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And honestly, I wonder if a team like Vandy could eventually get voted out in order to make room for one of the above.
The very soft sound you heard was the house of cards that WAS the Alliance falling down.
That's the question. A lot of people who do the analysis say it is almost impossible to create an equitable conference schedule with more than 16 teams. If that is reality, then the SEC would be looking for a maximum of two more schools. And I' e got to think Clemson would definitely be at the top of the list. But it would make sense to add another from Florida just because of the amount of talent there.
Every. single. play. Honestly, he was the luckiest CB I've ever seen.
Ringo has it all. Height, strength, speed, instincts, not afraid of tackling. Kendrick was the seasoned veteran, but there is a reason teams attacked Kendrick the last half of the season as opposed to Ringo.
This would not be a surprise. And they would just be the first two. Oregon and Utah are other possible additions. The final step would be the merger between the SEC and the B1G. The new name will be the SEE...the Screw Everybody Else Conference.
Yeah this is the first peep from SDS about anything Georgia related in more than a week. It's interesting to hear Pruitt's take. We'll see if his theory holds water early on -- the Oregon game will a solid test. It's getting real, fellas: --NBA finals... check --College World Series... check --Softball championships... check --Stanley Cup... check --College Fall Camp... around the corner
*looking at the SDS rulebook How do I vote some of these guys off the island?
I mean the state of Florida has WAY too much talent.
Sorry... Not buying this. Florida has WAY too much talent. If Napier shows he is stable and serious about BUILDING a team instead of TALKING one into existence, then the Gators will be a serious threat in just a few years. Can Gator fans give him that long to build?
I agree. Kind of scratching my head here. It seems like he's writing a story that is only at its beginning.
Man, I've been saying it since SC first announced Beamer as coach. He is going to change the culture AND start winning recruiting battles. Great pickup for the Gamecocks.
First let me say congrats to Ole Miss on a great win. I have some Michigan State friends who say NOBODY at a B1G school would EVER root for another team in their conference. Personally, I love the SEC chants, and always pull for any SEC team playing an out-of-conference game. Of course, the rest of the world hates us for that. In response to that, all I can say is... SEC... SEC...SEC
I think this gets it about right. The offense will get better, crisper. How could it not? They will put a lot of pressure on every defense they play (not to mention their own defense). I like what is happening in the SEC East. Vols, Kentucky, Florida, and South Carolina all headed in an upward trajectory. Not sure about Mizzou yet. Sorry Vandy. Just not sure what to say.
It sounds like the Braves being below .500 until August last year. :-) Just get hot at the right time. Go Rebs.
Yeah. I'm sure. I posted it. So when I said it "would have been great to have him" and "good for the 'Horns," what I mean was it would have been great to have him and good for the horns. Grow up.
That made me start twitching... flashbacks from the Bulldogs under Richt. I agree... a team can have GREAT talent and not win because of the culture created by the coach. Nobody is underestimating Texas. They are making assessments based on the data available. When Texas starts beating top 10 teams, then everyone will stop doubting.
I've seen thoughts above that point out he hasn't signed yet. Or that he'll transfer if Texas does badly, or he doesn't get enough playing time. I think he signs and stays put. From all I've seen, Arch and his family have been pretty measured and solid throughout this process. Quinn Ewers isn't going to be happy about this. Poor kid is just stepped into the middle of a terrible QB controversy. If he doesn't win 10, fans will be calling for Manning all season.
I would have preferred the Original Crunchy Cheetos Bowl. (but that's just me)
Well... pretty sure the first post admitted that it would have been nice to have him at Georgia. And congratulated the Longhorns. Oh... and he will be in the SEC for a couple of years of his college career.
Not a yapper... but maybe golf ball should be added to the list? Would pretty much cover everything. Just trying to be helpful.
Listen... it would have been great if he had chosen Georgia. But honestly, I am just happy the "Arch watch" is over. Good for the 'Horns.
Docgator... I think buy-in is always a big issue with a coaching change. Different styles of coaching. Different lingo. Different processes. Players may have been promised certain things by former coaches (playing time, position change) that the new coaches are not willing to deliver. And then there are just issues like gym time, or personality differences. Most see quality players leave when there is a coaching change. In a way, it is an indicator that the change is having the desired effect.