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Dang. Condolences to the family and respect for the Round Mound of Touchdown.
So wait, wouldn't that make Gruden the Paula Abdul of NFL commentators? And I have it on good authority that Paula's family owns some land up in Jefferson County, TN . . .
It's also worth noting that Burns was Barnes first top 100 recruit at Tennessee in some three years as the head coach. Kid signs, comes in early, redshirts, then drops his name in the transfer portal once the Blackshear thing falls through. Only at Tennessee.
My only problem with this game is that it gives both teams an advantage in that they never have to play a true road game against their biggest rival in the division (regardless of the outcome). That's an advantage accorded no other team or pairing in the SEC. Even the Iron Bowl moved out of "neutral" Legion Field. College football should be played on campus. Just my 2 cents.
The biggest thing that has to happen this year? Jeremy Pruitt has to be The Head Coach and worry about winning on the field instead of picking fights with his staff. Last season, Tennessee could have won 6 or 7 games, but Pruitt was determined to win a urinating contest with his offensive coordinator. Pruitt won his contest and kept his pride. Congratulations coach, you lost your team and lost a couple of blowout games to finish the season. Coach, your predecessor would rather win than be right. Don't make the same mistake.
Just like Kirby's decision to go for it on fourth down against Alabama last year.
Don't laugh. The way Tennessee played last year, 8th graders could have beaten them.
Why, the next thing you know, we'll be hiring a head football coach who's never been a head football coach.
The real head scratcher would be if Tennessee won those games. You're watching the absolute abyss of Tennessee football right now. It has literally never been lower.
Tony Vitello gets my vote for Tennessee’s coach of the year over Rick Barnes.
Show me a QB whose main compliment is that he's "tough" and I'll show you an Offensive Line that isn't.
I like knowing that Kentucky fans will pay 20% more to watch Kentucky lose to Tennessee. Again.
Judging from the comments, Adam Spencer might need a mentor at SDS.
SDS writers read an article in Lindy's and created clickbait on every team's site on SDS. Big Deal. If I'm analyzing Alabama's loss to Clemson though, I am given to wonder this; Nick Saban didn't hesitate to hand the game over to Tua against Georgia when things were stagnant. Why didn't Hurts get that same chance this year against Clemson?
I'm with Bruce. The NCAA didn't have any problem making money off the likenesses of "student athletes" portrayed in the NCAA videogames that were out there for years. As soon as Ed O'Bannon won his lawsuit, the NCAA dropped their association with EA sports and those same video games. Unexpectedly! Brian Bosworth's T-shirt had it right 30+ years ago; "National Communists Against Athletes."
Commitment. You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means - Inigo Montoya.
Coach, to my eyes, it looked like some of you "went home" BEFORE bowl season (which is why there was no bowl season.
So let me see if I get this right; You're the head coach and in response to a dismal season, you draft a recovery plan that has almost as many pages as you have conference losses. And you expect to be taken seriously by your boss? Drew wasn't doomed by a new boss. I'm thinking it had more to do with that 0-19 conference record.
Beating Auburn in their building behind a team that has no draft picks is a good start. Pruitt hasn't yet done enough to help Tennessee or scare anybody else. Until he does, I can't see how he'd be a hot coaching candidate for any other jobs. Much less replacing Saban at Alabama. Finebaum means to tell us that Alabama would hitch the entire empire to a coach who has a grand total of one year's experience as a head coach? Sorry. Not buying.
I'm with Oskie, I've seldom seen a sports reference in church that wasn't cringe-worthy. An honest pastor would call it idolatry, rather than cheer for their team from the pulpit.
I thought he was leaving football altogether to like be a mentor and work with kids and such. Whatevs. Good luck to Drew "Breeze" Richmond. Why "Breeze"? That's what defenders did against him on their way to Tennessee quarterbacks. Maybe he'll get some good coaching.
On the upside, the young man will have more time to spend with his mom. This was the stated reason for the transfer, right? In this case, the existing rules would seem to dovetail well with his circumstances. Still though, the NCAA approves waivers all the time for bigtime players to play immediately for programs with enough sway. Why not for the little guy going to Illinois? You know, the "student athlete" that I keep hearing about. Brian Bosworth's T-shirt had it right thirty years ago. National Communists Against Athletes. So when the NCAA decides to get it right, apologize to the Boz too.
Try to keep up? I was commenting on the story. Not your comments (until now). As for Hyams, he's a Haslam mouthpiece.
If Barnes actually told a fib here, I feel confident that the league will step in and Pearl him with an 8 game suspension.
Barnes has a Strong Ass Denial. If only he were this engaged in working the referees during games... If it came from Jimmy Hyams then you KNOW it's true. Right?.....
Meanwhile, Bruce Pearl waits for his apology from the SEC.
Sad for Cobb and prayers to his family. Gonna go knock on YouTube for some Reggie Cobb highlights and listen to John Ward call it.