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LSU is like that blind hog that finds an acorn every now and then and acts like they are relevant! And before y'all start talking about how much talent was lost, from previous year, Bama lost just as much! It's amazing how losing talent and injuries only affect Bama's opponents! For example, in the National Championship, Bama started the game minus three significant starters and by the second half were down five starters, yet all you hear about is the ones that the osu didn't have!
Just think what Bama could have done with a real QB instead of that "game manager"!
If Harsin can get Tank to stay, and he stays healthy, Auburn's offense will definitely have something to build on regardless of who he hires at OC. Bobo will definitely have upgraded talent to work with, at Auburn!
This shouldn't matter to Florida since Trask had no talent to work with!
QB is the most important position on any team except when it comes to Alabama! According to opposing fans, anybody could play QB at Bama and be successful. All we need is a game manager and we are good to go.
Most SEC teams, if not all, allowed their players to go home for Christmas. I am worried about Bama players leaving the "bubble" and coming back from Christmas holiday! They seem to handle it ok during Thanksgiving, but, there is always that possibility.
Agree with Dabo on most points,but, no matter what gator fans say, they lost their shot when they allowed LSU to come into the swamp and beat them. There is just no way to excuse that!
Here's a hypothetical question for all you gator fans: If Florida had played in the SEC West this year, where would they be?
Let's face it, Mac Jones is never gonna get the credit he deserves!
I have to agree with all you Bama haters! At Alabama, that football just throws itself to all of those receivers, and, the offensive line gets the offense in the correct plays. At Florida, Trask guided that football to his receivers and got the offense in the correct play. Trask did it all in every win, but, had nothing to do with the losses. It was not his fault that his team couldn't outscore TAMU, LSU, or Bama! No one at Alabama ever deserves the Heisma they are just a product of the system! There, said for the rest of you Bama haters that have yet to post.
Seems like a good hire to me. His record speaks for itself and if he is given enough control to keep the meddling boosters at bay, he just may succeed. We will just have to wait and see. Bama had the same issues until CNS was given the control needed to keep certain boosters out of the way!
To say that Trask deserves it more than Jones or Smith is just pure Bama hate! All three are very deserving, but, there's only one trophy. It's amazing that players at other schools are always more talented and carried the team on their back, but, at Bama, they're a product of the system. In case some of you have forgotten the object of the game, it still matters which team scores the most points! There have been plenty of teams that can move the ball up and down the field, but, just can't seem to score when needed. Kyle Trask couldn't outscore TAMU, LSU, or Bama. And yes, if you're gonna give Trask all the credit for the wins, then he has to take the blame for the losses as well!
The best coach turns out to be the best recruiter, go figure!
I think its ridiculous that when a player excels at Alabama, its always the same old argument, well he's surrounding by talent that makes him look good. But, when a player excels on another team, that particular player is carrying the whole team! Look, as a Bama fan, I can admit that Trask is a great player, but, for you haters to continually say that he is better than Mac Jones is just ridiculous. I guess Toney and Pitts was just along for the ride and that bunch of young men fighting their a?? off to protect him was too! Say what you want but that entire Florida offense is pretty darn talented!
I think it's ridiculous that when a player excels at Alabama it's always the same old argument, well, his supporting cast makes him look good. But, when a player excels on another team, it's all about them. Look
A hypothetical question that no one knows the answer! Haters gone hate! It's not our fault that your coach is too lazy to recruit.
espn used to be the the sports show that you could go to and escape from the mainstream media's political agenda. Then, it somehow forgot what made it popular. Now, if you work for espn, you are simply not allowed to think for yourself! You either push their politcal agenda or else! The emphasis is simply not on sports anymore.
Don't think Cincinnati wants any of the bulldogs! Now Clemson and Georgia would be a game worth watching!
Aww! another jawjaw fan still got his feewings hurt by mean ol' Saban and Bama. Ya'll would sell your momma's soul for just one win against Bama! Get off that high horse before you fall and break something.
Not really. Just having a little fun with the Jawja and LSU fans. Didn't realize Auburn folk were so cozy with them! Kinda comical that a Auburn fan would call someone else delusional, don't you think?
Look for an "outbreak" at Jawja soon! Seems to be happening at programs with nothing left to play for more and more! After a pounding by Auburn, I truly believe LSU decided to just waive the white flag before getting Bama. Some folks can get lucky every once in a blue moon, but, no one has been as consistent as CNS and the Crimson Tide.