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An asset? Well, maybe Nick needed a backup toothpick man... Alabama will be winning Life Championships in no time.
Maybe we should send Hooker a cigar and a Gatorade bath. Then celebrate that he's not covering our team anymore.
The QB controversy is over. Whatever the coaches saw from them both on the practice field, we’ve now seen on the playing field. Chryst gives Tennessee the better chance. Period. The only question now is whether the coaches will follow their original instincts on Keller Chryst-the ones that made them recruit him and get him to Tennessee. You brought him here because you thought that he might be better than every QB on your roster and because the QB of the future might not be on campus. You’re correct on both counts, coach. Don’t be cute or coy here. Make the call; Start Chryst and never look back.
Classy of Lyle to smoke? No. He has players on the other side that he recruited. He's practically blowing smoke rings in their face. But then, Lyle has always been blowing smoke. But to be perfectly blunt here, delivering a huge beatdown loss to Tennessee fans is what Lyle knows how best to do. (Except for that 2011 beatdown that his Cincy team took to Derelicte Dooley.)
She threw a pass? Sorry, I must have missed that. What was this article about again?
Instead, now he's got an intern-a not so bright guy who can mess him up.
Lyle lost me in 2014 with the choke against Florida. "Remember this feeling", he growled in the post-game. A totally winnable game was blundered away by coaching malpractice. In my head, I knew right there that we weren't going anywhere with Lyle at the helm.
In 2008, a shizzling Tennessee team lost to a shizzling Auburn team. Both had productive head coaches on the decline with brand new offensive coordinators. Like Gus, Fulmer had just signed a contract extension after the 2007 season. Had Tennessee won that game, Fulmer might have salvaged his job and retooled in 2009. Instead, both were gone by year's end. Gus showed up and Auburn had a decade of magic. Tennessee went the other way due to horrible decisions made by idiot decision makers who compounded their bad decisions by adding more zeros to the pile and continuing to make decisions rather than being removed. And here we are. Now, if looks like the shoe's finally on the other foot. Gus is fresh out of magic at Auburn while Jeremy Pruitt is building an actual football team out of what he has without waiting for new recruits. We're are on opposite trajectories. Condolences to Auburn. All I can tell you is that it's got to be someone else's turn to suffer. We've bled enough Big Orange.
Intern: A student or trainee who works, sometimes without pay, at a trade or occupation in order to gain work experience. Two things I can't figure out: 1) Why any coach worth their salt would hire Jones for anything related to football. 2) Why any coach worth their salt would settle for an intern position. Saban and Jones are made for each other. Soon, Lyle might be able to graduate to the fabled "Toothpick Man" position at Alabama. Pick by pick...
Maybe it's time for another midnight plane flight to Louisville to pick up Bobby Petrino? Hey, if you guys are looking for a coach, I hear Greg Schiano is a great head coach. We Tennessee folks were lectured and scolded endlessly about the error of our ways in first protesting, then passing over him. He's available though.
Tennessee, "a run-of-the-mill program?" Well I guess we've been upgrayedd from doormat. Finebaum is always hating on the Aubbies. In this case though, Gus has been a part of a lot of magic on the plains in the last 10 years. Cam Newton, that magical 2010 season, the comeback win against Alabama in 2010, the Prayer at Jordan Hare, the Kick Six, two SEC titles, two BCS Championship appearances, one national title and one Heisman Trophy winner. I can't think of any program that's had more magic than Auburn over that span. Maybe the magic's run out.
In fairness, shouldn't that be 2 attempts? 3 if you count WVU which was a neutral site game. Attempts to win against a ranked opponent on the road requires you to play a ranked opponent on the road. If you want to say "games" then yes, I agree with 6. I'll tell you what's impressive. He won against the SEC West in his first trip across the division. Something Lyle The Intern didn't do in 5 years and couldn't do if you gave him 50.
I'll say it again; And to think that John "Caprese Salad" Currie (who still hasn't landed another AD position) and Brad Hoke (who once put a concussed player back into the game and also decided to receive in a torrential rain against LSU) would have run him off. A TD, that devastating block, and recovering the on-sides kick. That was all-time epic! Forget #16, I'm digging #15.
Exactly right. Jennings is a straight balla. It MATTERS to him. Neyland smiles at a block like that. Just think; if John "Caprese salad" Currie (aka Fredo Corleone) and Brad Hoke had their way, Jennings would be outta here. Hoke is the genius who put Shane Morris back into the game after a concussion AND who also chose to receive-rather than kick to LSU. Just wanted to add some context.
"According to David Ubben of The Athletic, Kongbo will miss the remainder of the season after having his ACL torn when an Auburn defender dove at his knees in a desperation block that's nasty, but of course not illegal since it's being done to Tennessee." There. Fixed your sentence for you. Just like Brandon Kublanow did to Shy Tuttle, another Tennessee player will miss the rest of the season with a career threatening injury and nary a penalty flag was thrown. Best wishes to Mr. Kongbo for a speedy recovery. I know I've dogged him in this space for not showing up, but damn if he didn't show out on Saturday. Ditto. Best wishes for Kongbo's recovery.
Dave Hooker is still predicting Tennessee won’t win another SEC game this year and could not be reached for comment... When he is found, I’m sure he will tell us why you could see this coming. We just ORANGESTRIPEDAUBURN!!! GO VOLS
What!? No Dave Hooker article bemoaning that Tennessee might not win another SEC game until 2020? What rock are you hiding under, you John Adams never was!? It's a fantastic win for this team and this program validating Pruitt's approach and it is impossible to overstate the importance of the win. Miraculous? Nah. If I can steal a little Johnny Majors here, these guys don't look like miracle workers. They look like hard workers. Amazing how often the miraculous seems to follow such efforts.
"Tennessee football: Dave Hooker's career is reeling, his big goals long gone. Can a Vols please give him something to write about?" There. I fixed Dave Hooker's headline.
Tennessee players don't have much option but to keep fighting and scratching for every yard and every play. The fans have no alternative but to believe in miracles. Frankly the only alternative we've seen is an endless downward spiral of new all-time historical lows. It has to stop somewhere. Why NOT here? And frankly, if Guz drops one to Sonny Pruitt and the Vols, then it could end his career on the plainz. Coming off the bye week, Tennessee should be a team with absolutely nothing to lose. Auburn on the other hand seems to have EVERYTHING at stake.
So you're saying UGA's defense isn't that good? I mean...for giving up two way too easy touchdowns. Tennessee didn't score "garbage-time" points. They earned them.