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I really enjoy glancing through SDS a few minutes daily, but the comments just make me leave quick. Y’all (fans/alums of ALL SEC teams) grow up and keep it to FOOTBALL! Ruining it for the rest of us.
You should be. At 5’8” (he is NOT 5’10”) and not being able to hit water from a boat in the middle of the ocean, leaves a lot to be desired. BIG pro: guy can pass the rock. BIG con: dude shot 22% from 3 and 38% from 2.
So funny how people, Gators especially, talk about Kirby not living up to expectations, etc w/4/5 star talent. NEWS FLASH...only Bama lives up to those insane standards! Does anyone else? No! I’ll take CKS knocking on the door every year since ‘17 with top 10 finishes and top 3 recruiting classes!!! Every other SEC school, besides Bama, would love that (UF, TN,SC,AU,etc).
LT, not right, was “tossed” for targeting/unsportsmanlike play. UGA was out 10 starters. Nice try. We still have enough talent and coaching to SHOW up and win. Y’all?
F’ing MORONS...LSWho, UF, UT, AU, and the rest of the SEC, everyone besides the king (BAMA)...stfu!! “1980” blah, blah, blah...44 wins and 4 top 10 finishes the last 4 years, not to mention the 75% win per year with CRicht prior to Kirby ‘00-‘15! Would any of you trade that for your dismal programs (besides Bama and maybe LSU)? F... no if you’re being honest. Kiss this Dawgs ass you delusional psychopaths!
LSU??? If we are playing the “what if” game, what if UGA/Fla played again with JT Daniels, R LeCounte, J Davis, etc?
Top 8 should be Al, Clemson, OSU, ND, Fl, A&M, Cinci and BYU. Who cares what 9-25 are, really? They ALL have major flaws. Thank gosh for a season !
Son, you spend WAY too much time on this site spewing absolute nonsense. Your handle says it all. My wife is a double major grad from UT and I from UGA. I would never “rub that in” to my wife regarding W & L to opposing school. Get a clue, a life and go love your wife instead of making fun of her. BTW, get a degree from UF first, it’s not hard, before beating your orange and blue chest.
Sad news to hear. Well written. Thoughts/prayers for his family and UK.
Kirby channeling his best Butch Jones, “want these young men to grow up and be great husbands and fathers.” That’s fine coach, but how about maximizing their 4/5 star talent while you have them there also? Another note, did JT run over Kirby’s dog??
Yes, it's that cesspool and armpit of a city you call Columbia.
UCF already declared themselves next years NC as well. Who needs to win a playoff?? Geez, lol.
What do Lavar Ball and UCF have in common? They're both delusional and don't know when to stfu! Got to go, we have THE game to go play!
Let me dumb it down for you. The "rules" as it stands today, is a committee that votes in 1-4 to play in a playoff for THE national championship. You don't like it? Go get on your soapbox, scream as loud as you can and get it changed. Until then, it is what it is and that is UGA vs Bama. Go Dawgs!
Well then, guess the Dawgs need to proclaim themselves the 2007-2008 national champion. That was the year we got hosed by the BCS and Kirk Herbsreit ("must be a conference champ"). Um, no, just kidding. What happened sucked, but it was what it was! Never going to make everyone happy UCF. The rules are the rules!
Laughable how fans from ut try and give us grief here. Jealousy is a funny thing. Almost as funny as an 0-8 SEC team trying to talk smack to a team in CFPCG! Honestly, do you think this train at UGA that Kirby is building is slowing down soon? Win or lose tomorrow, the proof is right in front of you, even for the delusional vol fans. SIX 5 star recruits heading up the #1 class and a plethora of young returning talent the next few years. An obvious culture change from the Richt years, etc, etc. Congrats on hiring Pruitt, but the man hasn't coached A game as HC yet and ut fans think you've turned the corner? Maybe, but it's a LONG way up from the hole ut is currently in.
Smfh! Sorry UCF, but everyone doesn't get a trophy in the REAL world. Now back to fantasy land, tell Dorothy and the scarecrow hi.
As I've stated in other threads, this whole thing is past absurd. And now, AD White will hang a NC banner at the stadium. What?!?Presented by who? The CFP committee? The AP? The Coaches? Other university presidents and AD's? Nope! The only person who can deliver such a fantastic mythical title, it must be Willy Wonka! This is the only rationale after watching this fantasy world bs. Seriously UCF fans, aren't you getting slightly embarrassed by this? You should be. I'd be hiding under the nearest rock, until this whole clown show blew over, like all the way back to Kansas. Ok Dorothy, I mean UCF. UCF, the place to go where everyone gets a trophy!
Y'all are freaking pathetic. Kirby says the truth and isn't even disrespectful and it's " bulletin board material." Get a clue! Does mighty Bama, he of 4 of the last 9, really need any motivation? Nick talks more crap, in his psycho babble way than all coaches combined, but you see no harm in it?
Amen to all replies above. This Alabama East crap is so overdone! We are Georgia, period.
This whole UCF national champion thing is absurd. Imo, it makes them look ridiculously petty, scorned and delusional. Like it or not, this is the system in place...deal with it Kights!
Don't think so rock, but I do know your boys got slobber knocked in Athens.
Just what I was thinking! Seriously! You think they'd want to separate themselves from Currie as much and asap?!
I agree too, but I hate the "we beat this team that beat or lost to this team." If that's the case, do we scrap UGA/Bama for a UCF/Troy final instead? Yojimbo, win a conference game or six and maybe we will even listen to the vols.