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I would prefer that my football coach shut the hell up about politics/religion etc., and just get to coaching football.
UGA78 - I guess you havent been watching if you say that... maybe you were blinded by Fromms small hands.
Well if Lunardi said the Hogs were one of the last 4 in before this game than you can pencil us right in that spot now. Finally got one of these one point games to go in our favor... should have beat LSU on the road or we would for sure be in.
He already graduated genius - now go back to calling the crappy hogs.
It's not just a minor thing that Leach is a seasoned, veteran WINNING head football coach and SloMo was an overrated OC. It's also a huge distinction that Costello STARTED and balled out while Stevens couldn't crack the starting lineup. I'll throw in a THIRD huge difference, SloMo had a serious and obvious discipline issue - Leach is a notoriously hard discplinarian. I don't personally see how you can really justify your comparisons as legit.
Yeah dude and this ain't SloJoMO either. Tommy Stevens was a career BACK UP while the Stanford QB was starting and breaking records. Leach is not on his first head coaching gig last time I checked either. This is a non-issue thankfully.
The jury is still out on Schrader imo... with that awful offensive scheme SloMo was running it's really hard to tell. AND KT didn't even get a fair shot so they will all be re-evaluated because the last two years tells us nothing. THANK GOD we moved on and hired a real-life, professional football coach!
I had TWO cowbells confiscated at that game in Atlanta AZ... good thing they were burner bells. I still hate Peerless
Former ole pisser with the SMALLEST hands at the Senior Bowl... priceless.
Let's hope he doesn't throw his hands up in the air at the sidelines when plays are called he doesn't like... this coach is not gonna take that crap. He obviously won't get the carries he's gotten in the past with this system so I hope he's got his head on straight this year. Leach will sit him if he doesn't.
There's nothing written in stone that says the offense won't be successful next year dude, but I get it... you're in the negative camp. Glad you're the only one.
Pauwoo Leach will get top 25 recruiting talent here unlike at WSU so I think your theory is bunk but thanks for your coach.
And to think we were talking about freaking Billy Napier and Skip Holz yesterday, HUGE hire and an even better fit.
I agree mstatejunkie and I didnt mean to jump on you, I'm just over and done with the JoMo era. I don't mind the fights (although I think they both should have been suspended), I played up to high school and I was in a fight the first practice after I transferred junior year... saw many of those like you. The problem to me is the overall lack of discipline. I agree they screwed up on the timing, he should have been fired the day after the egg bowl. Cohen needs to have a good hire here but honestly, anybody would be better than Joe Moorhead to me.
Where do I even start?! He cost us at least two games the first year by insisting on throwing the ball and forcing his system on our run-oriented teams AFTER he made big deal about getting freaking ring sizes for players' champ rings he was going to win. He SCREWED KT completely getting Stevens who was not very good at all and alienated the entire team creating split factions. But the elephant in the room is the severe lack of discipline, numerous reports of practice skirmishes, players yelling at coaches on the sidelines, coaches yelling at other coaches on the sideline, Kylin Hill throwing his hands in the air about play calls on national TV. The final straw imo was Moorhead calling out the fanbase after the Ole Piss game - this guy is way over his head. Skip could coach circles around him simply based on his experience. There is that enough?
NOBODY was coming to State because of Joe Moorhead people, jeez... the guy has been a train wreck since the day he walked in the door and started getting players' ring sizes for their national championship/SEC rings. Good riddance... now let's get a real coach.
WTF are you smoking dude? Cohen probably saved his job by firing this bum before he completely ran our program into the ground.
He just let Rudy Gay our ILB play after PUNCHING our starting QB and breaking his orbital bone in Music City Bowl practice... and this after Gay was already suspended for multiple games this year. Kylin Hill repeatedly threw his hands up in the air at the coaches after play calls he didnt agree with on national TV and that is just a couple of instances of a team with NO discipline. GOOD RIDDANCE, bring on Billy Napier.
SPOILED FAN BASE??!! Dude you need to put down the pipe... this is one of the most off-base comments I've ever heard, not sure you are that familiar with our program buscuit. This coach just got done RIPPING the fanbase after squeeking by crappy Ole Piss and wasting a #1 defense in year one. Noone at State is close to being spoiled but your comment seems to be.
As compared to 'super positive morons' who blindly support a crappy coach?
Moorhead was a mistake, I'll give you the rest but it's a huge freaking mistake in my book. Not everyone feels the way you do buddy. This program deserves better.
Who the hell made you guys the blog police?! Joe has been terrible these last two years and if you don't see it you weren't paying attention. I don't support coaches who call out their fan base, lose games against inferior opponents and get players suspended under their watch.
Thank God you are a moron - now go jump in front of a bus troll.
When a coach due to his bonehead decisions costs you 4 wins in less than two seasons they need to go, period. We are all sick and tired of this guy - he's undisciplined, stubborn and in WAY over his head. Tutorgate, treatment of KT, losses due to starting Stevens, sizing everyone for champ rings when he got here, players on social media at halftime... the list goes on and on. This bum wasted a NUMBER ONE scoring defense for us last year - fire him NOW.
Hailz you're nothing but a d--ckhead troll, gtfu outta here.
No he was just the guy who decided to rebrand our logo to look like Michigan State... he can go kick rocks.
If you penciled this one in as a win you are delusional, UT is a dumpster fire.