Fuck this website. I'm tired of you assholes moderating my posts when there isn't a damn thing wrong with them. Who the hell do you think you are - the fucking internet police? Now you have something to moderate. F.O.

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Funny dude but Saturday ESPN said Tennessee leads the nation in TFL's and by a large margine.
Bull$hit. In 2019 Bama had just lost Tua for good. The Ironbowl was Mac's 2nd full game and the pressure was terrible. He threw 2 pick sixes before he settled down and Bama still only lost by 3 on a controversial field goal. This year I'd be more afraid of their backup QB thañ their starter.
Bush, hey DA. Oregon lost to an unranked team and Oregon is the omly team with a pulse that Ohio St has . Meanwhile Texas A&M is ranked again. Look Fuktard, last years CFP shuld have taught you something about Bama and Ohio St.
Whasa matter Awbie? You upset cause you're way down there in the company of SDSU and UTSA? Lmao!
You must be the dumbest SOB in the forest. Not a thing you said is true. Assinine homer!
LMAO! Another Dawg having a wet dream as usual.
Why? Ol Miss has played absolutely mobody with a pulse. The Black Bear Butt Kissers have ZERO to go on when claiming Ol Miss is all that. Bama's D may have been gashed by Florida but Ol Miss does not have Florida's running game nor have they played a defensethat could hold a Jr College under 50 points.
Dementia has struck this fool double hard. Everything you said is exactly opposite of the facts. Would love to stomp that butt again but you won't make it to the SECCG.
I guess we'll find out butt hurt homer when he stomps dog farts out of your team again later this season.
I'll lay odds you're full of donkey dung. There isn't a one of them who played University football. Unless you consider being a live tackling dummy as playing football. So here we have another butt hurt homer from a team that has won nothing in 40 years and has a 5 game losing streak to Bama going on.
Be prepared Bama. This team is gunning for you. A lot of theor inefficiency in the last 2 games was because they pulled a 2018 Clemson and practiced mostly for Bama.
The game was no where near as close as the score. In fact if Saban had let them play instead of trying and failing to run out the clock it would have been a 21 point game.
David M. Hale is a brain dead M.F. as is anybody who has Ohio St at #2.
Thought it was going to be Leach since he had never coached a day of football before he was hired in college.
What idiot wrote this article? You make it sound critical and the guy has never taken a snap for Bama. Unless you follow recruiting you wouldn't even know he exists. Morons
F**k CBS and their game of the week bull$hit. I have streaming service with 40 CBS channels. I will be watching the NE-Miami game from Mexico.
I’ll tell you what – JawJaw better get their butt's ready for UAB. That is a very good football team. A lot better than Tulane who with 1 more foot on 4th and 12 would have beat OU’s tail.
Not the chance of a snowball in hell is JawJaw's defense enough. 1st place Bama's defense is better than both of them. The greater question is - how is their defense gonna hold Bama's offense under 40? Lmao
Supposedly they will get better. Unfortunately they have a couple of lightyears worth of getting better to do. Where'as Bama with an all new team could have walked over anybody in the country Saturday. They would have beat either Georgia or Clemson by 25 or more. The last time Clemson had an offense similar to this one Bama held them to 2 field goals in the CFP, but at least Bama scored 26 - and that was with Bama's more often inept than not Jalen Hurts offense. That was also by the way the 2nd and 26 Georgia game. Lmao. Believe me, no one in the forseeable future will have the luxury of playing against a Bama offense that vanilla again. I don't care if you were held to only 3 points by Tampa Bay - you will need over 30 to have half a chance against any Bama offense until Saban leaves in 7 years. ROTFLMAO!
Your information differs from SEC records which I'm not going to go look for. They show Georgia at #1 in recruiting expenditures at more than double the amount of #2 which was not Bama. In fact there were several teams ahead of Bama since Bama doesn't need to spend as much because "when you build it they will come". Anyway Harbaugh isn't happy unless he's complaining. He has to blame somebody for Michigan's lack of success. And he's obviously a hipocrite too. But this kind of garbage isn't exclusive to Michigan. Even Urban Meyer started doing it as soon as he left Florida for Ohio St. It seems to be a Yankee thang.