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Pathetic Bama whipped your butt for the NC. Sit down, leg humper. As much as i hate saying it, Bama still owns College football and NO ONE has dethroned them yet. Your class is worthless until they prove it on the field.
They pander to the trending teams. It’s typical exaggeration.
“Forest. Trees. Ect.” That must be a Cristism for, “I have no real retort.” Georgia just had a decent coach in Richt. We had a used car salesman with the football intellect of my 8 yr old dog. 8-5 overall and (4-4) SEC is completely possible just like smart in 2016. But you know, my job doesn’t require me to pander to the trending teams like some people.... in other news, water is wet.
Crist, i think it’s more accurate to say that it’s unlikely to be an immediate turn around for us. I think you’ve been humping a few legs before Christmas. UGA destroyed a UT team that went 0-8. Go figure. After this season, who wouldn’t expect it? They got blown out by auburn the first time but completely reversed the result in the SECCG. UGA is good, I’m not saying they’re not. However, if Fromm is forced to pass, you get Auburn’s beatdown in the first game. Two of the powers of the 3 in the east were deplorable this year at best. Neither defense (or our offense) was particularly dangerous this season. Enter Will McBride, healthy players, new offensive scheme, and better overall coaching (time will tell). Though unlikely, never say never. UGA has been feeding on a sucky East division. There’s no denying that.
For once, i agree with a Bama fan. Dude, you need to chill. Pruitt is a damn good coach. Everyone has to start head coaching somewhere. As many times as he’s build and kept a championship level defense, he deserves a shot. I actually like this hire. You’re just a drama queen.
None of them want the job. Jesus, you’d think this is rocket science.
Really? Name a big time head coach that wants the job. You can’t. This is a good hire. Go the hell on somewhere.
Yep a failure at good year at Rutgers...a success on Urban Meyer’s team as a DC. How about this. Would you take him as a head coach? Would you be happy with him or expect different than his years as a HC? No. You leg humper a would love for us to get someone like him. We may win a few games but we’d be mid tier like y’all have been. Don’t make this into something it’s not.
We’ll see what happens but I’m loving all the Bama and Gawga fans blowing smoke and talking trash. Shouldn’t they be worried about getting curb stomped by Auburn.....again (Gawga). I say we all place bets. I’m saying Auburn by double digits. Gawga’s been feeding on a down UT and Fla. It’ll change and they’ll be back to mid tier where they belong. Bama may take a bit. Saban has built a dang dynasty over the years.
Exactly. Enter news/media coverage. Always stirring the pot, making things look worse than they actually are. Sheep and idiots believe it
I’m not typing this twice. Read the comment above yours
Typical leg humper. That’s not true at all. We lost a lot of stars this year. Many of us expected things to be a bit less than stellar but have you seen our team? It’s dysfunctional. It was that way before Butch was fired. The team hasn’t been ready to play once this year. They’re severely underdeveloped. 9-4 is a good record but not when you consider that you blew 2 games to give up the SEC east after beating the only two other real competitors. Now we’re finished 0-8 in the SEC and 4-8 overall. Unacceptable.
You take things too personally, toofless. You’re right though, it’s stupid to make fun of your future mother-in-law. You might hurt your sister-wife’s feelings. Alabama is like the redwood forest of family trees, tall, thick, and lacking branches. Hope you and your family had a happy thanksgiving. Woll Thide
Low class. Very low class. Good thing not all Bama fans are like this. In other words, good thing not all Bama fans are trailer trash pricks sleeping with their sister while waiting on their next batch of crack to get done cooking. Get a life, dude. No one wishes this on anyone. Having to give up a dream is hard.
Nope. It’s not happening until it happens. I don’t believe it.
Remember, Haslem also owns the Browns. You see where they are. SUCKING.
I wouldn't say it's Dormady getting booed. This offense isn't suited to his attributes so it's not entirely his fault. Coaching should have him better than he is now. Apparently, no one has worked with him on progressions, accuracy, decision making, or in game reads. Coaching.
No, that would be the Jones' formula, toofless. The rest of us can could call more than 3 plays and know we are NOT a spread team.
I can talk to Charles Mosley and ask him. He should know for sure
My thoughts exactly. The man can recruit his ass off. Why waste it?
I'm cool with losing a game if we're competitive but just outplayed in general. That's part of the game but when a coach can't even put our guys in position to make plays, it's sad. Or for the matter of this year, if you have a QB that's been in your system for 3 years, he shouldn't be over/underthrowing every pass, he should know progressions, and he shouldn't be staring down a receiver every play. He doesn't have to be a Peyton or Brady but damn man. Complete a pass that isn't a screen. The wide receivers should have some break away speed and be able to catch when it does hit their hands. As far as play calling, again why do we only run 3 plays? Run on first and second, screen or slant/crossing on 3rd, punt. In order for Jones to be a success, he needs a proven OC calling plays and he needs to let go just like Fulmer with Cutcliff. I honestly believe our D would be fine if they could get off of the field with help from the offense. Instead, our offense goes 3 and out and our D has to play 50 minutes of the game.
Classy piece of Georgia trailer trash right here. I don't think anyone here or any of the majority of UT fans were wanting or wishing any harm to Chubb or Sony besides a few frat retards.
Exactly. Wear your orange with pride even though it's tough as hell at times.
Dormady is going to start. Butch is a nice guy personality wise but he doesn't have the killer instinct needed to demolish an opponent and make the tougher decisions. We don't need a caretaker. We need a Football Coach.
Won't happen. Even if he was really interested, UT won't pay for him.