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How is it rigged? Bama's two losses were by a total of 4 points to ranked teams on the road. Tennessee's two losses were blowouts with one being to an unranked team (at the time). Your orange colored glasses need some cleaning.
Right. Some people won't be happy unless we're winning by 50 points every game. We're not Bama...yet.
Because Sam was getting our backups some game time. With as bad as our defense has been and with all the injuries, it was more important to get them done game time versus risking injury to the starters in garbage time.
So close. 41-27. Really good prediction.
^^^This is the perfect example of a Hog fan with realistic expectations for the season. We can still get to 9-4 with we clean up the defensive issues.
I agree. If we can get a few PIs, then we can keep it close with a chance at the end like Texas did. Our Pass D is better now that Slusher is back, but without Catalon, it'll definitely be more difficult. Our guys are starting to jell on the backend, but I don't know if it's enough. I would love for Arkansas to win, but I think Bama wins it.
If memory serves me right, he called his mom and told her that Nick Saban wanted to offer him a job at Bama. She reminded him that he gave his word to coach at Arkansas and that she didn't raise a son who would break their promise. That's where the loyalty aspect of him comes from.
You're exactly right. Your team's ability to jell after the App State shows they don't have any quit. That defense is legit. You guys just need your offense to turn it up.
@Greenwave81 and how did A&M not have more penalties with your o-line holding on almost every play. How are you even a fan of football if you don't know that holding occurs on almost every play. It's just a matter of how you hold and if you get caught. To anyone watching the game, Arkansas was in control until that fumble o the goal line by KJ. Arkansas was not the same team after that. Also, 8 fumbles (1 lost) is the reason "the Hogs didn't score 80 points" as you put it. I will say that A&M has a legit defense and you have Achane for your offense. Hopefully he stays healthy because without him, A&M is sunk.
I don't know about the high difference, but over the top of the goal post still counts as good. If what you say is true, then the kick would have been good.
I love the War Chickens comment. I've been calling them that for years. My dad is a Bama fan, so I started calling them that to get a laugh out of him.
"Georgia totally stymied a South Carolina attack that had some promising signs in the passing game a week earlier." Did they really shows promising signs in the passing game? Our secondary is hurting, so I don't think USC showed promising signs so much as Arkansas can't quite defend the pass right now. At least the defense is making the necessary stops when it needs to.
Umm, Cincy never tied up the game. The Hogs led by at least 4 points since 6:18 in the first qtr. Cincy scored 17 points following Haselwood's TD, but the Hogs also scored 10 points during that time to maintain the lead.
No it doesn't. I'm hoping it's not serious because our secondary was exposed by Cincy.
I hope Bama gives Texas the same "Welcome to the SEC" treatment that Arkansas gave them last year. WPS! Roll Tide!
I wonder how well Frost feels after his comment that he likes seeing his linemen puke 15-20 times a practice.
"Kiffin was one of the best QBs in the country last season, and passed for 3,349 yards and 20 touchdowns in a redshirt junior season." I didn't realize Kiffin was playing QB anymore.
Just need the Diamond Hogs to complete the trifecta. Football has the 1964 National Championship (God we need a more recent one), Basketball has the 1994 National Championship, so we just need Baseball to win the 2024 National Championship and it'll be an even 30 years between each one.
I think the biggest reason for the pride is that certain teams *cough* B1G Schools *cough* would brag if they beat a SEC school. Not that they beat such and such school, but a SEC school. That helped bring all of us together in a Us vs. Everyone mentality. Plus, many of the fan bases are really nice, so we leave each other's stadiums feeling like family. It's easy to cheer for family.
Yes, Bumper Pool is still on the defense. He needs 60 tackles to beat Tony Bua's career record.
Just ignore 1hogg. We all do because he's a troll.
I'm hoping Arkansas gets the W and a little revenge for that non-fumble backwards pass from last year. However, in week 2, it predicted a Texas win over the Hogs and in week 4 it predicted an A&M win as well. The best part about a noon kickoff is I get off work at 11:00, so I can watch the game before I o to bed.
Bro. Stop it with the 676 yards. Our defense gave up over 600 yards as well. By your own comment (on three different posts that I've seen so far), Arkansas will be lucky to win another SEC game. For the love of everything that is holy, shut up with the yards given up story. Jeez.
Right. There's a high school in Arkansas that never punts. He coaches at Pulaski Academy. There's even a YouTube channel that follows the team through the 2018 or 2019 season (if memory serves me right). Just search YouTube for, the coach that never punts. He says the same thing about analytics.
That's what happens when you're coach is a Champion of Life instead of football.
Thank Arch. Hats off to Ole Miss. Y'all made some adjustments and slowed our offense in the first half and your offense came out screaming in the second. Gutsy call by Kiffin going for all those 4th downs. If he'd had punted, the game may have gone a different way.