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Burns just called out Vol Twitter. "I'll show me!" Have fun with that, mmmkay?
Yes. It should have been a penalty. But frankly, I wish he had thrown GuaranTAN-NO's helmet into the river so that maybe he can't return to the game. Instead, we were treated to the all-too predictable performance of late passes thrown behind the receiver which are either broken up, intercepted, or get the receiver blasted. Throws behind the sticks on third down that fail to move the chains and force field goal attempts and ultimately lose games. Rick Clausen would have hung 42 on BYU.
The past several UT coaches (who have stayed three years minimum) have had a pattern. A signature loss in year 2. Fulmer did it in 1994 with a 0-31 loss to Florida. In fairness, Florida was #1 and in another galaxy. Dooley did it in 2011 with a 10-7 loss to Kentucky. Inexcusable. He should have been fired before leaving the field. Jones did it in 2014 with a 10-9 loss to Florida that was there for the taking. And post game, he hissed, "remember this feeling." And now Pruitt has done it in 2019 with a 38-23 season opening loss to a team that finished 2-10 the year prior. But it's not just that Pruitt had an inexcusable loss to start this season. He had an inexcusable loss to finish the 2018 season. Which means that he now has back to back inexcusable losses. Pruitt is most obviously not the guy. Has anyone got a picture of him humping a shark or doing anything that would work as a "for cause" termination? Asking for a friend.
That's an insult to the Mighty Arkansas Razorbacks. I would never have believed that this team could be this bad. They had an inexcusable loss at Vandy last year. And Pruitt followed that up with a loss that's even worse. And we PAID them.
"As the SEC continues to tweak its instant replay system in hopes of arriving at an ideal outcome for Alabama, the conference on Thursday announced another change." There. I fixed it. On the monitor, the refs will see video loops of what happens to referees who don't make the right call. A subtle reminder to make The Right Call(tm) that's in the best interests of all parties.
So let me see if I've got this right, Dan. Your O-line just gave up 10...ten...TEN sacks. And the QB is the problem? Why that would be like putting all the blame onto Alabama's offensive staff for getting blasted 44-16 by Clemson.
Jim Mora, "Title Contender!?" Easy there, Paul Finebammer. Everybody that is serious about winning championships in this sport has LEADERS running their athletic department, football programs, and in most cases the University as well. For the last generation, Tennessee has ben saddled with managers and administrators. Beverly Davenport being a notable exception. As a Tennessee fan, I am thankful every day for Aunt Bev. She was a leader even though she had to know she'd get whacked like Goodfellas. For Tennessee to change course, it starts with having leaders in charge. Not managers. With Fulmer, there is at least a chance of getting that leadership. Leadership is only the first step though. Tennessee is below the bottom rung of the ladder in our conference. A title contender?! Let’s strive for being relevant. That means making bowl eligibility. Every. Single. Year. That’s not too much to ask. given the fans, funds, and facilities Tennessee has. Do that and you can build depth and talent for a breakout at some point.
Dang. We almost went the whole offseason drama. Hate to hear this. If this was Florida, he'd be suspended a couple of games, but return in time for the game with Tennessee. In other news, the NCAA's Aubrey Solomon hostage crisis continues. Day 247 with no end in sight.
Surprised they didn't also sanction the tutor's potential progeny. Rest assured, the NCAA make sure that nothing interferes with the perennial playoff between Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma, and Ohio State.
"And that’s not my way of referencing Florida’s less-than-stellar offseason, which saw 5 recruits from its 2019 signing class leave before they could even suit up once. I promise it’s not." So this is you not referencing Florida's offseason by directly cataloguing the offseason. Don't you have some memes to go generate and post as an article or something? @@
Reading the other teams’ meme articles, it looks to me like SDS decided to give up on trying to write any articles and instead spent a few days creating memes, changing the punchline to suit the team, then posted them in an “article” and dumped them on readers as if it were relevant content.
Dang! I sure am sad to hear this. I've got a friend who has this and it's sad to watch how it just continually debilitates her. Didn't Earl Campbell had this too?
Imagine how great Hurd would have been with that fabled lead blocker that he begged Jones for at UT. Glad to see him having success. Meanwhile, Jones is still trying to get an upgrayedd to become Nick Saban's Toothpick Man at Alabama.
"Kentucky fans haven’t had expectations this high since Hal Mumme was going for it on 4th-and-13 from his own 35." Kentucky fans had expectations under Hal Mumme? I was more thinking of the Rich Brooks era which was pretty nice by UK's football history.
SDS is just trolling for a Tennessee fan to make a Tennessee-Kentucky type comment. Pass. What I really want to know from SDS is how Denver is totally mismanaging such a superduper great quarterback talent in Drew Lock....who needs a mentor.
Allow me to go full Al Davis for a moment. Just win, baby. Lose and no one cares if your individual numbers are great. Win and no one cares if your individual numbers are bad. If JG will lead his team to wins, the numbers will take care of themselves.
+1. I want to see him play for this team. But I want to see him live even more. Clots are serious business. Here's hoping those two aren't mutually exclusive.
The BYU game should tell us whether Tennessee can make it to their floor for wins. The MSU game should tell us whether Tennessee can make it to their ceiling. Good news, we get both at home. Also, the bye weeks also line up nicely. A break in between Florida and Georgia. (UGA gets a bye week there also.) A break before Missouri on the road. Missouri hosts Florida the week before, so this can also work in Tennessee's favor.
Glad for Donnie. Hope it works well and he helps the franchise. Guys like Roy Williams can have a phake university, the women's program takes all the sanctions, and the NCAA doesn't bat an eye. Shoe companies basically own the sport, funnel money and players in any direction they choose. Strong-a$$ offers abound. The FBI has wiretaps, but ordinary guys like Donnie "Toe Tag" Tyndall get 10 years. (Shameless Rasslin' nickname-should Donnie ever choose to change his profession.)
I'll say this, if Solomon was transferring FROM Tennessee to Michigan, the NCAA would have approved this transfer in seconds.
It's 4 days after the article is posted and I'm the first commenter? SDS has been given full command of their website.