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I'm a bit surprised by this, but these polls don't really matter. It's the last one that everyone should want to be in. Also, unlike the NFL or the FCS, the top-seeded teams don't get home-field advantage. It's played a "neutral" site instead of on the team's campus. I was once a non-believer in the OSU hype, but I've watched several of their games this year and they are no joke. Bama, LSU, and OSU are the three top teams this year and they will get sorted out as to who is number 1 when December and January come around.
He didn't say "very successful" head coach. He said very successful coach. He was a very successful coach at Clemson. He recruited Watson, so don't go saying that Morris didn't mold Watson because he was already a Heisman finalist. Also, he rebuilt the SMU team which is why they are as successful as they are today. You're right though, Arkansas hasn't been this bad in a long time, but you can think CBB for that.
Agreed MountainHawg. I'm glad I'm not the only who feels this way.
I don't understand why people WANT him to be fired. Hell, they gave CBB 5 years and they can't give CCM 2? And don't tell me the whole, "CBB was winning". Not until year 3. His first year was 3-9 and everyone didn't bat an eye. It was, "He doesn't have his guys". Sure, he won more in his second year, but if you're gonna hire and fire coaches willy nilly, we might as well be Tennessee. At least our players aren't quitting the team mid-season. I said it when CCM came in, he gets 2 years to get his guys in. In year 3, I want to see the "Hammer Down" mentality. If it's not there in year 3, then we can talk about him not being the guy.
It's not that I don't think Noland can't win the job, I think it's more along the lines of his arm might be too tired. Now, he is also at a disadvantage because he's playing baseball right now, so he's missing practice time which is invaluable AND he's missing time learning the the playbook. So, it's possible for him to win the starting job, but he has major obstacles to overcome.
Actually, if you watch the defense, it wasn't their fault aside from a couple of games. The defense kept the Hogs in the game for most of losses. The offense's inability to make first downs caused the defense to get worn out. It's easy to be outscored like that when the offense gets single digit first downs and the defense doesn't get a break. They have issues on defense, but the "REAL" work as you called it needs to happen on offense so the defense can rest.
Right. It takes a lot of hard work and determination to earn a scholarship to play ball, regardless of gender. It's even more impressive that she did it in a male dominated sport.
Umm Adam, I'm looking for some clarification in your article. You said, "According to head coach Chad Morris, Boyd will not be able to practice this spring, though a reason wasn’t given." I say this because 5 days ago, Michael Wayne Bratton wrote "During a recent media availability with the program’s assistant coaches, the team’s running backs coach Jeff Traylor noted running back Rakeem Boyd won’t return from his offseason shoulder surgery for “a couple of months” meaning the Razorbacks will be thin at tailback this spring." in his article "Pair of Razorbacks switching positions for Arkansas this spring". I'm wondering if Boyd has some different reason for not practicing than what Michael wrote in his article. If you could clarify this, that'd be great.
Londonhawg, at no point, in your rambling incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.
Wolfman, at no point, in your rambling incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul. Have you already forgotten how bad our season was? We went 2-10 without a win in the conference and almost without a win in the FBS. Morris stripped the football program of their workout gear because he believes they don't deserve the right to wear it. This has nothing to do with anything you said in your comment. They have to earn the right to be called a Razorback again, plain and simple.
Kelley Bryant isn't going anywhere. He didn't go to Mizzou to go to the post-season. He went because he believes it gives him the best opportunity to work on his mechanics to be a better passer so he will be a better prospect for the draft. Mizzou shouldn't worry, he's not going anywhere.
If Clemson's success is what we have to look forward, then let's build it. It took Dabo 6 years to win a NC and he started out with a team that had a pre-season #9 ranking and fell to 6-6 a couple of years later. So, take your time coach.
Completely agree with you here london. We really need to shore up that O-Line too. It's gonna be a long year, but I think it will pay off in Year 3. Maybe we'll sneak a few of extra wins in this season.
Actually, we already have the room for the 29 that CCM wants to sign. CCM mentioned earlier this year that he needed 24 to transfer in order to make the room needed. With this transfer, we've hit the mark he wanted.
Makes it hard to get ahead in this conference when you're Top 20 in the nation and not even top half of your conference. We're not even in the top half of the West with Bama, LSU, Auburn, Miss State and TAMU being ahead of the Hogs in recruiting. Ole Miss is the West team behind Arky with UK, Mizzou, and Vandy behind Ole Miss.
Right. Meyer: Ok, in today's class, this is how you get away with lying through your ass.
I was going to say the same thing. It's just click-bait. Print this word or that word and people will click it. Just like how they have an article every week with the word "savagely" in it.
-10 wind chill and snow. I lived up there in 7 years. It snowed on Halloween every year. December is worse. It's -3F and a -25 wind chill.
I was wondering that myself. Maybe he saw something (writing on the wall) with the shift in the coaching staff and he figured he'd hop on the life boat before the ship started sinking.
Arkansas and Texas A&M play annually in Jerry's World and Arkansas gave up another "Home" game by playing in Little Rock this past year. Florida and UGA aren't the only 2 who play a SEC away from their home stadium.
I was actually surprised that so many sports writers and analysts actually thought Kelly Bryant would choose Arkansas. Did I want him to? Sure, but KB mentioned many times that he was looking for a school to help him finish developing as a passer (Mizzou) and could help him improve his draft stock (Mizzou could easily finish 2nd or 3rd in the EAST). Mizzou has the talented receiving corps that would help get KB noticed at the next level all while winning many games. Arkansas really only had the Morris connection. Our offensive line wasn't that good this year, our receiving corps will get an upgrade this off-season, but they are unproven, and I don't see Arkansas winning more than 5 games this year. We're not even going to discuss the dumpster fire that is Auburn with a coach that has no powers and is pretty much on his way out. Mizzou made the most sense and did from the beginning.
You know, sometimes I wonder if you even know anything about football. It's fans like you who tear down the program and make recruits not want to come to Arkansas. Then you go on these rants that you don't like this or that and bad mouth the team. Why don't you just shut up? Try being a supportive fan. Is CCM our coach of the future? I don't know, but I'm giving him the chance he deserves. If you can do so much better, then apply of the job. Until you prove that you're a better coach than CCM, shut your pie hole and support these young men.
WTF is wrong with people? Respect the guy's decision. He needed to go somewhere that would help him improve his draft stock. The dumpster fires of Auburn and Arkansas would not do that him. I'm really glad that he didn't come Arkansas with some of the stuff our fans have said to him. I apologize on behalf of Pig Land.
Makes sense. They are bowl eligible, so if not chosen, then let them come up with a game of their own.