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Dork, It's only about 20 sentences. You make statements that demand qualifications and never once qualify yourself. Don't read before you judge. Pure Ass Gidday
Don't give them vandals media attention. That just creates incentive for it to happen more frequently, and for the damages to be stepped up.
P.S. Been to sporting on every SEC campus but South a hell of a lot of 'neutral fields' most of them more than once, and for sports other than just 'football'. I've marched or performed in 1/4 of the SEC stadiums. Been to Omaha once. Been to NCAA and NIT Basketball tournaments a few times. Have gone personally to every MSU bowl game in my lifetime except the Sun Bowl during the Ballard 80s. So yeah, I'm newer to the SEC than a lot of people, but I ain't no spring chicken.
Are you on the spectrum? Which part of my statement (and those of numerous other posters in this thread) isn't true? You can make the argument that 'some people laugh', but they aren't the type that buy season tickets and support our kids and Universities. I can assure you that for the past 10 or so years, no one 'laughed' when preparing to play MSU in any NCAA sport. If you don't bring your A game against MSU, you can and will get beat. I've been bleeding maroon and white since 1972. Seen some terrible seasons in all that time, and believe me when I say what MSU has 'now' is a long way from being any 'laughing stock'. It does more with limited resources than just about any athletic program in the country, and that is nothing to 'laugh at'. When opponents pull off a V against MSU, they know they've accomplished something that they really did have to EARN. When they are delivered a L against MSU, they know they've been exposed, and that it was not a 'fluke'. It's the smallest University in the conference with the exception of Vandy (a private institution with a high price tag and exclusive enrollment policies). It recruits from one of the smallest talent pools in the entire nation (while sharing it with Ole Miss), yet it still remains somewhat competitive against much stronger and larger peer institutions. Yep, MSU supporters want to rise to that next level, but we're not going to sit here and take some lame comments from a guy that only thinks in 1 dimension. Realistically, KS is a solidly average program that sometimes enjoys spurts of brilliance. Still, the kids at MSU only get to be a part of the team 3 to 5 seasons. It is about THEM...not you and where you choose to divert your 'laughs'. They earned a right to celebrate for a night, and the fans are going to enjoy the moment with them. Their victory is no 'laughing stock'.
A Crappy team that has not lost at home in a long time and has racked up 8 consecutive winning seasons and bowl game appearances. I think the winning streak for KS at home was something like 37 games.
OK, so if it was ruled an incomplete pass, should there not have been a 'grounding' call? Since no defender touched the ball between the time it left the QB's hand and hit the ground, it can't be considered a batted down ball. So... 1. If it was ruled a pass, it never made it past the line of scrimmage. 2. No defender 'batted' the ball down, so it can't be considered a pass broken by a defender. Why no grounding penalty?
Except no one is 'laughing'. A tiny little University with 1/4 the resources of the competition. It has to split a talent pool from a population of less than 3.5 million with an in state rival from the same conference. People with any class, who understand football don't 'laugh' at kids for going out there and giving it their best shot. Sportsmen know where to draw the line between bragging rights and 'fun jabs' at fans of other teams. Win, lose, or draw, we get season tickets and show up to support the kids. No one is 'laughing'. Not even at the contributions of SEC 'bottom dwellers'. The worst in the SEC draw top 20 crowds...even during 'mediocre' seasons.
So, what could Fitz do in an offense with more open guys down field as potential targets? What could he do with some plays that occasionally give him a 'pocket' to throw from? If you do go to a game that makes the QB passing stats tops in the nation...can it still defeat the SEC Elite teams that have much more depth in their defensive rosters? Don't forget that up-tempo passing games can sometimes run up the score quickly, but they can also keep your defense on the field for extended periods....wearing them down as the game progresses. Dan didn't use such schemes much, because he knew he didn't have a receiving corps that could win the matched-up corners defending them. He knew is first string defense was quite good, but he didn't have the depth to leave them out there most of the game. He knew with his roster, he needed to keep the ball as long as possible with big strong guys making slow and boring strings first down conversions... Dan often kept his tight ends and running backs busy blocking instead of being set up to take a check pass or hand-off... (A reason Williams is way underrated as a running back...he'd have way more yards, but he's a great 'team player' and blocked for Fitz about as much more as he carried the ball) MSU still doesn't have a proven stable of Wide Receivers, and the bulldog hopefuls at those positions will still be matched up against the best corners in the country week after week. Too much passing and quick scoring can leave a ton of time on the clock and wear your defense to the bone (MSU isn't like Bama/LSU/Auburn, and 4 deep with 5 star talent at every position or rotate in and out and keep guys fresh and it can be deadly to put the defense in a position to stay out there too long). Moorehead believes Fitz can achieve 60% with his multiple option style of offense, and is shooting for 65% or better. Will it work? Who knows....but it should give us more of a 'fair' chance to see what Fitz can do throwing the ball. I'm personally not overly optimistic on the 'long passing' game, and that's not all on Fitz. For a QB to be successful at that, he needs receivers who are going to be able to go toe to toe with the defender, put themselves in the right spot on the field and come down with the ball. Again, Fitz hasn't been over-rated. He's only been given due credit for what he HAS accomplished. He won't get credit for a 65% accuracy rate until he manages to pull it off, and we all know that with an SEC West schedule...that's NOT going to be easy. If he gets 60%, that'll be quite good in the SEC West.........Fitz will have earned his stripes.
Fitz has not been 'over' nor 'under' rated. He's been given credit where it's due, and that's about it. Can't blame a kid for executing the plays the coach gives him, and breaking all kinds of records in the process for those types of plays. It's a Dan Mullen Offence....everyone in the country knows what is coming. It boils down to being in better shape and being more 'physical' on the line. Do that, and you can slow down a Dan Mullen offense. Still, it's effective because he takes what a defense gives up, and grinds down the clock so his defense doesn't have to stay on the field all that long. All these factors are not under the control of Fitz though. He's done what he was asked to do...and done it extremely well. Can't blame the QB when passes nail receivers in the numbers and they get 'dropped'. A real analyst actually watches the kid play (not just looking at stats). A real analyst takes into account things like 'getting rid of the ball with a really hard, intentionally 'uncatchable' chunk as the 'same dang play that Mullen has been running for over a decade' gets read immediately, and 2 linemen are bringing his ass to the ground. The kids' 'accuracy stat' might go down, but his overall VALUE as a QB and 'team leader' goes up for not taking a sack plus an 11 yard loss. Watch some games....the kid is a hoss in many ways. Can he pass? We honestly don't know....he's never had a team around him built for a passing game. He's never had tall/fast receivers that can come down with the ball as long as you put it in the 'right neighborhood'. His under-sized, sub-par receivers have also been matched up to some of the best corners in the nation week after week.
Right.... A 15 to 16 million dollar buy out to get rid of one of the most successful college coaches in US history makes perfect sense. Is this guy one of Les' personal agents? I mean....who wouldn't want 15 million bucks to become a free agent, then go somewhere like South Carolina and do it all over again? Unless you've already got someone in mind who is committed to might be wise to stick with Les and let him finish out his contract. In the least, wait for a year where good/proven coaches are in surplus.
Universities are not supposed to be safe little havens where everyone is insulated in a protected little bubble of the state. They are theoretically intended to be the Bulwark of the Republic, where all lawful ideas (and some reasonable 'discussion' of currently unlawful ideas) are tolerated, or even encouraged. The philosophy of living an entire life without ever being immersed by peer pressure is worthy of some social consideration as well, and we often see that places that go TOO FAR in the quest to provide freedom FROM religion end up with some of the most SEGREGATED cities and populations on the entire planet. One of the main reasons 'chaplains' exist in public life, is to encourage more INTEGRATION among different races, cultures, and lifestyles. It is healthy to learn young in life that sometimes you WILL be part of a majority, and sometimes part of a minority. One can learn respect, tolerance, and even how to push for reforms or change in these kinds of environments without destroying his own character. Like most things in campus life, there is a balance....but the whole idea of 'freedom FROM religion' in University campus life is absurd, and leads to some of the most SEGREGATED environments on the planet.
Entertaining list. I just find it interesting that Tuscaloosa is less than an hour 'closer' to 'Birmingham' than Starkville (Seriously, Bear Bryant could probably have kicked a football from Bama to MSU they're so close), but the one thing Bama 'doesn't have' that many other programs do only gets worded in a more positive way. None the less...not many folks from 'either town' flock to B'ham unless they are 'forced' to go there! Having said all that...Loosa is probably a pretty cool place to live and work. I doubt you'd need to leave there very often.
Funny....nearly every thread that goes viral among Bama fans gets a least 5 boasts of "14 National Championships" if no one outside the state of Alabama didn't already know that ;) Let the MO team and fans find some joy in their season if they can. They've EARNED it.
I'm not sure how all the tiers and conference lock-ins work...but if 'fan draw' is a major motivator in extending bids I'd think Memphis, Shreveport, or Birmingham would LOVE a shot at hosting a game featuring the Hogs. Those bowl cities that are 'close by' tend to max out capacities when Arkansas plays in them. They're close enough that more people can afford to take off work a day or so and go, yet far enough away that plenty of fans will choose to book up the hotels and restaurants. While alot of older alum might yawn at a weekend on Beal St. or Tossing dice in Bossier (because they've already done it a few times following the Hogs), plenty of them will still go, AND there's still plenty of younger alumni who have never been, and still can't quite afford to take as much as a week off and travel all the way to Florida. Isn't there also a fairly new bowl in Charlotte, NC that can take an SEC team as well? I'd imagine that could be a pretty fun bowl too.....
mtwhite, I can go along with your statement. I don't really fault the announcers as much as I do the producers and directors. They are simply humans put in the booth with way too little information at hand to do much more than wing it and make up stuff as they go. (more ranting that's not aimed at mtwhite, nor the announcers of college sports below).... I know I'd feel naked as an announcer considering the way college sports are sold and broadcast these days. Part of having a better virtual experience for fans is making sure the announcers (no matter who they are) have valid, and up to date information at hand to share with us. In the past....that took a lot of people behind the scenes, and the bulk of their information gathering and presentation was sponsored (services sold for network profits) in exchange for Plugs, Logos, Cross Market Billboard opportunities, air time a variety of market bases, and actual production credits. Not only are fans missing out with these newer formats....but so are the networks themselves (they've written off endless revenue streams for the sake of 'downsizing' their production crews). What are their sales people thinking? Or do they even have sales people anymore? They could, and should be selling sponsorships to let PEOPLE SEE THEMSELVES and THEIR KIDS on TV. Millions of families nation-wide can identify with so many products and services in that stadium...yet no one is bothering to sell sponsorships for showcasing it all? While it might seem nickel and dime to sell Coca-Cola a logo on a Graphic telling about the 2nd string nose guard.......those nickels and dimes can ADD UP. Consumers can better connect with their own home town heroes and institutions than "Pepper Spray On Tacos (AT&T)", "Ducks doing Yoga (AFLAC)" and totally gross "Hairy Robe Lowe (Dish)" commercials. Not only do consumers identify better with relevant's also in the interest of companies who depend on these types of events and activities to be called upon to SPONSOR THEM. I.E. University life is a major driving force behind the sales of sports gear, musical instruments, and the list goes on..........yet we don't see a single paid ad or sponsored segment from the companies producing all that 'stuff' that drives college game day? (Yamaha, Pearl, Nike, Adidas, Spalding, Wilson, Lighting and Energy Companies, a never ending list of companies who's products and services are very much a part of the game day experience). Case in point....a little company logo saying, "Our company supports these kids, their families, and as many college day activities as possible" is worth more than a whole year of goofy commercials that actually make people start to LOATH the brands they're supposed to be touting. That's thousands of potential sponsorships that network sales staffs are ignoring by continuing this atrocious announcer centered style of broadcasting where precious broadcasting seconds are wasted with one or two 'big sponsors' bookending the often offensive and condecending opinions of talking heads. Really, College sports should be about the KIDS and celebrating the activities they're involved in. The commercial aspect of it all should simply be sponsorship of the KIDS, by doing what it takes to get their activities broadcast as a valuable service for their fans and families. The announcers should be there to HOST the broadcast, and remind us how all that goes into game day is possible. It's not about the announcers and their attitudes, vegas and their point spreads, media and coaches polls, or even who is winning or losing the's about the KIDS, and supporting their growth as part of a 'non-professional' University program.
I'd expect them call the game and tell us who was in on the play. The entire format is wrong........... What ever happened to the nice sponsored graphics they used to give us between plays telling us about the KIDS on the field (Names, numbers, head-shot photos, college year, position development history, home town, major, personal stats, sports and academic backgrounds, etc.)? Not so long ago, even these two guys had real INFORMATION at their fingertips, and they gave it to us.......instead of just ranting on with their 'opinions'. The problem is the entire CHEAP and LAZY broadcasting format. They used to tell us about the KIDS and their UNIVERSITIES! They used to introduce the ENTIRE starting line up with a nice graphic for each player, and even kept us up to date on the substitutions coming in and out of the game. Now they just blow hot air and subjective OPINIONS the entire time. They used to have fewer, but nicer commercials, but sold tons of sponsorships for every aspect of the game and college life (Logos on between play graphics, sold sponsorships to give the public a peek at the band/cheerleaders/etc.) and there was some VARIETY in those commercials. Now we see the same three commercials over and over ALL season long. We blame it all on the announcers....but really, it's the broadcast FORMAT that is broken. They've laid off all the great behind the scenes people that used to make college football ALL ABOUT THE KIDS. it's more about the toys of the grown ups.
I tried to enjoy these announcers but their constant criticism and over analysis of each play ruins it for me personally. I've no doubt that plenty of college football fans may well have the opposite opinion as mine and that's OK because we can always turn the sound down and tune in our favorite local play by play radio voices. For what it's worth, I'd like to see less negativity and post play analysis on what would/could/should have been done, and more raw data about the kids on the field what IS happening in the game. All the time spent spouting opinion on how good or bad the kids are playing could be better put to use telling us detailed current game stats, what kids got in on the play, where the kids are from, what their majors are, awards they've racked up, personal season playing stats, and the like. Even the play by play guys restricted to audio only mediums somehow manage to do a better job of that sort of thing (recognizing the KIDS making the plays) than these talking heads on TV. TV announcers can and should give viewers a bit MORE than radio instead of less. They have all the tools to give us a virtual experience that rivals going into the game personally, buying the football program, and being able to look up the kids on the field and tally stats in the margins....but here lately we mostly get Muppet Show style "Hecklers" from television sports broadcasts. Having said all that....Thanks CBS for bringing us college football! I don't mean to punch a gift horse in the'd just be nice to see some small improvements from the same personalities that have no problem criticizing and sometimes blatantly berating with oozing negativity over the performances of the officials, coaches, and kids on the field and in the elements who are performing.
armyguy007, MSU decided to go for the big money glass box seats and the massive Jumbotron screens in the short term. I bleed maroon and white, but I'm a little envious that Ole Miss still lets their kids (the band, cheer leaders, etc.) take center stage instead of immersing the crowd with Ads and cheezy hype videos. I'd much rather hear the band play than some pumped in rap-crap. I'd rather see and cheer with the squad than listen to ambulance chasing lawyers plug their services, or see cheesy "More Cow Bell" skits that were kind of cute three seasons ago but now just make me wanna 'groan'. I understand that money and progress is sometimes a necessary evil in a state that only has 2.9 million people and tries to compete with states two to three times that size (or more), but alas....relish the fact your "Pride of The South" band still gets to make music between plays, and people still notice your cheer leaders down there doing back flips and rallying the crowd.
Here are the current stadium capacities...
For the Aggies, a trip to Starkville is a long road trip for its fans to attempt...they did not bring many fans to Starkville. They did not bring their world famous band, mascot, or world famous cheer corps. They sent most of their ticket allotment back to Starkville late in the week. All told, there still were not many empty seats in Oxford (who played near by Bama) or Starkville (MSU Fans pretty much filled the stadium with a few Aggies that happen to live around MS and Bama rolling in to support their team all alone). Mississippi did a pretty good job of packing its stadiums considering the state only has about 3 million people in total. Auburn is really close by and having a good Davis Wade is likely to packed to capacity and then some this Saturday. Even so, it'll still be the lowest attendance because it's one of the smallest arenas in the confrence, and there are not any more seats in the place!
That's the problem... You're watching this manipulated and edited video to fuel your personal bias. Watch the REAL video, of the ENTIRE PLAY, in real time. It all happens in less than a second! Physics IS a factor. Also consider you're seeing it from overhead...not from the players' vantage point. Day would need X Ray vision to see through that pile and know what's on the other side!
He's not from MS. Day is from West Monroe, LA. Also, much of the world KNOWS that Mississippi, as well as the rest of the south-eastern USA has produced disproportionate numbers of world class literary giants.
When I saw it on ESPN both in real time, and in the slo-mo playback, it didn't look anything like the chopped and edited, time manipulated nonsense being distributed by sports sites on the Internet.
Or...was he really just trying to help a player get up? Shouldn't we see the whole context of the video?
As for digging up 'past infractions', 'Historical Patterns', 'getting away with dirty play murder at the line', video footage of dirty plays, and players starting that should have been 'suspended'... Does LSU really want to go there? Here's what unsportsmanlike conduct looks like, REAL TIME.
Believed by the same people who can't process the fact this is a time manipulated overhead shot with OBVIOUS stop frames, and rather sloppy 'jump cut' edits that would get most sports-casters fired for having in their footage! These people think football players have the same bird's eye view of the play as these cameras. They also have a pretty weak concept of physics, and how difficult it would be to predict what is going to happen in a 4 to 6 man pile up that unfolds in front of you in less than 0.5 seconds!
It shows that because the video is time manipulated. They also have jump cuts and a LOOP INSERTED in that second 'alleged stomp'. The sportscaster who did this without also providing footage of the entire play in REAL TIME is the one playing DIRTY. It's also unfair to judge this play on your overhead perspective of the play. What these cameras are seeing is NOT what the players on the field see. long do you think that entire play from snap to whistle lasted?
P.S. Day would also need X Ray vision to see through players, and the ability to freeze time and break the laws of physics!
Tom Fornelli is the disgrace. Editing and manipulating video to unfairly push a personal BIAS is the larger crime here. Tom should be suspended from broadcasting!
Watch the play in real time please...not that edited CBS rubbash full of time alterations, stop frames, and INSERTED JUMP CUTS. It all happened in less than .5 seconds, and with obstructed views and eyes on the ball or blocks. Your idea is 'easy oversion' seems to be based on the bias that you do not like MSU, it's okay to edit and manipulate video to slander people, life moves in slow motion when it's convenient for you, and the physics of the entire play is no factor. In real time, you can clearly see that it would take all sorts of concentration and TALENT in predicting the trajectory of plays to PLAN 'stomps' like that.