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When a coach due to his bonehead decisions costs you 4 wins in less than two seasons they need to go, period. We are all sick and tired of this guy - he's undisciplined, stubborn and in WAY over his head. Tutorgate, treatment of KT, losses due to starting Stevens, sizing everyone for champ rings when he got here, players on social media at halftime... the list goes on and on. This bum wasted a NUMBER ONE scoring defense for us last year - fire him NOW.
Hailz you're nothing but a d--ckhead troll, gtfu outta here.
No he was just the guy who decided to rebrand our logo to look like Michigan State... he can go kick rocks.
If you penciled this one in as a win you are delusional, UT is a dumpster fire.
Because he sucks and he's over his head maybe?
Yeah take a hike loser, you'll be lucky to make a scrub bowl game at this point.
So no one asked him about the status of KT? This seems to be an important issue when one hit to Shrader gets us to our FOURTH string QB.
Uhhhh you Gators deserved a big fat L and got lucky... UF is the most overrated team in the country.
Mark my words, Tommy Stevens will be the starter again when healthy... and he's looked better than Schrader when not hurt. I do like the Freshman but we need better against the LSU, Auburn, Bammas of the world.
HailzBullyYall... YOU are the only embarrassment to State on this site and your name makes it worse... sounds like a 3rd grader came up with that. But do keep up the entertainment please, your comments are at least funny while being complete trash.
Ding ding ding, give this man a star... this was just what I was thinking. How in the hell can you write this type of article based on USM and LA Lafayette? I fear this team will get run on easy in the SEC and I wonder how well WE run the ball against Auburn, LSU, Bummer etc.
You can't answer?! Why in the hell can't KT get any respect? He's your starter next week, there I said it.
Couldn't agree more with the post MaroonDawg... we better improve our tackling before we see LSU, Bama, Auburn etc.
We still miss a ton of tackles but I'll take the win. KT just can't get a break, he would have played most of the game but Schrader looked good. SO when did Q move over from the basketball team to play WR Michael?
What are you the blog police dawg44? Enough of that and Coozie is right, our defense might be the worst tackling team in the SEC right now even though we're 2-0 against a couple of cupcakes.
I went to state and so did my mom, dad AND sister - that being said I thought we looked terrible Saturday. I give it a C overall - we couldn't tackle anybody, gave up over 430 yards to ULL and couldn't convert and put the game away in the first half when we were gifted three turnovers in ULL territory. We better step it up before SEC play.
Why is KT NOT listed as the backup? Another article on here has our freshman qb as 2nd string... did KT transfer? I would if I was him, seems like he's gotten the shaft since he's been here. He deserved to play last year when Nick couldnt hit the broad side of a barn throwing the ball. All the kid ever did was perform well when he got the chance. And this post is nothing about race, it's about football!