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Agreed. Nurses are in contact with patients more than the doctors...though everyone in the healthcare profession is exposed to the virus daily.
Well said LSUSMC. gohogs7988, you can not like the hire, but I equate your whining to another saying. Your whining is like wishing that the pilot of your airplane would die. I was excited about Morris, but I offered my support for him and gave him plenty of opportunities, but he failed. Pittman is the same way. I love the guy, but I'm not sold on him being the head coach. I will support him and give him his chance, just like I did Chad. You don't have to like it, but for God's sake, stop scaring off our recruits with your bs.
Only as an interim Head Coach. Outside of him being in line of command at USC, he has the same career path as Pittman. I have my reservations, but at the same time, it's worked at LSU. Calling it a garbage hire and calling for Yurschek's firing is premature. Fans like you are the reason why recruits and potential hires shy away from our program. Too many "fans" spouting off bs versus trying to show support for the school.
Not saying that I'm super excited about this hire...BUT,having an OL coach as HC hass worked out for LSU.
Umm, not sure where you got that info from, but our AD was hired AFTER Chad Morris was announced as our head coach. Jeff Long was the AD during the Brett experiment.
Because they feel that Georgia is currently the 4th best team. Do you not think that they are the 4th best team?
Maybe the photographer will keep their butt on the sidelin,e utilr the final whistle blows, next time. As for Frank, maybe he should train his photographers better.
You're delusional. Video replay clearly showed the Vandy player's left foot was out of bounds and Jennings didn't make contact prior to that. Jennings feet were inbounds, was inbounds, but the runner was not. Also, sure, his head was looking up and away, but where were his eyes? He knew exactly what he was doing. Also, you can see him rip the helmet off, it's right there under his right arm. Did you think that the helmet just magically disappeared? Did he stomp on the guy's head? No, but he meant to step on his face. There's no other excuse for what happened. He meant to do it and should be suspended accordingly.
Not sure why this is here. They didn't simulate anything. This is no different than teams lining up their QB out wide and then bringing him back in under center or whatever. Completely legal play, Saban just got out-smarted.
Right! MSU fans should be happy they aren't Arkansas right now. What coach wants to take over a re-build just so he can get canned in less than 2 years? Maybe he's looking for that big buy-out money that we seem to throw around.
That's not a botched fake punt. That's a botched punt attempt. Just like a botched field goal attempt or extra point attempt where, the holder drops the football, is not a botched fake either. A botched fake punt is what Arkansas tried to do against Auburn with the basketball jump pass that was intercepted.
I guess it's a good thing that they don't let your blind ass call the shots.
Technically, in America, the term razorback is loosely applied to any feral hog or wild boar. A true wild boar is called a Russian Boar. These wild boars are called razorbacks because of their high, hair-covered backbone and ill-mannered temper.
There are wild boar in Arkansas. Yes, you can hunt them, but if memory serves me right, you need a special permit. I do not know if they have good meat. Everyone that I know (that has gone on hunting trips for them) just gets them mounted or stuffed. I've never seen anyone actually take the meat, though there are plenty of recipes for it.
That's funny. Everyone knows that Arkansas still owes CBB $7M (though that is in the court system now) and now owes CCM $10M. no way Arkansas can then buyout The Gus Bus contract from Auburn. Thank you Aubie for that HUGE contract you gave him last time.
So badly out of shape? Doubt it. All there is to do in prison is workout and read books. He might come out in better shape.
Where's the punishment for Rudolph? He tried pulling Garrett's helmet off first and then he stuck his hand in Garrett's face mask. What Garrett did was horrible (should have dropped the helmet before swinging at least), but if someone stuck their hand in my face mask, I'd take a swing at them too. Your hand don't belong in my face mask.
I'm a bit surprised by this, but these polls don't really matter. It's the last one that everyone should want to be in. Also, unlike the NFL or the FCS, the top-seeded teams don't get home-field advantage. It's played a "neutral" site instead of on the team's campus. I was once a non-believer in the OSU hype, but I've watched several of their games this year and they are no joke. Bama, LSU, and OSU are the three top teams this year and they will get sorted out as to who is number 1 when December and January come around.
He didn't say "very successful" head coach. He said very successful coach. He was a very successful coach at Clemson. He recruited Watson, so don't go saying that Morris didn't mold Watson because he was already a Heisman finalist. Also, he rebuilt the SMU team which is why they are as successful as they are today. You're right though, Arkansas hasn't been this bad in a long time, but you can think CBB for that.
Agreed MountainHawg. I'm glad I'm not the only who feels this way.
I don't understand why people WANT him to be fired. Hell, they gave CBB 5 years and they can't give CCM 2? And don't tell me the whole, "CBB was winning". Not until year 3. His first year was 3-9 and everyone didn't bat an eye. It was, "He doesn't have his guys". Sure, he won more in his second year, but if you're gonna hire and fire coaches willy nilly, we might as well be Tennessee. At least our players aren't quitting the team mid-season. I said it when CCM came in, he gets 2 years to get his guys in. In year 3, I want to see the "Hammer Down" mentality. If it's not there in year 3, then we can talk about him not being the guy.
It's not that I don't think Noland can't win the job, I think it's more along the lines of his arm might be too tired. Now, he is also at a disadvantage because he's playing baseball right now, so he's missing practice time which is invaluable AND he's missing time learning the the playbook. So, it's possible for him to win the starting job, but he has major obstacles to overcome.
Actually, if you watch the defense, it wasn't their fault aside from a couple of games. The defense kept the Hogs in the game for most of losses. The offense's inability to make first downs caused the defense to get worn out. It's easy to be outscored like that when the offense gets single digit first downs and the defense doesn't get a break. They have issues on defense, but the "REAL" work as you called it needs to happen on offense so the defense can rest.
Right. It takes a lot of hard work and determination to earn a scholarship to play ball, regardless of gender. It's even more impressive that she did it in a male dominated sport.
Umm Adam, I'm looking for some clarification in your article. You said, "According to head coach Chad Morris, Boyd will not be able to practice this spring, though a reason wasn’t given." I say this because 5 days ago, Michael Wayne Bratton wrote "During a recent media availability with the program’s assistant coaches, the team’s running backs coach Jeff Traylor noted running back Rakeem Boyd won’t return from his offseason shoulder surgery for “a couple of months” meaning the Razorbacks will be thin at tailback this spring." in his article "Pair of Razorbacks switching positions for Arkansas this spring". I'm wondering if Boyd has some different reason for not practicing than what Michael wrote in his article. If you could clarify this, that'd be great.