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Naw, UGA could let their 3rd string play and beat us by 30. I’ve tried being optimistic about this team but Florida just tried to lose the game with 3 turnovers and we just give the ball right back. If y’all get us in third and long, don’t worry. Our QB will just throw it to the line of scrimmage or run for a yard. Oh and red zone offense? Hell, you have to make it there first. If we do? We’ll throw an interception from the 3 or fumble. I love UT but we’re trash
Here. Still trying to process the absolute garbage that was just displayed on the field. Anyone know a good therapist in the Memphis area?
This team relies on passing the ball and dominating the paint. Neither of those happened in this game. Stupid mistakes, selfish playstyle, an ass kicking that we deserved. 24 shots from beyond the arc. That’s insane.
Where’s Missouri’s SECC been since UGA has been at full strength again? Y’all play Ole Miss and Arkansas from the West. Why not play a tough team like Auburn, Bama, or LSU?
Seems like they’d rather play for more storied schools. Missouri is a product of a down East. UGA is already kicking that kitty cat ass. UF and UT will be back again. Oh and its amazing, it takes someone completely incompetent to make a football post about racism. We just don’t play that victimhood bull****, bit**.
I haven’t been keeping up as I should. How many Fla players are in jail this offseason?
With this recent report of NCAA violations, it looks like they won’t be at the top next year either lol guess who else is a couple years away
Sounds exactly like something a Louisville fan would say
Then went 12-2 in 13. Lord, I hope we follow that schematic
Because Fla doesn’t need a class as good as UGA’s to beat them. A top 25 class, given the right coach, can beat a higher ranked team. App State is proof of that, outside of a top 25 class. It seems that the SEC represented well in recruiting. I’m excited to see what takes place over the off-season
Burrow, then Mond. Maybe Bentley. That’s based off of consistency. Jarret Guarantano shouldn’t be in the mix until he can throw past 5-8 yards consistently and read a defense. Even with a weak line, you should be able to read a blitz and coverage to adjust the line. He hasn’t quite learned that yet and he still seems to struggle with progressions
They played well for most of the game. The Kentucky game is the only one in the SEC that I see as a game changer
That UT and Kentucky game is looking more and more interesting by the weeks. It should be a close one. Can’t wait to see who comes out on top
Ain’t that the truth. Vandy shouldn’t have beaten us like that. That’s on the players in my opinion
Hell, I’m just hoping to see more of a turn in the right direction. An offense that can only throw screens with a defense that gives 5 yards to every WR can only get lucky so many times. Chaney has a lot of work to do on the offensive side of the ball. It’ll be interesting to see how Coley runs the UGA offense as well.
Tell your wife I said the sandwich was good. Appreciate it.
6-6. Our wide receivers have to learn to catch contested balls and how to break away from coverage. Garantano needs accuracy and holds the ball too long. O-line....and our defense seems to give every receiver 30 yards to make a catch. However, Pruitt and Co could change it
We just need players to actually buy in and play to win. There’s NO reason we should’ve been blown out by Vandy. That’s, as some players have been quoted saying, “Players not buying in.” Players giving up on plays, missing tackles, or not knowing their formation, that should end this year. A coach can talk and teach all he wants to but at the end of the day, the players ultimately decide what happens on the field. Pruitt has the past history of being a good coach. I just saw some players out on the field last year that seemed they didn’t care.
They could be like us after all our coaching screwups
All the while trying to switch offensive and defensive schemes
Garbage, ignorant article. Dooley had players with fight, Kiffin had players with fight, Butch had a few players with fight and Dobbs. However, Butch also lost our S and C coach and let players run over him. The only way you go from a 9-3 or 8-4 season to a 4-8 season (getting spanked all season long) is relying on your starters and never developing your backups. That’s what we’re seeing now. The starters then were good. Now that they’re gone, we see that these players were never actually coached or lack the fire to win. While the season is disappointing, we improved if only by 1 win and won 2 sec games. We need to develope the lines before we get much better.
Not to mention that we went without a S&C coach for a while. I believe that may have an impact on the past 2 years.
Referring to Bamatime’s comment. He tends to wear glasses made from an elephant’s ass
That’s definitely a sack. Bogus call. Again. Tua tucked the ball and had time to take steps. Get Saban’s male appendage out of your mouth. Bama’s good but they most definitely have been helped today
Regardless of what anyone’s opinion is, Auburn bested a top 25 Washington and took a current #4 LSU down to the wire where they probably should have won. Auburn is a good team
There a 5% chance according to Vegas. I’ll take it haha