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+100.Exactly right. Under Lyle The Piccolo Jones, there were far too many times that our players looked disinterested as if they had quit. That has to stop immediately.It sounds like Coach Pruitt isn't going to allow quitters on the field or tolerate them in the program on scholarship. Which would be yet another welcome change for the better.
It's just going to be a tough year no matter how you slice it.The culture and the mindset at UT was a cliché, wrapped in a euphemism, covered in metaphors. 2017 pulled back the curtain on how bad things really were under the Jones regime. Pruitt seems like the right guy to blow all this BS away so as to get the program back to the fundamentals.Given the circumstances, I'd be really pleased with 6 wins.
Lyle "The Piccolo" Jones misused, underused, and possibly abused the players he had. It explains a lot about how AK41 could be so underused at UT, yet the NFL rookie of the year the following season, why Hurd had to leave the program in order to become a WR, and why Jones is now an intern-AN INTERN, instead of a head coach. It all makes sense in hindsight.The lad flat out quit on his team and that's going to follow him. Nevertheless, I wish him a lot of success. As for The Intern, maybe he can take care of that dookie train sitting in Parrish, AL. Brick by Brick, Lyle!!
It warms my heart to think that Nick Saban might be yelling like this at former head coaches on his staff...I mean interns, every single day.
Because he's one of the rarest of characters in the Vol Nation. He was recruited by General Neyland, played against John Vaught and Bobby Dodd, coached against Bear Bryant, Lou Holtz, Steve Spurrier, and Jimmy Johnson. Beat all of them at least one time in pretty stunning fashion too. He coached Reggie White, Dale Jones, and anyone who could punt named Colquitt. He has championship rings and got hosed out of a Heisman Trophy once upon a time. And the foundation he laid set the table for Tennessee's success in the 1990s. He's one of a kind, he's a winner, and warts and all, Majors is a Tennessee Volunteer.Majors is a good interview because he will still have something interesting or controversial to say once in a while and you just never know which it's going to be.
So he's basically a day laborer.But let's get to the real issue. Who makes more money? Is it...a) Lyle Allen Jones, Jr. as a ($35,000) Intern at Alabama or... b) John Currie as a day laborer for elite, anointed ivory tower Universities?Both could give post-graduate level how-not-to courses regarding their former jobs. Both could simply be hired as comic relief by their betters who never let them in on the fact that the joke really is on them. Perhaps both could rub elbows with people who actually know how to do the jobs they were formerly doing and thus, actually learn how to do the jobs that they were supposed to be doing. Winning like Charlie Sheen, baby!
Schiano had how many offers elsewhere to be a head coach?Unfortunately for Schiano, there's no proof that he's innocent. Which is precisely why nobody else was talking to him about their open head coaching job. Once you bring him on board, his cloud becomes your cloud. The only thing clueless here is why John Currie thought it would be a good idea to pursue him. That problem solved itself though.
There are plenty of people in the Volunteer nation who knew about the Schia-No offer and were repulsed. I understand that Peyton Manning went to shill for this hire and lettermen hung up the phone on him. Who's to say that there is one and only one informant?If you want to guess that Fulmer was the informant, then it's worth noting that CURRIE HIRED FULMER. Look it up. Fulmer didn't need to do anything to make Currie appear unfit for the job. John Currie did that all on his own.
Hooray! I can eat Papa John's again!In other news, many in the Volunteer nation have sold their "shares" in Peyton Inc. after realizing he backed Greg Schiano and was in the bag for John Currie and the House of Haslam.
Jones moment was in 2014 against Florida. He found a way to lose to an absolutely dreadful Florida team. Oklahoma, 2015 was the same song-just on a bigger stage.As far as rallying behind our coach, is there any other choice? Is there any way that he could possibly be worse than Jones?I don't expect any miracles in 2018. Pruitt must rebuild the character and culture of the team first.
Congratulations to Barnett for one of the great Philly plays of all time!Myles Garrett could not be reached for comment.
Well done to AK41! A true weapon.Imagine that the guy who was about to break the UT career rushing record quit and sat out the next year. Meanwhile the underused guy behind him had enough juice to become the NFL's Rookie Of The Year the following season. Great job, Coach 23.
That's right. Hide yo kids. Cuz they recruitin' everybody out there! (sung to the Bed Intruder song).Lex Luthor-the greatest criminal mind of our age is on the job at UT.
Anybody got an over/under on the number of Butch Jones former assistants that will be hired by the time Jones himself is hired for a job?Oh well. He'll always have the Dumbotron . . .
Or as they say at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark, "Top......Men."Does it take 60 days to purchase a big enough tarp and secure it in place? Heck, I'll even spring some money to buy a Rashaun Gaulden salute picture on the tarp. That's change you can BELEEE. Isn't anybody working like heck at the Hecktagon(tm)?Get that clown outta town!
Triangulation.UT - Currie - Schiano.Who/Whom?Tennessee can keep leverage on Currie while he's on the payroll. Like so;"John, you screwed up bad enough to be fired. But here's what we're going to do. We'll offer you a lesser sum, a sealed deal with a gag order if you help us make the defense against Schiano airtight. Further, you agree in writing to not speak ill of UT. Alternatively, you can decline the deal and we'll terminate for cause and pay you nothing. If you want anything further you from UT we will see you in court. Plus, if Schiano sues us after you're fired then you're on your own and the facts will show that you were the main driver in the offer to Schiano and took all of us for a ride. Have a nice day and Go Vols!"
I really think there will be a time that it will be appropriate for Vol Twitter to eviscerate Greg Schiano's comments on Tennessee when he speaks about all of that.When they do, it will be good. . .
Whatevs. At least UT didn't hire Gruuuuuuuden. Otherwise we'd be Arizona State.
Is "dual threat" kind of like what they say about having two QBs? (i.e. if you have 2 QBs, you don't have 1 QB.)Asking for a friend.
Exactly what I'd expect a sports agent to say.Can't wait to hear the lawyers explain to a judge how UT is responsible to pay Schiano money for something that UT DID NOT APPROVE. Since Currie signed it though, Schiano is always free to sue him personally.
Agreed. He can either accept the terms of the settlement or be terminated for cause, get zero, and head off to court.Right now, Currie now has as much chance of being an Athletic Director as Greg Schiano has of being a head coach. That only decreases if he goes to court. The facts will come out and we will all see just how much Currie was responsible for. Did he not tell us that he alone was in charge of this search? That if you didn't hear it from him that it wasn't real?Perhaps the Cleveland Browns have an opening . . .
Peyton's owned by Flying J. (Sung to the Nationwide jingle.)
Maybe the CFP committee held OSU out because of Greg Schiano?
Miles is the bridge to ...The Next Coach with the right conditions and understanding on the front end.1) Miles can't come in here and retire in place like Rick Barnes and refuse to hit the road to recruit.2) Miles must let his coordinators do their jobs. (Ed Orgeron got this speech after the loss to Troy and it did wonders for LSU.)3) You need to bring in some VFLs-preferably a couple who could be our next head coach. Miles needs to be brought in with the understanding that he is the bridge, not the destination. He wants to go out a winner, we want to get back to respectability. There's a lot of overlap there. I'm thinking of Tee Martin on offense. Kevin Steele on Defense. Dale Jones. Jay Graham.In a few years, Tee could be your next head coach at UT. It's not going to be immediate, but it won't take 6-8 years either. There's some good green grass at Neyland if Miles is interested and the terms are right.
I would very much like to see Fulmer formally extend the olive branch to Majors and for Majors to let it go. Fulmer is certainly in the position to do it.At worst, Majors hangs onto his grudge until his death and is dismissed as a bitter old man.At best, Majors accepts the olive branch and the whole family is united after 25 years.In either case, it would be an extremely savvy move by Fulmer.
Why isn't Schiano a candidate for the Florida State job? Why didn't Mississippi State go get him on the quick when Dan Mullen left for Florida?I can do this all day, Cuck Herbstreit.
It's on like Red Dawn.Exactly what was needed. This signals the end of the Haslamic Dynasty at UT-which is a great thing.
...yeah, but there was plenty of cause to fire an incompetent Currie. I'm sure he'll be named in the Schiano lawsuit to come.My guess? There is some settlement that pays Currie some money (substantially less than the full amount) and he signs a gag order to keep his mouth shut.And let me just ask, if you're a University President...does Currie appeal to you as an Athletic Director?Currie has committed career suicide.