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I was wondering that myself. Maybe he saw something (writing on the wall) with the shift in the coaching staff and he figured he'd hop on the life boat before the ship started sinking.
Arkansas and Texas A&M play annually in Jerry's World and Arkansas gave up another "Home" game by playing in Little Rock this past year. Florida and UGA aren't the only 2 who play a SEC away from their home stadium.
I was actually surprised that so many sports writers and analysts actually thought Kelly Bryant would choose Arkansas. Did I want him to? Sure, but KB mentioned many times that he was looking for a school to help him finish developing as a passer (Mizzou) and could help him improve his draft stock (Mizzou could easily finish 2nd or 3rd in the EAST). Mizzou has the talented receiving corps that would help get KB noticed at the next level all while winning many games. Arkansas really only had the Morris connection. Our offensive line wasn't that good this year, our receiving corps will get an upgrade this off-season, but they are unproven, and I don't see Arkansas winning more than 5 games this year. We're not even going to discuss the dumpster fire that is Auburn with a coach that has no powers and is pretty much on his way out. Mizzou made the most sense and did from the beginning.
You know, sometimes I wonder if you even know anything about football. It's fans like you who tear down the program and make recruits not want to come to Arkansas. Then you go on these rants that you don't like this or that and bad mouth the team. Why don't you just shut up? Try being a supportive fan. Is CCM our coach of the future? I don't know, but I'm giving him the chance he deserves. If you can do so much better, then apply of the job. Until you prove that you're a better coach than CCM, shut your pie hole and support these young men.
WTF is wrong with people? Respect the guy's decision. He needed to go somewhere that would help him improve his draft stock. The dumpster fires of Auburn and Arkansas would not do that him. I'm really glad that he didn't come Arkansas with some of the stuff our fans have said to him. I apologize on behalf of Pig Land.
Makes sense. They are bowl eligible, so if not chosen, then let them come up with a game of their own.
Morris is cleaning house. I'm sure he offered them a position change or something that would allow them to continue with the team in a different role, but it was no secret that Morris needed a bunch of players to transfer in order to bring in the recruits he has for this year. After the last game of the season, Morris said he would need at least 4 more to transfer to make room for the new recruits. He got those 4 with Kelley leaving now. We only had 25 scholarships and Morris is recruiting 29, so someone has to go.
I agree. I thought he'd make a TE and then you could have a TE throwback pass to the QB or something like that.
Yup, redshirted last year and didn't played a down this year. New coaching staff probably had a long sit down with him and this is what's best for him.
We just need LSU to step up and not pull an Auburn against UCF this bowl season.
I totally agree with Cody UGA is the better team of the final 3, but they should have beaten LSU. That would have given them an almost guaranteed spot. Like if Bama would have lost yesterday, I think they still would have been in the Top 4.
I'll underbid you at $750K/year, with same firing clause.
That's rough. That type of injury is usually a career ender, but we've said that before with other players. Here's hoping he can beat the odds as well.
This is just sad all around. The players are the ones who are hurt by this the most. You just won a hard fought (almost 5 hour long) game and all you want to do is celebrate and get some food. Then, along comes a fight between people who are your mentors, teachers, coaches, etc causing your celebration to come to an abrupt end.
UT won't fire Pruitt to go with least not after one season.
Minus CBB who went to the Pats, these are some true words.
Wheels are falling off of the Gus Bug again. Next season, he'll get an engine tune-up and new brakes, then the University will fall in love with him again.
You think Arkansas is going to fire CCM after one season? That'd be almost (actually worse) than what Tennessee did last year by hiring a coach and then essentially firing him the next day. You must be on something good.
Would you care to enlighten us because I agree with BamaTime. Stoops wanted out. I know money talks, but Stoops could have gotten whatever he wanted and he stepped away.
You know, back in the day, we used to keep our crazies in the house. Everyone knew who they were/ They were the kids standing behind the screen door in their diaper on. Now, the internet gives the crazies a way to express themselves without leaving the house.
Well, after reading the other article and seeing what the guy wrote, he deserves everything he gets.
They'll probably try something along the lines of terroristic threatening or bullying. Just further proof that you should lock down your social media profiles and not have anybody associated with your job as a friend or follower.
The problem was, the players were flirting with the cheerleaders instead of participating in warm-ups. Morris used the suspensions to put the team on notice that if you're not going to focus on football, then there's no room for you on the team. Flirt with them after the game, but not before, especially when you're supposed to be warming up.
I think Saban would have had a hard time winning with this team this year. I don't think he would have lost to CSU, so 3-9 season, maybe 4-8, so Morris deserves the D, but his ceiling was limited this year.
Apparently, he wasn't majoring in English. That is a grammar Nazi's worse nightmare.