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Coach, did someone teach you how to fake being a head coach? Or did they just not teach that at the last school you were at? Love the follow up from Hyams to ask how Tyler Baron was. Pruitt's answer speaks volumes about him as a person and a head coach. He didn't recognize that this is who pulled the flop. Didn't know about his injury status. Apparently wasn't thinking he'd be asked that question. That flop was so bad that we should fire the DL coach. Again.
So let me get this right, we're postponing Tennessee-Vanderbilt so that Vandy can get on a bus to go to Missouri and play. Because THAT game is more important. Why does this sound like a Tyler Baron flop?
I honestly don't know which is worse at this point; Watching this team play or hearing this coach talk after the all-too-predictable loss. “That ain’t my job, guys. My job is to coach” So name me one quarterback who has been coached, developed, and is ready to step up for Guaranturnover. Not your side of the ball? Okay, tell me about the defensive backs and that gift TD to Auburn on a busted coverage. You've got 6 guys back there to cover 3 receivers and one of them is absolutely untouched. My only hope at this point is that there is something that will be uncovered that justifies a for cause termination with zero buyout. This human hemmorhoid isn't worth one more penny of UT's money.
Yep. Skoal Can will wait until Saturday to reveal that Guaranturnover will be the starting QBFL. Our Best Chance For Success(tm).
I guess I now know why Fulmer didn't appear with Pruitt at the Monday press conference... #WORKINLIKEHECK at the Hecktagon!
Pac 12 - Will play football for food! Please play us!!! Wonder if BYU is interested in getting in the mix there? Might as well.
Yes. It was quietly done. It also took KNS this long to discover and report-which should tell you a lot about the legwork they do. (or don't) This makes me mad enough to fire a defensive line coach and RAISE you an old offensive line coach to boot. To steal Spurrier's comments on Muschamp, at least Fulmer won't leave with empty pockets. sigh.
Yes. He beat Tennessee. A lot. But I take comfort from this; His last home game as the HBC in Gainesville in 2001 was a loss to the Vols. As a 17 point underdog, Tennessee won the division, knocked Florida out of the SEC Championship, and took their #2 BCS ranking. (Then promptly stepped on it the following week.) Also that Lyle the Intern never lost to Spurrier. That 2014 game was the one where UT was down by 14 points with a couple of minutes left in the game and absolutely stole it. Spurrier's press conference was like two sentences and he was out. Good times.
Don't forget, picking a fight with that reporter at The State. Getting him "reassigned" to cover some local nonsense instead of Carolina football.
I remember how UF treated Kentucky those few years when Bill Curry was there? Brutal.
Don't be so hasty. Let's see if we can't find a reason to terminate his contract for cause. At which point, he probably isn't owed much of a buyout.
In terms of awareness, leadership, and accountability, this is Pruitt demonstrating his true colors. His staff as well. Two of them (Graham and Martin) at least had the sense to understand the optics of what was happening and accepted the pay cut. The rest either didn't recognize or didn't care. And that should tell you all you need to know about Pruitt, this staff, and their chances to salvage anything this season or to recover in 2021. Pruitt hasn't listened to anybody yet. Why should we expect him to start now?
+1 But let's go deeper. Why in the world did UT agree to give him a raise in September? How ill-timed is that? Let's go deeper still. Why in the world did UT agree to give him a raise at all? Sure, it was a nice recovery from a disastrous start to the 2019 season opening loss to Georgia State. But Pruitt still has a loss to Georgia State to answer for. (Which he has never answered for)
Another bye week, you say? A perfect time to fire the DL coach and let's start moving on.
Yes Jalin, we also can't wait for Harrison Bailey to play. We can't either. But as we all know, Jarret Guarantano gives us Our Best Chance for Success (tm) according to our defensive line coach. Sorry, but you're going to have to wait until 2022 when Guarantano might be gone in order to have a chance to play with Bailey.
Clearly we need to fire the DL coach. Again.
Best of luck to you! That Gaulden salute should be on the back of the Jumbotron.
Meh. Fulmer was thrown into a fecal storm in the wake of John Currie going rogue. By the time that he even got involved in the search, who was left? This time though, Fulmer needs to do something he's never done. Hire a successful coach and hold him accountable.
Jeremy Pruitt's road back starts with him heading down I75-24-59 down to Alabama. I only hope Fulmer will quote Pruitt back to him on the way out: Coach Pruitt done a really nice job for us, worked his tail off (workin' like HECK!). Sometimes, from a philosophical standpoint, things are just not a fit, and it just didn’t work out for us. If it’s not working out, it’s better to just do it right now, This is not a knock on Jeremy whatsoever, he is one of the most knowledgeable guys I’ve been around and he’ll do a good job wherever he goes. Just felt like something we needed to do and we did it.
Tennessee — This quarterback situation didn’t get figured out in the LAST THREE YEARS. Fixed your headline. Guarantano is a human shield for Jeremy Pruitt-who is the Guarantano of head coaches. With each loss, JG takes all the heat because he is truly a terrible QB. Meanwhile, Pruitt avoids having to field questions about his own performance (or lack thereof). With Guarantano out, you now get to see how those backup quarterbacks have been prepared and coached! And the disturbing answer is...not at all. Worse are the in-game decisions. Maurer might be squirrely, but you've got to make some first downs, give your defense a rest, and score some points to make a game of it. Instead, they have him hand off the ball without success until it's a predictable third and long. For Bailey, it's worse. He is put for the last two series. When the game, the season, and Pruitt's job are all on the line. Good luck, kid! I'm just spitballing here, but maybe if you give Bailey a shot on any of the previous three drives when Tennessee wasn't trailing by 11, you reduce the pressure and give him a better chance. Most baffling of all is Pruitt telling us that it's too long of a field goal kick-when his kicker has already made two that were longer. This is even worse than Lyle Jones' charts! Pruitt is not a head coach. His 2018 team would have crushed this 2020 team. In year 3, it's getting worse. Not better. It's clearly time to fire the defensive line coach. Again.
Pruitt is not a head coach. Instead of getting better since 2018, his teams have gotten worse. Guarantano is merely a human shield that protects Pruitt from criticism. Tonight, his shield was removed. And though Tennessee had plenty of time to do SOMETHING on offense-there was plenty of time after all, we played a prevent offense-afraid to let Maurer run the offense. And Harrison Bailey-the freshman who is probably least prepared we only get to see at the point in time where the pressure of the game, the season, and Pruitt's career is all on his shoulders. Good luck, kid. Fire him.
What do you mean, "back"? But I was assured by Pruitt that we had closed the gap to Alabama.
Dateline Oxford; Ole Miss has renamed their practice facility the "Screw You Greg Sanka, Come Fine Me Now Lockers at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium."
As a Tennessee guy, I can remember the first time the SEC came up with a Lane Kiffin rule and the first coach to get fined for it was Urban Meyer. Worth a laugh. In other news, Kiffin today failed to wash his hands for a full 20 seconds before exiting the bathroom and will be fined an additional $25,000 by the SEC.
Because they have a $1 per annum lease to be there. Birmingham. The Magic City!!
Maybe a list of every SDS article type that there is: * (insert team) fans call out Gary Danielson's coverage of (insert team). * (insert team 1) trolls (insert team 2) over (insert gaffe/disaster/issue/statement/tweet) * Adam Spencer gushes about Drew Lock (though it's been a while. He's lost that lovin' feeling?) * Dave Hooker writes an idiotic prediction or statement of the obvious * (insert team) drops EPIC hype video ahead of game with (insert other team). (Video is neither epic, nor hype. And probably isn't a video.) Feel free to add on.
A personal favorite of mine though is Travis Henry vs. Arkansas in the 2000 game. Henry was barreling down the sideline getting chased. He basically stops, throws an arm out there, shoves the Razorback defender off and onto his back, then goes for an additional 15 yards. That dude could play!
And nobody gift-wrapped that team anything. They worked for it and earned it.