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Presumably, Cleveland Browns fans need only to repeat what ESPN has done to get Haslam to sell the team? Lord knows I'd be glad for Haslam to get out of UT.
Word. When Pruitt was looking for an OC, I half expected ESPN to suggest Greg SchiaNO. Strange that ESPN never got bent out of shape about SchiaNO being passed over for the interim head coach position at THEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Ohio State University. As for the relationship being irretrievably damaged, I'm sure that Flying Haslam can build a new and lasting relationship with Kareem Hunt. If you're a Tennessee Volunteer, never fill up at Pilot/Flying J.
Does the call hurt Kentucky? Controversial. Does the call help Kentucky? Not controversial.
In the words of Captain Kirk from Star Trek II, "Here it comes."
"South Carolina QB signee Ryan Hilinski announces blackout" Quarterback. FOOTBALL. Nobody introduced football into this basketball game but South Carolina. Get someone to explain that to you. Along with the final score, 92-70. Carolina puts the FUN in funeral.
Rephrase? You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. Carolina brought a football player to hype a basketball game. Your team. Your player. Didn't work. You lost by 22 in your own building. Keep shoveling the dirt, pal.
Allow ME to rephrase since YOU missed the point. YOUR football recruit-who has yet to play one actual down of football is trash talking Tennessee's basketball team. YOUR football player is trying to throw coattails down for your basketball team. Tennessee's basketball team needs no coattails. At. All. Keep shoveling the dirt, pal.
Wait. I'm trying to throw football into this!?!? Ryan Hilinski is a FOOTBALL COMMIT at South Carolina trying to talk trash on the Tennessee BASEKTBALL team. Shut up and get back to your funeral.
Last time a Carolina QB talked smack to UT was 1993. The result was a 55-3 destruction at Neyland Stadium. But good job on Ryan Hilinski trash talking the Tennessee Fist Ballers. At least you guys get free Chick Fil A. Oh wait....that's chicken.
Frank Martin is looking forward to November when he can trash talk the Clemson Tigers just before they play South Carolina in the Palmetto Bowl.
"When the Vols do return to Knoxville, though, they should do so still unbeaten in SEC play, and Vol Nation will show up in force to support this squad." You know what concerns me about South Carolina? Frank Martin. That guy can coach and I'm certain they will give Tennessee a game.
You just went full Nick Saban. ... ... NEVER go full Nick Saban!
Pregame speech for Tennessee at Vandy; "Sweep the leg."
Nice stat. Now if we can just get some wins so that these guys play in an actual bowl in college...
So Alabama is merely going to hire an assistant from MSU's staff, but they will "steal" one from Tennessee. ? Maybe Alabama can hire Derek Dooley and thus complete a hat trick of hiring all of the failed Tennessee head coaches from the last decade.
At least Randy Sanders didn't streak home to ETSU naked with a piece of the goal post after winning against Tennessee...
How do you call celebrating the 1998 team a great moment for the 2018 season? It has absolutely nothing to do with the 2018 season.
So Alabama has had Lane Kiffin, has Lyle Beta Jones on staff now, as well as Buddy Hackett-I mean, Sal Sunseri. All that's missing is Derek Dooley as Alabama's OC and you've got all of the worst coaches in the last decade from Tennessee. I'm sure everything will be okay.
I've noticed that Jones' position as an Intern with Alabama is finally equal to his experience, understanding, and competence in the sport. The curse of Beta Jones lives and it's confirmed.
Maybe this year he can upgrayedd to Toothpick Man. That's a valuable position in Nick Saban's entourage.
Also I'm thinking of changing my screen name to Strawman Fallacy.
MLB seems to work well with the farm team system. Difference is, that MLB and MILB are paying all the bills for their farm league and those players are EMPLOYEES who get paid for their efforts while developing their skills. In football and basketball though, the NCAA is more than happy to be the farm league for the NFL and NBA due to the massive revenue that it generates. Problem is that the NCAA has to keep these kids in "amateur" status and in servitude, otherwise the hypocrisy of the whole business model breaks down and the business itself won't be far behind. When that happens, the NFL and NBA will figure out a way to have a farm league, kids who want to get paid will join up and develop their skills. The NCAA will experience a huge contraction and correction in their arrogance, and the entire sport-both professional and college will get better as a result.
An epic beatdown in the national championship game, the Beta Jones curse strikes Tuscaloosa, an exodus of assistant coaches, Jalen Hurts transfers to Oklahoma pointing both programs towards an inevitable rematch in the CFP, and alleged excitement about Steve "Falling Up" Sarkisian coming back to Alabama to take the role he held the last time Alabama lost a national championship game to Clemson? Yeah, I'd say Alabama is in dumpster fire territory.
So Phil helped out for about 30 seconds with the offensive line. It didn't help a lick apparently AND we self-reported a level 3 violation. Sigh. If Phil is gonna cheat, he's gonna have to work harder. Come on, Phil! What happened to workin' like heck!?
Isn't "co-op" the next step up from "intern"?