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Bob is just now finishing the call on the last play of the Purdue game. In fairness, John Ward had was a Master and Commander of the English language. Few have that.
And when you get done, go to Leatha's BBQ Inn. Used to be on 98 west of town. Now in Petal, MS. Best ribs I've ever had. Holy snap!
I think ND could make it interesting, but they haven't beaten anyone left in the tournament. Have they? They're good, but not fearsome. Here's hoping the Villains take it seriously, jump on ND early and stay there. Avoid the 9th inning heroics and TCB. HONCHO VILLAINS!
Bonus; Go look for and read this SDS article from last week: Derek Ruscin, Arkansas radio host, receives punishment after he called a player a 'disgrace' and 'loser' Apparently the crazy at Arkansas is truly a thing.
ESPN will make more of this than they will of their own employee and former Arkansas player trying to dump on Evan Russell and the Villains Friday night. Back of the Neyland Stadium Jumbotron: Pane 1; Rashaun Gaulden. Pane 2; General Neyland. Pane 3; Jordan Beck.
So to sum up, an Arkansas player makes a vanilla comment about the fanaticism of Arkansas fans, a former Arkansas media personality rips the player (thus proving what the player was talking about and possibly making transfer players everywhere give pause to going to Arkansas). In other news, Troy Eklund, former Arkansas player and ESPN baseball commentator spouts unsubstantiated rumors about Evan Russell-live and on the air during an ESPN broadcast. Later apologizes. Is the trend with Arkansas, ESPN, or both?
All I got to say is Go Tech! Campbell played a tough game yesterday. Respect.
I want Evan Russell to break Todd Helton's record tonight and the booth to use THAT clip when he does it.
They'll never forgive UT for 1998. Al Wilson and the no stars defied their expectations and destroyed their narrative. Made fools of them all.
Deer Antler Spray! lol When that happened, was it an ESPN employee saying those things on the air during a live broadcast? I feel confident that whatever ESPN might say publicly about this, Eklund did exactly what ESPN wanted done.
Link please? RTI wouldn't have put out rumors. Why would a UT homer site put out stuff damaging to UT? No. Sir. Ree. ESPN has long had an agenda and an ax to grind with Tennessee. They showed you that last night. I think Eklund just happened to be the useful idiot who said it on the air.
LET'S GO CHARLIE!!! Instant NIL deal for Charlie. I want to see it on a T-shirt come Monday.
The big news, move the championship game to Saturday. Agree. That could help tournament seeding. It also helps teams that might get stuck in a Thursday night NCAA game following the tournament. An extra day to rest.
"Hints at Possible News" Hey!!! What's the SEC doing stealing SDS motto?
My favorite is when the authors talk back to the commenters for disagreeing with them or shooting holes in their carefully constructed narrative. Let's see if this comment makes it past
I too remember the days when Nebraska/Oklahoma and Texas/A&M meant something. Back when actual geography (not TV) defined conferences. When the game was driven by regions to become relevant nationally. Instead what we have now is a sport driven by TV, conferences gerrymandered across timezones, and a game that is dictated nationally such that your region matters little. Texas joining the SEC is one more step in that direction. They destroyed the SWC and nearly destroyed the Big 12. I guess they figured they'd make another run at it. In time, they'll try to do the same to the SEC.
You know who's really butthurt about this whole deal? Lane Kiffin. How much juice did Fisher get by having his program called out by Saban, then cutting a promo on him? Popcorn Kiffin wishes that he were relevant enough to get that kind of direct stare from the death star.
Tennessee has all the tools on both sides of the ball to get it done. They have the hunger and the drive. Hoping they bring the hardware home. GO VOLS! HONCHO VILLAINS!
Awwww come on now! After further review from The SEC Command Center-Home of the Right Call(tm), they came up with "offsetting penalties" and replay the down. I'll say this, if it were Fisher talking first and blasting Saban, the sanctions would be inbound before he finished his sentence.
I loved the shout out to Max Ferguson and Pav and those guys who were keys last year. This team stands on their shoulders. All the emotion that this team plays with, all the bat flips or tag checks, it all starts from Tony V. And you got to see a brief glimpse of that in the emotion that Vitello shows you in the post-game. This team ranks up next to the '85 Sugar Vols. ...and they're not done.
"This year, UT began the season ranked in 5 of the 6 major NCAA polls, but no higher than 16th in any of them." I remember hearing this as the season got started and couldn't understand why a CWS team that returned the horses that Tennessee did would get such shabby treatment in the polls. Tennessee didn't come out of nowhere. The press RANKED THEM nowhere to start the season, had egg on their faces, and had to change their narrative. ___ Finnvold pitched some great stuff to keep the Gators alive. The Villains missed a chance to salt it away in the 7th, but finished it off anyway. Great game. JUST WIN BABY! Honcho Villains all the way!