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Are there any women working in the LSU administration? If so, their silence is deafening!
THE Ohio State just got their a??es handed to them, again!
The Auburns said the same thing about Gus when he was hired. You would think that eventually they would learn a wait and see approach!
You must be new to the comment boards or just don't want to admit how much y'all loved Gus, in the beginning!
Auburn folk swore Gus was a quarterback whisperer and an offensive genius when he was on the plains. Many gave him credit for "inventing" the hurry-up no huddle offense. I can remember watching Tennessee and Alabama playing in Birmingham, at legion field, and Johnny Majors would occasionally catch Alabama off-guard with a hurry-up no huddle, So, it was around long before Gus became a coach.
The current format may be boring for the rest of you, but, seeing my Crimson Tide almost always in the hunt for a NC never gets boring! And for those who say a team like Georgia is not a blue blood, I am 64 years old, and, don't recall Georgia ever being an easy game!
You got that right Nova! One of the few times I was truly disappointed in the effort that Bama
Tennessee football been shut down for years!
Two different schools, hasn't played a down yet, don't think he even made the practice field at Bama(don't know about Colorado). If he ever plays a down in college, I will be surprised. Not sure what this kid is looking for, but, if I had to guess, he's not willing to work for it!
I know Bama basketball just had their best year since Wimp Sanderson, but, they turn the ball over at an alarming rate! I keep hoping the coaches will clean this up, but, it hasn't happened yet. Until that happens, I don't expect much of a run in either tournament. If and when they clean this up, they could win the SEC tournament and make a deep run in the NCAA. Maybe this is just part of the fast-paced offense they run, IDK.
I don't care what critics may say, Pearl is a good coach with the track record to prove it. Don't recall all of the details of his show-cause deal, but, I would imagine Tennessee would like to have him back! I know, no Auburn fan would be willing to give Bama a break for hiring a show-cause coach, heck most won't even acknowledge CNS's prowess, but, regardless of rivalry, I can and will acknowledge good coaching when I see it.
As far as raw talent goes, the two most loaded RB rooms in the conference are UGA and Bama, in that order!
I don't understand why he would transfer from LSU either. I mean, they utilized him as much as anyone will, from a receiving standpoint. Also, I don't recall what reasons were given. Also, the QB room at LSU looks much more promising than most SEC schools,IMHO.
Better investigate Central Michigan. Pretty sure this just didn't start at Georgia!
Gonna be harder to replace Trask than most gators are willing to admit!
Love how all of these butthurt fans like to hate on Alabama! Keep hoping Jawga, the law of averages will eventually let you win one! Just ask LSWho!
Gus's hands were tied, to some extent, by the BOT at Auburn. Similar to what is going on at Texas and what was going on at Bama. When Saban was hired, he was given full control and the results speak for themselves. Hopefully Gus and Harsin will have total control. I'm confident Gus will at UCF, not so sure about Harsin, but, the fact that the AD didn't cave to the pressure to hire Steele is definitely a positive!
If UCF is gonna get the best version of Gus, what exactly was Auburn getting? Why in the world would any administration, in their right mind, give such a buyout? Usually if you take another job, your new salary will affect the current buyout! Not only did Gus hose Auburn with the buyout, he apparently quit recruiting also! Either O'l Gus or his agent is a genius, or, Gus has the goods(and pictures to prove it) on "the family".
One thing Sark failed to learn from Nick; you have to have full control to be successful! Not being able to hire whom he chooses or start whom he chooses will doom him just like it did Tom Herman. The powerful BOT has already shown Sark who really is in charge!
According to the experts, Heupel just out-recruited those two that you mentioned! How in the heck did that happen? I've said this before, but, if Tennessee out-recruited your school this year, your school might be in trouble!
Tom apparently has peed in your cornflakes, or, you are racist, or both. As far as Mathieu is concerned, he is a thug and always will be!
I know I have posted this before, but, with everything that is going on at Tennessee, how in the world did they manage to out-recruit the likes of Ole Miss, Arkansas, Miss ST, Missouri, Auburn, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, and South Carolina? According to the experts, they hauled in the 6th best class in the SEC! Also according to the experts, Auburn came in at number 11! Now, before all of you Auburn folks blame it on the coaching change, hell, Tennesse don't even know who most of their staff is gonna be, in addition to the sanctions that await! You can excuse it anyway you choose, but, if Tennessee out-recruited you this year, your school is in trouble!
It's official! Georgia is preseason national champs, again! Negan has spoken!
What is really amazing about this recruiting cycle in the SEC: Tennessee, as bad as things are, according to the experts, had a better recruiting class than Ole Miss, Arkansas, Miss State, Missouri, Auburn(of all places), Kentucky, Vanderbilt, and South Carolina in that order! If Tennessee sucks, what does that say for these programs, and, how in the heck did that happen?
Hard to out-recruit the goat! But, it appears, from other articles, Georgia has already won the preseason national championship! I believe that's 4 in a row for the dawgs, ain't it?
I tried to tell all of you folks that were starting to feel sorry for the vols, this statement right here, from vol1, is the big orange nation in a nutshell! Don't think for one second that they will pass up the opportunity to trash your program! Why anyone from Tennessee would want to talk trash to any other program, much less Georgia, is beyond me!
I think Josh would be a great offensive coordinator in the SEC, just not sure they chose the right head coach! Progressively has gotten worse every year. Seems strange that new coach and AD are coming from same place! Looks like the old buddy system is still in play at Tennessee. Oh well, guess if the big orange nation is happy, that's all that matters!
Why does everyone keep saying we need a strong Tennessee in the SEC? The SEC has and will do just fine with or without Tennessee being relevant! Don't recall ever hearing Tennessee folks being upset at the misfortune of another school!