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Yeah we playing very well! Hopefully we can stay healthy this season. Last year was the worst year for injuries. If we stay healthy I think Bama will probably win them all.
Yeah Tua will definitely spread the ball around more. He makes faster reads and is not as hesitent to pull the trigger even if the receiver is not wide open. Your not always gonna have a guy wide open. Sometimes you just got to throw to a guy where either he is gonna catch it or nobody will. Trust your receiver to make a play. I hope Tua starts but we use Hurts also. Maybe wildcat, maybe runningback pitch/pass option would keep defenses on their toes. Maybe even wide out quick throw/pass option also. Get them both on the field and confuse defenses.
Good luck to Bo!! He never reached his full potential here. Hopefully he does in the NFL!
Just wow! Hope the recruits see that. It's all about the Jimmy's and Joe's! Not the X's and O's! Saban keeps these recruits coming in, bama will roll until Saban retires! Even after he is gone I think the program will still be dominant. He built a Dynasty that college football has never seen! His legacy will carry on!
Yeah it won't happen but oh I would love if we could suit up and play them in the next few weeks or something. I think we would embarrass them. Specially with Tua in there! With what they saw in the second half of the national championship, they would have to now respect Alabama's passing attack and that would give even more life to Alabama's running game. Which in return would give more life to the defense and more rest for the D because the offense would be on the field more.
I have to say is pocket movement is something that Hurts just couldn't seem to master. Plus Hurts just couldn't pull the trigger sometimes. You gotta just throw it and trust your guy to come down with it sometimes. You gotta throw it where only your guy can catch it also. You can't always wait for someone to be wide open. Hurts was just not getting better in the pocket, making reads and just letting the ball go!
Well I don't feel Auburn has a chance in hell of beating us in Tuscaloosa next year! They are losing to much talent and Tua is gonna take Alabama's offense to new levels in the Saban area! The kid has got the goods! He played like Bret Farve out there! Fearless! It's what Bama needs. There will be some turnovers but Saban will show him better than any coach the value of not giving the other team the ball. I'll tell you one thing. He woke bama nation up. I feel more excitement for Bama after that game than since Saban first got here! Bama fans are pumped for next year!
McCarron was a great Quarterback and if Saban kept players in late in the game when we was winning like lots of teams, his numbers would have been way better. Half the games we take our starters out in the 3rd quarter. But Tua may be way better. What he did was very impressive. Georgia is a great defense. He could have thrown for 5 touchdowns against them if he was the starter possibly. He threw for more touchdowns in 1 half than Baker Mayfield did all game! The offense looked unstoppable and the defense even fed off of the spark he ignited. Next year can't come soon enough! It's like we found Neo and a prophecy about a chosen one came true haha! Dude might be the one. I been thinking it since Saban arrived. If he gets a elite quarterback, with Sabans defense, it's over.
Yeah at no point did I think Bama was gonna lose the game. Texas am played good and played hard. Home field advantage helped them a lot. Refs I think might have missed a few holding calls on some of those scrambling plays. Bama finally had a turnover. All those factors made it closer than it should have been. Ever week we play a team and this game is their National Championship. You get their best shot. It's the truth. They gameplanned all year for this game. Coaches and players know if they can just pull this one off it changes everything. Coach beats bama and he getting a new contract. Players know its on big time tv and everyone is watching. So bama has a little off game plus all of those factors and it looked kinda close but it really wasn't in reality.
I don't think Bama will be scared to tackle him!!! Bring it!!!
Yeah but why are so many of these injures happening? Are the players not being conditioned properly? Are they being taught proper technique to avoid injury? Maybe they are pushing them to hard in practice and not giving them proper rest. Tennessee injures the last couple of years is pretty high. I think it's partly do to poor coaching. I mean I could be wrong but you don't see Bama having 5 or 6 guys out for the season every year. Is it just bad luck? I don't think it's all bad luck.
Well the offense Lane run at other schools doesn't have a lot to do with the one he is running at Bama. Different talent, different kind of offense. Running quarterback. Don't think it will help him much at all. Lane has evolved.
I'm sure it will be a good game and Bama will pull away in 3rd or 4th quarter. As long as we don't turn the ball over a lot, Bama should win. LSU strength is their running game and we are good at stopping that and their quarterback still isn't elite to beat us throwing.
Well in state would be nice but is there one with date available that is also good for us. Also they probably don't wanna play us before a important conference game. So lots of reasons it would be hard to schedule that. Also I think Saban schedules team like this that have similar offensive schemes to our next opponent so it's kinda like a practice game for out next conference or top 25 opponent.
Haha so the Vols be a not very good Georgia team by a miracle hail Mary pass and all of a sudden they just gonna whoop Bama haha. You better come better than that when Bama comes in to town. Believe that. Roll Tide!!! Saban is just beginning! Bama players can't wait for this game!