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Some things can't be fixed without God's help. Hopefully Rolando will eventually figure this out!
I try not to get too excited about these verbal commitments. These young kids today don't know the meaning of commitment! Plus, with the tranfer portal available like it is, you have to wonder how many of these kids will stick around, once signed. All of this jawing back and forth is really unnecessary!
Now there's a news flash! The only thing this kid will learn from this is there is no consequences for his actions!
Sankey is just as bad, if not worse!
Jimbo calls CNS a narcissist then gives textbook example of one at SEC media days: We've all seen and heard the video of the assistant coach promising new recruits money to come to TAMU. Jimbo in his best narcissistic tone " that's not what he said"!
Georgia is smarter than I ever gave them credit for. One thing I know for sure about Kirby, he's alot like Saban. He will never get complacent, it's just not in his DNA.
Kirby is speaking truth. People like Shannon Sharpe can't handle the truth.
Kid looked like Joe Montana against Bama's defense last year! don't know what Pete's plan was, going into that game, but, it didn't work!
Just look at Jimbo's track record at FSU with discipline. If he misses any pt, will be against irrevelant opponent!
Some of these kids are gonna wake up and realize they have sold their soul to the devil!
Kirby gives 100% at whatever job he has! I remember watching him during games and at practice when he was at Alabama. No one works harder! I can see how he needed some time to re-energize. Also, a successful head football coach has to have a very supportive family to be able to do what they do. Eventhough he coaches at one of our biggest rivals, I'm glad he did not step away. People like Kirby are good for the game.
Just my humble opinion, but, they could pick the "so-called" cream of the crop from these two conferneces and still not have a power conference! Losing OU and TU gutted the big 12 and losing USC and UCLA did the same thing to pac 12! Don't get me wrong, there are still a couple of teams worth keeping an eye on in both.
“What is needed now is collaboration, deep thinking about real-world solutions and everyone participating in the conversation.” Says the man who single-handedly killed the 12-team playoff format by stabbing the other conferences in the back!
SDS is a joke! Mention the video of TAMU offering recruits $$ and it gets moderated, but, you can get personal about somebody's wife, no problem!
There won't be too many "easy outs" in the SEC this year. Most teams are improving and Georgia and Bama will have a "tough row to hoe" to make it to Atlanta.
If Manning wanted to redshirt, I believe he would have gone to UGA or Alabama, where it was inevitable! Don't believe he committed to Texas without being promised QB1 or at least the opportunity. All of that media attention does nothing but fuel these kids' ego. Some handle it very well, some don't.
Georgia definitely does not need him! Hopefully he chooses Bama.
Was fortunate enough to attend that game in B'ham. Still have the ticket stubbs.
Way too early to be concerned about this one. If this kid is wavering this early into crootin', then no telling how many times he changes his mind in the next two years! And, if he is good enough, there will be plenty more glitz and glitter waved in front of him!
If Georgia's defense gets any better, we should all just throw in the towel. Their offense was far from being lethargic, last year, but that would be enough if their defense improves!
Ohio States's coach didn't go on a holier than thou press conference and deny it either. How's jumbo gonna deny this?
I'm reading some "sour grapes" posts by Bama and UGA fans. This is one Bama fan that is disappointed that Arch didn't choose Bama. Maybe Eli Holstein turns out to be great, but, would love to have had Manning also. And, Sark has already shown what he can do with a talented offense
I can assure y'all Manning did not commit to Texas with the possibility of being a back-up! No, no, no! There had to be a guarantee in the offer, as well. Now, that being said, from everything we have read about this kid, he will work his but off to earn that, also.
As highly recruited as this kid was, if he indeed went to a TAMU, or any other school, without a huge NIL deal, somebody gave him some terrible advice!
Anybody with a brain, that has ever watched Hershel Walker run the ball, knows he is and will always be the best pure RB to ever live! No one can match his combination of power, speed, and durability. As far as the best athlete, that goes to Bo Jackson. I'm not sure Hershel couldn't still be a top RB!
Hate that Ole Miss and Auburn had to play each other, but, somebody had to lose! Still pulling for SEC.