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Should have been calling plays for the vols last Saturday
Can't say I disagree with PF. Finebaum may not know anything about football, but tell me one thing he said that isn't true!
Apparently someone from Alabama has peed in Dougie's corn flakes!
Don't know why people feel the need to be such a?? holes. Ole Miss is on the cusp of being elite. They just need to take the next step. You uga folks just need to chill and enjoy what Kirby has built!
Your hate for all things Bama just proves your insecurities toward them! Did LSU representatives state that they believed the Tigers would not be successful? Of course not. They like everyone else spoke with supreme optimism. So, why just single out Bama? I know why and so do you!
I love it when people hate on Bama! Tells me they still envious and jealous.
Anyone who believes that cfb is not being controlled by media money has not been paying attention! Not sure why we even have conference commissioners. If ESPN wants a 9-game schedule (and by the way so do I) then they will get their 9-game schedule! Sankey is the perfect politician in that he will not commit to anything until he is forced to, then, he acts like it was his decision all along.
Sam Pittman is just like any other football coach. Until he recruits better, Arkansas can expect a microcosm of the past two years; an occasional 9 win season with more 7-6 seasons than not. At least he's an upgrade from the previous coach. Hell, a monkey would be an upgrade from the previous coach!
Legal, peewilly might have a hard time comprehending logic. Apparently he don't realize this is about Auburn's spring game, and, you are not gonna have Auburn folks criticizing their own. Guess his feelings got hurt by the truth!
What's the ol' saying, "if you can dish it out, you better be able to take it"! Also, that old-fashioned karma that Willie Nelson sang about, what goes around comes around! when it comes around to Reese, it won't be so funny. Just ask Clark.
I'm probably the only Bama fan that agrees with you! Sickening how BM was allowed to skate without consequences! The kid didn't learn anything and I'm confident we will be seeing his name in the headlines again, for all the wrong reasons.
The sad part is, I'm probably the only Bama fan that believes Miller knew about the gun that he was transporting. Now, do I know for sure, no I do not! I just know that the athletic department tried to keep his involvement hush-hush in the beginning. If Miller was truly innocent, why would they do that? It's not surprising, just sad when a kid's athletic ability means more than a young lady's life! I would feel the same way if this happened at any other school! I've seen athletic ability keep kids from being held accountable for other crimes, just never thought it would happen with murder! We all should have seen this coming though.
So, tell us how Kirby handles discipline. Oh wait, we already know: he lets them travel with the team, play in the game, and then acts like he didn't know about the arrest until the team gets back home. That'll teach 'em!
Not too excited about this hire! I guess time will tell. Also, not sure what is happening at Alabama...just last year Bama had to go to Vanderbilt and get a left tackle! When Alabama has to get a left tackle from the likes of Vanderbilt, definitely not a good look. Maybe, just maybe, we are seeing the beginning of the end, but, I'm not ready to admit it yet!
I've learned not to get too excited about Bama basketball. They usually start the year with a bang, but for whatever reason, they fizzle out midseason. I fear the game against Oklahoma (which by the way, was a complete embarrassment) is a prelude of things to come!
Most employees that have "company" vehicles feel entitled to use them as personal ones. I don't know anyone, in this situation, that does not. The athletic department lawyers are just trying to minimize the damage. This will change athletic department policy and two young people have paid dearly for it!
Please, please fellow Bama fans, do not even attempt to minimize what this young man did! In my humble opinion, he is just as culpable as the one that pulled the trigger. I know the Bama basketball team had nothing to do with this, but, they should expect rival students to go down that road. It's sad, but, that's the culture we live in!
Listen y'all, Georgia has earned the right to claim the top spot in college football! Get over it. And until my Crimson Tide or your team, whomever that may be, unseats them, get used to it because Georgia is not gonna go away, as long as Kirby is there! As Bama fans, sucking hind teat is not what we have become comfortable with.
Awesome game dawgs! The only sad thing about UGA's season is Stetson Bennett was robbed of the Heisman Trophy!
I got news for ya dawg! If you think Bama and TAMU are the only ones using NIL to recruit, you must be a mushroom! Also, if you think UGA has just sit and watched everyone else evolve, then you must think UGA is dumber than you! School loyalty is quickly becoming a thing of the past and to think differently is BS! Money talks and BS walks. It's the nature of the beast.
Klatt is just saying what he is told to say by the media he works for! The struggle for Stetson Bennett is real, and, we all know why! He should win the Heisman, but, his kind need not apply. I said what I said!
I remember that well. This was supposed to be one of the most talented defenses that Bama has had! On the contrary, this was, without a doubt, one of the poorest tackling teams CNS has ever put together. Bama struggled against teams that were not very good! Prime example: Tennessee's offense looked all world against Bama, but, looked pedestrian(at best) against UGA. Also, Tennessee's defense was atrocious, even against a Bama offense that was not very good, and, who can forget the average South Carolina team that boat-raced them!
I understand your concern, but, the Dawgs will "run" the OSU ragged, IMHO. If Michigan can do it, then UGA(with the best offense line in CFB) certainly can! Georgia may not need the air game for this one, but, Stetson will deliver some daggers, as he always does. Your fears are unfounded!
Hooker absolutely deserved an invite! The success of the SEC has been detrimental to individual awards. The rest of the country has, not only bias against the southeast, but, down right hatred!
If Stetson Bennett does not win this award, they should just quit giving it. It would be a travesty of justice, just like when Payton Manning didn't win!
I agree and still think that CNS has gotten too soft on the players! He keeps saying, "you have to coach them different now"! Translation you can't be as hard on them now! I call BS. Its disgusting watching a Bama defense that can't even tackle anymore because all they do is "thump" in practice!
Agree 100%! Just my humble opinion, but, no one is beating the Dawgs this year.