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Right, but it is also impossible to legislate danger out of football without completely changing football. With the targeting, I'm glad they have recognized when the offensive player initiates the hit, otherwise defensive players would have to resort to two hand touch. They are going to call targeting whenever the QB gets hit in the head, no matter if it is by a helmet, arms, or hands. Alabama had one get ejected for hitting the QB's helmet with his arm, so at least they are being consistent. Even if Bama wins in two weeks, LSU fans will blame it on this one call. Even if Tua continues to beat them after halftime. The bigger question is if LSU can make Alabama play Tua in the 4th quarter... haha.
I completely agree, I love it when two teams face each other at full strength, and it removes the "but" excuses. For example, Alabama's National Championship win over Texas will have a "but" after it forever because their QB was knocked out. You have to to have a lot of tin foil to believe the whole country is in Saban's pocket... or even just the refs. Not only do they only have so much control over a game (they can't complete passes), but you have to believe that out of ever ref that has had Alabama over the last ten years is in on it. Oh wait, more than that, because they had to make sure that other teams lost so that Alabama could make it into the Championship after losing to Auburn. So out of the hundreds, if not thousands of people "in on it", not one has spilled the beans. Not one ref has gotten tired of Saban yelling in his ear, and decided to ruin his legacy for good. I know several people who would pay a LOT of money to see Saban removed from coaching. As far as the hit goes, Alabama had one earlier this year where the player barely hit the QB in the helmet with his arm and was ejected. I'm not sure if I agree with it or not... I mean, part of me knows that they are trying to protect the players, and they need to get in the habit of going lower. At the same time, they are also playing football, and not all danger can be avoided. At some point you just have to let them play. People will see what they want to see. As long as they refs are consistent, I don't have a problem with it... and from what I can tell, they have been... for the most part. Targeting is subjective anyway, it's a judgement call. I hate that the LSU player has to sit out for the first half, but those are the rules and he agreed to play by them. The people who the league puts in position to make those calls, made their call... and we have to live with it. I understand the emotion behind the complaint, but it seems more because of who it is and the impact it could have on the Alabama game more than the call.
Yes, and when Alabama lost to Clemson, it was just Saban's way of building suspense for Tua's throw he knew was coming. That's also why he told the refs to let Georgia sack Tua in overtime. These people have to be legitimately insane. You know you are running out of excuses when "the man" starts showing up in football.
Yes, because the refs can control the plays. Sure they can affect the game, but they can't force a team to win/lose. I guess they were playing the long game by not calling a penalty on that sack during the National Championship. They must have been just trying to get more drama, because they had to know Tua would complete a perfect pass to win the game. That's why Bama hasn't lost in the last ten years... right? Wait, how do they decide when Bama should lose? Even though it hurts them in the national race? Do they control the other teams to make them lose so Bama can sneak in as a non-conference champion? Those sneaky refs, making other top 10 teams lose, knowing that a panel of people will select Alabama over a conference champion. Seriously? Does this seem ridiculous to you? It does to everyone else. There is a much more simple reason why Bama continues to win... because they were the better team that day, luck, or the other team screwed up just enough to let Bama win. I cant believe those refs called that A&M ball a touchback just so Clemson and Alabama can play again. Wait... what is your explanation when Alabama doesnt win the Championship? To help keep things under wraps? You would have to be insane to believe all of this.
There is nothing you cant do from a four point stance that you can do from a three. We had trouble blocking the D-line when they brought pressure. With all due respect to your son, maybe don't take the word of a teenager as the "end all, be all". I played O-line as well, and faced plenty of guys who put their other hand down... they were just as fast off the ball. The only thing it slows down is getting your hands up.
Ruggs dropped the first two punts, losing the second. However, it was someone else that dropped the next one... but who it was escapes me right now... Foster maybe?
And you don't think it is one hell of a coincidence that two of the best players in the nation get taken out by one player on separate plays? I don't remember how the other one got hurt, but it wouldnt be the first time a ref didn't call a cheap shot. Landon has a lot more ground to say he was victim of a cheap shot than you have to question it. Same goes for any football player and fan who thinks they know better. Did you find it equally as funny when Urban took losing so hard that he retired from coaching? Or when he put winning above ethics and players? Yeah, me neither...
Do you have any proof that they have EVER tried to hurt anyone, or are you just talking out of your ass?
I mean we all know how big of a name Arkansas and Ole Miss are... even Auburn for that matter. They are no Vanderbilt, but they aren't an Alabama, USC, or Ohio State either.
They don't favor people from big name programs, he just graded out as the best lineman. For other positions it is a judgement call, but for linemen it is their grade that determines who gets it. Their grade is a combination of dozens of factors including competition and performance. Cam Robinson not only graded out as the best in the SEC, but one of the best in the nation. Unless you are saying they should have awarded it to a lesser player because they play at a smaller school, you are off base.
It was an open hand, therefore it cannot be a punch. It was more of a push than anything... regardless of what we call it, I think we can all agree that he was not trying to hurt him, simply trying to get him away. Otherwise it would have been done with a lot more force and would have resulted in a lot more than the fan taking a couple of steps back.