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Just ignore 1hogg. We all do because he's a troll.
I'm hoping Arkansas gets the W and a little revenge for that non-fumble backwards pass from last year. However, in week 2, it predicted a Texas win over the Hogs and in week 4 it predicted an A&M win as well. The best part about a noon kickoff is I get off work at 11:00, so I can watch the game before I o to bed.
Bro. Stop it with the 676 yards. Our defense gave up over 600 yards as well. By your own comment (on three different posts that I've seen so far), Arkansas will be lucky to win another SEC game. For the love of everything that is holy, shut up with the yards given up story. Jeez.
Right. There's a high school in Arkansas that never punts. He coaches at Pulaski Academy. There's even a YouTube channel that follows the team through the 2018 or 2019 season (if memory serves me right). Just search YouTube for, the coach that never punts. He says the same thing about analytics.
That's what happens when you're coach is a Champion of Life instead of football.
Thank Arch. Hats off to Ole Miss. Y'all made some adjustments and slowed our offense in the first half and your offense came out screaming in the second. Gutsy call by Kiffin going for all those 4th downs. If he'd had punted, the game may have gone a different way.
I don't know if I could have lived through another 7 OT with Ole Miss.
I agree with the decision to go for it. The missed FG and the fumble in the first half, took points off the board. Our defense looked like swiss cheese. Hopefully we can get that fixed for Auburn.
When we got the ball back with about a minute to play, I told my buddy that we needed the TD and that we should go for two to win it in regulation. I was hoping for maybe Sanders, DJ, or KJ to bang it in the middle for the 2-pt since they couldn't be stopped all game, but I'm still glad that they went for the win.
Same. I bought the hype, but I knew their defense would be nasty. I just figured our defense would slow them down some and maybe get a turnover or 2. Like you said, we're good...just not elite.
How many wins does FSU have this season? 1, and it was by 3 points to Syracuse? And they lost to Jacksonville State? Yeah. Stay in your lane. FSU won't make the playoffs before Arkansas does.
They weren't scared...they were petrified. Granted, that was probably the loudest stadium some of them have ever played in but we couldn't get out of our own way. Credit to that D and that crowd. It was an abrupt end to a wonderful Cinderella story that us Hogs were soaking up. We're still a good team, but UGA is on another level. Good luck when you guys face them especially following that UK debacle. You're going to need it.
I knew UGA's Defense was nasty, but I thought our defense was good enough to slow their offense down some and keep it close. That was not the case. I said it on another forum, Arkansas is good, but UGA showed us that we're not elite...yet.
My dad was stationed at LRAFB and I was practically raised on that base. Then I joined and was stationed there for 5 years (left right after the 2011 EF2 hit the base). Woo Pig and congrats to UGA. That defense is nasty!
That is probably the best explanation for today's game. I stayed up and cheered on the Hogs. I knew UGA's defense was tough, but I thought our defense was close enough to keep their offense slowed down. UGA showed us that we are a god team, but we are not elite.
^^^ And that will forever be its name, CORNHOLIO!!!!!!!
Technically, the phrase "To be honest" doesn't imply that the person is normally lying. The phrase is typically used prior to giving someone your opinion, especially if that opinion is not popular. So, in a time when coaches are closing their doors to the public for practices, he is going against that and opening those doors. "When all is said and done" is a review of the whole situation, so yeah, it's when everything is finished because you can't review the situation until it's over. "At the end of the day" is used to highlight what you consider to be the most important thing that happened from your, "when it was all said and done" review.
A lot of the feigning of injuries seems to occur towards the end of the half or game. How about forcing teams to take a timeout when inside the last 2-5 minutes of the half or game for injuries? Didn't that used to be a thing?
Oh man, I said to my dad (he's a Bama fan), "I didn't know the Gators hired Les Miles." Good to hear I'm not the only one who thought along the same lines.
But there no Manti Te'o for the ratings this year.
I couldn't read that comment with a straight face either.
That would be COVID-19/2020 worthy right there.
I would also say that it's better to be banned from this year vs next year. Who knows, maybe LSU has another miracle season next year and a bowl ban next year would stifle that. Might as well get the bowl ban out of the way now.
I have a feeling this will be good for the top 4 teams in the conference and bad for the bottom 4 teams. Watch teams like Vandy be exclusively on ESPN+.
Oh boy...looks like we're trying to turn this game into a rivalry game. lol
Except he didn't launch, so, there goes your argument.
Just like there are some Arkansas fans whose comments make me cringe. We have to take the good with the bad I guess. Too bad it's usually the bad that are making the most comments...the squeaky wheel so to speak.