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It'll be fine. Those two are CFP teams and we've got 71 scholarship athletes. How's your head coach doing? And your QB who is a Gator. ...for now.
No Monte, you have it wrong. Mike Hamilton never should have hired you all.
Heupel is getting performance out of kids that Jeremy Pruitt absolutely ignored. I believe that in the future, we're going to look back at this team of 71 scholarship players and hold them in the same regard as the sugar Vols.
Tinfoil. Psssh. I didn't hear anything about Brandon Saturday night. But I did hear FLK during every pause in the game.
Corral is the real deal. Tennessee got two really good tackles on him. The obvious one where he came up gimpy. And one before that. It wouldn't surprise me if he does less running going forward or is not as dynamic of a runner. (seatbelts, slides, and such). OM needed every bit of Matt Corral they could get Saturday night.
You idiots who started throwing stuff turned it into a mob scene. As such, collective guilt and penalties will ultimately get assigned to the fans and to those who want to attend a Tennessee football game in the future. I don't like it, but that's what's coming. Once it turned into a mob, the opportunity to address it as an individual thing is gone. Thanks. The national press already despises and detests us. You gave them oxygen to dump on Tennessee non-stop. Thanks. The narrative today should be the atrocious officiating. Danny White should be burning their ears down on Richard J. Arrington Blvd for this nonsense. Instead-thanks to you the mob, the focus is instead on Tennessee fans. You've robbed your AD of even the opportunity to effectively push back against the bad officiating in this league. Thanks. Even better, those clowns on the field just got a pass thanks to your actions. Thanks. Add to it, at the time you started raining it down, THE GAME STILL WASN'T OVER. We still had a chance to win-in spite of all of that. For God's sake our own cheerleaders and the Pride of the Southland Band had to leave the stadium! What is wrong with you all?
Checker Neyland Crowd: Bring out the thunder on Matt Corral and Lane Kiffin. Blast them all game long. Remind them just how bad Neyland Stadium can be for an opposing team that faces a fired up, full-throttle crowd. Goad them. Taunt them. Let's Go Brandon? No. FLK! Be the 102,000th man and help this Tennessee team to earn a much needed win. And when it's over and they're playing the Tennessee Waltz, crowd the South Tunnel and toss popcorn down for the Ole Miss RebelBearLandSharKiffins.
Elephant in the room? More like counting chicks that haven't hatched. This is gonna be uphill for the 71 scholarship players Tennessee has. I'll just stick with Al Davis and say, "Just Win Baby!"
The problem wasn't the firing of Fulmer, but the morons who were in charge making the decisions. Mike Hamilton and his tribe. They gave Fulmer a big raise and extension in January, fire him in October. Then they hire Kiffin and don't protect UT's interests-leaving the barn door open for Kiffin to bolt!? Worse, they go out and hire a loser coach (instead of letting Kippy Brown be the interim for 2010) and FIRMLY secure that barn door against Dooley leaving because goodness knows EVERYONE wanted Mama Dooley's Precious... Later Mike Hamilton would sit on his hands and ALLOW the NCAA to kneecap Bruce Pearl. Hamilton then terminated Pearl's contract, but not his employment. Later, he fired Pearl in conjunction with the team's first round NCAA tournament loss. And despite being terminated for cause Pearl STILL got buyout money from Tennessee. Later when Hamilton was replaced, his severance package includes 4 skybox tickets and a parking pass. For life. I despise Kiffin. But Mike Hamilton should be hated with a seething, white hot, fire that could melt lead from a mile.
Excellent work VolBean! An extra ration of grog for ye! Account probably created by SDS writers. Oh...stand by, my comment will be awaiting moderation for a few days
Did he send Nick Saban a screen grab of his playbook a couple of weeks ago? Asking for a friend.
A child can reasonably be expected to be a child. That's Lane Kiffin. The real fault lay with the alleged Adults at UT who refused to hire Gary Patterson, refused to listen to Al Davis, and did nothing to protect UT's interests in Kiffin's contract. Mike Hamilton should have been keelhauled after Kiffin left. Instead he chose Kiffin's successor. Meanwhile, Mike Hamilton still has skybox tickets and a parking pass for life.
I presume that Lexus got their money's worth out of Kiffin and he got to keep a damaged car. Troll level = meh. Now if you tell me that we're handing out mattresses to the first 15,000 people through the gate at Neyland Stadium? Maybe some post-game popcorn for all? Now you're talking. I think I'll just steal a phrase from a guy who knew what excellence looked like; Just Win Baby! Give me all the Al Davis you have.
I think we'll give the Ole Miss RebelBearLandSharKiffins a game on Saturday. Maybe even have a chance to win it late. Tennessee comes out of the tunnel looking like they're coached, prepared, and ready to go. They stay that way too-even when they're easing off the gas.
Thursday they'll tell us the team is wearing black again which won't align with the Checker Neyland ...(facepalm). I would have preferred the blackout for Ole Miss. Complete with clips on the Jumbotron as follows: * Al Davis describing Lane Kiffin in 2008. * Al Davis Commitment to Excellence. * News Clips of when Pat Haden fired Kiffin on the tarmac at the airport. * Score updates from the Alabama-Ole Miss game a couple of weeks ago. Alabama crushed Ole Miss like an annoying bug. It was just business to them. This week is personal and everybody knows it. It's also a serious uphill battle for Tennessee. They'll need every point they can get.
Yeahmaybe. But after alllllllllllllllllllllllll that pause, his first response is ..... to pout and harrumph about the fines A&M will pay for storming the field. Solid Gold Bama Cope right there. You Aggies just keep Reveille under close guard-if you know what I'm saying. Don't want "Al from Dadeville" to do anything unkind.
Why...the next thing you know they'll be telling us to pop popcorn. Or telling Tennessee who Arch Manning is. Savage. @@
Well, I hear that Urban Meyer may soon be available...
Even when I try to be sarcastic, I'm still right! Lol. Glad for A&M.
I seriously doubt it. But we do have some oxygen to breathe again. We are watchable. If we're just watchable again for a few years, that would be a serious upgrade and a welcome break from the purgatory we've been in.
Adrian Laroze Briskey. A&M fans didn't storm the field to celebrate the win. They did it to protect Reveille.
andy's Kicking Game. Wait...a former Alabama kicker missed Field Goals? How is this news? I do remember Missouri's offense being front runners when Heupel was there. The good side there is that you beat down the teams you're supposed to beat down. We're not ready for prime time yet, but we're watchable and can make a game of it. A breath of fresh air.
Looks like someone has read the schedule and the betting lines and now wants to pre-declare Tennessee a failure if they don't win any of the next 4 games. Get back to me when Carolina wins an SEC game.