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No Auburn nor Alabama is the center of the Universe but neither school has to be for a broadcaster to do his homework. I do not trust the media even the sports media and have to watch ESPN to see the games but I do not have to turn on the sound.
Well it is ESPN for starters and will leave it at that.
Lose a potential top 10 recruiting class if you fire Pruitt that is what you get and have to start all over again with Coaches who will have to build a relationship with recruits. BYU was a fluke loss but still a loss. When you have Vandy talent it is not going to be a win every game but you were not close to challenging Ga or Fla yet until you get talent there. If you think Fulmer who is not known to any recruits is the answer let him pull the plug. Fulmer was the reason you do not have Greg Schiano and none of this may have happened...
Pruitt has been a National recruiter of the year. This is not going to get fixed in one class it will take two at least and more than likely three good ones. The kids today have no clue who Fulmer is. It will be funny he gets to fire Pruitt and hire himself does he also hire his own AD...
Is he just committed or is he enrolled if not he may end up at Michigan or who knows even Alabama where they will send a record number to the NFL next season for the first round.
Sexton was being Sexton and Saban may not ever have known about it unless a deal was actually put together. He did the same thing with Tuberville and got him a raise almost every year until he lost to Alabama. It is standard Sexton operating procedure and it worked as Saban got a raise and he got several more not sure if due to Saban winning or Sexton. However without winning the 4 and 5th NC it would not have been as large of a raise as he was already the highest paid coach.
It is not Jalen they criticize as much as the way they are using him. If you want him to be a drop back passer you need a offensive line that can block. We have underperformed on the OL at every position although Jonah is playing decent he has had little help on his inside from the guard Center has played well but he had injuries and we had to play others at AU and the entire OL played bad as a result. Jalen if you want to use him as a drop back QB then give him time to throw it. He has completed a lot of passes and he would have won the NC last year if the defense stops them on the last drive but they did not. Alabama has not been dominant as usual with it run game despite having great Skill people at RB and WR you still have to run the ball consistently against the top defenses and your defense has to get off the field on third down. Fix those two before you even talk about Hurts. Yes Tua has a very good arm but Jalen is way more experienced especially in big games. Now if we decided to continue to try to use Jalen as a Tom Brady he will not be as successful. He was the SEC offensive player of the year last year and has probably equaled his numbers from last year. He has improved on his deep passing. Not sure what you want the kid to do but you need to fix the OL before talking about the QB
Worry about AM....not Alabama do not lose sight like Fulmer. We could play twice. Yes Arkansas could give us a game with their style we will see. I will worry about Tennessee when that week gets here. I do not even buy my cigar until game week. lol. If I do not smoke it the first time hopefully I will in Atlanta.
Well we will see how good he is when he goes against a great defense. I honestly think it will be a close game. I am worried about it as much as any we play this year although AM may be tough that remains to be seen. I hope we win and both teams come out healthy but expect it to go down to the last few minutes if not a last minute win for someone.
That is old news she is back with him. Now that may be why he is mad but at least he brings up something that is still happening and that is what they got the extra official to stop.
Nothing but common sense if players cannot sub and play 20 extra plays common sense tells you they have a bigger chance of getting injured. Besides I have never seen a team not get a play off with one second on the clock even a FG. If the clock operator had started the clock early like he did against you the kick six would never have happened. If not for HUNH and the Jordan Hare advantage you would still have a great coach. Other than clock management Miles was a good coach, great recruiter and his team played hard. He just happens to be in the same division with a talented Alabama team and going to lose some.
Besides he may be your coach next year and will play AU every year. He knows that. He was offered the job last year but only turned it down at last second but think he will take it now.
Not talking about Sub rule talking about lineman illegally downfield on a pass. They should not allow lineman at all except on a running play. This is not real football what Clemson and Louisville played. However if it is legal that is different if the defense sees lineman downfield they do leave the WR and go after the QB. It needs to be called every time any team does it even if it is Alabama and we now have a running QB.
SDH did not write that it was the author of the piece he was just quoted.
Got another one coming in this year with about the same level of talent. He will have to redshirt a year to put two years between them but Bama should be loaded. If BB stays he will only get better as well in case we have to use a back up. Future looks bright and we have a great OL class coming in. As well as more studs on defense.
After the debacle the last time they tried to hire Petrino why in the world would he want to go to the SEC West the hardest division in football. He only has to beat FSU and Clemson not much else in the ACC and Clemson not sure if they would be in the ACC Championship or regular season. Louisville can pay big money as well. In fact AU with Malzahn's buyout will have to have Alumni help to pay what they are even paying Gus and that is even if Petrino wanted to come. Herman would be a better choice but he will be getting numerous offers will he stay or go stay tuned. They have an easier schedule t go undefeated but will need help to make playoffs. That is one reason he could leave unless Houston joins the Big 12.
If the QB play is just good the team is loaded. Best WR's and TE's in college. Ridley, Foster who is back is also a 5 star and OJ Howard s a 5 star TE and the RB's are stacked with 5 stars. The OL except center lost a 1st rould pick looks even better but may take a game or two to jell but they have not in the past. Defense will be faster and 1st team will be better than even last year but not quite as much depth. Pass Rush will be formidable. Especially in nickel.
Taylor should have no problem with his DUI his blood alcohol was zero. It seems he was suffering from the effects of a concussion. He was the one who called police after he hit the car. He may have not even recalled hitting two cars. Anyway things look a lot different after the results came in. He kept saying he hit his head so probably had a concussion and was not really sure what happened. That could explain why he could not answer questions. I am sure they did a Blood test as well and since we have heard no results on it then it was probably negative as well. In this case they may need to train the police to look for symptoms of a concussion especially if the BAC Test is done in the field and is zero and the driver is complaining of head injuries.
No such thing as an Academic Problem at AU if you are a starter.
I agree would rather be 2nd or 3rd, historically we have won way more NC's when not ranked Number 1 in the preseason. 2nd we do well and 3rd well but not but I cant recall 1 ranked number 1 wire to wire although we have won a NC ranked preseason 1 and ended up NC but had a loss and dropped in their but that was very rare exception.
This one would rather be 2nd or 3rd. We do win most of our championships when ranked 2nd in Preseason. Not many when ranked 1st. Hell it does not matter what we are ranked now anyway we have to win the SEC to get in the playoff and LSU is loaded except for QB. Same for us but we have a QB just do not know which one yet. LOL. Might have to beat Tennessee 2 times damn it will double my smoking this year if it happens.
My god she picked against Alabama every game last year. Get over it. They sure did not hire her for her looks and damn sure did not because of her brains. Has ESPN just run out of money and anyone can call themselves and analyst. I guess I am one too I forgot more about football than she will ever know. I hope Alabama does not start out Number 1 they do much better when they start out 2nd. If they get good play from the QB they will be as good as last year. Not as much depth on defense but sever 1st round draft picks on this team. It is hard to repeat but Alabama was the last to do it.
Did LSU finally beat AU at home or their officials is more like it. An Ole Miss fan trying to talk trash to a Georgia fan. Has Ole Miss ever played in the SEC CG. I know Georgia has gave Alabama all they wanted before they kicked ND for the NC.
How many games is that so called integrity going to win. Jay Jacobs needs to go to if Gus has a losing season for giving him a raise and extension same he did to Chizik.
Miles better win this year or his quotes will be at another college.
Good old days are over at most schools. Maybe Ole Miss and AU may get a break if not a major felony. The rest of the SEC is pretty bad although LSU players get a break when it goes to trial. FSU is the place to go the cops there will help get you out of trouble.
I do not think this is the 1st time kids have had felony charges with a BB gun but if I recall they were used in a robbery. Not sure which SEC school it was but almost all have had stupid stunts by kids so not going to bust Georgia chops. It will be interesting to see what kind of punishment Kirby gives out in his first test. Saban would likely send them packing but he has a loaded roster.
Speed is hard to improve on. Indy is a slow track but when you finish near the bottom of all WR's it is not good with, his off the field issues. He could end up a FA if news he hit two different coaches at AU. Well one of them in no longer at AU but he was when he hit him.
He may have banged somebody's daughter but it was not Saban's or he would not still be coaching. This has been in the works for at least a year. She filed the papers the day after he got his last paycheck from Southen Cal which was in December of 2015 or 1st week in Jan. 2016. Now he just has the close to 2 million a year the Bama job pays so she actually cut him some slack.
Eli's reaction really does not matter. Peyton did little to win the game it was Denver's defense that won the game. Peyton could barely throw the ball but did just enough. It was not easy to watch him but it was easy to watch Superman meet his Kryptonite and then not have the manhood to speak to the press.