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Vandy should've made it this week.
RETARDED decisions. Who does that ignorant crap? Right. Our coaches.
Well to be honest, it shouldn't have come down to that. 2 trips in the red zone and neither you hand it to Kelly?
Kirk calling UT over Fla? He must've gotten word that Jesus is coming back so he's trying to get right with God
It sets us up for a possible 12 win season. Anything can happen even if it is Bama and LSU. I see us at an ugly 10-2 if we beat Florida. Optimism my friends.
Ok. I get it. You're a comedian. Funny joke.
I can see the gators having home field advantage. Hope it's a good game with no injuries.
Impressive? Notre Dame is over rated. Georgia should've killed them
I say it comes down to Georgia and UT that's it
I think Tennessee wins actually. That's given that our wide outs actually catch the ball when it hits their hands
I don't think state has anything for LSU. But that's my opinion. Use the cowbells lol
I don't know but apparently they put Kentucky on the same level as Appy State. SC is looking good so far though
Not sold on Georgia as of yet. ND is overrated
For sure. We all know they are NOT beating bama. I could see K-State being beaten. Florida could be close but that's only if Fla's offense is stagnant. Georgia just isn't going to happen.
Yep, Peter Burns might have a concussion. He seems a little dazed and confused. Somehow, I still blame this on Nick Saban.
That's true. Florida just needs an offense. Hell, Tennessee needs to control their players. JG seems unrightfully egotistical. I'm still not sold on Georgia yet. No injuries in the next few games hopefully.
To be honest, it shouldn't have even been that close. Notre Dame doesn't even play anyone anyway. They make a living off of cupcakes.
Agreed and our DBs were still caught out of position a few times. They gave up a couple of chances to make plays on the ball. With that said, while there is room for improvement, I'm also proud of these guys. We'll be fine.
50% of our fan base are retarded and won't be satisfied no matter what. They're always negative about everything even if the guys do well. By no means is Butch a Nick Saban or a Harbaugh, but he has brought a sense of stability to a program that was in shambles and a shell of its former self. 9 win seasons aren't the best that they could be but his record has improved every year with the exception of last year which can be somewhat defended by having to field a second team defense in the latter half. We just have to get over our ranked opponent slump and play from starting whistle to last whistle. Butch is fine.
It must be a Georgia tradition to smoke crack...
Riiiight. If it's a two horse race between UGA and Fla, congrats Florida. You deserve it. Your amazing backfield gave up a 40 yard Hail Mary. Dobbsnail boot. Realistically, it's a three-way race between UT, UGA, and Fla. None of them are guaranteed. I'm just glad we aren't hyped this season.
This is a realistic response. Bama just happens to have unrealistic depth at every position. It's insane
101,821 fans and 101,821 teeth among them all. Woll thide