAA is going to hammer them
The joke was funny. He is right. Dont worry. About it. Not football about. I heard that. Beer is good. Thank you Tom.
its all about coaching at this level and Dan Mullen has proven that he can "coach 'em up" Looking forward to a 10 win season and BCS bowl
Coach Dan Mullen lands a big fish !!!
I predict Dak will go to the Cowboyz and because of Romo's propincity to injury, Dak will get mucho playing time
In the video , Simmons actually appears to try to brake up the fight, then he flips and hits her while she is on the ground. If only he had staid with his fist instinks. I think that is what coach Mullen wants to read in the police report.
You can thank that asshoe journalism professor
#31 recruiting class, Coach Dan can coach em up - he proven that every year. This year we lose maybe 4 games see you at the finish line. and Dan Mullen isnt going anywhere.
He'll be sprinting to the bank after he is selected in the 1st round. I have him going to the Rams as 15th pick -
What I just heard about Turner leaving to take the DLine job at TAMU leaves me speechless !!!! I knew something was up but this confirms it. Yikes.
Yeah, we were 31st, not 38th with 18 signees. Commits for next year already looking good. and Miss St Bulldawgs (#CLANGA) will improve, OLE MISS is headed to sanctions.
Dan Mullen is one of the highest paid coaches in the SEC. He isnt going anywhere.
take a three star like Crouch and coach him up and we'll take that egg bowl trophy back to Starkvegas next year
To face the truth is hard for a fan , especially those dedicated to the Bulldogs. Dak was our promised one and we had two back to back winning seasons. It's hard to draw new players but the ones we get can be coached up.
Big hire ! UCLA always had good defensive scheems under Sirmon. I look forward to watching him bring the swag to MIss St
Well, keep waiting and you will see the big hire coming to Starkville as the new Defensive Cordinator. And yes, of course Dan is not "training" the assistant. I never meant to mean training, it's more like grooming. How else do all the other schools come knocking on the door. And thank you very much for the spelling course,,, you probably majored in spelling at Geogia . Ha Ha --- LOL
I think it's a conplement to Mullen ability to train defensive cordinators. He trains em and other teams swoop in and offer more money and signing bonus to come to there teams. I seen where we going soon hiring a big name thats will shock n awe everybody . And for the record all those other teams wanting coach Dan to come to there school but he keeps telling that he bulldog loyal. I respect that about Dan Mullen.
The main thing is that we get somebody sooner then later. We got big recruits waiting to see who we haul in on the defensive side. This is big time moment what with the top recruits watching