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I don't understand why you all forget that losses are more important than wins! If you beat every opponent on your schedule and lose to -- I don't know, an unranked team like South Carolina-- that just lost to App State, and POOF! The committee looks at who the 1 loss teams lost to and UGA just doesn't make the cut. If you want a title then quit whining about Alabama and win EVERY game on your schedule. And if you have to lose, let it be against a top 10 team.
Don't overlook the dejavu here. Your theory falls short if you remember Alabama won a NC against LSU AFTER LSU beat us in the regular season. I don't actually believe our defense is good enough this year to do that, but take away the 17 points in turnovers last night and the result could have been different.
Losing by 5 points to #1 sure beats losing to an unranked South Carolina team that just lost to App State. The job is to pick the top four teams, not to consider Bama fatigue or Bama hate. Personally, I don't believe Bama is a top 4 team but UGA will not jump them with a loss against SC unless you beat LSU in the SEC Championship game. Good luck with that!
He is an amazing man and completely loved by all of his players. Even former LSU players adore him. Father figure, complete respect. Oh, and best college football coach, ever. Roll on, Coach Saban!
You are correct but for the wrong reasons. Coach Saban is hard to work for and does have a lot of turnover, but not because of his personality. He is a workaholic and totally dedicated to college football coaching and recruiting. Not many coaches are willing to put in the time Saban requires; Kiffin complained of daily 7:30 a.m. meetings. This work ethic is also why Saban teams dominates year in and year out. Coaches who don't have this work ethic cannot compete. Also, coaching turnover is largely due to every other college out there stealing Bama's coaches who are under Saban's tutelage. They want the best trained coaches and they come from Saban, no doubt. The problems with Kiffin and his twin, Sarkesian, however, are of a different nature. Although brilliant football minds, they have the "California disorder." The Hollywood, playboy, party personality crashes head on into the Saban work ethic and a small, college town called Tuscaloosa. Culture shock in every way. Hopefully, Saban will learn the Cally boys don't fit well with a small town, southern family. Carry on, Coach Saban, just as you are. Bama built and proud. #luckytohavehim
They wore makeup for a photo shoot--not for a game on the field. Just plain mean comment. Bet I could find some kind of fault with your face. Most of us aren't perfect.
Poor character follows him. All those millions cannot buy him class or maturity. He is what he is, a selfish, self absorbed egomaniac with extreme talent.
It is not uncommon to coach out your former team when you are leaving. Besides, he wouldn't give up the opportunity to win one more ring and get the last big bonus from Bama!! Adding to his resume.
It is true that Kirby needs to jump on the recruiting trail immediately, but it also behooves him to add one more championship to his resume. His motives are two fold; he would be a fool to pass up an opportunity for another ring and another big bonus from Bama!
Auburn missed their chance to "get Smart." Bama wishes Coach Smart all the best at UGA! And Coach Mac at's all in the family here at Bama!!
bryanchip Nick Saban is a defense minded head coach that the entire nation would love to have as their coach. Kirby Smart is his protege and kindred spirit. Grab him while you can!
Nobody is crying. Missed calls in critical ( and all) games need to examined. It doesn't matter what team it is.
You are correct; they did. On this particular play, it should have been called back. No touchdown. Critical game, critical play, missed call. Of course it matters! Lots of big money at stake but I hope it stays in the SEC!!
No, but our coach fights for his team. If Tubberville would have fought for AU the year ya'll were undefeated, AU might have been NC.
On a critical play that changed the outcome of the game, a missed call should be brought to the attention of the Officials. The refs that miss too many calls are replaced. This was called back and not a touchdown. Good ole Gus would be remiss and fail his team if he did not do the same. If Tubberville would have stood up and fought for his undefeated team, AU might have been NCs. NCAA has to learn to get this right.
Neither do Alabama fans. That idiot was a retired state trooper from Texas who put on an Alabama hat and shamed us all. Please don't claim one idiot represents Alabama or the Gators are in the same boat.
Actually it is the media who amplifies all this stuff (surprise!). They take one person's comment (who does not represent an entire fan base) and turn it into a publicized hoopla. The headlines in Alabama newspapers last week were shouting that Gus Malzahn has replaced Saban as Czar in the state of Alabama. Several days later Malzahn was beaten, too. Now what? Let these coaches (this year it is Mullen and Freeze) enjoy their successes and not bury the others because they aren't NC every year. Frankly, I say spread the wealth--it is Mississippi's time. SEC!!
The SEC is very tough--hang in there. As you continue to recruit and add a consistent passing element to a very tough running game, ARK will be hard to beat. From a Bama fan, ya'll were very tough and ESPN is talking about the Razorbacks as the most improved team. You have our respect and the rest will come.
You are giving Coach Saban wayyyy too much power. The NCAA does not care what a coach thinks or wants. Especially one from Alabama. We are the targeted, not the loved.
This was written by the media, not Bama fans! I graduated from UA in 1984 and have followed/supported them my whole life, even through the wretched 2000-2007. We are NOT disappointed in a fantastic season this year, nor do we expect to win a national title every year. Each NC is a special, treasured bonus of loving and supporting our team, not an expectation. The media does not represent us!!! Don't judge....