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I immediately thought it was going to be D-Rob going to his 4th team in what seems like his 8 collegiate year. No knock on him, at all. Just saying. He’s got be almost 28?
What??? No, he just recruits studs (unlike uf), has stellar coaches to teach (unlike uf) and wins/competes for meaningful games (unlike uf). uf 2-6 in conference, ouch. 12 mil buyout to dan, ouch. 7 coaches in 21 years, ouch. Being in UGA’s shadow always...Yes Sirrrrrr!
Yes, he did. Saban is THE man! Kirby’s turning out pretty good in his own too.
Ridiculous comment. This happens everywhere. Then usually, when decent schools dismiss necessary players, Auburn is there to snatch them up. Hypocrisy at its finest 108 or is it just jealousy of what y’all don’t have on the field?
No sir. While the state of Florida does produce an abundant “phenomenon” of idiocy, this is another example of juvenile stupidity that happens at all campuses nationwide.
Completely stupid acts by the young man. That being said, SDS may want to include that said weapon was a BB gun. Note condoning at all, but slightly different than an AR, etc.
It’s called superior recruiting. We know it’s not UF’s vocab. Kirby winning 82% percent of his games, 4 SECG, Sugars, Roses and Peach bowls and 2CFP in 6 years. We’re doing alight;)...y’all?
IMO, they should have waited until after next week. End of year, didn’t meet expectations, etc. It looks cleaner for current players returning next year, recruits and families. This could turn into mass portal exodus? Ask UT how much fun that is. Albeit, Heupel did a great job with it and has them trending up. Florida is broken and current AD isn’t going to fix it.
They can’t do better. They are as oblivious to reality as all of the clowns they hire as head coaches. Btw, A LOT of them recently. Sure is nice to have coaching stability (2 last 21 years), win a TON of games, win SEC championships, play in Rose, Sugars, Peach, etc Bowls consistently, make playoffs and know how to recruit!! Go Dawgs
Seriously?! All the Dawgs do is win 82% of the time since Kirby came on board, win the SEC East, win the SEC, make playoffs (plural), finish in top 7 annually, top 3 recruiting annually, etc. Ask any rational (key word) UF fan, would you like to have Kirby or your program in the shape of UGA? Rational persons say hell yeah, in a heartbeat! Enjoy your coaching search...again!
As one Funny Maine likes to say, “struggle win!”
His UF bias and dislike of UGA is so transparent and unprofessional. I always read though to see what level he takes it too. Good for some laughs.
C’mon man! If the Dawgs give up 21 to Mizzou, Kirby and staff will lose their mind on D. I can see another 40-10 IMO. Go Dawgs!
Right. My wife (UT grad) refers to them as “the other UT in that hideous orange.” Lol...
Lol, nope not even close. Dawgs are elite. uT? Irrelevant for 12+ years counting. Btw, mustard and golf balls...really? Stay classy vols.
IMO, don’t think Young is “the best” quite yet. Maybe next year. As I said earlier, Bama just isn’t the same Bama. They don’t have the elite depth and athletes they’ve relied on so heavily to out-play or run the schemes consistently in years past. UGA is loaded and will out-talent Bama, IMO. Best of luck rest of year.
Sorry Tim, but this isn’t the same Bama as years past. Two eyes, common sense and some football IQ can tell you that.
I agree, it is, but also open forum to talk any and all f-ball. I’ve always liked KY helmets and unis. Btw, great fans there. Many awesome times to Lexington for games. On another note entirely, not 1 Dawg named to Lombardi award watch list?!? This may add some serious fuel to a fire within locker room that isn’t needed, but may be appreciated as fans.
Um...Glenn, did you really watch the game? It was an A’whoooopigggnnn’ on all ends. CP is great. We love the dude. #8? No. Give credit (UGA) where it’s due.
I really enjoy glancing through SDS a few minutes daily, but the comments just make me leave quick. Y’all (fans/alums of ALL SEC teams) grow up and keep it to FOOTBALL! Ruining it for the rest of us.
You should be. At 5’8” (he is NOT 5’10”) and not being able to hit water from a boat in the middle of the ocean, leaves a lot to be desired. BIG pro: guy can pass the rock. BIG con: dude shot 22% from 3 and 38% from 2.
So funny how people, Gators especially, talk about Kirby not living up to expectations, etc w/4/5 star talent. NEWS FLASH...only Bama lives up to those insane standards! Does anyone else? No! I’ll take CKS knocking on the door every year since ‘17 with top 10 finishes and top 3 recruiting classes!!! Every other SEC school, besides Bama, would love that (UF, TN,SC,AU,etc).
LT, not right, was “tossed” for targeting/unsportsmanlike play. UGA was out 10 starters. Nice try. We still have enough talent and coaching to SHOW up and win. Y’all?
F’ing MORONS...LSWho, UF, UT, AU, and the rest of the SEC, everyone besides the king (BAMA)...stfu!! “1980” blah, blah, blah...44 wins and 4 top 10 finishes the last 4 years, not to mention the 75% win per year with CRicht prior to Kirby ‘00-‘15! Would any of you trade that for your dismal programs (besides Bama and maybe LSU)? F... no if you’re being honest. Kiss this Dawgs ass you delusional psychopaths!
LSU??? If we are playing the “what if” game, what if UGA/Fla played again with JT Daniels, R LeCounte, J Davis, etc?
Top 8 should be Al, Clemson, OSU, ND, Fl, A&M, Cinci and BYU. Who cares what 9-25 are, really? They ALL have major flaws. Thank gosh for a season !
Son, you spend WAY too much time on this site spewing absolute nonsense. Your handle says it all. My wife is a double major grad from UT and I from UGA. I would never “rub that in” to my wife regarding W & L to opposing school. Get a clue, a life and go love your wife instead of making fun of her. BTW, get a degree from UF first, it’s not hard, before beating your orange and blue chest.
Sad news to hear. Well written. Thoughts/prayers for his family and UK.