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It's that time of year that you can count on a few things: Time change, pumpkin spice latte, cooler temps, Christmas shopping season begins, and the annual "Dan Mullen is leaving for... " rumor mill.
For those interested in that hard to find, one of a kind item...
One of the unintended byproducts of hiring him was the allergic reactions he gets from Ole Miss fans.
Notable that this was his first joke of his 1,243 year career.
Once again it's time for the "LSU will be top 5" stuff. They should schedule daylight savings time around these each year
I'm assuming he got a bed, 3 squares, and a diploma.
'Reckon he'll still get picked for the draft after "getting picked" today, Nick? lol
Remove Alabama and you have the "The most likely to be over rated " list. At least the remaining top 4 or so lol
Not sure about crossroads. I think he is drawing what the Browns have left to pay him before they ship him back home.
IMO #1 led to the lack of a run game and could fix #2. I agree on all points but the offensive front stood out to me all year as an area that needs help. Having Prescott was a huge band-aid to that dilemma.
I'm afraid they are going to look like ants! lol But I'd still love to be a part of it.
Not like he really needs to save his self for next year..