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FWIW... I think Tennessee is your toughest remaining context. Good thing it is in Kentucky. No oranges or mustard to worry about. (Sorry Vol fans, but somebody has to get a handle on those fans. Police yourselves. Cheering when Corral was injured???? Seriously???)
"Only team that can beat Georgia." LOL... yeah. That's what we're afraid of.
Probably not. I can't imagine he had the spread in his head at that moment. Stoops is a fierce competitor. I think he was focused on proving that they can score two TD's on the Georgia defense. I think it gives UK an edge and confidence moving forward the rest of the year. And let's be honest... it was a drive for the ages! Man oh man. I hated that they pushed the Dawgs D backwards down the field. But good for them. Great drive!
LOL... I never gave it a thought. Good for him. Good for the Cats. No matter what happens on Saturday, you guys know you have a coach that is going to fight for an entire 60 minutes. I like the guy. And I loved the way Kentucky approaches the game. Great team.
No excuses about injuries and "what ifs"... the Gators kicks our butts last year. Georgia is having a good year, but lose one game and the so-called "surge past Florida" is over. It's all sports reporter babble. I don't blame them -- it's their job to write. The sport is richer for both Dawg fans and Gator fans because this rivalry exists. Yin and yang... good and evil. Which is which is only decided by what color shirt we wear on Saturday. :-)
Florida might have won last year regardless - there's no way of knowing. The Florida-Georgia rivalry is among the greatest in the sport. I love the game...I hate the smack-talk by both sides because it distracts from a lot of great conversation that all love this sport. The Cocktail Party is a classic. Florida is a top-four talent-producing state. The Gators will always be in the mix. It is much more difficult for a Kentucky or Tennessee (absolutely no disrespect intended) to maintain the same level because they have to recruit out-of-state.
I think most head coaches (Kirby included) think they are the smartest guy in the room, UNTIL the sport humbles them. The question is whether they can learn or if they refuse and stick to their guns. Saban was humbled and had to change his offensive philosophy. Unfortunately, it took Kirby three years longer to figure it out. As a Georgia fan who has felt the "3rd and Grantham" pain, I just don't get it. For several years I've wondered how a program as esteemed as Florida could keep him around that long. Grantham is a snake oil salesman. Now it looks like he'll drag Mullen down with him.
Nah.... Chaney lost me with Florida's six-play goal line stand against us. I was done. Or was it seven plays? At that point my blood pressure was so high I couldn't count.
I'm out of Anti-Hope Spray. Anyone know where I can pick up some more? Amazon?
You can only win the games you get to play. It is winning the next games that counts -- Florida, Tennessee, and Missouri.
Silly statement. I know this is difficult for some people to figure's pretty advanced math. You see, when a team comes into a game ranked 11th (just as a hypothetical) and then they lose, that previously ranked 11th team will drop in the rankings. I can draw pictures for you if you want -- I know it is a confusing concept. Seriously though... you can say this about EVERY TEAM that has EVER WON a game over a ranked team. Get it? The losing team always drop in the rankings after the loss. If you are trying to say wins over Clemson, Arkansas, Auburn, and Kentucky don't matter, then you just aren't paying attention to college football. How many teams (if any) can you name that have a more impressive slate of wins? The list would be very short.
There is a bigger issue here that Tennessee fans don't get. Everybody is watching them. Recruits are watching them. Recruits' mothers are watching them. Success in college football, especially in the SEC and at the highest levels, is 1/3 coaching, 1/3 culture, and 1/3 recruiting. In 2021, Tennessee finished with the 32nd overall class In 2020 it had the 10th class In 2019 it had the 13th class In 2018 it had the 21st class In 2017 it had the 17th class Who cares what the excuse is? There are bad calls in every game -- especially when spotting a football. True, the league needs to address it. But there are bad calls/spots in every game. Just watch for holding on any given play -- sometimes they call it and sometimes they don't. But Tennessee fans throwing things onto the field and putting people in danger is just a really, REALLY bad look. Every other team suffers bad calls and manages not to endanger people in the stands or on the field. Why the heck to you bring a golf ball to a football game anyway? It is just a really bad look in the middle of a recruiting cycle. Tennessee fans sure make it tough on their team.
Florida and Georgia are fierce competitors, but we have the "heartache of Grantham" in common. I don't get why Grantham is still there. I don't understand how he made it past last season. I feel for you. But honestly, Mullen can't bash his DC in public. There is too much at stake... in particular, every potential recruit in the state of Florida (and elsewhere) who is trying to make their final decision between UF or University X,Y, or Z. Recruits are always watching. And it is important to remember that potential DC's are also watching. Mullen can still make a change in the DC... even before the end of the season. Florida won't be going to a NY6 bowl, so it might make sense to make the change now and get a head start on the pool of DC's out there. But there is one thing he CAN'T do..... HE CAN'T bash his DC in public because Florida's FUTURE DC and all those recruits are watching.
I know the Cats and their fans are disappointed. They aren't out of it, by the way. Georgia still has to beat Florida and Tennessee (and Missouri, no disrespect intended). But there is so much that is still at stake for Kentucky -- namely a NY6 bowl game and A FREAKING TON of positive recruiting exposure. Trust me, there are a lot of potential recruits who just penciled-in Kentucky on their list of possible schools. Success in college football is all about recruiting (i.e. Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State, Clemson, Oklahoma). It is important for UK to look impressive in its remaining games -- recruits are always watching. There is a lot to be playing for.
Bennett is absolutely, unquestionably, without a doubt Georgia's QB1. ...until JT returns.
We've faced some pretty good QB's this year. None created the problem for Georgia's D that Levis did. Kentucky is the real deal -- tough and well-coached. I LOVE that you didn't lay down belly-up at the end. Way to fight for the entire 60 minutes. Iowa lost to Purdue by 17 and will likely drop 5 or 6 spots to 6th or 7th. The Cats lost IN ATHENS by 16 -- you deserve to be in the top 10. I realize that will not happen, but you deserve it.
Shut up, Corch. You're an idiot. Stoops did exactly what a coach should do -- teach his kids to compete until the end. If you don't want to play for the entire 60 minutes, then don't show up. UGA's defense and the entire sideline was all too happy to compete. What are YOU whining about. To Kentucky fans... This jerk does not represent Georgia fans. Great game.
Nahhhh... that won't happen. As always, Florida and Georgia are going to spend 60 minutes punching each other in the mouth. Don't listen to the smack talkers -- the cocktail party will always be a classic. I don't think Gator fans should bank on being taken lightly because that won't happen. Florida is having a tough time. But Florida is still talented.
I think every UGA fan can understand your pain. I just don't get why Grantham is still there.
I guess this gets Orgeron is off the hot seat? Or....?
I hope the polls treat Kentucky fairly. Iowa lost to Purdue by 17 points. I can see them dropping five or six spots. Kentucky lost to #1 ranked Georgia IN ATHENS by 17 points. I honestly think it shows the nation just how good UK is. I know it won't happen, but I think the Cats deserve to stay where they are (11th) or even move up a few places.
Amen. I don't get BigBlue's comment. Having adult discussions about football (rather than 8th grade smack talk) is so much more fun.
Class act. I have really enjoyed the discussion with Cat fans this past week. It's been fun. You guys are the real deal.
You're an idiot, Corch. And definitely not representative of Georgia fans. Lots of respect for the Wildcats. And any fan... of ANY team... that thinks a coach should teach his kids to lay down and quit at the end is a disgrace. And don't give some B.S. reasoning about not wanting anyone to get hurt. You line up and play the game for 60 minutes. Period. Your comment is am embarassment, and not at all representative of any Georgia fan I know.
Kentucky is a very good team. Levis was impressive -- he made a few elite throws, and created a lot more problems than Bo Nix did. I guess the drive at the end frustrated a Dawg fan here or there. I would guess it was very few. I suppose their argument is they didn't want to see anybody hurt. But that is ridiculous. The way to avoid a late game drive like that is to STOP your opponent. Hey, I didn't want the Dawgs to give up a TD either... and if you think it didn't matter, just look at how much energy and emotion there was on the Georgia sideline during all of that. They WANTED to play. Bring it on, baby! Give Kentucky a ton of credit for an incredible drive. It was the first time all year that the Dawgs didn't have their way with their opponent late in the game. I know Kentucky fans are probably disappointed. I hope there is a little consolation for them.