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Saban's solution to knowingly getting paid off the backs of 18 year old kids making their first big decision in life? Penalize them regardless of whether he doesn't play them or doesn't get along with them. What a joke. If you paid them I would be on Saban's side. But he doesn't pay them, he pays himself. So let's not kid ourselves pretending you are giving them any real "commitment".
This ring is the equivalent of a participation trophy. When I was at Florida they only gave out rings for one of two things, 1. SEC Championship or 2. NCAA Championship. Otherwise no rings. Even Division 1 Sports have gotten soft.
Not until December 18th, 2019. Fake news until then.
Until December 18, 2019 - I view this as Fake News.
I think the NCAA Portal is fantastic!! All these people crying about it must love the NCAA and their rules. This gives 18 year old KIDS a choice. In fact, I think the whole idea of the NCAA forcing kids to sit out a year because they made a decision they though was correct when they were 17-18 years old. Kids should be allowed to play the sport they enjoy, and adults with "loyalty requirement" issues over a game should just get over it. And don't give me that life lessons & commitment speech crap, there is no loyalty in the world anymore so there is no longer a requirement to learn it.