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A sign I wouldn't want him on my team.
Game and Bentley looked like the seasoned senior veteran. To be so smart, Dobbs makes some stupid decisions that has cost us wins. Put in Dormandy and fire Debord.
It appears there is a lot of discord among the players and coaches. Hurd won't play because his feelings got hurt when he showboated and lost an easy touchdown . He hasn't been the same since he was reprimanded by coaches in that game. The offensive coordinator is a joke, or should I say, what offensive coordinator. We seem to never land a quality quaterback. Whoever told Dobbs he was a quarterback must have been braindead. He looked like the freshman in the South Carolina
SEC officials are so partial to certain teams. We get a clear helmet to helmet no call. But deliver a hard shoulder legal tackle to a show boat and we get called for targeting.
Texas A M 12th man is a total jerk. It intentionally inflicted a targeting hit on Evan Berry. Warrior paid the A hole back for a terrible no call on Evan Berry. I hope the show boat gets his in the Alabama game. He can dish it out. But can't take it!!!!
Right! Jalen Hurd seemed to be the only player putting forth a great effort to try and win. Hard to get yards or pass down field when the defense plays in your backfield all night. The OL was a disgrace!
Well. As a lifelong Vols fan. I have never seen us go from looking like world beaters against Nortwestern on Jan 1 and have the talent we have to escaping a loss from a Sunbelt conference team a few months later. We were beaten. Just not in the score. I sat in Neyland Stadium and endured the whole embarrassment last night. The defense couldn't stop them and the offense was lucky to execute the plays they did. Am I down on the Vols. Heck ya. No excuses for this .
Same old Tennessee. The whole team played like they were asleep. The play calling was horrible and the execution even worse. They backed into this win and shouldn't be celebrating. But asking themselves where is the team that throttled Northwestern on Jan 1. As a Vol fan, it's embarrassing to watch us get manhandled by a team we were suppose to beat by three touchdowns. We have issues on both sides of the ball. The coaching reminded me of Derek Dooleys days at Tennessee. They get a big fat "F" in my opinion. Embarrassing!