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I get the reasoning. And I don't disagree completely. In face, I might AGREE completely IF the second game wasn't in Atlanta. I think that changes the reasoning. If the second game was in BD, then forget a second win. But it's not, and I think Georgia's offense will continue to get better as the season goes on. Win the first one, and a second game in Atlanta becomes something different.
Leaning on our identity scares me a bit. Thus far, our offensive identity has be inconsistency. So let's hope Stetson continues to get better and we move the ball. I don't know why, but I still have to believe Bama's D is better than we have seen. But lots better than Auburn? Not sure. Keep Bama under 30 and I think the Dawgs win. I definitely think the Georgia defense is capable of that. Let's strap on the pads and let's find out. Get well soon Coach Saban. Here's to an injury-free non-super-spreader game.
Scratching my head on number 2. How could anyone... at any point... say Grantham always finds a way. Not only will Grantham over-coach a talented defense into a quivering pile of confused mush... he will set them back two years in recruiting defensive players. Gators need to fire him NOW while they are still in the recruiting cycle.
Nice, Snob. That's a reference I wasn't expecting when I logged on. I am impressed. More importantly, I agree. I honestly couldn't care less if Saban is not on the sidelines. The season is about winning the SEC and playing for a natty. Besides, if UGA beats Bama, and can get past the Gators (no disrespect intended for the other teams), then it will get another shot at Saban anyway.
Agreed, AFan. I am a bit worried we are starting to see the season crumbling before our eyes. Falcons are down for the count... baseball is about to wrap up... which makes for a long slow winter.
It's a shame -- I was looking forward to this game. Hoping everyone gets well quickly. My hat is off to any player/coach who is doing their best to play this season.
If Bama wins because it has a great offense and a good defense... compared to Georgia's great defense and ok offense. I'm not buying into the pundits' claims that Bama has a Big 12 defense, and I sure hope the Dawgs don't buy into that. Bama will make plays on offense...they're going to score. Georgia can win if its offense proves it is better than average. Until that happens, the edge will always go to our neighbors to the West.
Georgia is going to have to run it better. And while Zeus is a great storyline, and we all love him for the adversity he has had to overcome, I'm just not convinced he is our number one back. I'm not convinced he is our number two back, either. The offensive inconsistency isn't Bennett (although it is understandable why some people may assume that). The inconsistency is in UGA's ability to run the ball. Play calling is partly to blame for that as well.
Nature... I read your posts and I think they have some merit. But you have to remember who is responsible for recruiting those players -- the ones not making the plays. And then drilling them both in passive and active game scenerios to get them ready. We saw the exact same thing at Georgia. The commonality.... Grantham.
I hope Dan Quinn is available for you soon.
Ok, I have to ask this.... WHY IS THAT??? We saw the same thing at Georgia. Grantham's defense digressed from year-to-year. It also digressed as the year wore on. Not only did we not get incrementally better in terms of fundamentals, we actually got worse. It didn't make sense. It has to be the result of weekly insertions... making the defense even more complicated without working on fundamentals.
Certainly not when he was at UGA. Usually our defense was not set and looking around like, "What the heck are we supposed to do?" Grantham is a mess.
Sorry... I don't agree. Anybody watching our league today? What happened to all that tough SEC defense? We look like the Big 12. My point is, outside of its defensive woes, Florida is still a top team and UGA better be ready to play when the time comes. Anyone can lose to anyone (see UGA vs South Carolina).
Well... that's pretty harsh. But trust us, we know your pain. Hang in there. I suspect it won't be long before Grantham is looking for a new defense to confuse.
Zeus played slow today and I was surprised the coaches didn't pick up on that. Slow to the hole. No burst. Milton looked really good. May be the next RB star to emerge. Put some glue on his hands.
Zeus played slow today and I was surprised the coaches didn't pick up on that. Slow to the hole. No burst. Milton looked really good. May be the next RB star to emerge. Put some glue on his hands.
I agree, Boxster. Anyone paying attention can see that UGA, FL, and TN are going to be waging quite a battle for the East in a couple of years.
Except Fulmer isn't the coach. Tennessee needs to win enough to recruit at a high level (which they are). If they do that, they will be in the mix in a couple of years.
I don't think anyone can argue that Tennessee is a much improved team. Vols are definitely on an upward trajectory. UGA fans can relate to the need to beat the right teams. No matter how good the Dawgs are, they will never get full respect until they beat Bama and win a natty. Sucks, but that is just the way it is.
*rolling eyes Geeze... what's the matter? Afraid someone is talking about something besides Tennessee? Diesel, your comment smacks of intense insecurity.
Yep. He does....until they zoom in and you see his calm and his command. And then you see two 300 pounders charging almost untouched and watch him spin on a dime and calmly throw a frozen rope down the sideline. We have two games to make a judgement. So it is fair to say that after two games, he looks like a GREAT story. Will that be the case after four games? No way to know until we play them.
Doesn't Fromm play somewhere else now? I'll have to check, but I think he is no longer on the team. I am a Georgia fan first. Fromm did a lot of great things for the team and last year was not his fault (entirely). I love the guy and the way he competed here. Great leader and great attitude. He's always going to be a DGD. But Bennett is the QB today. So let's watch and see... And cheer for him the way we did for his predecessor. Bennett is the guy now.
LOL... yep. Wasn't long ago that Kirby was refusing to give him reps.
Well reasoned post. I love the story. Not sure if it is real yet. I think the Vols D is probably going to be a better test than Auburn's was. What few people are talking about is that Kearis Jackson has emmerged as a second serious deep threat (along with Pickens). That will change how the Vol D has to scheme. TN will bring pressure so it all boils down to whether they get to him, or he scorches them enough that they stop the pressure.
Well it is true that Stetson is a little guy. So what will that say about Tennessee if they lose to the little guy? Let's meet back here Saturday night and discuss it.
Ummmm...weak? Georgia's Defense? I loved Cade and wish him the very best. But can we please be serious? Posts like this just destroy your credibility.
Thanks for your service, man (if I am reading your name right). The team has bragged about Bennett for a few years now, but I think most of us fans have not completely bought into it. I am still not sure I have bought into it. But I have been super impressed with how controlled he is out there. And certainly a lot more mobile than Fromm who would have taken at least a couple of sacks last week. It's a great story so far. Let's see how that story reads after TN and Bama.
I think Arkansas is much better. Give Pitt a few years to recruit and they might be a serious contender. But talent-wise, Auburn is still much deeper. I think Tigers win handily. No offense to the Hogs... I'm happy for ya.
Thurston was just the third. Bennett is the fourth. Doesn't that make him one Thurston better? Then again, Thurston was rich.
I'm gonna give you some space because you're a Braves fan... so we share at least SOME of the same wardrobe. But I am surprised at the brashness of the UT fans here. The Vols are a much better team. And in this league anybody can beat anybody (see UGA/South Carolina 2019). But I think UT will have its hands full. And when it comes to Bennett, you have to watch his demeanor in the pocket. This kid is cool as a cucumber. I love Cade, but it would be incorrect to think the Dawgs don't still have A TON of talent on the O-Line.