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It's not a foregone conclusion that Bama will win this game. Bama has struggled mightily in games where they were a huge favorite! Bama's just proud to make the playoffs. I'm hoping they take full advantage of it!
OK troll, what team do you really root for? I think we all know!
Kenyan, If being tackled offends you, you might want to find another profession. All of the rules already favor the offensive players, who by the way, cause more injuries every year by lowering their head upon contact, yet when a defensive player does this, he gets ejected. Also, how many careers have to be ended before they stop offensive lineman from targeting knees on opposing rushers?
Any Bama fan that says they saw this coming is full of it! When Georgia went up 10 to nothing, I told my wife, I am not gonna watch this much longer. You always want to think your team has a chance, but, I try to be realistic too. To be honest, I expected Georgia to win convincingly. I'm proud of my Crimson Tide, but, now I'm worried about the Bearcats!
I know alot of media folks, as well as alot of fans believe it's a foregone conclusion that Bama and Georgia will meet again in the NC game. This Bama fan is worried about getting past the Bearcats! As a fan, I always want to believe that Bama has a chance, but, games this year especially have taught me to expect anybody that Bama plays to be hard to beat!
One thing is for certain! LSWho will not be anywhere near the playoffs!
I did not! I doubt any Bama fan did, unless they were delusional!
Yeah the officiating costs Georgia the game for the seventh time in a row. That mean ol' Bama just will not go away. Bless your wittle heart!
Congrats to Sam Pittman and the hogs on a great season! This program was devastated by two of the worst coaches in modern day history. One of Bama's toughest games all year.
The negative comments about Georgia are from fan bases that the Dawgs destroyed this year! Keep in mind, while your team was going 6-6 Georgia was going undefeated! They are definitely a playoff team! This Bama fan is certainly not looking forward to having to play them again.
Didn't think I would ever see an Auburn fan stoop so low as to live vicariously through Cincinati, but, here you are! You know what Bama hasn't done? Lost 6 games in like forever!
I doubt that Georgia is concerned about Alabama at all. Bama is struggling big-time to beat the teams that Georgia has just destroyed! I'm just hoping nobody from Alabama gets hurt too bad!
Doing what Kirby has done this year is not easy! I don't care how much talent you have on your team, he has kept that bunch focused on the task at hand. Ya'll Georgia fans are learning what us Tide fans have been knowing for a long time: If your head coach consistently recruits at a high level, haters will always say "anybody could win with those players!" For some strange reason, they don't count recruiting as part of coaching.
One thing we know for sure, the poor will have to wait forever for Miss-zou to win a championship!
Aww! Has mean ol' Bama peed on your cornflakes?
Sparty will be saddled with the biggest buyout of any school in the not too distant future! These "billionaires" that footed the bill must have inherited their wealth. No one who has had to work for their money would make such a bone-headed investment!
Bo Nix plays hard and leaves everthing on the field. You can't ask for more than that, but, a 5 star talent he is not! Will never forget him calling Mac Jones a "game manager" before last year's game. Bo's arrogance is part of his problem.
Regardless of whom LSU hires, there is no reason any coach can't consistently win 9-10 games per year! Too much talent and great support. Get the right coach and the possibilities are limitless. Same thing could be said for Florida or Auburn, for that matter.
Dan Lanning might be Georgia's defensive coordinator, but, make no mistake, Kirby's hand print is all over that defense! Cudos to Lanning for being able to coordinate(coach, call and communicate calls) to that bunch as well. Sure do miss Kirby coordinating the defense at Bama! But, hey, I miss Jeremy Pruitt, as well! Lanning should win this hands down!
The Dawgs and Bucs are deserving of being ranked 1 and 2 at this moment. But do not mistake a Big defense for Georgia's!
Michigan State is not a top ten team! I still believe the Dawgs and Bama could beat Ohio State!
It's sad that Bama fatigue will probaably cost Bryce Young the heisman trophy this year!
By their comments, I can tell alot of Georgia fans are disappointed about having to play Bama again!
If my team just lost to the Cocks, I believe I would just hush! Yet here you are living vicariously through another fanbase like an LSU fan!
All I can say is it was a win! Bama's defense looks like the keystone cops at times. I expect TJ finley to resemble Cam Newton against Bama's D next week. KJ Jefferson sure did.
Wow! probably one of the worst things that could happen for Auburn. In know Bo has dealt with a ton of criticism, but, he absolutely gives auburn the best chance to win against anyone. Leaves everything on the you field, and, a great kid. Hate if for him!
Notre Dame and Oklahoma have been given chance after chance to prove they are worthy of a playoff spot, and both have responded miserably. I think the committee has finally realized they're just not worthy! Now, if Oklahoma wins out, the committee will have a hard time keeping them out.