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That's right. Hide yo kids. Cuz they recruitin' everybody out there! (sung to the Bed Intruder song).Lex Luthor-the greatest criminal mind of our age is on the job at UT.
Anybody got an over/under on the number of Butch Jones former assistants that will be hired by the time Jones himself is hired for a job?Oh well. He'll always have the Dumbotron . . .
Or as they say at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark, "Top......Men."Does it take 60 days to purchase a big enough tarp and secure it in place? Heck, I'll even spring some money to buy a Rashaun Gaulden salute picture on the tarp. That's change you can BELEEE. Isn't anybody working like heck at the Hecktagon(tm)?Get that clown outta town!
Triangulation.UT - Currie - Schiano.Who/Whom?Tennessee can keep leverage on Currie while he's on the payroll. Like so;"John, you screwed up bad enough to be fired. But here's what we're going to do. We'll offer you a lesser sum, a sealed deal with a gag order if you help us make the defense against Schiano airtight. Further, you agree in writing to not speak ill of UT. Alternatively, you can decline the deal and we'll terminate for cause and pay you nothing. If you want anything further you from UT we will see you in court. Plus, if Schiano sues us after you're fired then you're on your own and the facts will show that you were the main driver in the offer to Schiano and took all of us for a ride. Have a nice day and Go Vols!"
I really think there will be a time that it will be appropriate for Vol Twitter to eviscerate Greg Schiano's comments on Tennessee when he speaks about all of that.When they do, it will be good. . .
Whatevs. At least UT didn't hire Gruuuuuuuden. Otherwise we'd be Arizona State.
Is "dual threat" kind of like what they say about having two QBs? (i.e. if you have 2 QBs, you don't have 1 QB.)Asking for a friend.
Exactly what I'd expect a sports agent to say.Can't wait to hear the lawyers explain to a judge how UT is responsible to pay Schiano money for something that UT DID NOT APPROVE. Since Currie signed it though, Schiano is always free to sue him personally.
Agreed. He can either accept the terms of the settlement or be terminated for cause, get zero, and head off to court.Right now, Currie now has as much chance of being an Athletic Director as Greg Schiano has of being a head coach. That only decreases if he goes to court. The facts will come out and we will all see just how much Currie was responsible for. Did he not tell us that he alone was in charge of this search? That if you didn't hear it from him that it wasn't real?Perhaps the Cleveland Browns have an opening . . .
Peyton's owned by Flying J. (Sung to the Nationwide jingle.)
Maybe the CFP committee held OSU out because of Greg Schiano?
Miles is the bridge to ...The Next Coach with the right conditions and understanding on the front end.1) Miles can't come in here and retire in place like Rick Barnes and refuse to hit the road to recruit.2) Miles must let his coordinators do their jobs. (Ed Orgeron got this speech after the loss to Troy and it did wonders for LSU.)3) You need to bring in some VFLs-preferably a couple who could be our next head coach. Miles needs to be brought in with the understanding that he is the bridge, not the destination. He wants to go out a winner, we want to get back to respectability. There's a lot of overlap there. I'm thinking of Tee Martin on offense. Kevin Steele on Defense. Dale Jones. Jay Graham.In a few years, Tee could be your next head coach at UT. It's not going to be immediate, but it won't take 6-8 years either. There's some good green grass at Neyland if Miles is interested and the terms are right.
I would very much like to see Fulmer formally extend the olive branch to Majors and for Majors to let it go. Fulmer is certainly in the position to do it.At worst, Majors hangs onto his grudge until his death and is dismissed as a bitter old man.At best, Majors accepts the olive branch and the whole family is united after 25 years.In either case, it would be an extremely savvy move by Fulmer.
Why isn't Schiano a candidate for the Florida State job? Why didn't Mississippi State go get him on the quick when Dan Mullen left for Florida?I can do this all day, Cuck Herbstreit.
It's on like Red Dawn.Exactly what was needed. This signals the end of the Haslamic Dynasty at UT-which is a great thing.
...yeah, but there was plenty of cause to fire an incompetent Currie. I'm sure he'll be named in the Schiano lawsuit to come.My guess? There is some settlement that pays Currie some money (substantially less than the full amount) and he signs a gag order to keep his mouth shut.And let me just ask, if you're a University President...does Currie appeal to you as an Athletic Director?Currie has committed career suicide.
Tennessee's drama by itself is an entire 30 for 30 movie.
Good riddance.Hire. David. Blackburn.Or if you're feeling really savvy, Charles Davis as AD. David Blackburn as part of the team to help select the next football coach.The problem at UT isn't the fans or their expectations. It's UT's top leadership. Which has been comprised of Managers for the last 20 years with no leaders and no Real Tennessee People in there. Make Tennessee Tennessee again. That alone would be great.
So doing the right thing is....what?Watch it Gene otherwise UT will offer YOU a job and then you'll be sorry.There is severe dysfunction, misalignment, and a lack of communication/cooperation at the top at UT. Fix that and everything falls into place. Until that is fixed, nothing else that is done will matter.
...because then things could really get bad?I'll be happy for Haslam to take his toys and go home. The Volunteer Nation will collectively make up the difference from whatever we lose from him. At that point you can clean house on the poor leaders at the top. Once that's done, we'll stop being the University of Haslam.
We?What position do you hold at UT, Lord Haslam? Tell us what input you have to the hire. I mean...since you're clearly telling me that you're part of the group making the hire. What have you known and when? What are your thoughts on the Greg Schiano offer and withdrawal? What did you know about the vetting process that John Currie indicated had happened with Schiano? What are you willing to testify about under oath? Because next week, Schiano will drop that lawsuit and discovery should be real interesting.Also, what did you know about that whole Pilot Flying J rebate scandal? Don't you have a trial to attend to and indictments to avoid?Stuff you and your gas station, Jimmy.
Word. This has been on Tony Basilio since about Monday. Additionally, when he called VFLs to tell them about the hire, they told him that they would be OUT if Schiano comes in.It breaks my heart, but Manning is a sellout. His personal gain is more important to him than the well-being of the University. His days of being treated like an immortal while sitting silently through all this are over.Meanwhile, Tee Martin can't get an interview. He has a national championship ring and a street named after him, but he can't get an interview.
...and yes I realize he doesn't work for ESPN. But as ESPN goes...
I hope they chant louder and longer. If I were in town, I'd hustle down there to join them.Make the UT Police go full KGB over free speech. Take those old black curtains and make black bags out of them for the ungrateful kulaks. Off to the Gulag with them! It is the mark of dictatorships that they tolerate no dissent.Let's just do a quick body count on Currie: Dismissed JaJuan Jennings. Missed on signing Mullen Friday/Saturday Panicked and signed MOU with Schiano Withdrew from MOU with Schiano. Blamed Haslam for the Schiano offer. Held a press conference to tell us how great Schiano was. (Conveniently ignoring the fact that ...if Schiano was so great, then why didn't you close the deal?) Offered Gundy the bank and was refused. Allegedly offered Brohm...or not. Now is wanting to offer a coach that is 15-25 in ACC play. To be nice, his choice in coach candidates seems to be schizophrenic.It's been quite a week and he deserves every drop of criticism he gets.
I'm not sure John Currie knows there's such a thing as the internet.John Currie has been acting as if he read all this and studied it in a book and is trying to do it live and in living color for the very first time before the TV cameras. There was no communication with Volunteers who would have given him sound counsel and headed off the Schiano disaster.The fact that Davenport didn't sign the MOU is a blessing in disguise. However, I strongly suspect the reason she didn't sign is because she was on the back end of the communication loop. Inform after it's signed, not consult before we offer, or obtain explicit approval PRIOR to the offer. This is consistent with the other data points we're seeing. Real reporters would be burning some shoe leather to get to the truth. The lazy ones only have name calling and hatred for Tennessee.
How many riots were held after Coach Jones (and his idiot staff) lost 8 games this season? That's okay Joel Klatt, I hope that ESPN loses more subscribers. One of us is going to get what we want.The problem is not with fans who expect a football coach to actually coach football. The problem is that there is zero leadership on the hill and a big money booster who apparently wants to have the final say on any/all decisions. They aren't talking to each other. They aren't listening to anyone outside their echo chamber. They don't understand how to negotiate, execute a contract, or keep a confidence. Total dysfunction of leadership at the very top of the organization.So if you're a coach with an offer from Tennessee, then you're asking yourself two questions; 1) Who do I work for exactly? Because there is zero clarity on this. 2) Who will I be working for in a year? Because some several of those same people deserve to walk the plank for this.The real question for Volunteer Nation; Where is the President? Where is the Board of Trustees? The Governor? (who happens to be the brother of the aforementioned mega-booster)Washington DC has nothing on the magnitude of the cluster that exists at UT right now.
A good one! Finally.We're not done here; Fire John Currie. And take Jimmy Haslam with you.