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Butch Jones was never going to be the Alpha Wolf (or Wuff as he said) at anything. For starters, he's not a wolf. A wolf can turn into alpha. But a goat can't turn into a wolf. Pruitt by contrast gives every indication that he is a wolf. Danielson is correct. Tennessee was weak under Jones. It will take some time, but we should see indications even in year 1 of the changes that are being made.
Oh, so you're telling me it's hearsay then. Thanks for clearing that up.
It's a good thing Aaron Murray is such a seasoned, respected SEC Championship winning QB with years of NFL experience. Otherwise he'd be just another wannabe former QB tossing an outrageous statement out trying to get himself noticed above other former SEC QBs who aren't good enough to be NFL quarterbacks.
So let me see if I've got this straight. The kid who wasn't cut out to be an NFL quarterback is going to tell me why Jeremy Pruitt isn't cut out to be a head coach? I'll say this, Pruitt has been a part of more championships than Murray has.
Hurd had no situational awareness in that one play at Georgia in 2016. He was lollygagging his way to the endzone and he got BLASTED at the goal line. He has no one to blame but himself for that hit. (By the way, he didn’t announce he was leaving UT until 4 weeks AFTER that Georgia game.) If Jalen Hurd finishes the season with UT (even if he’s injured), THEN announces his decision, no one can call him a quitter. He chose to leave mid-season and thereby opened himself to the question. This part is 100% on him. That being said, I can’t blame him for fleeing from Jones. How many times did we see Hurd handed the ball and never given a lead blocker, instead facing all defenders on his own? Also, Hurd was sent back into that Georgia game on a KICKOFF even AFTER he got blasted. Bad coaches destroy great players. That’s precisely what Jones was doing to Hurd. I do wish him the best at Baylor in this final season. It would not surprise me a bit if he goes on to be a great WR thus proving again what a dolt Jones was/is.
Maybe he's trying to become a Congressional Intern? I predict that no good can come from touching anything related to the Resilient One in your campaign ad.
Looks like everyone came out okay in that deal to me. Thompson didn't lose $30M. Good thing too, because Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (starring Johnny Depp) was a total bust, with Martin Scorsese and Oliver Stone both having worked with the film and walking away, and the film being a bust with a budget of $18.5M and a box office of only $13.7M. Would it be fair to call that movie the Ryan Leaf of movies for 1998? Manning led the Colts out of 3-13's into a Super Bowl win and numerous MVP awards. It must be the doldrums of summer for news, huh?
Yeah except for one thing. Today's Border Wall Update: Feet of Border Wall completed yesterday: 0 Feet of Border Wall projected to complete tomorrow: 0 And how many Life Championships do you have?
Postgame, Shoop tried to claim early success against Paul Johnson's triple option. (A single 3 and out on Tech's initial drive of the game.) Penn State's defense was plenty good AFTER he left there too. If only Tennessee could face his Shoop and Score defense while he's at MSU. Or is that defense called the Run and Shoop? Anyhow, instead of drawing MSU, Tennessee gets to face Auburn. Thanks again, SEC.
Dink and dunk would be an upgrade at this point. Tennessee's QBs ran for their lives last year and there's a lot of questions about the O-line for 2018. Having a decent, quick, short passing game might not scare anybody. But you've got to start somewhere. Also, even if Chryst doesn't earn the starting role, does he upgrade UT at the position, overall? Yes. Keep calm and Dink on.
John "Caprese" Currie will be a candidate for the Maryland AD position. !?!? I hear Fredo Corleone is smart! Not like everybody says. Like dumb. He's SMART and he wants RESPECT!
It's no excuse, but it also doesn't help that Tennessee's rotating cross-div opponent always seems to have their hottest years when they are scheduled to play Tennessee. Who can forget 2011 when Tennessee had LSU, Alabama, and Arkansas on the schedule? At one time they were 1, 2, 3 in the BCS. Good grief!
Bryant never beat Neyland. But he was a pallbearer at his funeral. In the single platoon era, there was none better. Thank goodness he chose to come to Tennessee instead of Iowa.
In other news Jamie Whited is still offended that there is such a thing as a Peyton Manning and if he breathes too loud, she'll sue him again. That is all.
I think you misspelled "Jimmy Haslam". Here, let me fix it for you; Report: Jimmy Haslam considering large buyout for former chancellor Beverly Davenport.
Agreed. Derek Barnett, Curt Maggitt, Evan Berry, Alvin Kamara, Jalen Hurd, Joshua Dobbs? But perhaps Jones can do for Alabama what he did for Tennessee.
Dormady was a quarterback? And what!? No Jim Bob Cooter!? This list is bogus.
So is the question; Who did I appreciate least? Or who is the best of these? Tee Martin has a street named after him. Instant DQ from the "underappreciated" list.
"Saban, however, can become the first coach to win consecutive unanimous national titles twice in the AP poll era. All he has to do is repeat." Tom Osborne did this in 1994-95.
SDS will continue to cover Kiffen the way that the Snooze Sentinel continues to cover Johnny Majors. Each August, a story comes out letting us know that Majors is still bitter and holds a grudge with Fulmer. Perhaps that story is running out of steam more than a quarter of a century later. The new perennial storyline will be thus; Kiffen. He's Only Half The Douche He Used To Be. Enjoy the weather at FAU, Joey Freshwater.
This guy's eyebrows look like they could bench press a hundred or so pounds. That's the kind of commitment I'm talking about right there!
While it is true that Lyle "The Intern" Jones and his staff couldn't coach or develop players, it's not clear to me that Kahlil took the initiative to develop himself. Don't forget either that he did not play ball as a high school senior. He "transferred" to another school and I think was ruled ineligible or something like that. I hope this isn't the case for McKenzie, but it seems like his family name and mere inertia are propelling him into the NFL. It'll take a lot more than that for him to make a roster. What a bummer too. Because if McKenzie had developed into the beast we all expected, then you line him up on the other side from Shy Tuttle and now you can give an offense nightmares. Oh well. Good luck and goodbye.
+100. Exactly right. Under Lyle The Piccolo Jones, there were far too many times that our players looked disinterested as if they had quit. That has to stop immediately. It sounds like Coach Pruitt isn't going to allow quitters on the field or tolerate them in the program on scholarship. Which would be yet another welcome change for the better.
It's just going to be a tough year no matter how you slice it. The culture and the mindset at UT was a cliché, wrapped in a euphemism, covered in metaphors. 2017 pulled back the curtain on how bad things really were under the Jones regime. Pruitt seems like the right guy to blow all this BS away so as to get the program back to the fundamentals. Given the circumstances, I'd be really pleased with 6 wins.
Lyle "The Piccolo" Jones misused, underused, and possibly abused the players he had. It explains a lot about how AK41 could be so underused at UT, yet the NFL rookie of the year the following season, why Hurd had to leave the program in order to become a WR, and why Jones is now an intern-AN INTERN, instead of a head coach. It all makes sense in hindsight. The lad flat out quit on his team and that's going to follow him. Nevertheless, I wish him a lot of success. As for The Intern, maybe he can take care of that dookie train sitting in Parrish, AL. Brick by Brick, Lyle!!
It warms my heart to think that Nick Saban might be yelling like this at former head coaches on his staff...I mean interns, every single day.
Because he's one of the rarest of characters in the Vol Nation. He was recruited by General Neyland, played against John Vaught and Bobby Dodd, coached against Bear Bryant, Lou Holtz, Steve Spurrier, and Jimmy Johnson. Beat all of them at least one time in pretty stunning fashion too. He coached Reggie White, Dale Jones, and anyone who could punt named Colquitt. He has championship rings and got hosed out of a Heisman Trophy once upon a time. And the foundation he laid set the table for Tennessee's success in the 1990s. He's one of a kind, he's a winner, and warts and all, Majors is a Tennessee Volunteer. Majors is a good interview because he will still have something interesting or controversial to say once in a while and you just never know which it's going to be.