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Tell me about his building and winning. He's 13-41 against ranked teams. That's among the bottom for active coaches. He wins because he had a pass strong offense in conferences with no concept of defense. LSU and Bama would pick him apart. He's just under .500 at Washington. That's average. He's not a good hire.
Billy Napier could be a good hire. I haven't heard him mentioned much.
Until he plays a good defender in the SEC and gets shut down. Bad choice. His record in Washington is just ok. He talks more than he does. He wouldn't fit here.
Kiffin brings too much baggage. His background we don't need.
Leach had a mediocre record at Washington. He would get owned in the SEC.
Leach is a horrible idea. He will be,at best, an average hire.
Norvell and Campbell haven't shown they can make it in this division, and Kiffin is a hard no. He's a cancer.