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Collin is trying for some attention and impress his new employers. OSU has nothing but elaborate scrimmages in nice uniforms between now and November.
Actually, they are correct. I'm a Vandy fan and that didn't look like spearing to me. It wasn't vicious or malicious.
Nice work men. What an arrogant a-hole. I loved the reply from the guy who had a relative who was a professor at the University of Chicago. They have very impressive grad schools but something tells me that guy was quite the internet intellectual.
God I still can't believe that James Franklin got Vandy in the top 25 final poll two years in a row. Most people are not aware of this and what an incredible achievement it was - well Coach Mason has discovered this fact.
I think urinal troughs are great at stadiums and really efficient. Check out the line to the Women's Restroom.
As a SEC fan and a Vandy grad, the Tennessee/Alabama rivalry is a great tradition. It will return but personally I don't think Butch will be the man to return the Vols to the promise land. Not sure many of these 4 and 5 stars will see the playing field on Saturday and for the time being the Vols need to worry about beating the Dores.