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Well, he did beat Kentucky. At least there's basketball season to look forward to in Kentucky!!! Oh....wait. Well then I've got MORE bad news for you...
Maybe Temple can hire Jones. Schiano will then sue Temple because they didn't hire him. Maybe they could both go west and help out John Gruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuden and the Oakland Raiders (3-10). Although, this might unlock a singularity in the meme universe.
If UT can't/won't hire Freeze because of potential dirty laundry which has not already been aired, why consider Briles? With Briles, you get a similar risk profile, but without the documented on the field achievements against the SEC that Freeze has. "Leak" the names of high profile, high octane coaches with baggage or potential unresolved questions knowing that they will be popular, but ultimately passed over. If you wanted to do the maximum damage possible to UT's image, I can't think of a much better way to do it. I'd have been perfectly happy for UT to have passed over Freeze and Briles and hire someone else. Even to come out and say why they were passed over. No problem. However, this whole deal looks like the search procedure/process is being developed as it proceeds and then shared publicly as they are proceeding. Nobody wants to see how sausage is made, guys. Further, Pruitt and Fulmer both had to have known that this was coming (i.e. replacing Helton). Much of what we're witnessing now could have already been done (and done in private). More self-inflicted PR wounds.
This column seems to be stalling. ...and believe me, Dave Hooker KNOWS a thing or two about stalling.
Words fail. My God never fails. May you and your family be abundantly blessed with grace and peace right now and in the tough days ahead, Derek.
The Haslam ring around the bathtub has to be washed out first. There's a lot of dysfunction on the hill that still hasn't been cleared out. UT has an interim President. An AD who's kind of learning to be the AD. A head coach learning to be a head coach. I feel like we're in one of these weather delays for the OC search. Or maybe it's the timeout before Pruitt sends in the two point play in a game where we're already behind by 30. Sigh.
Over on RTI, it was suggested that the delay here isn't UT, but Freeze himself. That he's waiting to see what comes open. If he's the guy, then get this to a last best and final offer stage and make get him on board or move on. The worst outcome to me would be Tennessee continuing to pursue this guy right up until the moment he is hired by Alabama (unexpectedly!) then resetting the coaching search and scrambling. It would be better optics for UT to publicly say that we've moved on from Freeze and hire someone else than to be strung along, surprised, and stood up. Who's the one doing the hiring here?
Thanks. We'll take him. Nick Saban kicked the tires on taking him too. Don't sweat it though. If he's bad, he'll be gone in a couple of years. If he's really good, he'll still be gone in a couple of years because he'll be a head coach somewhere else. And regardless, Tennessee is going to continue beating Kentucky in football. Good thing basketball season is here!!!....oh...wait. Got more bad news for you Kentucky folks. (grins)
There is that. But...meh. Remember when he skipped the SEC media days in 2004 in Hoover because the Bamtards were determined to stuff a subpoena in his pocket and make a show out of it? Got fined $10,000 by the league too. Couple years later when he took Tennessee to play Alabama, a Bammer lawyer did just that-ultimately proving his point. Funny thing is, it wasn't Fulmer alone that called out the gumps. It was Spurrier.
Fulmer led the Vols to most of the 9 straight wins over Georgia. No other team has ever done this. Fulmer also led the Vols to 7 straight wins over Alabama. No other team has ever done this. Smile on, Phil.
Hey, if he's not good enough to be Ohio State's interim head coach, then he's not good enough to be the head coach here. What's mystifying me is why UT's administration seems to be slow walking the Freeze hire as if Freeze is guilty of Schiano's past. For the record, McQueary testified that Schiano said he'd seen something related to Sandusky. All Schiano has ever had to do to clear his name is take the stand and be deposed. The sun burns the fog away. Suing McQueary for defamation is another good move, but Schiano has not done this either. Instead, he's threatened to sue UT (which he's also never done). Sounds to me like UT made the right move.
...but presumably, it would be okay if Nick Saban wanted to hire him. Or Will Muschamp. Or Mark Stoops. I've heard all I need to hear. Hire the man! #FreezeFriday.
The fact that Gators are trying to troll UT fans against Freeze is a strong indicator that we should hire him. Nick Saban wanted him on staff, but Greg Sankey said no. Really? The SEC Commissioner who watched an Alabama player throw three punches at a Missouri player on the ground and kick him on his way up and decided that Nick Saban could handle this internally...Veto, schmeeto. Everybody buys recruits, but it takes real power to buy the league office.
How many "Fulmer Cups" did Urban Meyer win at Florida? All of them, I think.
I thought McBride started at Missouri last year when JG got injured. On the one hand, he would love a chance to play. On the other, he'd have to do it behind this offensive line.
So you know that Stidham is going pro. Good for him. In that case, you can keep Lindsey also. That's the only thing that would have been interesting about bringing Lindsey in. If Lindsey isn't calling the plays, then he's not worth further consideration.
...which makes it all the more interesting. Prior to Tyson Helton coming to UT, it was unclear who was calling the plays at USC. Was it Tee Martin or Tyson Helton. Why would you go down this road again? Pruitt absolutely cannot afford to make a mistake in this hire. The only thing that might really be intriguing is if Lindsey could convince Jarret Stidham to come with him. Tennessee desperately needs a QB upgrade. And again, the reality is that after the way this team finished, Pruitt has got to win about 8 games next year. If JG is our QB, then we'll be lucky to be 5-6 heading into Vandy week. Again.
Good luck and good riddance. I hope WKU likes scoring 22.8 points per game . . . Still scratching my head as to how one unsuccessful year as an OC qualifies him to be a head coach, but whatever.
Coach Pruitt, one might very well say the same thing about being and SEC coach. You can evaluate your roster as crap in March. But you've had from then until now and 12 games to make something of this. Name me the players and positions that have elevated their level of play since September. 12 games in coach and this team looks no different than they did against WVU. That isn't the roster, that's coaching. Even bad players should look a little better by season's end if they are well coached. But that isn't the case, is it? Nobody expects a miracle worker around here, but hard work is the minimum. I can't tell from Saturday night's game that any work is going on.
Coach Pruitt, that team pure gave up on you. With a bowl game on the line, with an archrival across the field, with a potential 3 game losing streak to said archrival-which hasn't happened in a hundred years, they gave up on you. But let's not lay it all on the players, they played exactly the way they were coached. You and your coaching staff are stealing your paycheck this week. Your honeymoon is over. Aight?
Beverly Davenport can stay. She said SchiaNO, fired Currie when he went off the nut, hired Fulmer, and generally said screw you to the House of Haslam. Lady is okay in my book. Any of the House of Haslam are not invited. They may have money, but they have no sense. Knoxville hasn't had royalty like this since the Butcher banking boys. Also Dave Hooker. You can have a to go plate. That means take your plate and go somewhere else. Don't think too much about what's on your plate either.
Let me redo this article: John Currie, Greg Schiano. You're welcome so long as you pursue your those lawsuits you threatened the University with. Oh, I'd LOVE to see the discovery on this one.
Neyland's Maximas by Lyle the Intern 1. The team that makes the fewest mistakes won’t be us. (“Remember this feeling.” 10/4/14) 2. Play for and make the bricks and when one comes your way – PUNT! 3. If at first the game - or the bricks - go against you, don't let up... argue with the referees! (Serena Williams could take lessons from Lyle "Deep Purple" Jones!) 4. Protect my narrative, my back, and my buyout. 5. 6-3 effort, Individuals, resiliency, smoothies, eyes on the thighs, and smoke your greys... for this is the LIFE CHAMPION’S EDGE. 6. Kick the Press. Here is where the memes are made. 7. Carry the fight to our opponent and keep it there for 48 minutes.
Lyle Jones actually MEANT IT when he said he was looking for 5 star hearts.
I agree with JG making some good plays and giving effort. But so did Justin Worley. Regardless of effort and toughness, neither was very good as a QB. You show me a QB called “tough”, “gritty”, “a warrior” and I’ll show you an offensive line that is none of these things. These are qualities that a lineman is supposed to display on the field. Not the QB.
I've tried to tell myself that not all 26 point losses are equal. Maybe it's just happenstance that 3 different teams came into Neyland Stadium and took a dump on the power T dropping a combined 150+ points against a coach that's supposed to be known for his defense. And each time, Tennessee tries the onsides kick which fails, a 2 point conversion play which probably fails, chases after points too soon, attempting the fantastic instead of focusing on the fundamental. Two more weeks of practice won't help these players or coaches. The players who want to play would be better served to be in the weight room. The coaches would be better served to hit the recruiting trail. The truth is that too many of these guys simply can't play. Pruitt is going to recruit over them-especially on the OL and DL who like to hit people and can do it right. You know what you call 20 stout linemen in the 2019 class for Tennessee? (other than a pipe dream) A good start. Pruitt also needs a QB. Guarantano has more hits than the Beatles and if he hasn't figured it out by now, he's not going to. In addition, Pruitt might need a new offensive coordinator, since the one we have insists on starting the game in minimal protection for a QB who can only be marginal with max protection. However, what really has me down today isn't the result or the score, but watching JG go BACK INTO THE GAME for two series after getting blasted on the third play. I've got two words for this coaching staff; Shane. Morris. No coach who fails to take care of his players safety will be around long. Failing to set the right protection for JG to start the game, he gets blasted and only two series later does the staff decide to evaluate him further. This story is far more important to me than any potential bowl.
Auburn and Kentucky were going to destroy Tennessee too...
SEC COY? If Tennessee had won at Carolina and won out from there, a lock. (Under that scenario, the Vols would have finished 8-4, 5-3 SEC, and 3rd place in the East and done so with a depleted roster against a schedule ranked 2nd most difficult in the country with 6 ranked opponents.) As it is, the BEST Tennessee could do is 4-4 in the league. Regardless of how that COY thing goes, he's validating the fan base that one year ago stood up and extended the Rashaun Gaulden salute to John Currie's MOU to SchiaNO. That revolt put Currie into a death spiral, brought Fulmer in as the AD where he was responsible for hiring Pruitt. Eat that Jimmy Ha'Slaam!
Maybe Dave can tell us about "Tyson Chandler" like he did last week. Or how Benny Snail will be the most productive player on the field. Sure Missouri has weapons. But they run hot and cold. Who can explain them getting punked by Kentucky, yet destroying Florida in their building the Gators' homecoming game? The main thing is this; Jeremy Pruitt is scheming for Derek Dooley. On one side is a guy who has been a part of a number of highly successful teams with a few championship rings to boot. On the other is shower discipline, gotta be like the Germans at Normandy, lose to Randy Sanders offense at Kentucky led by a converted WR at QB who only attempted 9 passes in the game. Bring it.
If you're picking Derek Dooley's brain about being a head coach . . . I like my Vols because they're at home and hungry. But I really like them because Jeremy Pruitt is scheming against Derek Dooley.